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Katie Hopkins: Covid Vaccine Card Required in UK!


Katie Hopkins: Hello, my name is Katie Hopkins, and I'm here with your European update for American Truth Project. The idea is that you can learn everything you need to know about Europe in about five minutes or less. Right now, we are on the edge of finally getting out of Europe.

This is the point where they are trying to organize a deal. We formally left the EU on the 31st of January this year, 2020, but we were given a further year to try and come up with a deal. That deadline is the 31st of December, at which point if there's going to be a deal, it needs to be ratified.

So, we are at the point of either leaving with a deal or leaving with no deal. Even though the politicians have had 11 months to try and sort this out obviously, they're taking it to the very edge, to the very precipice. I think there's a little bit of dramatization going on here. It's still not been decided if there'll be a deal or not.

For Brexit, hardliners like myself, people who wanted out, want to separate from the EU, want our sovereignty back, want to be in control of ourselves we want no deal. The idea of leaving a clean break, you probably heard that being spoken about. We want to leave with a clean break so that Europe can no longer tell us what to do.

More likely, it's always been that they will come up with some kind of deal. Of course, that will mean compromises. Three key areas are proving to be sticking points at the moment. Those are fisheries because the EU still wants to be able to fish in British waters.

A level playing field, the EU still wants the UK to formally comply with all kinds of regulations, which would be things like workers' rights. That is something by leaving, we want to leave all of those things. Then finally, there is a sense that there is no agreement yet on dispute resolution.

So, there is no known way of how disputes would be resolved. That hasn't been agreed upon either. So those are the sticking points. We are, what, two weeks out, and it looks like we still don't have this deal sorted. I think they will come up with a deal in the end.

If there's no deal, we would leave and trade according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. For us, hardcore Brexit's here, that would be what we’ve wanted all along. We want to leave. We don't want to pay them some huge settlement, and we don't want to still be somewhat half in, half out.

The second big story out of Europe and specifically the UK is vaccines. Our leadership told us there would not be an immunity passport, but of course, what do we find coming out yesterday?

A vaccine card, which sounds very much to me and probably to you, like an immunity passport. It's a card. You get once you have received your vaccination. It says on it in block capitals, keep it with you at all times. There is a thought that it would then be used to give you access to whatever they choose to take away from us.

We've just had pictures shown on live TV of the first vaccine given to a 90-year-old lady. I mean, who knows what they gave her, but a vaccine is given to a 90-year-old lady. She says, of course, according to the script, "It's the best day of her life."

We had our health secretary, Matthew Handcock, on TV crying crocodile tears because he said it was such an emotional moment for him. Of course, the press gangs are really out now to tell people they need to have this vaccine. They are using celebrities, using kind of inducements to persuade people.

I mean, it's interesting and fascinating watching the communications team at work on this. It's slightly terrifying to see how some people are lapping up. How others are acting as enforcers inside the family units to make their elderly people have it.

Of course, a stream of people sent emails to me who are working inside of the socialized health care system, telling me they feel pressured to have it. They aren't comfortable being part of the immunization program, and they are not willing to give this vaccine to patients.

Nor to take it themselves because they're not comfortable with it. Of course, they have nowhere to express that view. There is simply no place for them to talk about that.

The final thing that I want to talk to you about is football. So, to you it’s soccer. What happened last weekend, and we'll see what happens this week, is that a soccer match between a particular team called Millwall. Millwall is always rather naughty.

They're always getting into trouble. I love them, dearly. As a result, they booed loudly when players took a knee on the pitch. Now they did not boo, in my opinion, because of anything to do with race or color. That had nothing to do with it.

It is the same as what happens in the States. Football supporters who have paid for their tickets, who were allowed in the stadiums for the first time, do not want politics and division brought into the sport. So, they booed. Now, of course, outcry, outrage everywhere.

The club is outraged. The press is outraged. Apologies all over the place, but the interesting thing will be, what are football clubs going to do about this as they go into the next weekend?

Because I know the British people and they will boo again. I know football supporters, and somehow the media have to have it that the booing can't be heard, or the teams maybe don't take a knee.

There's a discussion that maybe they're going to link arms instead. This going to be an interesting thing to see what happens because the voice of the people, as we know, will always be heard.

The media knows they have got an issue. After all, if they leave the sound recording on in any of the stadiums, you're going to hear booing if people take a knee because people are sick of having politics in their football.

We don't need more division. We need unifiers. Anyway. My name's Katie Hopkins. This has been your European update for ATP. To get more sent directly to you. Absolutely free. Text the letters, which are my initials KTH to 88202.

I look forward to seeing you at the Barry and Katie show on Friday and into the weekend.

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