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Pompeo Puts Iran & Europe On Notice


In his first policy speech since replacing Rex Tillerson as secretary of State, Mike Pompeo delivered a strong, concise message to Iran, and to those countries looking to skirt US sanctions against the Islamic Republic.  Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, Pompeo pointed out the flaws in the recently exited Iran Nuclear Deal, stated that the US is open to new negotiations, not based on the flawed JCPOA and was willing to help modernize Iran’s economy if a new agreement could be reached.  In addition Iran’s nuclear program, he made clear that Iran’s missile programs, regional aggression and backing of terror groups must be part of any new deal, that could result in the lifting of all economic sanctions and the normalization of diplomatic relations.  European leaders were warned that their recent efforts to insulate EU companies from US sanctions on Iran would not work, forcing them to choose between doing business with Iran or America.

Chances are, Iran will not agree to comply with the new US policy on Iran, and not sign a new deal.  The question is, how long it takes for the new US sanctions to bring the faltering Iranian economy to complete collapse, at which point regime change becomes a real possibility.  Europe can stand with the US and end the Iranian threat financially, or it can side with the mullahs in Tehran, and further the suffering of the people of Iran.


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