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Paris Cop Killer Was Career Criminal Pledged to Support Isis


Karim Cheurfi, the terrorist in Thursday’s shooting spree in Paris, had a history of targeting police long before he killed one officer and injuring another.

Prosecutors said Cheurfi, 39, opened fired on a group of cops at the Champs-Élysées with an AK-47, killing one on the spot.  A note praising ISIS and listing security sites fell out of his jacket as police pursued and shot him.  Fortunately he was killed by police before he could carry out more attacks.

This wasn’t his first run-in with French authorities, however.

He had done multiple stints in jail over the last 15 years for attempted homicide, robbery and other violence-related charges.  

Cheurfi had previously been convicted for trying to kill police officers in 2001, officials said Friday, and was sentenced to 20 years.

During one stint, he shot and injured a prison guard after grabbing his gun, Sky News reported.

He was released in  2013. But he was back behind bars in 2014 for robbery and sentenced to four more years. Cheurfi was paroled in 2015.

So basically Cheufi kept shooting at people, and the French system kept releasing him until finally he was killed in Paris yesterday.

Source: Daily News

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