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Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson Announces New Look at Iran Nuclear Deal!


While North Korea continues to provoke world outrage with their brazen long range missile tests and consistent nuclear weapons testing, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just announced a new look at the Iran nuclear deal, officially called the JCPOA.

Apparently wanting to prevent Iran from becoming the next North Korea (a terror state with nuclear weapons), Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ratcheted up criticism Wednesday of  Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, publicly confirming the Trump administration is conducting a “comprehensive review” and declaring they have “no intention of passing the buck.”

Tillerson said the Iran deal “fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran,” and only delays it becoming a nuclear state. This is a huge departure from the Obama-Kerry policy of appeasement of Iran. And a welcome shift to have the United States Secretary of State announce this very significant change in foreign policy for the country!

As I have written and said publicly for years, the JCPOA does not prevent a nuclear Iran, it literally guarantees it…simply delaying it a few years into the future. Please see our website Americantruthproject.org for the many appearances I have made over the years condemning the deal as the worst blunder in American foreign policy history!

Source: The Times of Israel

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