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More Deaths from Car Accidents Than Covid-19 In San Diego!


Kent Emmons: San Diego County. This is crazy. It's the only real bright spot economically in California, the only bright spot in California. It has the lowest death rate, probably in the country. They shut the economy down, and it's over. Tell me what's happening down there.

Barry Nussbaum: There were one hundred and seventy-six deaths, I believe, from COVID 19 through yesterday out of a population of three-point six million. I'll do the math. That's a death rate of .00486%. Now, deaths from car accidents in 2018 were two hundred ninety-four. But that wasn't big news. The economy wasn't shut down, and people weren't destroyed economically like they are now. The overreaction is crushing San Diego, and it's a brighter spot than L.A., where I understand they're going to be under quarantine for, what, three more months?

Kent Emmons: They're saying through July, likely into August or September.

Barry Nussbaum: It's destroying California.

Kent Emmons: Yeah. You know, you've got a state that was already broke to start with. Now it's just hammered. And, you know, kind of the theory is that the governor is going to keep people under lockdown. And in as much pain as they can, long enough to get the federal government to keep pouring money into them, to bail them out of issues that happened long before the Coronavirus even came along.

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