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Rashida Tlaib And Her Hate Filled Friends!


Jermain Botsio: We’ve got Rashida Tlaib. Now Rashida Tlaib is in the news again for her anti-Semitism. What do you think about Rashida Talib and her new assertions here?

Barry Nussbaum: Her outrageousness actually is quite a bit more graphic than Ilhan Omar Jermain. It started when she had her first reception in her congressional office and put a sticker over the state of Israel that said Palestine as if Israel didn’t exist. Background information is coming out on her now, Jermain that ties are to a very prominent Palestinian Arab Facebook group called Palestinian American Congress that has the most gross, graphic, anti-Semitic writings that would make any Nazi in the 1940s proud. Talking about the Jews of today are fake Jews that Israel doesn’t really exist as a country the Jews are controlling the world. I mean its really really horrible stuff. And the head of this group was one of her major fundraisers and one of our best friends. She’s also got ties to terrorists. She’s taken her picture with people that have gotten out of jail in Israel for killing children. These are the backers of Rashid Tlaib because she makes it very clear that her intention is to go to Washington and destroy Israel. Now, this is the same Congresswoman that honor victory party made a speech in front of her children that as soon as I get to Israel, I’m going to impeach the M.F.er referring to Donald Trump. And this was in front of her children and she said one of the reasons she didn’t like Donald Trump is he used quote bad length unquote. So, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth because most of it is hate and she doesn’t make a secret about it. In fact, to her it’s entertainment and apparently to her constituents in a highly Muslim congressional district they absolutely love her.

Jermain Botsio: You know, one thing else she’s reportedly a member of a Facebook group called Palestinian American Congress where people in that group demonized Jews and they make fun of Jews. How can a person in Congress be a part of such a group? I mean, if there were conservative and they were part of a group that was demonizing Muslims, or they were demonizing other people of faith they would be attacked. How does she pass with this?

Barry Nussbaum: You know that’s an interesting question. The Democrat Party is lurching so far so fast to the left that the mainstream Democrats which would be the Blue Dog Democrats the ones that are middle of the road and could be either way in either party seem to be in a minority. Jermain that’s shrinking. You’ve got the 2020 elections coming up. And so far, every presidential candidate that’s on a major level Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, they’re all aggressively progressive meaning socialist. And they won’t attack anybody no matter what somebody says for fear of losing a couple of votes here or there. The comments and the affiliations of Tlaib should have been censored already by Congress. And there should have been a congressional outcry where members get on the floor and say you can’t be a member of our club if you behave like this and you talk like this. And sadly, there hasn’t been that yet.

Jermain Botsio: You know and is also seen supporting Abdel-qader which is a guy who shared an anti-Semitic video that claimed that Jews aren’t actually Jewish, and they invented the historical claim to Israel and they’re secretly controlling the media. I mean conspiracy theory I can say that. How can anybody with the right mind you know be in Congress and to have this type of view? It just blows my mind ladies and gentlemen.

Barry Nussbaum: Well there’s a big movement, I should comment Jermain, to recall her and get her out of Congress. There are over one hundred thousand signatures on it nationwide. The problem is what does the district think? You know what I mean?

Jermain Botsio: Oh yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: The people in Michigan seem to really like her.


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