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U.S./Israel Relations Videos

Netanyahu Thanks America, Blasts Europe


Benjamin Netanyahu: It’s a wonderful celebration of 4th of July any time in Israel. But this year it’s special. One year President Trump moved the embassy after declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital. in the U.N. a powerful defense of Israel day in day out. And you remember that Iran nuclear deal? Remember that? President Trump decided to leave this bad deal and he did the greatest thing for the security of the world and for the security of Israel. There is a meeting this week By the P4 without the United States. They’re going to discuss how to go around the decision that President Trump in the United States made to leave this bad deal which is funding Iran’s terrorism and its aggression with billions of dollars. The P4 invited Iran’s President Rouhani to attend that meeting. But at the same time in recent days this same regime dispatched a terror cell to carry out a major terrorist action in France. This Iranian terror plot was planned on the soil of Europe on the same week that the European leaders are supposed to meet the president of Iran about circumventing the sanctions on Iran. Here is my message to the European leaders. Stop funding the very regime that is sponsoring terrorism against you and against so many others. Stop appeasing Iran. We’re grateful for America’s independence. We’re grateful for America’s strength. We’re grateful for America’s alliance with Israel. We have relations with 160 countries and some of these are terrific friends. But there is no friendship like the friendship between Israel and the United States of America. America has no greater friend in Israel. Israel has no greater friend than America. What makes this alliance so powerful so enduring? What makes it so? Well, one thing common values we have common values that are clear. It’s freedom, liberty, democracy. These aren’t hollow slogans. They’re the bedrock of Western civilization. They’re the secret of America’s success and of Israel’s success. They’re the secret of our ingenuity. Israel’s and America. There can’t be a more glorious gathering with greater friends. Thank you all. God bless America. God bless Israel and God bless the alliance between America and the state of Israel. Thank you all. Thank you.



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