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Katie Hopkins: Insane COVID-19 Rules Just Got Crazier!


Katie Hopkins: I wanted to bring you a brief update from Europe and let you know the latest craziness that is going on in batshit bonkers Britain. We're just emerging from lockdown, a formal lockdown into a new tiered system, much like you good guys in America. None of us really know what the tiered system will be.

It seems to be lockdown in all but name, and much like in certain states of America, politicians are making up rules as they go along. I'd like to give you a few examples if I may. We're getting told what will remain open when we come out of lockdown. For example, shisha bars, which are places people go to smoke those long pipe things, can remain open, but they must not serve shisha.

So, the shop can open, but it must not serve shisha. I would say to all of us, of course, one of the things we need to keep asking is, this helps us not spread COVID how? How is it that shops can open but not sell the thing that they sell? Other rules that the British state wants to impose on its own people for what is a mild seasonal flu pubs, bars, and restaurants in some tiers will open, but you're only going to be allowed to order a drink if you order a substantial meal.

They're now going to define for regular British people, people capable of, you know, functioning, going to school, having a job, having children, being married, they're going to tell us what a substantial meal is so that we are allowed to order a drink in a pub, a bar or restaurant.

It is not a packet of crisps, and it is certainly not a plate of fries. That's the government now defining what we have to eat in order to be able to have a drink. That's happening right now in the U.K. Again, how does COVID know if someone's only having a snack versus having a substantial meal?

I know America can seem crazy, and you guys are going through the worst of times, but I don't know if it is reassuring to know that the same is happening here in the U.K., where we're only going to be allowed to order a drink in certain areas of my country if a meal that we order is considered substantial enough. I mean, the craziness never ends.

Just like I've seen your monsters are pushing over their Thanksgiving safety. I saw, I believe, California Governors and others, Michigan, I believe, pushing these Thanksgiving safety rules. I don't know if you've had a look at them. You've seen it before. I think no singing or shouting. One person serves the food, no potluck-style gatherings. Guest should bring their own food and drinks, keep pets away from guests.

I mean, really, can you imagine the state, the American government, or rather Governors of states telling you what you were allowed to do inside your own homes for Thanksgiving? Of course, it's no coincidence that precisely the same is running in the U.K., where we're being told what we're going to be allowed to do for Christmas. Families will be allowed to meet at Christmas, government confirms.

I mean, it's a wonder, isn't it how we managed to survive this stifling oppressiveness where they are absolutely coming for things that we used to rely on being able to do. You know, the reason we have Thanksgiving, the reason we have Christmas, apart from being a celebratory affair or a religious festival of significance, the reason we have these things is because we want to come together to fill each other up.

We know best of all, our side knows that when we're together, that's when we feel better. It's almost like the state Governors like the government in the UK, England, Scotland, Ireland, and elsewhere don't want us to come together. Don't want us to feel better because it is easier to batter us down. If I may, I will throw to a clip, which I'm hoping we can show you.

Just yesterday in the U.K., we are unsure if it's 72 or 76. Either way, a 70 plus elderly lady stood with a sign outside parliament peacefully on her own, just stood there. I think she may have had one friend with her asserting our freedoms that she did not want to be locked down.

That she would rather live her life and the police came along, as you'll see in this clip, and the way they handled her was horrific. I mean, if that was my mother, they spread-eagled her, the humiliation level in itself was terrible. Then they threw her into the back of a police wagon and drove her off, citing COVID regulations.

This speaks to the duality, the double standards of policing going on. There is a different policing for white people in the U.K. For example, if you're Black Lives Matter, you're allowed to gather in your thousands and protest. If you were a little white, elderly lady who stood politely with a sign, you get treated in an embarrassing manner and thrown in the back of a wagon.

You'll see in the clip as well that an MP, a member of parliament, an elected representative, watches this and is outraged himself. He can't understand how this can possibly be happening in the U.K. today. That elderly ladies can be bundled into the back of wagons and driven off effectively kidnapped by the state for speaking out against the narrative.

Of course, I suppose the message is what happens in the U.K. tends to happen in America eventually as well. But of course, it is not all doom and gloom. If you would like more updates from me midweek, then please do text. You can text absolutely free on 88202. So that's in the United States. You can text 88202 absolutely free in partnership with the American Truth Project.

We will send updates just like this straight to your phone. Of course, you know, we should always say it is not that we need to agree. I don't think that has ever been the ambition of any of us and certainly has never been the precursor to debate. This is about hearing truths that, of course, otherwise you aren't allowed to hear and securing networks of our own that we can look after as we all seek to hold on to each other through these tough times.

Remember my three keywords as we go through this sea of madness that we're all swimming through. We have to resist, we have to defy, and we will prevail. We will build islands of sanity, and together we will prevail.

So do join us at ATP Report and do text the letters KTH. That's the letters. KTH, my name Katie Hopkins. Text KTH to 88202 to get more updates like this to your phone absolutely free.

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