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Nancy Pelosi Covers for The Anti Semitism Of Ilhan Omar!


Jermain Botsio: Muslims can be proud of Omar and Tlaib in the U S Congress. And it says the Muslim world can be proud of the most courageous, I know Barry most courageous. And quite possibly with tremendous luck in time the most effective. Oh, my Lord. Goodness gracious. U.S. congressional representative in years may turn out to be Ilhan Omar who won election from the District of Minnesota last November. And is all about remarkable courage and something that even her detractors must eventually recognize as it's human nature to recognize real courage when it's so evident. Barry, you know I'm tripping over the words because I can't believe it. What in the world are they talking about? Barry, what kind of curse does she have? Please inform me.

Barry Nussbaum: Well she's a hater and as we talked about a minute ago when I mentioned that article, Ilhan on puts on missiles every day. Death to America Death to Israel and threatens, not threatens, I should say promises to destroy Israel. There's a doomsday clock in Tehran that shows how many days hours and minutes until the ayatollah has predicted that Israel will be literally just a pile of radioactive waste. It's not a secret. It's a promise. And Israel is referred to as the Little Satan. The United States as the big Satan or Satan. And in their religion, you are to wage holy war until those representatives of Satan are destroyed. So, Tehran is our enemy. They preach it every day. And if the friend of your enemy, in this case Ellen Omar is also preaching against the United States, maybe just maybe Jermain people ought to wake up.

Jermain Botsio: I really do hope so Barry, but I want to go ahead and show you in the crowd an article. It says David Duke heaps praise on Omar, most important member of Congress. All right, and it says David Duke praised Ilham Omar last week for her attacks on Israel and its supporters which had been widely construed as anti-Semitic by both sides of the political aisle. Duke, a former KKK grand wizard and Louisiana congressman known to most as a neo-Nazi, said a March 7th podcast posted on his website that he was elated by the focus on the Jewish power in the Jewish elite brought on by Omar. Now what do you think about this nonsense with Ilhan Omar spewing this rhetoric.? Would you say that she is unlikely to be doing the job of David Duke?

Barry Nussbaum: Well it's clear, you know. It's the same as we talked about a few minutes ago. If Iran which hates America, says you're great, If David Duke who says the Government of the United States must be overthrown likes you, wow you've got some strange bedfellows. If Lewis Farrakhan who wants to destroy the government of America and overthrow it says you're great now you're really scaring me. And you know it's curious and I want to segway into the next thought and the next article we've got which is you've got all these people taking her literally. Meaning, she knows she's very well educated, she's very well-spoken, she knows exactly what she says when she says it, and everybody's quoting her, and she responds basically affirming what she said. So, you've got anti-semites, you've got radical Islamists, you've got David Duke you know Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi, you've got the haters in Iran you've got Lewis Farrakhan all supporting you, and what does Nancy Pelosi do? Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house is the most powerful Democrat in Washington. She's third in line to be president of the United States in case of emergency to the president and the vice president, she would be president. And initially when these quotes from Elaine Omar started circulating Jermain, she came out and said there will be an apology and there will be a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. We much seek it out wherever it is. So, she started out saying exactly what she should have said. And then, after the pushback from the left-wing crazy wing I call it of the Progressive Democrat Socialist Party, she changed, and she made a speech that is so shocking. where she said. obviously Ilhan Omar is not anti-Semitic. She comes from Somalia. She just doesn't know what those words mean. In other words, she's ignorant of the English language and everything else she says highly articulately, very easy to understand, totally translatable for a highly educated young woman, when she speaks about anti-Semitic things, it's just because she doesn't understand the words she uses. Now when you read the transcripts none of them are, as they used to say big highfalutin words, Jermain. They're regular terms that are very common in the everyday vernacular. So even Nancy Pelosi, the head of the what you call the middle of the road Democrats, cannot condemn this horrible, I mean this literally horrific, anti-Semitic language she apologized for Ilhan Omar. Not saying she's sorry for what she said, but whatever she said which might have been bad was simply because she doesn't understand the words. Oh my gosh. I’m stunned by the lack of courage and the integrity, or I should say lack thereof, of the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. And as a result, what actually got implemented was worthless. After all this aggravation.


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