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Israel Rejects Russia’s Iran Plan


Russian diplomats have been contradicting each other in regard to accepting the presence of Iranian controlled military assets in Syria, now that the eight year old civil war is approaching its end; with the Russian ambassador to Iran stating that Iranian troops were under no obligation to leave, while President Putin initially agreed to Israeli demands of no permanent Iranian military in Syria.  Russia has been bombing the remaining rebel strongholds in Southern Syria, allowing the “Syrian army”, which is allegedly comprised of 80% Hezbollah and other Iranian controlled Shi’ite militias, to enter the cities with minimal resistance.  Some of these IRGC commanded ground forces are within just a few miles of the border with Israel.

In a phone call on Friday, July 20th, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his position on this Iranian presence to president Putin, then over the weekend there was a missile attack on an Iranian controlled military facility in Northern Syria, foreign media attributed to Israel.  On Monday, July 23rd, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov and head of Russia’s military, Valery Gerasimov were dispatched to Jerusalem to meet with PM Netanyahu and top Israeli defense brass, to discuss the simmering Syrian situation.  Russia offered to keep Iranian military assets 100km from Israel’s border, Israel rejected the offer.  Iran posses missiles that could easily reach Tel Aviv from that distance, and Russia has already proven it can’t be trusted to restrict IRGC movements.

PM Netanyahu will not allow Iran to make Syria into another Lebanon, which is controlled by their terror proxy, Hezbollah.

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