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U.S./Israel Relations Videos

Judge Jeanine Shows Her Love, Live From Israel!


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to because you asked. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Judge Jeanine Pirro is a wonderful friend of the Jewish people and especially the nation of Israel. On a recent trip there we were fortunate enough to have our producer Damon Rosen live with the judge and was able to capture some of her comments for you. Enjoy with us.

Jeanine Pirro: I believe in Israel. I believe in its mission. I believe that Americans need to support Israel every chance we can get. Because but for this small country and the determination and the drive of the Israeli people and those who believe and are like-minded all the world would look like the caliphate that ISIS is trying to make. I am a Zionist at heart. I believe in this nation. and I believe in its purpose. And there is nothing more satisfying than being here now. When you have the president of the United States who pulls out of the Iran deal who stood up to the world said you know what you can do whatever you want. UK, Britain, Germany France, we don’t care, we stand with Israel. In the last eight years, this country has been less than hospitable our country. The United States has been less than hospitable to Israel. Whether it was the president trying to not get Prime Minister Netanyahu just weeks before Congress. Whether it was negotiating the deal with the devil in Tehran and sending that hundred and fifty billion dollars. Whether it was Susan Rice walking out at the United Nations when Netanyahu got up to speak. Everything about what we as a country we Americans did was insulting to Israel and that’s why we have to try doubly triply hard to prove that we believe in this country. How do you respond to that? That you know the United States is the one nation in the world that made the decision to stand with Netanyahu. David all you say is easy isn’t it? The evidence was there. the Mossad got the evidence. Netanyahu went to the White House. He did his press conference. He had all the charts. When Iran was saying we’re doing this, and they had their own files that the Mossad accessed and they’re not telling us how they did it. That they were doing that. All right? When Iran was negotiating with us and saying we’re not developing up that nuclear power to make a bomb and we’re not pushing the centrifuges. Remember the towns do you remember the name Natanz? Natanz was that Clair, help me with this. Natanz is the underground facility for enrichment of uranium. So, while we were negotiating, we find out these people are trying to enrich their uranium while they’re telling us they’re not doing it. And we continue to negotiate. I call it dancing with the devil. I mean Barack Obama was sending love letters to the ayatollah. I mean are you out of your mind or just stupid? You know and the truth is I think people say it was a hundred and fifty billion. I would double it. Not that I know but if they admit to 150 billion and its cash? They didn’t go through banks. They didn’t wire it. They’re sending it on pallets in unmarked planes and another 400 million to go along with the release of Bowe Bergdahl for the five Taliban? I mean I don’t want to say that it’s un-American, but you might think that that’s what I’m thinking and you’re right.


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