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Israel Acknowledges Syrian Nuclear Reactor Bombing


The international community has long suspected Israel was behind the 2007 bombing and destruction of a plutonium nuclear reactor east of Damascus, almost 11 years later, Israel has publicly taken credit for the attack.  Like in the 1981 bombing of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor, the Israeli Air Force penetrated deep into enemy territory to eliminate an existential threat.  Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons on his own citizens, the ‘Butcher of Damascus’ would have no qualms about nuking his sworn enemy, the Jewish state of Israel.  Israel kept silent about the operation for over a decade, why lay claim now?  Is this meant as a warning to the mullahs in Iran?

Read Article at The Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Israels-bombing-of-Syrian-reactor-proves-it-wont-accept-existential-threats-546620



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