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Koran Still Teaches Follow Islam Or Die!


News Reporter: That is the village of the Baghouz, ISIS’s last stand and apart from sporadic gunfire all you can hear now is silence.

Voice Over:  Hundreds of ISIS fighters have reportedly surrendered in the past 48 hours. As many as half the estimated number left. American aid worker David Eubank said he saw dozens give themselves up to US Special Forces right there.

David Eubanks: We saw a group of about 50 men all fit strong looking guys walking with like 3 women they searched them all, they were all ISIS fighters they gave up.

News Reporter:  US members of Ministers of the Global Coalition has released a statement saying well ISIS is on the verge of collapse at the end of their physical caliphate is at hand. They continue to pose a threat to the security of this region.

Jermaine: As you can see here, ISIS is scattering. They are running. But, one thing I know, is that if we do not speak about the real issue, which is the indoctrination of the book and how the religion is being presented, if we don’t speak about the truth in it, we will never stop it. It’s that idea that is inside Islam. The Quoran is making these people do this. As soon as they read the book, it’s almost like their mind goes haywire and in there ready to kill. What do you think about that?

Barry:  Well, over the last several millennia every religion, for the most part. The major ones have presented the thought that our way is the ‘right way’ or our way is the only way. That’s part of the salesmanship or the belief system but, when you get to the point where our way is the wrong way and if you don’t believe our way I need to kill you. That’s where you cross a line between civilization and barbarity and that is the problem I have.

I don’t care what anybody believes and to say otherwise, I think is not very liberal in the sense of granting other people freedom; Especially freedom of religion. I just don’t want to be told what to believe. I don’t want to be told what to believe at the end of the sword with the threat of death hanging over my head.

When the world gets to the point where they say ‘you can believe whatever you want and if you come to convert me with the sword. I will kill you’. This insanity will stop but, until then, and until people get to the point of understanding what others believe is a threat to their way of life to their family, to their children, to their countries. This insanity is just going to grow and continue.

People need to be educated Jermaine and I hope as many of your listeners as possible type in findBarry.com, they can read all about it. We post about it every day.


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