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Kathy Griffin Wishing Death on Trump Once Again!


Kent Emmons: Hollywood stars are now kind of getting behind this and promoting riots and basically saying, "Get out there and burn the town down." Who is leading this, and what's the rationale behind it? Is it just to be popular? Something fun to say?

Barry Nussbaum: I don't know. It's so crazy. I mean, listen to some of these stars that are putting money into a fund, Kent, to bail out rioters. Seth Rogen, Ben Schwartz, Steve Carell, Janelle Monet, Patin Oswald, and Cynthia Nixon have all been tweeting how they are with the protesters. Now at a certain point, can we all agree that we have the right to protest? It's in the Constitution. You can ask for redress against your government. It's in the Bill of Rights. You can carry signs. You can walk up and down the street. You can scream at the legislature, but you can't burn down the Walgreens and all the Target stores and then loot them. That's not protest. That's anarchy. And it's putting the lives of thousands of people in jeopardy. Last night, the police station was invaded and burned down. The cops ran away.

Kent Emmons: No doubt it's crazy. And the fact that somebody would use their celebrity to promote that really misses the entire point here. And speaking of celebrity, somebody who's not quite made it to celebrity status, but she calls herself a D list celebrity. Kathy Griffin is going after Trump again, kind of threatening him. What's up with that?

Barry Nussbaum: Trump made a speech in the White House a few days ago to the Diabetes Association. Really noncontroversial, supporting federal research to eradicate diabetes and said, "Maybe I should be taking insulin" as some kind of a joke because he's a little heavy. And Kathy Griffin tweeted out that he should be injected with a needle filled with oxygen, only air. And the reason that is said like that is that it causes an embolism or oxygen in the vein. And if it gets to your heart or your brain, it'll kill you most probably. A lot of people called her out on it. And her response was, "Yeah, I mean it. F Trump." And then people tweeted back to her. Are you really saying that? And I'm saying the letter. She said the word. And she said, "Yeah. I mean it. He's a F'er." So she's doubled down, tripled down, and that's about the only way she becomes relevant is saying F trump. That's her shtick now because no one really wants to watch her anymore.

Kent Emmons: She's got a way with words. I'm telling you, very poetic.

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