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Palestinian Authorities Pay For Slay Program


Hello, and welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum. If you've been watching ATP for the past number of years, you are well informed about the

Palestinian Authority's Pay for Slay Program.

In short, the PA pays their citizens enormous amounts of money to kill Israelis. It's a major portion of the officially announced and confirmed budget. The first President of the United States to make a deal out of this was Donald Trump. He literally told the President, Mahmoud Abbas, in the Oval Office, ‘Stop paying your people to kill Jews, and if you don't, I'm going to cut off your funding from America.

Abbas didn't cut out the funding for the pay for slay, so Trump followed through on his word and shut off the dollars. Good for you, Donald Trump. Two new developments.

First, President Biden has canceled the Trump policy, and now the dollars are flowing from America to the PA. So, the Palestinian Authority can go back to blowing up Jews and paying for their war crimes with American money. I'm dead serious.

The second development is this. Israel is following Trump's leadership as follows, Abu Bakr, the head of the Palestinian Authority Prisoner Affairs Commission, has condemned the decision of the Israeli cabinet to freeze the funds transferred by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists and the survivors' families.

The Israeli cabinet decided to deduct the amount of money that PA terrorists and their families from the taxes and tariffs collected for the Palestinian Authority by Israel. In response, Abu Bakr called the Israeli cabinet decision racist behavior and a robbery policy of some of the state's funds estimated at millions of shekels.

He stressed that the decision would only increase the Palestinian Authority's decision and determination to support the fighters who sacrificed their lives and souls in defending the homeland from a despicable enemy who practices all forms of terror against us and our homeland.

So, let me be clear. This idiot announces to the world that the PA government will continue to pay millions to the murderers of Jews, and the Israeli government pushed back on the pay for slay program is racist.

How dumb is this? You literally said in public something like this out loud, you're going to continue to pay murderers, and the people that oppose you are racist. Got it.

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