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Recall Qualifies in California, the People Win!


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We are back today with a best friend of ATP Report, Tom Del Beccaro. Who is to be congratulated for his involvement in the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, which has just been certified by the Secretary of State. It is going to happen in California. Tom's here to tell us about it. Welcome back, Tom.

Tom Del Beccaro: Barry, great to see you. It is a great day in America, even behind the thick blue line of the blue state of California. We showed that voters can make a difference, and we're ready to head off to this election this fall and recall Gavin Newsom.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's start with that. The California recall was just certified by the Secretary of State that there are enough signatures. How did it happen that the voters got so mad in a blue state and a blue Governor?

Tom Del Beccaro: Yeah, and what's important to recognize here is that so many Democrats signed the petition, about thirty-six percent were non-Republicans who signed. In L.A. County, more Democrats than Republicans signed. The answer is that the policies of big government have failed them.

You and I know that that will always be true, but not everybody else understands that. It was this rolling snowball effect, whether it was the homeless crisis, being number one in the country in poverty. You had the inability to deliver electricity because of environmental issues, the wildfires, because of environmental issues.

Water is always a source of problems within this state. Of course, jobs leaving the state. We lead the nation in the export of jobs to other states. Those were underlying problems, and then COVID came along, and Newsom decided that he was one man, one rule. That he didn't even have to confer with his own Democrat caucus, and he became arrogant about it.

He changed four hundred plus laws all by himself. Of course, flouting his own rules, going to places like French Laundry, when he told us we couldn't do that, and then lying about it. When you add all those things up and kids staying home from school and people not being able to go to places of worship, it was really an across-the-board spectrum of the violation of rights, and there was no one left unharmed by his policies.

That is why this came as a shock to the left because they're not used to voters having a say. But it didn't come as a shock to smart people like you or hard-working people, in this case like me, because we felt it on the ground, and we're changing the country by changing California.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, there's a weird item that has been floating around, and I need to get your input on this. Supposedly there are enough votes now. I mean, it's been certified, but there's a period of review, according to the report I read from the Secretary of State's office, that people can recant their vote in favor of the recall. Is that true, and are there enough extra names, no matter what, to keep the recall on the ballot?

Tom Del Beccaro: Yeah, we submitted 2.2 nearly 2.5 million signatures at Rescue California and Recall Gavin, 2020. There is now- they have certified that we're at 1.6 million and that they're going to certify another 100,000 here shortly at least. Then there is this period where you can take back your signature if you will. Now, that's normal for all initiative processes.

It never works where an initiative qualifies and then unqualifies. It's a very expensive process to try and take back signatures and because we went so far over some 200,000, or more than 200,000, the odds that they would be able to undo this are extremely long, if not impossible, especially since they've pretty much admitted that they won't be running a drill to try and make it happen.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, tell me about this other thing. Is it true that they can unmask who signed a petition and then go call the guy and shame the guy or gal, I guess, or dock them? I know there was a court case about it. I know there was actually a bill in the assembly pending about it. What finally happened?

Tom Del Beccaro: Well, what finally happened is that they were making an attempt to do that for future recalls. Then there were those who wanted to do it for this recall, but the light of day showed on them, and they eventually withdrew the bill. Imagine the press, the negative press that would have occurred under those circumstances.

So, they thought better of it. Now it's not going to happen. This is just going to go through. They are going to wrangle, Barry. They have an all-mail-in vote election because of ‘COVID,’ even though he's lifting them all on June 15th.

So, there's no reason to do that. That will add to the cost of four hundred million, and they'll complain about that, but it's Gavin Newsom that's causing that.

Barry Nussbaum: All right, so it's going to happen. The date hasn't been set yet. We're in the 30-day wait and see period, I guess you call it. Then at some point, there are going to be real candidates like Caitlyn Jenner. Like Tom Del Beccaro?

Tom Del Beccaro: I thought you were about to ask me if others were running. It is true that I've been asked to run. Any time this moment occurs, you take that very seriously. It is true. I'm considering it, but I'm not at this point prepared to make any announcements.

Barry Nussbaum: Ok, so no exclusive on ATP Report from Tom today. Who are your fave candidates? Not including yourself, and who do you think has got the best shot at it?

Tom Del Beccaro: Well, there are very special rules with regard to this election. You don't have to get to, so the election question one is should he stay, or should he go? Should he be recalled? Question two is among the list below; if he is recalled, who should replace him in 10 days, mind you.

And you don't have to get to 50 percent. So, we're looking at an election where someone can win probably in the 18 to 25 percent range. I haven't seen the full list of candidates. Plus, I'm chairman of RescueCalifornia.org, so I'm not allowed to say who I like or dislike but in the immortal words of someone. Stay tuned.

Barry Nussbaum: We will get you back on when the ballot is set.

Tom Del Beccaro: There you go.

Barry Nussbaum: There's a lot of skeptics out there. I've got to be honest with you, Tom, around the country that talk about it constantly. That there is no way the Democrats are going to let this happen. I don't think they can stop it at this point. I think you agree it's going to happen, right?

Tom Del Beccaro: Yeah, one hundred percent. They may try and delay it a little bit, but, you know, that's actually working against them. So is the campaign of Gavin Newsom to shame people, to claim its right-wing. The fact is that a huge percentage of Democrats, 30 percent, don't want him to be Governor anymore.

So, every time he says something like this, Barry, he's just insulting the people who what? They don't have their own minds. So, I hope; frankly, he continues to blame Republicans for this.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, yeah, the tweet this morning, I think that you're referring to I read it as well, Tom. It said that we can't let this right-wing Republican recall go through because we've made so much progress. Then he talked about his progress on housing, which is an unbelievable failure.

His progress on treating COVID. Oh, my God, his is progress on immigration. What a disaster. I mean, he listed his accomplishments, all of which are complete, abysmal failures, and then he blamed it on the GOP in California.

Tom Del Beccaro: It's just, look, so many independents and so many Democrats. So what is he saying to them that you're being fooled or that you are fools? You're right, and of course, they're going to lie about their record.

The Mercury News last week excoriated him for tricks and said, "Stop playing Californians for fools. We know the true record, which comes from the heart of the Silicon Valley." So, I don't think it will work. Frankly, I think it goes against it, strengthens the argument against them among those wayward Democrats and independents who want better leadership.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, in the immortal words of that famous political pundit, Tom Del Beccaro, "Stay tuned," and we'll bring you back to talk about it. Tom, tell people where they can find you.

Tom Del Beccaro: Well, right now, I am asking people to go to RescueCalifornia.org, but you can always go to my media site, PoliticalVanguard.com, which will be all new within a week.

Barry Nussbaum: Wonderful. Thanks for coming on. We sure appreciate you as always. Your wisdom and insight are special. For all of you out there in ATP land that haven't yet subscribed to our free content, please do so now.

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