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Katie Hopkins: The Shuttering of Europe


Katie Hopkins: This is Katie Hopkins with your European update for ATP, American Truth Project. Do you remember if you want to keep in touch with us and these updates, you can text the letters K-T-H to 88202. That's the letters K-T-H to the number 88202. That's in the USA. That's all absolutely free.

Now, my European update is one of, I don't ever want to make things gloomy, but really the shuttering of Europe. It really feels like, in summary, the executive summary is that Europe is kind of shutting down.

It's almost like I can feel them blowing out the candles and putting the shutters up in front of the stores and getting people to hunker down and turning all the lights off.

If there's noise or music turning the volume down or off at the sockets, that's how it feels. It started with Angela Merkel in Germany. She came out and said that she was very alarmed about the numbers and the rising COVID rates.

The next day, she put Germany into a draconian lockdown, lasting until the 10th of January. That is shutting everything. All shops, restaurants, bars, Christmas markets, New Year's Eve celebrations, and fireworks have all been canceled. This is a really hard lockdown. A little bit on Angela Merkel she always reminds me of a sort of older ginger German Mark Zuckerberg.

You know, she could absolutely kill both her parents in the night with an icepick and still be in the parliament in a pantsuit at seven o'clock the next morning to discuss fisheries policies and not show a flicker of emotion.

She is that level of German. She is Germanic through and through. Of course, this whole canceling of Christmas is going down really well with the massive numbers of Muslims that she imported into Germany. They call her mother Merkel.

I'm sure Erdogan in Turkey, is also delighted that Germany, one of the sorts of centers of Christmas in Europe historically, is now closing up, shuttering up, and not doing Christmas at all. She just wants to take you on a sort of a whistle-stop tour of this shuttering of Europe. It is as if a playbook is being followed. I've spoken about this playbook before.

It's almost as if Germany made the first move. Now everybody's following suit, and they're all doing the same thing, but also pretending that they came up with this stuff of their own accord, of their own numbers, of their own science. I mean, it's not possible. But still in Spain for Christmas, they're only going to be allowed ten people, and that includes children. Now, if you know the Spanish or the Greek.

If you have ever been to a Greek wedding, it would be a little bit like going to a Jewish wedding. Where there are just so many people. The idea that you're going to limit that to ten and the idea that a Spanish family or a Greek family would be able to decide which ten people were coming, including children, that's virtually being pushed into isolation from a Spanish perspective.

It's horrific. In Austria, they only emerged from a locked out on the 7th of December. They're being pushed straight back into another one. This is going to have an overnight curfew. That's also another thing we're seeing a lot of no going out between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. all bars, restaurants, music venues, etc., are shut.

Traditional Christmas markets are also being shut down. Christmas is again being wiped out. Not just this idea of isolating, no gatherings at this isolation at night as well. I do wonder, you know, I have a family. What happens if you're a single person, you're alone or an elderly person and alone?

You're going to be alone all of those hours, as well as having any other social occasion wiped out. The same story in the Netherlands, Italy, and France as well. In the Netherlands, Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, said that the way out of this is a vaccine.

They are always linking any kind of hope to the vaccine. The other thing that he alarmingly said is that people in the Netherlands are not going to be encouraged to book or, I would say, prohibited from booking any travel until mid-March.

Any non-essential travel should not be booked until the middle of March. I mean, how on earth can he project it out that far? He said this to protesters outside, “There will come a time when our lives will be normal again with the vaccine.

We have hope and light at the end of the tunnel.” The tunnel, again, is this push for the vaccine. In Italy, and if you know Italy or if you've been there, you will know how important the church is to them. You will know how important it is for their midnight masses.

I mean, if you didn't go to midnight mass in Italy, people would assume you were dead. It looks like they will cancel midnight mass in Italy. It's unheard of, and they're going to put a curfew in place.

They're being told not to hug on Christmas, not to go to church. That's unbelievable culturally from an Italian perspective. Then in France, if church and mass is the Italian thing in France, skiing at Christmas and in the new year, that is a religion in and of itself.

Of course, what Macron has done is cancel the ski slopes. He's shutting them down. He's keeping them shut. He's not going to open them at Christmas. About a million people use those ski slopes.

He's going to put border guards on the border with Switzerland in case French people try and go to Switzerland to ski just to uphold their national passion. I can't say that this stuff is limited to just stopping COVID under any rationale that we've been told.

It's more that in each case, in each European city or country, they're taking what was most special to that culture and that country. They're saying, “No, you're not going to have it.” So that is Spain, Italy, France, Austria, and the Netherlands, all having things taken away. All having curfews, which I think is particularly cruel.

All being told they're not allowed to do whatever they like for Christmas and limited numbers. Then in the U.K., I have just finished canceling my trip to London. I'm supposed to be there tonight going into tomorrow.

We were told with 24 hours-notice, London would be plunged into tier three. To explain what that means to a layman, it just basically means the strictest rules that there possibly are. Suppose there was something that you would associate with fun that is all been shut down bars, restaurants, cafes, theater, Christmas productions.

This is the thing that, of course, restaurant bar owners that I love, small business owners would say, is they have geared up to meet the requirements and the rules, and now they're still being shut down. This is the absolute crucifixion of the economy of small businesses in London.

I mean, it's a horror story. My traveling trip to London is neither here nor there, but I do hate to let people down. I was going to visit some of the businesses. A gym in particular that had kept its doors opened and has been heavily penalized and fined.

I suppose my overall thought as I love you and leave you is that Europe is shuttering. It is closing down for Christmas. I can't tell you the delight of our Muslim Mayor telling us that he believes that Christmas should be canceled altogether.

You know you can feel the Muslim Mafia cheering him on. It feels very hurtful, of course, to lose Christmas as well as losing so much of our culture that we've already lost. I've spoken about that at length before. You know, this all started with Germany. When I reflect back on darker times, the World Wars, World War I and World War II, at least then we were fighting a visible enemy.

When the capital, London, was destroyed, you could see bombs falling. There were the Blitz and the Blitz spirit. As a result, people in bunkers, a sense of camaraderie, a national spirit, and fighting back. Now led by Germany once more, we're fighting another war, this time a war of attrition with an invisible enemy. The destruction of our cities throughout Europe is happening with an invisible force.

We can't see the bombs falling, but our cities, our livelihoods, and the world as we know it here. Europe is still being destroyed. I think the fight back against this, should it come, is going to be a far more bloody affair. So, wish me luck.

I know America has its own dramas going on, Mitch and the rest of the Electoral College, letting us down. That's the update here in Europe for me, Katie Hopkins at ATP. Remember, if you would like to receive these updates direct to you so that we can keep our family connected together and look after ourselves even when large social media giants would see us dissipated and kept separate.

Please do grab your phone, text the letters K-T-H, the letters K-T-H to 88202, it’ absolutely free. This is in America only, and we can send these updates straight to you. I'm sure you can always opt-out if you wish to, but it's a way of keeping our family together. And I look forward to joining you with the Barry and Katie show on Friday and into the weekend and more of my European updates next week. Thank you very much for listening to me.

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