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Katie Hopkins: No Jab! No Job!


Katie Hopkins: Hello from me. Katie Hopkins here on behalf of ATP American Truth Project. If you aren't already a family member here at ATP, why not text us? It's absolutely free in the USA. You just text the word TRUTH to 88202, and we can send all of our content straight to your phone. Absolutely free.

I want to bring you four key points from Europe as part of your daily briefing from me here in the cloudy and gray UK. The UK is enduring one of the harshest lockdowns still that there are. We have the sixth harshest lockdown on the planet according to academics from Oxford University and the second harshest lockdown in Western Europe.

I don't know why I'm smiling. We're behind Cuba, Eritrea, Honduras, Lebanon and Peru, and Ireland. Of course, many of those places are no strangers to military coups and indeed breed lines. It's just something here in the UK we're not that used to. I believe here that lockdown isn't the destination. It's not the endpoint.

Lockdown is just a mechanism to forcing vaccines on us through the back door, as it were. We're just finding out that there is now going to be testing for all our children as young as seven to be able to go back to school.

I've got letters from parents saying if you don't test your child, you don't get to send them back to school. So, I mean, it's sort of like blackmail. It's certainly coercion. If you want a school place for your child, you have to have them tested.

We have no jab, no job. New job contracts coming into place that if you don't have the vaccine, you can't be employed by this employer. I'm certain that here in the UK we're going to see vaccine passports very soon, meaning that if you don't have the vaccine, you become a kind of social outcast. You become incredibly isolated.

The other thing I want to talk to you about is an unbelievable police campaign here in the UK. I'm just getting an image of it for you, where Merseyside Police had this on a van in a city center as part of their communication campaign to get people to record and to call into the police with hate crimes that they feel that they've been threatened with.

“Being offensive is an offense.” This was an actual communication put on a van in a city center in the UK. “Being offensive is an offense.” Now, Merseyside Police have tried to walk that back a little bit but let's not forget, this is kind of a reality in the UK. I have been interviewed under caution for being offensive.

Of course, this had to get through layers of sign-off, didn't it? Someone had to sign off on this and they surely did. This is the dark path I've been warning. Do not become like this in America, and I think you guys can feel yourself falling pretty, pretty fast.

I want to bring you to point three, an update on the Royals. There's been a right royal ruckus here in the UK. Try saying that if you can't pronounce your R's. Sadly, we have Prince Philip love his heart in the hospital and he's not doing at all well.

You have the Queen still being solid and standing firm and telling Harry and Meghan that their new publicity-based life is not compatible with royal duties and she's stripped them of all their patronages. It's very sad to see Prince Harry looking a shadow of his former self.

I think we're going to see that horrible Oprah interview with Megan and Harry very soon. But amazing to see our Queen still standing very firm. I wanted to just waft across your attention, the French elections, they're going to take place in April 2022. So interesting.

You have Macron a centrist leftist. You have Marine Le Pen, who is France's very own Trump. She's been around for decades now and endured. What we're seeing is Macron on the center-left, taking more and more hardline policies on the Islamist invasion of Paris because, of course, he wants to appeal to her voters.

He even resisted the last lockdown out and said, "No." Because he knows that he needs to be popular ahead of those elections in 2022. So, it’s something to watch out for. Anyway, that's it for your European roundup from me, Katie Hopkins here at ATP Report.

And do you remember if you'd like more of these straight your phone, text the word TRUTH to 88202, and I look forward to catching up with you very soon.


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