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Muslim Leaders Call For Intl Force To Protect HAMAS


Turkish president Recep Erdogan called an emergency meeting of the 57 member Organization Of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the Gaza riots that resulted in the deaths of 62 people this past Monday and Tuesday.  Despite HAMAS claiming that 53 of the 62 fatalities were members of terror groups, the organization stated that Israel was guilty of NAZI-like behavior and murdering innocent civilians.  The meeting culminated with the antisemitic group of leaders calling for an “international peacekeeping force” to protect the “Palestinian people”. President Erdogan not only defends his borders, but is currently invading Syria in an effort to control/expand them; how many Kurds has he killed?  How many journalists has he imprisoned?   How many of the 56 countries of the OIC would allow their countries to be invaded by hostile forces?

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/muslim-leaders-call-for-international-force-to-protect-palestinians/




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