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Mayor Khan Arrests Londoners for “Offensive” Tweets


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have a very special guest today all the way from the United Kingdom. Anne Marie Waters is with us today. She's the founder of a political party in Great Britain called For Britain. She's raising a lot of attention on the subject we're going to talk about today, which is immigration. Anne Marie, welcome.

Anne Marie Waters: Thank you. Thank you very much for having me.

Barry Nussbaum: So we've been chatting before we were rolling about immigration into Great Britain and to put it succinctly, you Brits, are experiencing the same thing that we are here on our side in America, which is there are whole portions of America that don't look American anymore. We have massive immigration policies, some of which have been toned down under the Trump presidency, but millions of people here have no desire to assimilate and become Americans. It's much like you've told me is going on in Britain, where there are massive amounts of people that are not intended to be British. So let's start in London in particular. I've read that your mayor has these goofy ideas that he wants to send the police out after, well, people who don't think appropriately and when there's terrorism, his idea is to ban knives. Talk to me about your mayor in London, Sadiq Khan.

Anne Marie Waters: Oh, dear. He, unfortunately, is very likely to win again. He's up for reelection in May. He is governing a city in which the English, the ethnic English, are now a minority. So the English are a minority in London now. They're also a minority in Birmingham, which is England's second city. He is a Muslim, and he has a long history of defending jihadis. He has a long history of association with extremists.

Barry Nussbaum: But let me stop a minute just for our viewers to know this because you're touching on something they should understand.

Anne Marie Waters: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: Sadiq Khan is a very famous barrister, lawyer.

Anne Marie Waters: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: Who made his career in the courtroom defending jihadi terrorists. That's how he became prominent.

Anne Marie Waters: Yeah, I mean, that's a part of it, certainly, but it's his associations as well. Photographs of him have been taken with really radical clerics, the kind of clerics that even the BBC is forced to condemn for their views. So really, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Jewish, and if it was anyone else, if a non-Muslim politician was associated with such people, there would be fury over it. But when he was running for mayor of London, his conservative opponent tried to raise his associations and his relationships with known, if not violent jihadists, at least ideological jihadists, and he was denounced as a racist and pushed essentially to the side. David Cameron, who was prime minister at the time, also raised concerns about Sadiq Khan's links, and he was denounced as a racist in parliament. When Khan won, it was deemed a victory for progress and diversity and tolerance and all the rest of it. He has probably been the least effective London Mayor, and London's an old city, but he's probably the least effective London mayor, certainly in my lifetime. Everything is up. Everything has exploded—a massive explosion in crime, an explosion in rape, robbery the entire lot. The Metropolitan Police, which is London's police force, they are apparently too busy. They announced that they were no longer going to deal with burglaries or minor assaults. At the same time, we were told that there is a hate crime unit consisting of 900 metropolitan police officers, and their job is to police hate crime. This is while we are told that they will no longer be dealing with burglaries or minor assaults. So what they've done is tell every burglar in London, go and do your thing. We will be busy on Twitter and hundreds of thousands across the country, but hundreds of millions of people have been arrested under his leadership for tweets while we are watching unprecedented violent crime in London. That violent crime is very much enhanced by mass immigration from Africa, for example, which have brought in extreme violence. The gang violence in London is extreme. There are now machete attacks. Londoners don't attack each other with machetes. This is imported. All of this violence is imported, and all of it is on Sadiq Khan. And he, of course, is very gung ho about black lives matter, about taking down statues, about renaming streets. That's our Mayor of London.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy, Mark Steyn, a commentator here in the US, says the Metropolitan Police are policing everything except for crime.

Anne Marie Waters: Absolutely. Yeah, it's across the country.

Barry Nussbaum: So, you really think he's going to win again?

Anne Marie Waters: Yeah, oh, absolutely, absolutely. London is no longer; it's been so filled. It's Labor's success story. I said that Labor wants to import votes, and it's working because it has put all of its immigrants in London. Most people want to live in London anyway. And on their vote, they vote for the state-dependent. They come here, and they are given state-provided accommodation, clothing, food. It's great. All we have to do is vote to keep this, the state giving us all this stuff.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks, Anne Marie. Tell people how they can find out what you're doing in Britain.

Anne Marie Waters: We are on ForBritain.UK. That is our main website, our policies, our manifesto, blogs, videos, a lot of information about what is on there, and how people can get in touch and help us and support us because we do need it, and we're also linked to our Facebook page. So please do get in touch.

Barry Nussbaum: Wonderful. I hope people do. And for those of you that haven't subscribed to our text message service. Only in the US, please take out your cell phone, and send a TRUTH to 88202, and you'll be automatically subscribed. You'll get all of our messages on our videos, like this one with Anne-Marie Waters on your cell phone for free. You don't have to do a thing, and you never have to pay for it. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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