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PA Threatens HAMAS Over Assassination Attempt


The UN keeps banging the Peace Drum to the beat of the “Two-State Solution”, ignoring the fact that the “Palestinians” themselves are divided into two states, at a minimum.  The Egyptian brokered Reconciliation Deal signed in October between the PA and HAMAS is all but dead, with the final nail in the unity coffin being last weeks attempted assassination of PA PM Hamdalllah on his trip to Gaza.  Senior Fatah officials are holding HAMAS responsible for the attack, and  threatening reprisal.  Who does the UN expect Israel to negotiate with?  An 83 year old man serving the 13th year of his four year term, with an approval rating of about 30%?  Or HAMAS, the internationally recognized terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction?  Not only is a Two-State Solution a terrible idea for Israel, but intra-Palestinian rivalries prevent negotiations from ever beginning.

Read Article at The Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/abbas-aide-threatens-to-punish-hamas-amid-fallout-from-gaza-attack/



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