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Katie Hopkins: “Islam Is Overthrowing My Country from Within”


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Our very special guest today is Katie Hopkins, all the way from the United Kingdom. Katie is known to Americans as a friend of Donald Trump. She's been all over the news here, both in-person and remotely. She's the author of a book called Rude that I urge you go check out. Katie has a million and one opinions, and we're thrilled to have you with us.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you very much, indeed, for having me. Thank you for that very kind introduction. I appreciate it.

Barry Nussbaum: I should mention military intelligence. You're one smart cookie. So I expect everyone to pay very good attention to what you're going to tell us today.

Katie Hopkins: Bless your heart. Thank you. Yes, I always wanted to fight for my country. And I went through the Royal Military Academy, was sponsored by the Intelligence Corps, and signed up for 35 years, actually, in the British army. So, yes, I'm a proud patriot through and through.

Barry Nussbaum: Well done, and I hope your fellow citizens appreciate your service. So let's talk about that country. You have said fighting for my country, the military, and the media is your mission. Tell us what that means to kick this off.

Katie Hopkins: Yes. Well, I started off wanting to fight for my country in the military, where one should do that sort of thing. And I've always had that motivation. Eventually, I had to leave the forces because I was also an epileptic and therefore had to be medically discharged. I think between the military and myself, we worked out that an epileptic with an SA80 automatic weapon might not be the finest idea to mankind, but I carried on my fight. So, by a winding path that included a stint on the British version of The Apprentice, which I had watched when I was in America working as a management consultant in Manhattan, I ended up in the British media. I became known as a woman with both forthright and thoughtful opinions that were possibly not to everybody's taste. I am known for speaking out plainly as I see it and certainly for my country that I'm fighting for now. You know, my best way of summarizing that position is that I am a white, Christian, conservative, straight, married, mother of three children, and I am proud of all of those things. And all of those things are the wrong answer today in Britain in 2020.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's follow up with that. There is a sort of comment that I get periodically that Britain isn't Britain anymore. What does that mean? And if it's not that, what is it?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, it sort of doesn't get you sometimes until you see a little bit of footage on the TV or something. And it doesn't need to be a long time ago. It doesn't need to be the war years. It could just be footage from the 1980s when you think, "Oh, I remember that country. I remember London when it looked like that when it felt like my capital city." And so all these years later, we're very much forced out from within. You know, I'm an outsider in my own country, and I'm a minority in Bradford, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, I could carry on. The list is very long. And demographically speaking, by 2030, Muslim births outnumber births to all other religions. And by 2040, British Christians or British people that aren't Muslim are in the minority in the whole country. And that isn't a problem in and of itself. This isn't anything against any particular religion. It's just that when you are forced out from your own land, when the things that matter to you are seen as wrong, when churches are being burned weakly by the other religion. I get emails often from elderly people, and they say to me they're glad their time is nearly up, so they won't have to see their country fall. And that's so upsetting to read. But also, that's where I see my motivation is to reassure those elderly couples that there is someone still fighting for what we used to know and to try and carve out a small space for me to reassure them they're not on their own. And I think it's something you will understand, Americans understand well, right now is possibly this is one of the loneliest times. People feel more on their own than at any time in the past. And I think people like you and I hear to remind people that actually you're not on your own. We are many. And when we all work together, we are really powerful as a group.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about this immigration issue. You raise a point that we talk about here quite a bit, especially that it's an attack on Trump to say he's against immigration. Are your borders still open?

Katie Hopkins: There is talk after Brexit, where the British people brilliantly on the 21st of June came out and said, "We are going to leave the European Union." We are supposed to be taking back control of our borders. We're supposed to be getting a points-based immigration system. But if I could take you now to the southern coast, the White Cliffs of Dover, to Kent and the Dover coastline, and we could sit there, we would watch inflatable boats coming across the channel with illegal migrants every single day. They estimate 150 that they know of a day coming into this country illegally. And you could multiply that number out. So we have no control over migration into our country. France is encouraging the migrants to keep moving, to keep coming across. And frankly, because of our overgenerous welfare system and our socialized healthcare system, we are, of course, a target. Very briefly, the minute someone sets foot in the UK, they are told they are accorded a house, food, money per week, health benefits, and legal benefits even if their asylum is rejected. So why wouldn't you come? And that's the problem we face.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, yeah, it's the free stuff system that people who are working, who are shouldering the burden, are resentful of. These people that are coming in illegally, are they assimilating? Are they becoming British-ish, or are they keeping their own culture separate and distinct from the British?

Katie Hopkins: And that's exactly it. You know, if I hark back briefly to our brilliant Indian community that came over in the 70s, they are the best of us. They work harder than us, longer than us. They want to be part of everything. Their children are brilliant and work hard at school. We've had experience at that. I say that the Muslim population is looking to overthrow my country from within. They want nothing to do with Western culture. They teach in the mosques that our children are dirty because they are uncovered. They use the analogy of a lollipop without the wrapping with flies all over it, and that our children could be used by men because they're dirty. There is a sense of them and us, and we are the ones that are somehow always in the wrong. And it's one of two questions I have. Maybe your audience will have the answers. Number one, why is it as a minority white in London, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, I don't have any rights at all? Why are there no rights when you are an ethnic minority if you're white? And the second question I have is if Islam is so fantastic, why do Muslims always come to seek shelter or refuge or start a new life in Christian countries? And that's a question I can never get an answer to either. Why come and change the very thing that offered you shelter or offered you a home?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I can answer your second question, and it's in Sharia. Which is that it's jihad by immigration, and it's the compulsion from Mohammed's dictates to spread the word, his word. And you do that by spreading out and repopulating areas into which you have immigrated.

Katie Hopkins: And I think exactly to that point, what happens as well is that by the time people start to wake up to this, the damage is already done. The scaffolding and the infrastructure of a complete power grab is already there. So in every city, there is a Muslim mayor, including our capital city, where we have the nipple height (I'm sorry to embarrass you) Muslim Mayor, Sidique Khan. He is one of the shortest men I've ever met. I don't like short people. You know, they take over the police. There is a Muslim police association, Muslim housing, and mosques, of course, in the uppermost islands. Only eight people are living on some of these islands, and they just built another mosque. So you're completely right about territorial control, stamping authority, and owning the country's substructure before you show your face. And right now, Islam is showing its face. And of course, we only have 20 years left before we are the minority in our own country.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for joining us on ATP Report today and a special thank you to Katie Hopkins. Katie, tell our viewers where they can find out about you again, please.

Katie Hopkins: Yes, of course. So I'm a Parler, and my name on there is Capital K, Capital T Hopkins, Katie Hopkins.

Barry Nussbaum: Go check her out. We're on Parler too, by the way. And for those of you that have not subscribed yet, please take out your cell phones only in the US and type the word truth and send it to 88202. Push, and you'll be subscribed to our text message service. It's always free. Every couple of days, you'll get a video like this one with Ms. Hopkins, and you can stay in touch with us. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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