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New Congresswomen Love Terror and Hate Israel!


Barry Nussbaum: Page Six now. Encouraging double-dipping from California's new radical governor, Gavin Newsom is telling federal workers in his state who've been furloughed because of the temporary government shutdown to apply for unemployment. This, despite the federal government saying, hey, wait a minute, you can't do that.

Gavin Newsom: We're all in this together. It's not state employees versus federal employees. You are taxpayers. You are American citizens. You happen to live in California. We have an obligation to work together. We can be resourceful and provide these resources. I'm going to make sure that we prevail.

Graham Ledger: So the new radical governor of California is picking up where the old radical governor of California left off in attacking the constitution, the rule of law, and just plain old common sense. It's a seamless transition of tyranny. Joining me now, a founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Barry, if not illegal, it is immoral. I would tell the governor there is a moral component to this because these people would be double-dipping at our expense, taxpayer expense, both in the unemployment line and also their back pay. They're going to be paid. They're on a paid vacation.

Barry Nussbaum: Governor Newsom, the new governor as of a couple of weeks ago, is already sprinting out of the box in his endeavor to show Californians that he can actually outspend his predecessor, Jerry Brown. This is just a first example, I believe, of more than a dozen to come. Gavin Newsom ran and was elected on the free stuff platform that California was going to pay for everything for its citizens and its residents who are not citizens, who climbed over the fence and broke into California. Everybody in California is going to be on the free stuff gravy train courtesy of their new governor.

Graham Ledger: Now, speaking of Washington, D.C., this newly minted Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. She has a Palestinian problem, let's face it. And so if she's pro-Palestinian, she's pro-Hezbollah. If she is pro-Hezbollah, she's pro-terrorist. And if she's pro-terrorist, she's anti-Israel. And she shouldn't be allowed to get away with this on Capitol Hill.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it's not a matter of discussion or debate. Graham, she is out in public about it. This is the congresswoman who took the map of the Middle East in her office and put Palestine over the country of Israel. This is the same lady that, on her inauguration night, made a speech saying, "I'm going to go to Washington, and I'm going to impeach the MFer" in regards to her discussion of President Trump and posed for a picture with Abbas Hamideh at her celebration party. He is a renowned terroristic supporter of Hezbollah, who says Israel and all of its residents should be destroyed. She has her arms around the guy, and she loves to see him, and he loves her. Oh, my gosh. She's in Washington, representing the citizens of the great state of Michigan. They should be ashamed that they elected her.

Graham Ledger: Ok, but there's another one, Barry. There's another one elected. Another Muslim woman elected this one from Minnesota, who in 2012 tweeted about the evil of Israel. And she's been given multiple chances to pull that one back and make good. She will not do it. She stands by this statement.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it's really interesting that these new congresswomen can't understand why American citizens are offended by gross in public on the air, anti-Semitic comments, anti-Israel comments that are so inflammatory. This is a woman who said, I pray to Allah to save America basically from the lies about Israel. And she can't understand, according to her, why that would be offensive to anybody. This is a woman that went before a congregation in a synagogue while she was running and said, "Hey, I'm against BDS, and it's un-American." The second she was elected, she took those words back. And she is a proud supporter of BDS and a proud opponent of Israel. And she's on her way at this point to try to implement policies to carry those beliefs out in legislative action. I'm truly mortified that both of them represent Americans in Congress, and all good Americans should be. Israel is our best ally. They're the frontline against terrorism. And these two women want to rewrite history.

Graham Ledger: And this should be viewed in the paradigm this week, Barry, of Steve King. They're talking about sanctioning Steve King. And this is the Republicans, that sanctioned and stripped him of all the committees. So, where is Kevin McCarthy on these two? I'd like to hear from Kevin McCarthy on these two instead of Steve King. Barry, thanks.


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