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Pence To Europe: Change Iran Nuke Deal


One day after his historic address to the Israeli Knesset, in which he stated Iran has a “clandestine nuclear program”, US VP Mike Pence urges Europe to re-open the disastrous JCPOA.  He reiterated the US will withdraw from the deal if changes are not made, and increased sanctions will follow.

Read Full Article at The Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-jerusalem-pence-urges-europeans-to-change-iran-nuclear-deal/


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  1. Ralph Rubinek January 24, 2018

    To my fellow Orphans:

    The pain within is the souls of those who could not speak. I wake each and everyday remembering the tears of my parents. Many of you read my posts and believe I’m angry, no I’m not angry memorializing my parents sorrow and memory. I am angry that so many of us children of survivors are so silent allowing our left to steal the narrative. If the Holocaust was to return, it will be because of our silence.

    Truth is the loudest sound on earth as it is in heaven. Let the memory be our path.

    Thank you Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg.

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