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Netanyahu Calls Out Palestinians Father Who Begs Israeli Troops to Kill His Son


In a shocking video (see below) that was released in 2016, a Palestinian father is seen encouraging his four-year-old son to walk towards Israeli troops while begging the soldiers to shoot his son. The scene is videotaped from the Palestinian side apparently in the hopes of documenting the murder of his son at his insistence.  Instead of shooting the boy, the closest soldier gives the boy a high five while the father calls out, “Shoot him shoot him!.”

While this sacrifice of a child was unsuccessful, sadly there are hundreds of thousands of similar young boys and girls being encouraged to die just like this father tried to have his son killed. They are indoctrinated in the public school systems throughout the west bank and Gaza.  These children are taught starting in pre-school that they should aspire to die as “martyrs” killing as many Jews as possible.

Hopefully if President Trump visits Israel in May he will cut off all American funds that flow into these school systems!

Source: IsraeliPM Channel

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