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MSNBC Host Joy Reed Asked Her Guest For Explanation About The Israeli / Gaza Conflict The ‘Palestinian Expert’ said, “Jewish Supremacy.”


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome, to ATP's Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

The incredible dumbness is not confined to CNN. When MSNBC host Joy Reid asked her guest for an explanation of the Israeli/Gaza conflict, the Palestinian expert replied, "Jewish supremacy." Yet, Reid offered no pushback during the segment of The ReidOut on MSNBC, Reid introduced a guest as, "My friend Rula Jebreal," a foreign policy activist, expert, and a professor at the University of Miami.

Then the expert spewed this, "Jewish supremacy is the main goal of Israel's apartheid government." Then she said, "we're already living a project of ethnoreligious exclusion and purity. The occupation is metastasized everywhere.” Whatever that means.

Then later, she continued, "The most heartbreaking thing, Joy, is that the United States subsidizes this ethnonationalism project of exclusion and purity. We subsidize the atrocities that are taking place."

So, Jewish supremacy, I guess, is the main goal of Israel, and their apartheid government, according to this lady. Then she finalizes it with, "We are already living a project of ethnoreligious exclusion and purity." What a massively absurd statement that's both dumb and anti-Semitic.

Shame on MSNBC for keeping Joy Reid on the air, which seems to give a continuous platform for a factory of dumbness to spew this everywhere. Do you hear how horrible it is? You know, they talk about it as if the United States is a coconspirator.

I don't understand how this network stays on the air. They are dumb. Their hosts are dumb, and their guests are way over the line into massive hatred.

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