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North Korea Fails to Circumvent Trump Sanctions!


Alex Salvi: Page Six now new ties and new troubles in East Asia. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is coming back from Russia meeting with his counterpart President Vladimir Putin. North Korea state run media reports that Kim told Putin quote peace and security on the Korean Peninsula will entirely depend on the future attitude of the US and North Korea will guard itself for every possible situation. However, many experts suggest that move may be an attempt by North Korea to shop for better deals seeking to hedge against the possibility that talks fall apart with the U.S. Joining me now the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Barry thank you very much as always for joining us. So, what do you take of this summit? I mean the issue with the United States kind of is that a little bit of the backburner ever since North Korea was failing to make concessions. What do you make of this newfound bromance if you will between Putin and Kim?

Barry Nussbaum: Kim is trying to play poker with the world's leading political poker player namely President Donald Trump. He's attempting to use leverage with the Russian leader Putin against Trump in the hopes that Trump will back down. And what he is forgetting is he's playing poker against the guy that was ready to walk away from NATO until NATO said OK, we'll pay our fair share. When Trump made the threat to the EU, pay your appropriate percentage of GNP or I'm out the world went insane. They condemn Trump. It was going to be the collapse of the world's oldest strategic alliance. And a year later what's happened. Everybody has doubled or tripled their contribution to NATO. This is the same thing. The irony here is Russia has very little to offer North Korea except for some minor support and maybe photo ops. Russia is broke. Korea is broker and the ability of Russia to help Kim is de minimus at best.

Alex Salvi: And I think you bring up a good point there because one thing that people have been critical of China for is not doing their fair share and this whole bargain. I mean they still kind of support North Korea economically and so is it better maybe for Kim Jong Un to have this relationship with Putin compared to having that relationship was Xi Jinping in regard to the US what we're trying to get out of the North Korean Peninsula which is of course denuclearization?

Barry Nussbaum: China is run by a thug who is a brutal dictator. The difference between the two countries is China is a huge trading partner of the United States while Russia isn't. However as everyone that's aware of current events knows neither country is our friend. Korea is stuck and they're getting smaller and smaller in a box with a tighter lid on it. And he's desperate to find some leverage to save his economy in the face of brutal sanctions that is crippling what is already a bankrupt country and I don't think China or Russia will give him anything he wants because it will alienate the US and the US is the big gorilla in the room and North Korea literally has nothing to offer either one of them other than we don't like the United States. Could you help us. And that's not going to sail in either one of those ponds in my opinion.

Alex Salvi: Yeah I mean the White House said it them, self you can either do business with North Korea or you can do business with the United States of America if you are if you're interested in economics Everyone knows the answer to that but so speaking at the White House what do they do moving forward. They just kind of keep going on with the approach that they've had kind of that stern, hard approach and Mike Pompeo has really put on the table since he took over as secretary of state? Or do you think that they need to make adjustments now?

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely no question in my mind Alex stay the course. Korea is playing poker with a couple of twos and a seven. They've got no leverage on the United States. And the longer the sanctions continue the more unstable that Kim regime will deteriorate to in North Korea. I think strongly that if Trump stays the way he is whether he wins re-election or not I don't think Kim has an alternative but to come back to the table. Remember they just he just left Putin with nothing but some photo ops and no promises after a couple hours of chit chat and prearranged press conference speeches. That doesn't create any leverage if Trump stays the course. I think eventually Kim collapses and says OK no more nukes we'll shut it all down and no more missile program.

Alex Salvi: Now really quick before I let you go; I only have a couple seconds but what happens if President Trump does win in 2020 and Kim Jong Un has kind of thrown away negotiations maybe starts launching missiles or something like that. What steps to the United States take in order to really step down in North Korea?

Barry Nussbaum: I don't think there is a question that what. Trump has a mind of something similar to what is being enforced against Iran. If there is a complete blockade of North Korea it'll be over soon. The entire regime is dependent on some money being created. And if that country is strangled from the outside in and nobody attempts to screw with the United States to cross that blockade which I think will be the case either with China Russia or any Southeast Asian trading partners I don't think Kim as a choice but to make the deal that he's promised to make several times in their meetings both in Hanoi and previously with President Trump and with Mike Pompeo. I think it's just a matter of time Trump wins. Kim loses and the nuclear missile program is over.

Alex Salvi: Yeah and there was talks of another summit. Something tells me that's being put on the side for the time being especially after the recent comments by North Korean media. So, it'll be something to keep an eye on, but Barry thank you very much for joining us tonight.

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