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Jordan, Saudis & PA Ask Israel To Curb Turkey’s Jerusalem Influence


A recent report sites Turkey’s growing influence in the Arab sections of Jerusalem, and in a rare break from the standard Israel-bashing, Jordan, the Saudis and even the Palestinian Authority are asking Israel to curb the rising influence from Ankara.  As part of Israel’s peace agreement with Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom maintains custodial authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, namely the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, which happen to sit upon the holiest site in all of Judaism, the Temple Mount.

Turkey’s President Erdogan has aspirations of becoming the leader of the Islamic world, and is currently basking in the glory of heading the 57 member Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest voting block at the UN.  He also has a long history of hostility towards Israel.  Turkey has undertaken a policy of funding protests and buying property to gain influence, at the expense Jordan, essentially an extension of Saudi Arabia, and the PA “doesn’t want another landlord in Jerusalem”.

The newly re-elected Erdogan is brutal to his own people, militarily expanding in Syria, hostile to Israel, and is now angering Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the PA.  He has also defended Iran at the UN and in the process of buying advanced anti-aircraft systems from Russia.  Oh, and Turkey is still a member of NATO.

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/as-turkish-influence-grows-in-east-jerusalem-arabs-said-to-urge-israel-to-act/



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