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Mordechai Kedar: Iran’s Regime Blames Israel For Explosions at Illegal Site


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We are back with our very special guest all the way from Israel, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, former Lieutenant Colonel in the Israeli military for 25 years, and an expert on all things relating to Iran. Welcome back, Motti.

Mordechai Kedar: It's my pleasure and my honor to be here Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Why is Iran blaming Israel for all the attacks currently going on inside Iran?

Mordechai Kedar: The Iranians, both the men in the street and the regime are more than sure that Israel was behind it. Why? In the last two or three weeks, channel eleven aired a fiction series, named Tehran. And it shows a lady who is working for the Mossad, who went to Tehran, and she's trying to shut down the electricity in Iran by penetrating Tehran's electric grid to enable some action of Israel. The Iranian security found her, and they are chasing her. And she's playing with them like Tom and Jerry. And this has been airing for three weeks here in Israel. Now, the men in the street in Iran made a very small conclusion. They say, "Look, this is the first time that Isreal produces and airs this kind of a series of, espionage and sabotage. And lo and behold, at the same time, we have this series of espionage and sabotage in Iran, so it is by Israel. And Israel made fun of it as some kind of hint that they are behind it by producing and airing this series, a fictional series about this girl in Tehran."

Barry Nussbaum: Motti, why is Apple involved in this new TV show being sold in Iran?

Mordechai Kedar: They bought this series to translate it to Persian and sell it to the Iranians. And believe me, Apple would not do it unless they viewed the profits coming from this series, and they sensed how much the Iranians are interested in this fiction.

Barry Nussbaum: So notwithstanding this new series, which I understand is going to be as popular as the Israeli series, Fouda. There is a group called The Homeland Cheetahs. Supposedly, it's an Iranian underground revolutionary group that wants to overthrow the ayatollahs. Any truth to that or is that just made up?

Mordechai Kedar: Well, there are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations that announced their existence mainly by social media. And let me tell you, the smaller the organization is, the more bombastic the name is, as a rule. If there's an organization of 10 people, they will have a middle-sized name. If this is one man, it will have the biggest name in the world, such as the Army of Allah or the Army of Islam, okay? This is how it works, first of all. Second thing, this organization took responsibility for the attack on July the second on that building a few hours before it happened.

Barry Nussbaum: They came out so fast. They knew the attack was happening and prepared the video.

Mordechai Kedar: They knew even before, in advance, they knew it. This means that whoever perpetrated this action is this organization. Meaning`, let's say, the CIA or the Mossad or whoever created this kind of a front name or front organization, in order to announce their responsibility for this blast. This is how it works.

Barry Nussbaum: Who do you think is responsible for the bombings?

Mordechai Kedar: There are at least two organizations that would do such a thing. One is the Front of the Liberation of the Ahwaz. Ahwaz is an area in southwest Iran overlooking the Persian Gulf, and this area is populated by Arabs. And for them, the Ahwaz are occupied territories since 1925 when Iran took over this place. The Iranians, of course, say that this is a terrorist organization, while they call them themselves a liberation organization. They definitely would like to be involved in such an action against the Ayatollah's regime. And another organization is named Jundallah means the Army of Allah, which is a very big organization that belongs to the Baluchi minority, which dwells in the southeastern part of Iran, adjacent to Pakistan and Afghanistan. And the Baluchis are actually rebelling against the central government in Tehran, and throughout history, they have had many attacks against the IRGC, which actually controls their land or their area. So these two organizations definitely might be the people on the ground who carried out that action in Natanz. But the question is, who was behind them? Who gave them the information? Who gave them the explosives? Who directed them. And, of course, they could do it as a venture by themselves. But it could also involve other organizations from outside Iran. So here is a little introduction to this espionage and sabotage industry.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for joining us on ATP Report and a special thank you to Dr. Mordecai Kadar for joining us and sharing all of his insights with us. Please remember, if you haven't subscribed yet, take out your cell phone. Text the word truth and send it to 88202, only in the United States. You'll get our free text message alerts, all of our shows, and information on your cell phone, and it's always free for ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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