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Israel Announces 100% Cure for Covid!


 Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Back today is the wonderful, delightful, beautiful, and brilliant Katie Hopkins. Hi Katie!

Katie Hopkins: Hi Barry! Thanks for that, and I know we're trying to grow our family here at ATP. I'm really thrilled to be part of it. If you want to join Barry and me and hear more from us, hear more from me.

Some people are always asking where can we find more of you guys. All you have to do in America is text us, right Barry? You just text the word TRUTH, and all you have to do in the numbers bit is put 88202. If you text TRUTH to 88202, you get all of our content, and I know it's also free. Barry, I've got that right, haven't I?

Barry Nussbaum: Perfect. Everything's free. We don't charge for content. It takes about five seconds to sign up. You're back in London, and as I understand it, the police, the politicians, the House of Commons, your government, everybody who's on the payroll of the Establishment is doing fine.

While the British economy is falling off a cliff, down the biggest number since record-keeping started, is that true?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, I mean, it's just horrific Barry to see. So, we have just had today a hot off the press, 9.9 Percent drop in economic output in the U.K., and that was back in 2020.

I dread to think what that number is right now. It's definitely on a downward trajectory. So, it's almost as if all new records are being set. The Thames is just frozen over for the first time in three hundred years since the great frost of 1673, I think.

We've had the worst economic output fall since records began because we're locked down. As we sit here, you and I, we are under the most draconian lockdown we've ever seen. It's illegal for me to leave my home and it's illegal for us to go on holiday.

There are posters up saying it's illegal to go on holiday. So, of course, naturally, me being me, I went to London in order to have a look around and get a sense on the ground of what it feels like. I can tell you, Barry, it's a desolate city.

There is nobody around. I was stopped on the train and told to put my mask up by the COVID police. Of course, whilst they're policing my face above ground in Sadiq Khan, the failing Muslim Mayor of London's streets, we have 16 young black boys stabbed in one 24-hour period.

Two died when they were stabbed and fell, and that's what is going on in this country. The priority is policing people's faces when these stabbings and gang stabbings are going on in the streets.

Barry Nussbaum: So, I assume the cause of death in these stabbings will be, I guess it's pretty obvious, is COVID?

Katie Hopkins: Right, like everything is COVID here. Absolutely, you know, that's going to happen. It's unbelievable, Barry really, Sadiq Khan, we've got eighty-five, I think, days to go until the election campaign for London Mayor. It looks like he'll be reelected.

Barry Nussbaum: I find that stunning. That somebody who is running a city, one of the famous classic iconic cities on planet Earth into the ground has a way to reelection. It's just stupefying for an outsider like me to look at it.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, and you're so right. Then that expression running it into the ground is exactly how it feels. It's like London is screaming, you know, a silent scream of pain. That's what it feels like when you're there.

Not only because there's no one there, and there's nothing going on but under the cover of COVID, Sadiq Khan is removing all-access, turning everything into cycle lanes for his green agenda. Which means our elderly and disabled can't get around London when it opens back up.

There's going to be some shock and horror for that. But also, having failed, you know, knife, crime has never been so high. Serious crime has never been so high. He spends the whole budget virtually on his own office. On self-promotion. He took our national fireworks.

You know, we will have our national fireworks at the London Eye, and of course, we had Black Lives Matter all over the London fireworks. He's politicizing things for his own aim. He doesn't speak for us, and yet Barry he'll be, probably, he'll be reelected.

That's what's really paining people. I actually Barry I wanted to share with you as well an email I had from a lady who has been, you know, really under pressure in her own home from the COVID police just to sort of show people what it's like here.

So, she's emailed me, this lady because she tested positive for COVID and she isolated. She did everything she was supposed to do, but she still had the police knocking on her door at ten o'clock at night asking her husband where she was.

Then the next day, she had the council turning up to give her a letter by hand. Her daughter said, "Oh, my mum's not available." Then two days later, the police came back. She's answering the door, and it's the police giving her a warning and actually penalizing her because she's been reported as not self-isolating as she should have done.

So, she's kind of flabbergasted that having tested positive for COVID. Having told people she's tested, but simply because she didn't want to present herself to the police, she's now been given a fine and a warning and has been treated like a criminal. That is happening to people in their own homes. I mean, it's the madness of this country.

Barry Nussbaum: So, I have no words. Your parents finally got the vaccine. Is that what happened?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it was hard, Barry, you know, because I didn't want them to have it, as you know, because I don't trust the vaccine. That's my personal view. Clearly, I'm not a doctor, but my sister, who is in the socialized health care system, wanted them to have it.

She told them she wouldn't see them if they didn't have it. I kept saying to my mom, "Listen, whenever you go and have it, if you're going to have it, I want to know the day before because I want it to be kind of ready."

Like I didn't know what I was going to do, Barry. Like a one-woman army and save the world. I don't know. But they went, and they snuck off the sneaky little things, and they had the vaccine. To be fair, they're both fine.

My mom had a sore arm, but, you know, I don't know what they've had. I don't know what they had put into them. I wish they hadn't had it. But now that they have, I feel, you know, I just feel nervous that what if something happens?

I will always feel slightly responsible, Barry, that I wasn't able to stop them and that I wasn't able to convince them not to have it. But I don't know where does my responsibility as a daughter end, and at what point do I cause more conflict in the family than I want to?

Barry Nussbaum: I get it. We all on both sides of the pond are having that same discussion on a regular basis with all of our loved ones. Well, here's some good news before we talk about more bad news in Australia.

In Israel, I saw a report this morning from a medical research doctor at one of the big places that do medical research on COVID, and they now have a drug treatment that is cured, get this, one hundred percent of all the active cases of COVID-19.

It's an inhaler that, within a day or two, kills one hundred percent of the virus. Now, the one proviso, she said, the doctor that was interviewed, it doesn't work if the patient has already been on a ventilator.

But previous to that, one hundred percent of the cases treated were cured. No vaccine is necessary. You're over it, and you're done with it, and it's one inhalation. It's an extraordinary technology, and I'm praying that she's right, that it will be exported once it ramps up for further testing. So maybe there's really great news on the horizon.

Katie Hopkins: Just so amazing it's always Israel, isn't it? If there's a medical advance, it's Israel, and Israel’s just got this glorious gift of coming up with this sort of hugely revolutionary medical science, and then it shares it with everyone.

That's the other very cool thing about, you know, I notice in Israel, like if there is a Palestinian with a problem it won't get reported in the press, but Israel will reach out and try and help those individuals, too. So, if that's going to be a solution and it's a medical solution, I always have faith it will come out of Israel.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I think you're right. In spite of the world press that's now saying Israel is intentionally slaughtering Palestinians by refusing to give them vaccines.

Katie Hopkins: Oh, please.

Barry Nussbaum: Even though the requirement for health care is one hundred percent on the Palestinian Authority, Israel has been offering vaccines for months, and the Palestinians just agreed to take them.

That has nothing to do with the story. The story is Israel intentionally intends to murder millions. You can't make this stuff up just like they made it up.

Katie Hopkins: Just always make it up. It's this big boogeyman. It's almost as if they don't know what they would do without that monster. So, they have to create one.

They just prefer this idea that Israel is a monster, despite all the evidence that it's very easy to find of Israel welcoming workers, giving Palestinians permits so they can work so they can afford food and the things that they don't get at home from their own Palestinian government, but they will not report on it.

It really is frustrating, but I think Israel knows it's doing the right thing, and we always have to go back to that, right? I think if you're doing the right thing, you end up on the side of light, and that's where Israel sits, and that's always going to be the truth.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. What's going on in Melbourne, Victoria? I hear horror stories about lockdowns, and everything's canceled over like a dozen or something like that, cases, what's the deal?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it's just horrible. There's a horrible, I shouldn't say horrible, that's a bit demeaning. But there is a governor, effectively it's exactly the same as the states in America where you suffer under, you know, Wittmer or other governors who are draconian or tyrants.

This guy, Daniel Andrews, runs Victoria, the state of Victoria. Thirteen cases all-around one quarantined hotel, and yet he decides to lock the whole state down again. I think it was 12 hours' notice, a five-day lockdown.

This at the same time as he's agreed to run the Australian Open. So, you have tennis players there from all over the globe, and yet innocent Australians are locked down. As many of them said, "You know, why not just lock down the metro area, you know, lock down the metropolitan area or the area near the hotels."

Why? When you've got to know Australia is a land of barren, endless miles with no one to be found. Why would you be locking down those people as well? Like we always say, there's no rationale. There's no reason behind this. But Melbourne and Victoria have been trending all day on Twitter because people are just, you know, so exhausted now of this. Aren’t they?

There is a real like a deep fatigue. I think that we're all feeling with this. We're bored of talking about it. We're bored of hearing about it, and we sure as hell bored of lockdowns.

Barry Nussbaum: You know, it reminds me of when the founders in this country were pitching the Constitution. In a series of essays that were later compiled into the Federalist Papers, they explained that the rights guaranteed under the American Constitution were not giving rights to the government, but actually, as they wrote, were giving rights to the people to protect them from the government.

It sounds like the Aussies need the exact same Bill of Rights to protect themselves from overstepping by government officials that just love the power.

Katie Hopkins: That's right. That's right. And in fact, when I was outside the House of Commons, and it was minus two in London, I stood there. I said, “Do you remember when we voted last on the ballot paper?”

You know, there was some stuff we knew about that law, about policing, about extra nurses. Did you at any point think you were signing up to give the government the power to take away your kid's schooling, to take away your ability to go out?

Did you give them the right to take away your freedom to work? You know, none of us signed up for this level of kind of tyranny, and yet we get no say in it. Do we? We don't get a referendum on it or another vote.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. Thanks for coming on, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Thanks for having me, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: As always, I love it. For you out there in ATP Land, remember, please take out your cell phones. Please subscribe to our text message alert system.

Type in the word TRUTH in your message box and send it to 88202. You'll be signed up. You'll get all of us for free. As usual, we never charge for content. For Katie and Barry, thanks for joining us today on ATP Report.

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