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Obstacles in This Election


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Will Johnson UniteAmericaFirst.com here. Riding shotgun with me is my producer, Channon. Today, we're talking about the hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, along with the censorship that Twitter has been doing and all of the stuff that's happening across the country. Welcome. Channon, are you there running shotgun with me?

Channon: Yes, I am here, and if you are interested in talking to us today, give us a call. The number is 516-595-8069. Yeah, Will, so you're in Washington, D.C. What's going on out there?

Will Johnson: So, my wingman being Ben Bergquam and myself, we decided to go down to the Supreme Court, and we were, yeah, that's him right there. He's joining the Biden team.

Nah, I'm just kidding. But we were down at the Supreme Courthouse today, and you can’t imagine how angry these people are unless you see them firsthand. You see it all on the television. You see pictures.

You see it on social media, but they're so angry because they cannot stop this seat from being filled by President Trump and the Republicans. They're very angry.

Channon: So, did they have a rally there today?

Will Johnson:  Oh, yeah. They had a rally, but you know what, it was really weak. It was weak. I don't know if you, I'm pretty sure you remember, you know, the Kavanaugh hearings.

They had thousands of people, thousands of people in the street. Now, it's so weak. I think they had, maybe 100, maybe 200 people, and that's stretching it.

Channon: Wow.

Will Johnson: But compared to the Kavanaugh hearings, it is completely weak.

Channon: What do you think the difference is?

Will Johnson: The difference is because the Democrats know they cannot stop Mitch McConnell, the Republicans, from filling the seat. President Trump is going to fill the seat. That's why they're not out there in great numbers like they were before.

Channon: So, what are they saying out there? What are they chanting? Are they holding up signs? Like, what are the people saying out there?

Will Johnson: Well, they do the normal. You know, they have the signs where they're saying Trump / Pence must go, or Trump / Pence out now. They're even still talking about impeaching the President.

Channon: Oh, please.

Will Johnson: They're saying the same talking points, and now they're saying that Amy Coney Barrett is racist. Even though she has two children that she adopted from Haiti. They're still saying that she's racist.

She's part of the whole white supremacists. It is unbelievable the mindset that these people have, and they refuse to acknowledge the truth. Oh, let me tell you the story of what happened to me.

Channon: OK

Will Johnson: So, we're walking along, and I'm talking to this young female. We're having a civil conversation even though we disagree with one another. Well, another female is listening in on us, and she gets angry. She runs over and hits me in the head.

Multiple times with their sign. Multiple times with her sign! Then we walk a little a bit further, and the cop comes by and tells me that I need to stop harassing people. They told me that “You're harassing people.”

Channon: Did you walk upon this black lady and just start, or I mean was she not willfully engaging with you?

Will Johnson: Oh, yes, we were having a civil conversation. We had been talking for about ten minutes. For ten to fifteen minutes, we were having a conversation. All of a sudden, this other black female came out of nowhere and just started hitting me in the head.

Channon: Wow. So, what would you say is the age group out there? Is it pretty diverse?

Will Johnson: It's pretty diverse. It's all over the place. They're pretty young. The ones that are younger are still being indoctrinated.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: So, that's not going to change. Then you have your older liberals out there to make sure that we don't show the truth to the younger generation.

Channon: Yeah, you know, it's sad to me because, to be honest with you, they're out there saying she's racist. They probably really don't know that she adopted two black children. They're probably only going by what the media has told them.

Will Johnson: I would agree with that. I would agree to that, but you know, a lot of them do know, and they still don't care. They're openly telling everyone that Amy Coney Barrett is racist. They're saying once she gets in that they are going to implement all of these racist tactics against the American people.

Channon: Yeah, you know what, they've been doing a phenomenal job in those hearings. Oh, my gosh, I'm so impressed. I'm more impressed with her than I was with Kavanaugh.

Will Johnson: Oh, you know what? She's so qualified for the job. It is scary. I mean, seriously, think about it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They have nothing credible to discredit her on. They have zero. I mean, she's the perfect candidate. They're saying, where did she come from? She's everything they scream they want people to be. She's everything they scream white people should be, and here it is; she adopted two children, gave them a better life than they could have received in Haiti.

They are getting an Education. They're getting fed. I mean, seriously, this is like a perfect story. Their story is perfect. You have the left because of that, they are absolutely angry about it, and they're upset because they have nothing bad to say. So, they make up something.

Channon: Yeah, I mean, they've even tried to challenge her on some policies. This woman at one point, one of the people in the hearing asked her for her notes, and she had a blank piece of paper in front of her. This woman has been able to address every single case that they have brought to her.

She knows the cases. She knows the law, and she knows what being a judge is all about. She knows it's not about policymaking. It's about following the law. Cases that have won you use them as a precedent or as a guideline.

None of them have been able to persuade her from that, and you know it's funny because even though they go through all this questioning, in the end, all they can say is, well, I just disagree with this whole process. They can't get her on anything.

Will Johnson: Exactly

Channon: So, they just say, I just disagree with it. This shouldn't be happening. They're not saying she isn't completely unqualified.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: They're not saying that she doesn't know the law and wouldn't do a good job. It's just; I disagree with it because President Trump nominated her. That's pretty much what it is.

Will Johnson: That's all it comes down to, and you know we asked many people today, why do you think they're trying to fight Amy Coney Barrett from filling this seat, knowing full well that she is qualified?

They're all doing it simply because they're angry because they're afraid that she is going to change their ways. That's what they're afraid of, their afraid she is going to come in and remove Roe vs. Wade.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They've gone as far as saying that me as a black man, that I should be afraid of her going in because once she gets on the seat, she's going to take my civil rights away. This is how they're thinking.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: This is their mindset.

Channon: It is interesting because they brought up the fact that if she's nominated, she'll be in control. That it will be a hedge sell if it was a contested election. Is that not crazy?

Will Johnson: It's 100% crazy. I mean, did you see Kamala Harris?

Channon: Oh, yeah.

Will Johnson: Kamala Harris tried to trip her up. She wants everyone to believe that she's smarter. Kamala Harris just made herself look stupid. I mean, it's not like she needed Amy Coney Barrett's help to look stupid, but she made Kamala Harris look completely like an idiot. Kamala Harris did it all on her own.

Channon: Yeah, absolutely.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know what? The crazy thing is they know that she's qualified. Then they turn around, and they try to say that she's not qualified just because they feel that way. Not because of anything that would disqualify her. So, she's a done deal, in my opinion.

Now, they're supposed to take a vote next week, and then after that, they're going to do the final vote on the 27th. Then that's when it's really going to hit the fan. I think right now because, as I mentioned earlier, the Democrats came out, and they rallied.

They're protesting against President Trump and Amy Coney Barrett because they don't have anything. They only brought out a small amount of people. I believe when they take that vote is when they're going to come out aggressive towards the politicians in the city.

Channon: Yeah, and that vote is when?

Will Johnson: On the 27th. The final vote is on the 27th.

Channon: Wow, okay. That's 12 days away.

Will Johnson: Say that again?

Channon:  I said that's 12 days away.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's 12 days away and look how close that is to the November 3rd election. It's going to be right in time to save this country.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I know you have some other articles that are on our website right now. Let's share some of those.

Channon: Yeah, are you walking?

Will Johnson: No, I'm not walking.

Channon: Okay, so, right now, did you hear the latest thing about the Trump campaign on Twitter? Apparently, Twitter has blocked his account on Twitter. This is just crazy. It says within several hours Jack Dempsey Twitter took down the Trump campaign account.

Claiming a video posted of Joe Biden was using Joe's private information without Joe Biden's permission. I didn't see the video they were talking about, but they completely took down the campaign's Twitter three weeks before the election.

It is this crazy. Apparently, since then, it looks like it's been reinstated, but I mean, is this not election interference?

Will Johnson: A 100%.

Channon: It said Michael Hahn, a social media manager for the Trump team, revealed that the censorship in the tweet earlier today Team Trump is the official account of the Trump campaign, and it has 2.2 Million followers.

I mean, this is just crazy, and you know what was it yesterday that Twitter was blocking the story about the Bidens? I know you talked a little bit about that yesterday on your podcast.

Will Johnson: Yeah, so I apologize for the horns in the background. I'm on the streets of D.C. now and walking around. You see people walking around with Black Lives Matter signs. They're walking around with Biden and Kamala Harris signs.

You don't see anyone walking around with Trump signs because they're afraid of being attacked by the left. But to answer your question, yes. I talked about that, and I've talked about censorship. I have been talking about censorship for over two years now.

This is nothing new. It's upsetting to me that now all of a sudden, you have the mainstream media, for example, like Fox News and other mainstream media outlets, finally starting to talk about censorship. They're finally starting to talk about how they're removing articles that have been fact-checked that are factual. Now they are talking about it because it's happening to them.

They even banned or even removed the Press Secretary, Kayleigh’s article. This is Nazi Germany all over again. We see the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany happening here. No one in the big media outlets acts like- they didn't pay attention to it because it wasn't happening to them.

Now all of a sudden, it's happening. Do you know what I have to say about that? It is entirely too late. They should have been addressing this issue two years ago when people such as myself and other people have been screaming about censorship.

But no one said anything about it, and because they weren't saying anything about it, people don't even know what is happening.


Channon: Yeah, apparently, the report was broken by New York Post. It was this explosive report on Hunter Biden revealing why the same Vice-Presidential son was hired by a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings.

You remember them, in exchange for a reported 83 thousand a month, right? This factual; this isn't anything that they're making up. Right? Kayleigh, as you said, Kayleigh, the Press Secretary.

She shared it, and Jack Dorsey came out and said that they could have handled it better and that they probably shouldn't have shut it down or deemed it unacceptable. But according to an article, the story is still being locked down on Twitter, and they're still not allowing it to be shared out there.

Will Johnson: I mean, you were talking about a major news outlet that has verified and double verified the information in the article, and they still took it down. Again, this is no different than Nazi Germany.

This is the same thing that took place then, and they're implementing it now. Every time socialism and communism came to a country. This is exactly how it played out. They first went in, and they started censoring people. They started removing people's free speech.

They stop allowing the truth to come out. Then next thing you know, people woke up the next day with a socialist country that evolved into communism. It is textbook. It is 100% textbook, and for them to do this to the New York Post. This is crazy.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: People don't understand how bad this really is.

Channon: Yeah, you know, it's unfortunate because they're supposed to be doing the opposite, right? Twitter, Facebook, and all these places. They're supposed to be hiding fake news. But in this case, they're hiding the truth. Right?

They're hiding information that could possibly sway the vote against the Democrats, and that is really their agenda. Their agenda isn't to stop fake news. It's only to stop fake news if it goes against the Democrat Party because have, they stopped any of the fake news that talks bad about Trump?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: Have they stopped any?

Will Johnson: I'm sorry to break in. You're absolutely right. It's just it's the same thing that happened with President Trump's taxes. Those were not lawfully obtained. They got those taxes by unlawful means, and then they put the information out on social media.

They refused to remove it. They're saying that these emails, for Hunter Biden, were involved were not lawfully obtained. When they actually they were.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Then because they still put out factual information, they brought you.  They are helping. You out Twitter, you have Google, you have Facebook. They are all doubling down to help and to support the ticket of Joe Biden.

Now, you have other groups, just like the American Truth Project. They are a wonderful group. If they went out and they were constantly just endorsing one candidate, which they never do, then they would be held accountable for that.

They would lose that status. But here it is because you have these big tech companies that go out there, and they can censor people's free speech with factual information. They get a complete pass on it.

Channon: Yeah

Will Johnson: These are terrible people, and most people still don't recognize it.

Channon: Yeah, and talking about the American Truth project, if you want to call in and talk to Will and me, you can give us a call at 516-595-8069. You know, it's interesting you brought up the tax story because not only did they publish the story.

It was a false story in a sense. It kept saying that Trump paid only $750 on his taxes and that the regular average person had paid more taxes than Trump did, which was a completely false narrative. What happened is Trump had overpaid in 2016 and 2017 by millions and millions of dollars.

Instead of asking for them to refund that money, he said, you know what? Go ahead and just bank that for me. So, in the future when I owe taxes, you can apply it. So, that's what they did. They applied those millions of dollars, and he ended up only owing 750, on top of the millions and millions of dollars.

They have never talked about it since. Once that story came out, they completely stopped talking about it. They didn't correct the story. They didn't say that it was misinformation. You post one thing bad about the Democrats, and they automatically go, oh, misinformation.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you're absolutely right. They have all of these fact-checkers that, you know, at least 95% of the so-called third-party, independent fact-checkers, they're all totally leaning to the left. A 100%, this is terrible and like you mention.

All of them produced that article talking about the taxes. They were all wrong. Every last one of them was 100% wrong for what they did, and none of these social, I call them socialistic tech companies, flagged their stuff misleading—none of them.

Channon: Right. Yep, none of them got that fake news tag on their posts, did they?

Will Johnson: None of them. I mean, none of these guys. Even today, they still don't have it.

Channon: Yeah, it just shows that they're not after fake news. They're really not about misinformation for anybody and everybody that's putting out wrong information. They're only about if you put out something negative about the Democrat Party. That's crazy.

Will Johnson: Exactly. You can say anything bad about President Trump, about Mitch McConnell, about Christians, about anyone who believes in this country. You can say whatever you want. It can be a total fabrication.

You can lie till the sun never shines, and it will be completely okay to those on the left. But as soon as you put out factual information that looks bad to them, then they shut it down. Then they try to say it's misleading. This is such a scary time.

I'm not afraid to be honest with you because I saw this coming, and a lot of people I told that this was coming. A lot of people called me crazy. Those same people that were calling me crazy won't even talk to me now. Some of them, I have a colleague that I've known for over 20 years, actually about 30 years now.

Yeah, I'm that old. About 30 years, I've known him for over 30 years, and I had a conversation with him just the other day. He was telling me, “Will, when I first talked to you about how they talked about the mask, I didn't believe you at all.”

He said, “But now,” he said, “you're completely right. You're 100% right. Now I'm starting to see what you're seeing. I'm starting to see what you were saying.” Because of that, he is actually starting to open up. Now he didn't tell me how he was going to vote, and I didn't even ask him.

But he even said his family members are starting to lean Trump just based on the information they received. That's what he told me. I've known this person for about 30 years, and for him to make this type of statement was pretty awesome.

Channon: Yeah, you know, it's amazing to me because we had seen a huge amount of support for President Trump. You know, President Trump has huge rallies, has a huge turnout.

Tens of thousands of people show up for him. But guess what? They have these rallies and these Trump trains without Trump showing up. Do you see anything like that for Biden?

Will Johnson: Not at all. Oh, I have a beautiful story to tell you as well. So, again, for everyone who just tuned in, I am here in Washington, D.C., covering the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. One of the days we were outside in front of the Supreme Courthouse, we saw about 100 Vietnamese people come up with American flags and Trump flags. I couldn't believe it. I would never have thought it.

I had no idea that Trump had support from these types of people. Now, my question was, it's like I'm looking for all of the Biden movements like this. I do not see this for Joe Biden, and people have to ask the question, why don't we see this for Joe Biden?

What is the difference between President Trump and Joe Biden for people of Hispanic, the Latino community? Which the Latinos in Florida and Florida had 30 thousand, 30 thousand people, vehicles for Trump.

That is amazing when Joe Biden had a rally they had, what, between 15 and 30 vehicles. It kind of reminds me of the Hillary Clinton event. I mean, it's pretty amazing.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Now, with all of these people showing their support for President Trump, it makes me wonder, where are they getting these polls from? Because all of the polls, just like 2016, are showing Biden ahead of Trump. How does that happen?

Channon: Yeah, I mean, there seems like there's no excitement from the left about their candidate. I don't see any excitement for Biden. I don't see any. Of course, it's funny we always associate Harris with Biden. Like we don't ever just, like Biden is the candidate, right?

It's like they're almost one person because we talked about Trump being elected; we just say, Trump. I mean, we say Trump / Pence, we know, but this is Trump running for President, not Biden / Harris. Right. Do you see what I'm saying?

Will Johnson: Well, that's because Joe Biden can't carry the ticket alone. See, President Trump can. Biden cannot carry his own ticket alone. He has a handicap, and his handicap is being filled by Kamala Harris.

But see, the problem with the Democrats, where they messed up, they messed up by selecting Kamala Harris. There are so many black people in Oakland, even in North Carolina and New York. Throughout the country, that saw what Kamala Harris did to black people when she was law enforcement in California.

She locked up many black people. The story that a lot of people don't know is that there were two black men that were on death row. Come to find out; they had DNA evidence that would have cleared these two black men.

But because of Kamala Harris, they didn’t release that DNA evidence until after those two men were murdered. I say murdered because after the DNA information was released, it would have cleared both black men. Now, they want us to believe that Kamala Harris is for the black community. That is so sickening.

Channon: Yeah, well, let's talk about Ice Cube here for a minute. Did you read the latest story about Ice Cube? I think I sent it to you today.

Will Johnson: You know what? It is absolutely awesome, and it's not even Friday. If you get my drift?

Channon: Yeah. If you are just tuning in today, the Trump campaign tweeted out, or yesterday, I'm sorry. They tweeted out this tweet. It says, “Shout out to Ice Cube for his willingness to step up and work with the real Donald Trump Administration to help develop the Platinum Plan.”

She tweeted out there, “Leaders going to lead, haters are going to hate. Thank you for leading.” So, Ice Cube allowed her to tweet that out, and let me tell you a little bit about what happened here on Tuesday. What's happening with Ice Cube is, Ice Cube has been trying to get both parties, right, Democrats and Republicans, to commit to coming up with a plan to help the black community.

So, he put these things out there to both parties, both the Democrats and the Republicans. Right? What he was looking for was new jobs. He still wants more criminal justice reform, which you heard President Trump said, “There's more to be done.” But he did take a big step to do that.

Ice Cube also wanted better education and job opportunities, right? Reduce health care costs, and they also want to designate Juneteenth as a national holiday. So, Ice Cube presented these things to both parties. So, the Democrat Party came back, and they said, let me look at this article here. I want to get it right. But he ...

Will Johnson: I know. The Democrats told Ice Cube to holler back at us after the election, and then we will talk.

Channon: Exactly.

Will Johnson: That's what they said. I read the article, too. They said holler back, this is Ice Cube talk, holler back to me after the election, and then we'll talk. See, that's the same thing that Democrats constantly do. I mean, you know what?

Thank you, Ice Cube, for doing the right thing here because that should have been a wake-up call to Ice Cube right there. The Democrats come every two to four years and tell black people that we're going to do X, Y, Z for you.

Then they say, “Well, hold on, and we'll get back to you.” So, they were never going to get back to Ice Cube. Now, they're upset with Ice Cube because he took the opportunity to say, you know what?

The Republicans, which Republicans are going back to their actual roots and actually helping black people, finally, people of color, minorities, and now the Democrats are upset because they're saying, “Oh, wait a minute, Ice Cube is supposed to be over here.” So, basically, they are saying, Ice Cube, go sit in your doghouse until we call on you.

Channon: Yeah. So, to wrap up what happened. Will just told you that the Democrats said, “Come back and talk to us after the election.” Guess what Trump did? Trump put 500 ...

Will Johnson: Five-hundred billion, with a "B" baby, $500 billion...

Channon: Five-hundred billion, a package is on the table.

Will Johnson: Into the organization. Just to be clear, to be clear, from what I read in the article. That $500 billion has been presented, it hasn't actually made the exchange yet but that is what they're putting on the table.

Channon: Yep.

Will Johnson: Even getting to that point, having that discussion about making some positive change in this country. That says a lot.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: And see, Ice Cube knows it. He's a businessman. He understands what's happening here. He understands what his Democrat Party has done to minorities in this country for decades. So, Ice Cube is doing the right thing, and he's moving forward and thank God for President Trump, my personal opinion.

That he's trying to do something, now I wish the Democrats would have tried to do something just because we need both parties actually to work, to try to make a difference in the country.

Channon: I know what you are saying.

Will Johnson: Why do I say that? Because both parties do exist.

Channon: No, I said, I know what you're saying. Yeah, and here's the deal. According to Ice Cube, when he presented this to them, the Democrats didn't really make any changes, but Trump, they went and made all these ideas and put a little package together, saying, “We're going to help black communities.

We're going to create three million new jobs. We're going to push for criminal justice reform. We're going to improve education and job opportunities. We're going to reduce health care costs. We're going to designate Juneteenth as a national holiday.” I mean, see how impressive that must be? I mean, that must make Ice Cube ...

Will Johnson: I mean, really. Really, I mean, seriously, think about it.

Channon: Okay, yeah, it should make people go, “Okay, Trump wants to do something.” I mean, he set time aside to say, “Okay, what do you want, what do you want to do? What are you talking about?” Right?

Will Johnson: I mean, let's think about it. Let's think about it. Think about it, President Trump has done more in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years, and they still want us, as black people, to support Biden. How ridiculous does that sound?

Channon: Right. So, people started, of course, hating on Ice Cube. So, Ice Cube, after that all came out, and he said, “Fact, I put out the CWBA,” which was his proposal. “Both parties contacted me. Dems said we would address the CWBA after the election. Trump's campaign made some adjustments to its plan after talking to us about it. They stepped up.”

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Ice Cube pretty much said, I don't know if the Democrats are going to do anything, right?

Will Johnson: No, they're not going to do anything. I can tell you, for a fact, that the Democrats are not going to do anything. Because if they really wanted to do something, they would have done it then.

They basically told Ice Cube, “Hey, we don't need you. We don't want to do what you're talking about because they don't actually want to help black people.” The Democrats don't want to do that. They don't care about black people. They just want to use black people to control and keep their power.

Channon: Right. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ice Cube still comes out, and he's still like, “Listen,” he's saying, “No President has done right by us.” You know, he says, “I don't trust any of these people.”

This is what Ice Cube is saying, but he's saying that he doesn't see that the Democrats are going to take their policies in a different direction. He even said, “The Democrats had recruited every black celebrity and S##T on their team. So, they figure that he's just going to sit back and wait for them. But he says, “No, I'm not going to do that.”

Will Johnson: Exactly and, you know, some ...

Channon: Ice Cube is like, pushing the program.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and you know, some of those people who are hating on Ice Cube, look at the colorful messages that they're sending to him. Calling him a sellout, saying that, you know, all the other colorful stuff. I can't tell you how many times today, in front of the Supreme Courthouse, how many of these people on the left call me a sellout because I enjoy freedom.

Because I want to think for myself, I want what's best for everybody in this country, and just like President Trump, people that are immigrants, President Trump said, “They are welcome to come to the country. They're welcome, and he's opened the door to them.

They just have to come the right way. Come through the front door.” I mean, there's a system for all that. But the Democrats don't care about that.

So, they call people all of these colorful names. Uncle Tom, which Uncle Tom is not a bad thing anyway because Uncle Tom was helping black people reach freedom. But see, that's the left. They demonized something good, and then they call you a sellout. Do you know what my response to them was?

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: I said, “How am I a sellout?” I said, “I still have a lot to sell. Do you want to buy some right now?”

Channon: You know, it's funny that you brought that up because some of the backlashes that he got were people calling him a sellout. In fact, there's a new phrase.

One tweet said, “So Ice Cube pulled a ‘Van Jones’ and has been working with the Trump campaign on their Platinum Plan.” You know what? This is sad because Van Jones also went to the Obama administration and tried to get them to do the criminal reform, and they didn't do it.

Van Jones brought the criminal reform to the Trump campaign, and he got it done. So, it's offensive that these people are mad at people like Van Jones and Ice Cube who are teaming up with the President. Who is actually making a difference in the black community?

Will Johnson: It's very offensive, and Van Jones is not a Trump supporter. They're just upset with Van Jones because Van Jones gave credit to President Trump for doing the prison reform.

Van Jones said, “The prison reform,” he said, “that's supposed to be our movement,” talking about the Democrat Party. He said, “But here comes President Trump doing what the Democrats promised that they would do and never actually doing it.”

Then he gave President Trump praise for actually doing something, and it didn't only benefit black people, but a majority of black people it did benefit. Because he gave them praise for that, now they're saying that Van Jones is a sellout for giving him credit even though Van Jones was just on CNN and other news networks talking bad about President Trump.

He was talking bad about Amy Coney Barrett for this election. So, they are low-information, and they're completely ignorant in their thinking.

Channon: I mean, it's true. You know, hate in itself is very deceptive, right? They hate Trump so much that they're deceived by what he really is doing and what he has accomplished. They just don't care. Like, you know what?

You can help black people, Mexicans, and you could do all that stuff. We don't care. You're still a racist. Even though he can prove the complete opposite, but yet they won't believe a true story about the Biden family. They refuse to believe it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but you know what that is?

Channon: Except it's just a lie.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and to go back to that story just a little bit. What Twitter is doing, Google, Facebook, all of these big tech socialists media outlets, all of them are causing election interference right now.

Every last one of them is doing election interference. There's no reason for them to block a factual statement. Next, we can best believe that President Trump can go on Twitter and say, guess what, everybody two plus two still equals four.

Based on their liberal ideology, they can say that this was misleading and remove the post. Yes, that's how bad this really is.

Channon: Oh, and let me tell you something I forgot to tell you. I forgot to tell you this. Today, Ice Cube was supposed to have a special interview with someone at CNN.

Will Johnson: Who was that?

Channon: Ice Cube tweeted this out five hours ago. He said, “So the powers,” he's talking about, the powers, the Democrat Party, whoever it is.

Will Johnson: The elitists.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: The elitists, the globalists, all of the above.

Channon: Yes. He pretty much said, “The powers have canceled my interview on Cuomo Prime Time tonight.” He said, “I've actually been banned from CNN for a few months.” So, I was surprised they even asked. But it seems they can't handle the truth. They can't handle it.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: Wow, right. Is that so powerful?

Will Johnson: So, CNN actually banned Ice Cube for life. I mean, this is ridiculous.

Channon: Well, it says for a couple of months.

Will Johnson: CNN bans Ice Cube.

Channon: They've banned them for a couple of months, is what he said. But he said it seems like they can't handle the truth. They can't handle the truth. See, this is proof that CNN is fake news because they don't want you to hear the truth about what the Trump administration put on the table to help black people.

Five-hundred-billion dollars working with a world-renowned black rapper on what he wants to be done in America. They can't stand it. They can't stand it, and they will put a stripper on a phone conference.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what?

Channon: With Biden then, and, oh, she is so great. She did nothing. She didn't get Biden to commit to anything.

Will Johnson: Exactly. This just proves how racist CNN is. CNN is 100% racist. It is disgusting. They are going to ban Ice Cube. Why not bring them on and have the discussion?

Do you know why they didn't want to bring him on? Because Ice Cube will reach so many more black people, and they can't have him coming on there spewing out truths that they don't want people to hear.

Channon: Yeah, another tweet he said, “Black progress is a bipartisan issue, right.?” CNN should want to bring him on to talk about the great things that might happen for the black community. CNN doesn't want to talk about that, they just don't want to.

Will Johnson: No, they are not going to bring Ice Cube on CNN because if Ice Cube goes on CNN, then black people would hear the truth. Can you imagine their views would go through the roof of people tuning in to hear what Ice Cube has to say?

If he says anything, he will say, “Hey, look, I tried to work with Democrats, but they showed me they don't care about black people because they didn't want to have a discussion with me.” Now he gets to go on his Twitter and talk about it. Now, I'm just wondering, how soon will Twitter ban Ice Cube for spewing it out there?

Channon: I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering the same thing, but Ice Cube is out here saying, “listen, I will advise anybody on the planet who has the power to help black Americans to close the enormous wealth gap.”

You know what? That's exactly how it should be. There is no bipartisanship with the Democrat Party, period. See, Trump can put down and say, “Hey, you know what, Ice Cube, I know you hate me,” he tweeted in 2016, Ice Cube tweeted, ‘I will never endorse a MF'er like Donald Trump, ever.”

But guess what? Donald Trump, he will set that aside and say what is best for the American people? What is best for the black community? Let's talk about it. That's fine with me.

Will Johnson: What does that say? What does this say about the person President Trump is? For Ice Cube to come out to say something so nasty about President Trump, and then he turns around and says, “I'm going to let it go. Let's do something positive.”

What does it say about the person? Not even just for him being President? What does it say about the person? Because you know what? He doesn't need Ice Cube to become re-elected. He's going to get re-elected without Ice Cube.

Channon: Well, this is pretty powerful, considering that Ice Cube has 5.5 million followers on Twitter.

Will Johnson: So, it doesn't matter if they are censoring him. They can censor him down to 500 thousand people or 50 thousand people.  I don't know.

Channon: Yeah, I mean, I know what you're saying. Just like they canceled his interview on Cuomo. That information. What's to say we can't let people know this because this will help Trump.

Instead of looking at, wow, this will help Americans. See, there's no bipartisan with CNN. Their narrative, their agenda, they completely bash Trump, and if you're not about it, you're not an invited guest.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Just imagine, do you think CNN would ever bring me onto their network?

Channon: No, who is that one guy they brought on not too long ago. Hum, the black guy that was arguing with.

Will Johnson: You are talking about G.W. G.W. is a representative out of Oklahoma. He is a black male. He was on with, I can't remember her name, from CNN. She's a white Liberal, and she's telling him as a black man that he needs to fear white supremacy.

He's telling her, no, I'm not going to fear white supremacy because it's not the biggest issue. That's not the biggest problem in the country. The biggest problem in the country is homelessness and other issues. Not the police department, not white supremacy, how you are out to make it. They didn't like to hear that.

Channon: No, they didn’t. They really didn't, but there have been some funny things going on at Trump's rallies here in the past week.

So, Trump had a rally in Minnesota not too long ago, and instead of chanting ‘lock her up’ for Hillary Clinton in 2016, they chanted, ‘lock her up’ for Ilhan Omar. This is in her own state of Minnesota, right?

Well, at the rally, I think it was yesterday. Jim Acosta was in the audience, and so the whole crowd ended up chanting, CNN sucks.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know what? Trump is a genius, and they know it. That's why they go to all the extra measures to remove him.

Channon: Yeah, yeah, I actually can't believe that Jim Acosta would even want to go to a Trump rally. I mean, isn't he supposed to be like, why doesn't he just stay at the White House?

Will Johnson: Actually, if it were my decision, Jim Acosta would be banned and have to be 5,000 feet away from the President. We should never, ever be close to President Trump. He should never be presented in the same hemisphere. In my opinion, Jim Acosta is the true anti-American. In my opinion.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Because he has done so many despicable things.

Channon: So, apparently, as the crowd is chanting this, Acosta is live, right. So, he said on the news while he was live, he says, and as the crowd is chanting, “That there are members of the press here who suck. I should also point out what also sucks—getting the coronavirus.”

Will Johnson: Absolutely. That's awesome.

Channon: I mean, that's so stupid. Here we've had what? How many people have died of the coronavirus? It's like over 200 thousand. Not much over 200 thousand. Do you know that between the fiscal year of 2018 and 2019 for Planned Parenthood, they killed 900 or aborted 947 babies a day?

Will Johnson: That's insane.

Channon: That makes over 345,000 babies aborted in one year?

Will Johnson: That's so insane.

Channon: But 200,000 deaths from a virus that we couldn't control. It is kind of out of our control, right? I mean, we can have 100% control of 345,000 babies killed in one year. That's just through Planned Parenthood, but they don't care. That's dispensable.

Will Johnson: Well, that's because these unborn children's lives don't matter. They don't care about them. They use that to control as much as possible. It's all about control. It's all a power thing because if they truly cared about black lives and all these babies they would be in front of Planned Parenthood.

They would be in Chicago. They would be in these cities where black people are just being killed left and right. To give an example, if you went to the Washington, D.C. website and look at all of the black homicides. You would see so many black people, unsolved mysteries being killed by other black people.

Channon: Yeah, you know, that always kind of is discouraging because I know it is easy for us to say black lives matter, then babies wouldn't be getting aborted, and blacks wouldn't be shooting each other in the streets. That's not even a talking point for Black Lives Matter or the Democrat agenda.

Will Johnson: No, it's not. You know what?

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: I was going to say, and I want to add to that. I'm here in D.C., and they are all out here screaming Black Lives Matter. Being a black male, I would say all lives matter, and because I'm black saying it, they don't know how to react.

They get upset, and I said, “Why are you excluding black people from all people?” They said, “We're not excluding.” I said, “That's what you're doing.” I said, “Then stop saying, Black Lives Matter. Go ahead and include black people with all people.”

Isn't that what you're screaming for? If you want to be included? They just don't know how to register that. But it still comes down to the same thing as what we are seeing with abortion, what we're seeing with children. Do you know that they're even talking about increasing the age of abortion, to even after they're born? This is such a sinister way of things that we're seeing.

Channon: Yeah, it is. Even Ice Cube mentioned that, you know, he's a black man, right, and he said everybody matters. He said Asians matter to Asians, white people matter to white people. He said, for him, he wants to help his people and the community that he came from.

He's not living in that community anymore, but he still wants to help the community that he came from, I understand. Right? President Trump just wants to help everybody, and that's why I think you see so many different ethnicities come out to support him.

As you said, the Vietnamese and the Latinos, it’s crazy. I mean, we're here in the South, and there is huge support by Latinos in Florida, Texas ...

Will Johnson: Oh.

Channon: Even California now.

Will Johnson: Oh, I saw this video, and I don't know, I have never seen him before. He's a Latino athlete, he was talking in the press conference, and he said, “I don't care what you all say.”

He said, “The Latinos are going to support President Trump.” He said, “Because the Latino people, they're not going to be used. The Democrats are not going to use Latino people.” He's basically saying they're not going to use Latino people the same way you used black people.

In these polls, they have Biden ahead in all of these polls but then you see all of the support for the American people throughout the country supporting Trump. So, either these people are acting like they're supporting Trump, or are the polls lying?

It can't be both. Something is going on here, and I'll tell you one thing because I've never been polled. Most people that I've talked to have never been polled. But I talked to one gentleman since I've been here who said he'd been polled, and he's a Trump supporter.

But when he was polled, and they asked him who he would vote for? What do you think he said? He said he is voting for Biden.

Channon: Hum.

Will Johnson: He told the pollster that he is voting for Biden when he's voting for Trump.

Channon: Yeah, well, you know ...

Will Johnson: He said there's a movement. Now, let me say, just like they had on Tik Tok when President Trump had his rally, and a whole bunch of people went on there saying they're getting tickets to President Trump's rally so that they wouldn't show up.

A lot of people are doing the same thing on these polls. They are telling everybody that they are supporting Biden if the pollsters call but they're not supporting Biden.

Channon: Yeah, you know, there's a lot of news stories out because voting is right now, early voting in a lot of places. Florida is receiving a lot of absentee ballots, and they're saying that they've had more absentee ballots requested from Democrats than they have Republicans.

So, they're saying they're using that as a way to say that there are more Democrats that are getting ready to vote for Biden than vote for Trump. But listen, we got five minutes here, and I remember everybody, and if you want to stay with the latest news, if you want to get information on breaking news, please remember to text WILL to 88202.

Once again, text WILL, 88202, to get the latest news and all the great information from America Truth Project. But here's the thing. Even here in Texas, the voting is crazy. We are three weeks ahead of the election, and the voting lines are wrapped around the building. It's going to be interesting.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's going to be very interesting. I can't wait until this election is over. I think it's time for the country to move on and move forward, and with what they've done to the country. I have to say enough. People are done.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: People are 100% done.

Channon: All we can do is ask people to be informed, right?

Will Johnson: Yep, be informed.

Channon: Take notes and do your research.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: Find a candidate and actually research.

Will Johnson: Let me say this. Yes, be informed, make your own decision on who you want to vote for, don't let anyone sway you to pick what you want. Do your own research, vote for Biden, or vote for Trump.

But you decide. You decide on who you want to vote for because that's what it is. That's what it is to be an American, and that's what it is to be in this country. To decide who you want, based on the information out there, and that's the way it should be.

Channon: Yeah, well, we need to make sure that they are researching the information that they're getting because we know that there is still misinformation being spread out there on social media and, of course, on news platforms.

So, you know, listen to your conscience. Listen to what people are really saying and what their intentions are when they're saying it. Right. If you're listening to a broadcast, and all they're doing is bashing one side or the other.

They're not reporting any news or talking about actual policies or anything. It's probably not the truth. You know, you need to do your own research.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: So, Will, is there anything you want to say to our listeners before we head out?

Will Johnson: Well, I would just say this, November 3rd is right around the corner. We are less than three weeks away, just over two weeks. Things are very interesting in the country. You just need to be mindful and pay attention to your surroundings.

Don't allow people to be violent. If you're going to have a discussion with people, try to keep it as civil as possible. A lot of people don't want to talk anymore. But with that said, all I can say is, be safe. Be careful, and remember, America is for everybody.

America is for everyone that disagrees with you and for everyone that agrees with you. That's what it's really about; you know democracy is when we want to talk to each other. But the United States of America is a constitutional republic, and we want to keep it that way. We don't want to change history.

We don't want to change where we are and where we come from, so, with that said, I want to thank everyone for tuning in. Thank you for listening, and Channon, thank you for riding shotgun with me. We had a very beautiful discussion. More to come, everyone. Stay tuned. We'll be back next Thursday. Same time, same America.

Channon: Yes. Remember to text WILL to 88202. We will see you next Thursday. Everybody be safe out there. Treat everybody like you want to be treated.

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