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New Curriculum at CUNY: Bash the President All Day!


The City University of New York, the gigantic public institution of higher learning, has thrown out the curriculum for today’s classes in honor of socialist workers‘ day.  A letter from the head of CUNY’s Professional Staff Congress urges fellow instructors to “teach resistance” by “integrating into our classes an examination of Trump’s policies as they are relevant to your subject, whether it be biology, finance, nursing or history.”

This, you might remember, is the same school that will have anti-Israel Sharia supporting Linda Sarsour as the commencement speaker for the school of public health graduation this year!  CUNY is the third-largest university system in the United States.  Is it time for a new board of trustees at this public institution that received $738.9 million last year in the form of federal grants and contracts?

Source: New York Post

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