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Rashida Tliab is a Raging, Lying, anti-Semite!


Welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

Now more news regarding the incredibly dumb Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Democrat from Michigan, and the dumb things she continues to do and say.

She is listed now as the special guest for an event hosted by a raging anti-Semite who once posted a video to Facebook that claimed, "Satanic Jews secretly control the media, and have exaggerated the Holocaust death toll."

His name is Abdul Gader, and he's a Palestinian activist who has repeatedly shared an anti-Semitic comments on social media in the past. In one post, he called Israel an apartheid state and claimed, "European Jews are actually from Georgia or Ukraine, and have no Middle Eastern roots." Hmm.

In another post, he wrote, "Canaanite Arabs lived for thousands of years in Palestine. Hebrews came from Egypt. European Jews are the ancestors of converted Jews from the Khazar Jewish empire, now known as Georgia.

Palestinians and Arabs have always lived in Palestine. Remember, Moses brought Hebrews from Egypt and fought the Canaanite Arabs. Jews never lived in Palestine at any time prior to 1948."

Sorry, pal, but Jews have lived on their land, called Israel, continuously for 3,000 years now. More recently, this brilliant scholar praised the great successful fundraising with Tlaib that took place earlier this year in 2021. So, what is our congresswoman's response to this putrid list of speeches?

Tlaib says she's no longer in contact with Abdul Gader. That's according to Fox News, but again, on March 28th, Abdul Gader posted information about his new upcoming fundraising event that lists Tlaib as the keynote speaker. Two weeks before that post announcing the event, he posted on March 7th on Instagram an image comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

The cartoon was a caption, quote, "Israel's vision for a Palestinian state," that was the title. It shows houses surrounded by barbed wire with a machine gun turret in a watchtower, and a man wearing a Jewish kippah on his head says it looks like a modern version of the Warsaw ghetto.

You know, the Warsaw Ghetto, where the Nazis imprisoned the Jews of the Polish capital. They were starved, they were beaten, and then they were slaughtered by the Nazis. All of them were killed. Tlaib is not just dumb. She's a raging, lying anti-Semite, and her associates are even worse. This woman today sits in Congress.

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