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Obama Funded Iran’s War on Israel


Graham Ledger: Joining me now the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Barry, what does tyranny look like? Well, we have a pretty good example on planet Earth. It’s called Iran. And right now, Iran is escalating its proxy terrorist war if you will on societies including Israel that wishes to practice religion freely.

Barry Nussbaum: Graham you are seeing the results in Lebanon in northern Israel of a war that was financed by our former President Barack Obama. The billions that he gave Iran are being invested in terror around the Middle East in Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hamas obviously in the Gaza Strip. These tunnels that they have now discovered in northern Israel are being paid for and bragged about by Iran and being built by Hezbollah in the shadow of UNIFIL troops for those that don’t know UNIFIL the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon is there to prevent any militarization of southern Lebanon. These tunnels are being built literally in the shadow, I was just there, of the guard posts on the border staffed by U.N. troops who literally looked the other way because they’ve been threatened with death. So instead of enforcing the U.N. resolutions what do they do? They look the other way and go to coffee. And 24/7 Hezbollah troops which are basically Iranian proxies are drilling tunnels into Israel and the invasion plan was made public where they said these tunnels will be used to conquer northern Israel. Not a joke literally made public. Why? Because there is a countdown clock in Tehran that says the number of days and years left until Israel is destroyed by Iran. They brag about it. The U.N. predictably does nothing.

Graham Ledger: Nothing. Yeah, and unfortunately this could eventually trigger a war in the Middle East. Here at home what does scandal look like? Well, look no further than the Clinton Foundation where apparently there is evidence a lot of evidence that Bill Clinton had a little bit of a problem using foundation money, this would be money donated by Americans, for his own shall we call them escapades.

Barry Nussbaum: Hundreds of pages have been released by three insiders at the Clinton Foundation detailing something like a dozen or more different examples of dipping into the till by Bill Clinton. When you run a 501c3 tax deductible nonprofit the money has to go for the public good, not for your own fun stuff. And apparently, Bill was very liberal, get this, according to the CFR of the Clinton Foundation to dip in and pay things he wanted to. And the other question regarding the Clinton Foundation Graham is how did they raise so much money. Well that’s the pay for play scheme that they had running where Hillary was secretary of state, Bill would fly around the world making millions literally millions in speeches for an hour or 90 minutes, and then the State Department would sign off on some rather sketchy proposal that had nothing to do with the fact that the Clinton Foundation was getting gazillions in donations. This is the scandal of the century.

Graham Ledger: It is certainly among them. And of course, Hillary did not win the presidency and all of a sudden donations plummet which is fitting. But there needs to be an investigation. Certainly, the state of New York it probably never happened, don’t hold your breath, the state in New York should be investigating the Clinton Foundation. Real quick Barry, almost out of time. About 30 seconds left. What does a blue wave look like? Well, I think we saw it in 2018 and the midterm elections at least in the house.

Barry Nussbaum: You know it did but it’s not exceptional Graham. Clinton lost 60 seats previously. Obama lost 63 seats in the midterms. Quite frankly Trump did much better. He actually gained in the Senate and that’s unheard of. This is not a wave. It was a ripple.

Graham Ledger: All right. OK fine. Call it a ripple. But I think we better brace ourselves for a blue tsunami in 2020 if the Democrats keep at this pace and what they’re doing in terms of what is the truth is voter fraud. Because that’s an element to the victory in 2018 without a doubt. Massive voter fraud especially in California. Barry thanks.


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