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Islamization Wins or Loses by This Election


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to Islam Corner on ATP Radio. I am your host, Anni Cyrus. I hope you're all staying calm, and I hope you're all praying. If you haven't voted yet, I hope you are planning to vote. We are there. The wait is almost over. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty anxious. I always thought 2016 was the tensest election year of my life, but well, I was wrong. This one is definitely tenser.

It is by far as everyone else says; it is the most important election of our lives. So, hopefully, you have not voted, and you are all going to vote tomorrow. We all have to do what we need to do, and that is to vote. I figured since we still have about 26 hours left until the last votes are taken, I'm just going to do one more review of each candidate that we're facing tomorrow, being President Trump vs. Vice President Joe Biden.

Of course, there's a lot at stake. Do not get me wrong, please. I know there is a lot at stake, but I'm going to look at it from my point of view or, better yet, my fight, which is to always inform everyone of Islamization and Sharia. So, let me start here. You're all familiar with the red and green axis or red and green alliance or the left and the Islam alliance concept. I'm going to start there.

Let's quickly review the candidate's point of view or stance. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have both made it clear not once but on many different occasions. They have made it clear that they stand by the poor Muslim community that is being victimized, generalized, stereotyped, and so on. I think it's pretty clear where they stand. They support their fellow Democrats who are either running or are already in power. Who are openly and publicly practicing Sharia; for example, we have Ilhan Omar. So, imagine if they are elected.

I don't think there's a doubt in anyone's mind of where they will stand. They would have no problem allowing Sharia to gradually take over our American laws. For anyone who might have a moment of, well, what's wrong with that? Let's quickly review what's wrong with that idea and that image.

 Sharia goes against the majority of our Constitution. Under Sharia, there is no freedom of speech. Under Sharia, there is no freedom of religion, and I can tell you that is a fact. Remember, I am an ex-Muslim with a bounty on my head for leaving Islam. I'm an ex-Muslim who has a judgment against me from the government for speaking out against the regime while they charge me with propaganda against the Islamic regime of Iran.

Remember, there goes your freedom of speech, and with that freedom of thought. There is no Second Amendment or Fifth Amendment. There is no amendments. Let's put it this way. There is no equality under Sharia. A woman is considered half of a man, remember that. A woman is a property that her male guardian can sell. Just like my father did to me. So, that is what's wrong with the image of anybody ever considering being okay with Sharia. Replacing our American laws or thinking that it can coexist, or somehow, we can meet them halfway that's out of the question, but that's not the topic for today. I'm going to leave it at that.

Now, on the other hand, we have seen Trump, who, first of all, has clearly shown that he will stand up to the left or anyone with an agenda that goes against America, Americans, and our Constitution. He has done that strongly. I would say, from the attacks, the accusations, the phony impeachment process, and everything in-between, he stood strong.

He has not changed the narrative. He hasn't decided one day I'm going to go with this, and another day I'm going to go with that. Yes. I'm referring to Joe Biden, who keeps changing his story. One day, he's all about the green deal. The next day, his is not. Then fracking is good, and then fracking is not good. He changes his mind. We have never seen that from President Trump.

You've never seen President Trump start from somewhere and end elsewhere to fit the narrative for anyone. Which I think is the American way. At least the America I came to, how I was introduced to America and the American way was you decided who you want to be. You go and be that person.

You don't let people dictate your way or sentences, and you love your First Amendment rights because it allows you to have freedom of speech. Also, President Trump is the president who walked away from Iran's nuclear deal. Remember that deal?

The deal that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cannot wait to go back to negotiations. They cannot wait to make friends with the Iranian regime. They cannot wait to give them more money. So, they can spread that money, in the least, and create more terrorism.

Again, please, if you're a new listener, first of all, welcome to my program. Secondly, go to our website, AmericanTruthProject.org, and you'll see all the evidence you need for everything I'm saying. As I said, today is the day before the elections. I'm not going to go into too much proof and evidence, but the evidence and proof are on our website. So, again, coming from Iran myself, it's not an unknown agenda to me.

I've said it many times, the moment Iran was conquered by the Islamic revolution, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, the first thing he did say was that we are going to take down the Great Satan, being America, and wipe Israel off the map. So, I grew up with that mindset; that's the plan. Now, I'm going to connect this to the next point.

Sometimes it might be like, okay, they are going to make a deal with Iran. We can deal with that, which we shouldn't be okay with, but I'm going to go with the sake of argument. The sentence I just said was Khomeini said, “We will take down the Great Satan, America. We will wipe Israel off the map.” So, either you like it or not, either you want to admit to it or not.

Either you're comfortable with it or not, when it comes to Israel vs. Iran vs. Palestine vs. any Islamic country, there is a side. You have to pick a side, and if you don't pick a side, you are cooperating with the oppressor being the Islamic countries. Yes, I stand with Israel just in case, if that's not clear. So, when you have a president being President Trump, who goes and walks away from Iran, the nuclear deal.

He puts back some of the sanctions and tells them; I'm not going to mess with you. You try to make any threats toward my people, and I'm going to retaliate. The bare minimum you get out of it as an American citizen is a fact that my president is willing to protect me regardless of consequences. So, I am the priority. Also, because of that action, he is going to continue staying friends, real, true friends, with our only true ally in the Middle East being Israel.

Remember, the mainstream media will lie to you. The Obama administration will say the Iran nuclear deal is the first step toward further friendship with Iran. Still, those are all the made-up facts by mainstream media, the Obama administration, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, AOC, and I can go on for the rest of the day, but I don't have the time. The truth of the matter is, our only genuine ally in the Middle East is Israel.

Now, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have stood by every single anti-Semite in America. What does that tell you? Did they come out publicly and say we are anti-Israel? No, they're politicians. They don't do that, but as an average American, all you need to do is pay attention, read between the lines, or just read their lines.

When Ilhan Omar is attacked for making anti-Semite comments publicly, while she is supported, hugged, covered, and sheltered by, again, all the names I just threw out there. Including Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. You cannot say I am pro-Israel and pro-Ilhan Omar at the same time.  I mean, can you say it?

Yes, you could, but, you know, for a fact, when you say that you're a hypocrite. Yes, the point I'm trying to make here is the Biden administration has made it clear that Iran's nuclear deal is way more important to them than Israel or any peace deal in the Middle East. Whereas, on the other hand, right now, we have three countries, three Arab countries, who have signed a peace deal with Israel.

That was under the Trump administration, and President Trump has mentioned that he has not done. If he is re-elected, he will continue approaching other Arab countries to continue signing the peace deal. Do I believe that the peace deal is going to hold? No, but what I do believe is, for example, let's talk Bahrain for a minute.

Bahrain decided to sign the deal. With that move, the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime got pissed off at Bahrain because, well, Iran is the guardian of Bahrain. So, now the Islamic Republic of Iran has lost one of its puppets. As I said, I don't believe these peace deals are going to hold. I don't believe that with all of this comes peace in the Middle East. No, but all these signatures, all these countries joining the peace deal is weakening the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I'm sure those of you who have followed me long enough do know that I consider the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime our biggest enemy. I have said it many times. They are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all of the rest of them. If we can do something to weaken their power, so be it, but I will repeat myself like a broken record.

On the other hand, we have Biden. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are waiting, holding their breath to get back on their negotiation table with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Let that sink in. For anyone, I completely understand the mentality of, listen, this is great information. Some of it might be scary, but at the end of the day, this is all happening in the Middle East.

I don't care. Let me remind you that two years ago in America, there was a list of 13 Iranian Hezbollah operatives here in America with a hit list. I want you all to understand nothing that happens in the Middle East stays in the Middle East anymore. Unfortunately, the Middle East decided not to be Las Vegas anymore.

Terrorism that takes place there ends up driving the residue here in America. All the money handed to them has created more than enough budget to have their lobbyist here in America. We have active Hezbollah members in America, and remember, Hezbollah was declared a terrorist group by the Trump administration, which is wonderful.

Now, I have a feeling if Kamala Harris decides to go back to negotiating, can you take a guess what would be the first term of the negotiation? Because you are not going to sit there and say, hey, let's be friends while you call my terrorist group a terrorist group. That can't work. So, I'm willing to bet on the fact that one of their terms will be, oh, remove Hezbollah from the terrorist list.

Here again, the complete comfort and opportunity for Hezbollah operatives to come back and start doing what they've been doing. Again, just in case you're not aware of all of that information in detail. Go to our website, AmericanTruthProject.org, and look up Clare Lopez's videos because she has done an extensive amount of research and videos exposing Hezbollah.

Our dear friend, who we miss greatly at ATP Phil Haney, has exposed Hezbollah. There are many videos. Again, go to AmericanTruthProject.org, and look up Clare Lopez, Phil Haney, Hezbollah, Iran, or any of those keywords. You'll be amazed by the amount of information that's available.

This is not information about Hezbollah doing something in Syria. No, this is information about Hezbollah's connection to us here in America. Let me move on to the next subject that I want to talk about because I have Barry Nussbaum calling into this program in about 15 minutes to give us some updates as far as the election itself goes.

Before I go to the next category, let me do a quick shout-out. If you're inside America and you haven't done it, please text my name Anni to 88202, which will sign you up for our text alert system. You get all of our information on your phone, and it is free. If you're outside of America or you're not comfortable using a text message system.

You can sign up for our mailing list by going to our website, AmericanTruthProject.org. Also, if you're on the BlogTalkRadio directory, you can follow our channel because this is not the only program we have here. Monday is Islam corner, which I am your host. On Tuesdays, we have Barry Nussbaum, and then on Thursdays, we have Will Johnson. So, there are three radio shows a week on this channel. If you follow our BlogTalkRadio channel, you get a notification every time we have an upcoming episode.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Let's move on to the next fun part; yes, I'm sarcastic, but let's move on. Joe Biden has done campaigns directly and only for Muslims. From video campaigns, rallies, speeches, and press releases. Now, technically, I'm one of those people that wake up every morning, and I consider myself an American.

So, I don't understand the concept of campaigning to different groups of people. I think that's part of the division we're facing. Even from the positive side, like whenever I see a poster, banner, meme, or a picture of Hispanics for Trump, Persians for Trump, Jews for Trump, or Masama for Biden.

I'm like, wait, why can it be Americans for Trump or Americans for Biden? Why are we creating this division? Okay, we want to end racism. We want to have equality. We want to be united, but we are creating this group of people. I was invited to a group on Facebook that is Persians for Trump, and I declined the invitation. I said I am American. I'm an American. Am I considered a Persian by race and an Iranian by nationality?

Yes, but that has nothing to do with my decision as far as voting goes. I vote as an American. I know I'm getting a little sidetracked here, but I'm glad I'm getting this out of my system. I disagree with categorizing the campaign. I disagree with a campaign specifically for Hispanic people, black people, white people, Persian people, Jews, or whatever the case might be.

Still, somehow our society accepts that, and our society they expect that. So, I go with the flow. Now, I understand every candidate is supposed to reach out to a specific group of people. When Biden did the Muslim campaign, he doesn't reach out to them as my fellow Americans.

I will make sure your voice is heard. No, he did it by citing a hadith from the Prophet of Islam, by saying, ‘Prophet Mohammad said.’ For a second, I'm like, wait, are you like a Muslim or something? Because you have even practiced your pronunciation of Mohammed to be Arabic. Then he sighted a hadith that makes the bottom line that Muslims are superior, and Jihad is all right. Lookup it up on YouTube, say, Joe Biden or Muslim ad.

You'll see the video or listen to last weeks' radio show. I went into details. As an ex-Muslim, it terrifies me that we have a candidate who is going out of his way to reach out to Sharia following Muslims and telling them that he has an understanding of their Jihad and their system. See, that is when I draw the line as an ex-Muslim. I am terrified.

I know for a fact, many of my fellow ex-Muslims are terrified when it comes to what is going to happen tomorrow because we are looking at a man who is going to cater to their Jihad, and we are the first on the list. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. It is not a pleasant feeling to know that as an American, my voice doesn't matter, but the voice of a Sharia-following Muslim who is willing to blow us up is important enough to invest the time, research, resource, and money to do campaigning.

This is where the red-green axis, the Left and Islam Alliance, or any of that, is pretty clear. I posted on my page yesterday, I believe. I watched the most recent movie produced by Dinesh D'Souza, The Trump Card. I said on my page, I'll say it right now on air. If you haven't watched it, make sure to watch it.

Take 101 minutes out of your day or night tonight and watch it. In that movie, The Trump Card, Dinesh covers the involvement of Islamic groups. Including the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime, directly with our mainstream media. Listen, let me repeat that. There's a direct link between the Islamic groups, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, with our mainstream media.

They are directly being paid. I know we all know the whole story of fake news but mentioned in The Trump Card movie. This isn't about fake news anymore. It's not a fabrication. It's real stories. It's a cover-up. It's a mafia, and the fact that, again, the Islamic Republic of Iran is part of it should tell you a lot. As I said, all you need to do is listen and read. Read between the lines or not.

You can easily tell where our country is going to go come Wednesday morning. Their stance is pretty clear. Again, before starting the radio, I was quickly reviewing it in my head. I'm like, wait a minute. It's somewhat interesting that I desire to do this radio segment on this topic because it should be super clear to everyone where the candidates stand as far as Islamization goes.

As I said at the beginning, I understand there's a lot at stake. I mean, it's not just Islamization, but to me, one of the top three important issues is Islamization because, as you witnessed during the Obama administration, we had the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and the Congress.

We still, to this day, do CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation are still walking the hallways of Congress. In another video we did with Phil Haney, he explained that over 100 Congress members had signed the endorsement letter for CAIR. CAIR is very much a good friend and buddy-buddies with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

ack to what I was saying is, it's amazing that because of the mainstream media, mentioned in The Trump Card. By now, everybody should know, but they don't. They don't know because it's either being covered up, twisted into a different story, or just never heard of, so, yes, it's definitely proven that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will gladly work with Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and everybody else in between.

I want to make sure that I am very clear. The Islamic Republic of Iran, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Ilhan Omar. Keith Ellison, and Rashida Tlaib, all have one common goal, and that common goal is to burn down America as we know it and then built back whatever they want to build back. That's where the goal will be a little different. Some are after socialism, some communism, some Marxism, and some are after Islamization or the Califate.

Now, how are they going to figure out the system from there? Well, we will not be around to see it. Let's put it that way, but the first common goal, the very first common goal, is to burn down America. To take away our freedom. To get rid of our Constitution, and it might be a question of why would they do that? Depending on who you're talking to, our freedom and liberty are dangerous to their agenda. You can't have freedom and Sharia at the same time.

You can't have Marxism and freedom. I mean, that is funny; even to consider a possibility of Marxism, socialism, communism, or Islamization with freedom is impossible. So, yes, Biden and Kamala Harris will continue making deals with Iran. They will get rid of all the peace deals that are on the table. They don't care about peace in the Middle East. They don't.

They will work with the Muslim Brotherhood, they will work with CAIR, and they will protect Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, and everybody else involved within this whole charade of let's take down America. I do have Mr. Barry Nussbaum, founder, and CEO of American Truth Project, here. I'm going to go ahead and bring him on because he does have some great information for us today. Hi, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Good afternoon Anni.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us today.

Barry Nussbaum: My pleasure.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: I went ahead and gave all the bad news I could because I knew you're about to come on and give us a little bit of better news, so let's get it started. You talked to me today, and you explained to me certain things that I think my audience would like to know. The very first thing was you said there are certain key swing states that will finalize or determine the next presidency. Who are they?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, no question, Anni. In a nutshell, you have to get 270 electoral votes to become president of the United States. You have to exceed 269.

As of now, the afternoon of Monday, the day before the election, which is tomorrow. Real Clear Politics average is that all the polls presently show Biden/Harris at 216 electoral votes, and Trump/Pence gets a little more than half of that at 125. However, the undeclared states, according to the Real Clear Politics average, are still toss-ups. If the majority of them, which I will be happy to review, go to Trump tomorrow, Trump will be president of the United States again.

I'll give you those states. The biggest prize is Texas. According to even the liberal polls, 38 electoral votes will be won tomorrow by Trump. The second biggest prize tomorrow that's unaffiliated, as of now is in the toss-up column, Florida at 29. I believe that will go to Trump tomorrow. Then as we move up the map on the East Coast, and these polls will close first.

Then comes Georgia at 16. I believe that will go to Trump. Then South Carolina is already in the Trump column, but North Carolina at 15. I believe it will go as well, and then we get to the true toss-ups. Pennsylvania, according to everybody on this Monday, is the prize. It's 20 Electoral College votes, and whoever gets Pennsylvania will probably be President tomorrow; that's at 20.

Every single poll shows Trump getting killed in Pennsylvania except one, which I'll talk about in a minute. I predict Pennsylvania goes red, and I'll tell you the reasons why in a minute. Then we move west Ohio at 18. Trump is up in every poll there as of yesterday. We go farther west, we have Iowa at six, and all the way out west is Arizona at 11.

If everything I just listed goes to Trump, he is President tomorrow with 270 electoral votes. Two more than he needs. I would also add a very serious possibility in Michigan at 16 votes, and that would put Trump at 288 eight Electoral College votes. There's also a long shot in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and one in Maine.

That would put him over 300, actually more than he got last time. Now, let me tell you the key thing that your audience doesn't know. Unless they're really deep in the weeds like me, and that's as follows. The reason why every single poll, except for the one I'm going to talk about, shows Biden winning is that they undersample conservatives.

They oversample liberals, and more importantly, there's a phenomenon that is started to be called the shy Trump voter. In 2016, I was one of the few people that called the election for Trump, and the reason I did is based on my research, and I'm not a pollster.

I don't even want to pretend. I'm an amateur in that area, and I interviewed the lead pollster for Fox News, who gave me a lot of grief for me being wrong and him being right; Trump's going to lose, and here's why. I told him, and I'm going to say the same thing now. Except my view is at least semi-mainstream.

Which is there's a stigma in this country because of the liberal media that voters are embarrassed many times to say they're for Trump. Why? Because they get grief for it. So, they're going to go into the ballot booth on Tuesday if they haven't already mailed it in or dropped it off. They're going to vote for Trump, and they're going to come out and not answer a question when the pollsters are out in front saying, excuse me, who did you vote for?

Trump people, for many cases, will say none of your damn business or keep walking or lie, which is why the exit polls in 2016 showed Hillary Clinton crushing Donald Trump. This is why every single media outlet within five minutes of the polls closed in every state called those states for Clinton, and they ended up going for Trump in many cases.

So, that hidden Trump voter is out there, and there's another thing to think about, which is, if you look at the polls in states where Biden is crushing Trump right now, you see these rallies. Even on liberal news outlets or on the internet, Biden might be drawing 20 people in cars, and 10 miles away, Trump might be pulling 20,000 people in a stadium or standing in a field next to Air Force One.

That kind of enthusiasm is building by the minute for Trump. Trump will do five rallies today across the eastern seaboard in these swing states. The toss-up states, the ones I just listed, and Biden will do a couple. Biden will probably draw a total of a couple of hundred people, and Trump will probably address over 100,000 thousand today.

If you were from another planet, you swooped down and saw the enthusiasm and the people showing up in caravans, in their cars, boats, walking in parades, and showing up five or 10 hours early just to get in a standing room only area, say, in Minneapolis.

You would think they were already celebrating Trump's victory. Why are there only six people sitting on folding chairs in a circle at a Biden press conference where there are no questions? You would think it was not even close, and yet the polls are deceiving you.

It's important for your listeners today to get off their tushies and go vote. Every vote is going to count because some of these states are going to be very close. So, if you like, I'll explain why there is one pollster who's right and why all the other pollsters are wrong if you want me to explain.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: It's like you read my mind because I was about to say you told me that all the polls could be confusing, but there is one that is the most important. So, yes, please.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, I would urge everybody, if they want to feel good about the Trump possibility of being elected President of the United States for a second term, tomorrow. They would go to TrafalgarGroup.com. Actually, the website is TheTrafalgarGroup.com, so it's T-R-A-F-A-L-G-A-R Group.com.

The reason why Trafalgar is right and everybody else is wrong is, the guy that runs this polling company, Robert Cahaly, figured out four years ago how to get the Trump voter to truly self-identify as a Trump supporter. It's fascinating sociology. The guy's a genius at getting people to come out of the woodwork and say, yeah, I'm voting for Trump instead of clicking no comment or Biden, even though they were voting for Trump.

What he has done is a couple of things. Number one in some cases, they call up and say, I'm not going to keep you on the phone for 35 minutes as Rasmussen does, New York Times CNN poll does, ABC News poll, or New York Times polls. I'm going to keep you on the phone for five to six minutes, and just tell me who your neighbors are voting for or tell me who your other family members are voting for.

It's very easy to say, well, my uncle is voting for Trump. Great, thank you, click, and he inputs that as a Trump-supporting family. With that kind of analysis and a short questionnaire, sometimes one-tenth the amount of time the other pollsters keep people on the phone. Here are this morning's polling numbers.

Ohio, everybody says Trump's going to lose. Trafalgar this morning has it 49% Trump, 44% Biden. It's not going to be close in Ohio. Michigan; he is the only one to call Michigan for Trump, as of today, and he has Trump at 48.3% and Biden at 45.8%. The next biggest prize, North Carolina, everybody on Real Clear Politics, which is an average of about ten polls has it going to Biden tomorrow.

Again, not that close, according to Trafalgar. He's calling it 48.6% for Trump, 46.5% for Biden. Arizona, which nobody is calling a win, they're calling it a toss-up. He shows Trump at 48.9%, Biden at 46.4%, and the last big prize for everyone in Florida, the monster. As of two days ago, Trump 49.6%, Biden at 46.9%.

So, these are all the states I put on my list Florida, Texas, Georgia, he didn't poll, but that's clearly in the Trump camp, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. That puts Trump at 288 Electoral College votes or 18 more than needed. Don't believe the news. Every station you're watching is quoting the same source.

Real Clear Politics, and what they call their Real Clear Politics averages when you look at the averages, Trump's going to get killed. I mean annihilated. I'm looking, for example, at Florida. Here's everything they list starting on the 29th of October.

Bill Harris poll for Biden. Emerson poll for Biden. St. Pete poll for Biden. The New York Times/Siena poll for Biden. Reuters/Ipsos poll, in the column for, Biden. Quinnipiac Poll Biden. Rasmussen Reports, Biden, and only one on this list, Susquehanna, by one for Trump.

So, you've got seven polls saying Biden wins. I don't believe it. I think based on what happened last time and in 2018, on the governor and senatorial elections, Cahaly at Trafalgar called it again, and that went for the Republicans. I believe it's going to happen again. Now, here's the really big outlier.

Okay, you've got all of these states that are up for grabs. In Pennsylvania, as an example, you've got New York Times/Siena, Biden. Reuters for, Biden. Emerson for, Biden. Monmouth for, Biden. Insider Advantage, for Trump, I don't even know who they are. NBC News Marist Poll for, Biden. Rasmussen for, Biden.

Susquehanna for Trump, by one. Trafalgar for Trump by two. I believe one poll on this entire list, and that's for Trafalgar, and Pennsylvania is the monster. The reason why? Because it's a toss-up and whoever wins it probably wins the Presidency, which is why both candidates are there today.

So, what you've just heard is what I think is going to happen tomorrow if the people who answered these polls, as I said, get off their tushies and go vote, either today or tomorrow—kind of a long-winded answer. Sorry about how long it took, but that's what I believe.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Oh, please don't apologize. I love when you explain it because, again, I see all day long on social media where people are very confused. I had a few friends calling me saying, hey Anni, I'm very scared. Polls are looking bad, and that's because nobody explains it.

When you explain it, at least, in the last couple of days when I had meltdowns, you managed to calm me down by explaining it. So, no, please don't apologize. I appreciate you explaining, but if you don't mind. Before your call, I talked about something, and since I have you on the phone, you are the expert on Israel and our relations with them. If you don't mind me running something by you?

One of the things I mentioned was if we have a Biden/Harris administration, one of the things is very clear to me, and that's why I want to know if you agree with me, disagree, or in-between. It is the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are all about going back to make a deal with Iran. Two things that I think must happen.

Number one Iran is not going to make a deal with America if Hezbollah is on the terrorist list. I have a feeling that it will be a condition that they will request, and again, I have a feeling that Biden/Harris administration would have no problem removing Hezbollah from the list.

The second thing is, as you know, and as I know. Iran's regime is very upset with the fact that Bahrain has signed the deal, the peace deal with Israel. That will also be a condition. So, to wrap up the question into a more proper question.

My feeling is the Biden/Harris administration is going to rewrite everything that the Trump administration has done with these peace signatures and deals in Israel—giving all the power back to Iran's regime. What's your take on that?

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn't have said it better. Remember, Biden is partially running on the Obama/Biden record of eight years of appeasement to Iran. It's very difficult to go back on your own personal history and say, oh, boy, I messed this up. We are meaning, Obama, and I, Biden gave a billion-plus dollars to Iran and then flew them pallets of cash to release hostages.

Then turned our back on our best ally in the Middle East, Israel, by encouraging Iran to do whatever they wanted because, as Biden promised with Obama there would be any time inspections. They would be without notice. They would go into all of the Iran nuclear sites and inspect to make sure there wasn't enhancement.

They would incentivize Iran not to support terror. Every single promise turned out to be a lie. It kind of reminds me of that very famous statement when Obama was pushing Obamacare, and he said, if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor, I promise.

Both of those were lies. In fact, you get taxed a penalty on your tax return if you are not opting into Obamacare. So, it wasn't just a choice. It was an extreme penalty if you didn't play the game, according to them. The Iran deal is worse. Insurance, or lack thereof, or not being able to afford it, isn't spreading terror around the world.

It might be a terror in your living room when you don't have insurance for your kids or spouse. But quite frankly, Iran took the billions we gave them and invested it in terror. What did Trump do? Tore the deal up, applied sanctions, and then magnified the sanctions until the entire economy in Iran is ready to collapse.

They are desperate in Iran for Western trade and cash. They are counting the seconds until tomorrow night when they can reach out to President-Elect Biden and say, we're back. Let's make a new deal. We love you; we will promise whatever you want, and you give us whatever we ask. Unfortunately, if Biden were to win, that's what would happen.

We would be back in the deal, and they would be off to the terror Olympics yet again. That, to me, is terrifying. So, yeah, you're right. They're rooting big time in Iran, the mullahs, especially at the very top, the Grand Ayatollah, on down for a Biden victory.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Exactly, and now if you could elaborate on why that is such a big danger to Israel.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, nuclear power is like a loaded gun. The question is, will the person or entity holding that gun use it? When you have somebody that wants to defend their house, I'm not worried. I'm not going to break into their house, so I'm not going to get shot. However, if a person has a gun and says, I'm coming to your house to kill you.

Then they tell everybody they're coming to kill you and put it on the news every day that they're coming to kill you. They painted on the side of buildings that they're coming to kill you and painted on the missiles they parade up and down their capital in Tehran. Start believing them. There's an old Israeli expression ‘When someone says they're coming to kill you. Believe them.’ Iran says they're coming to wipe Israel and all the Jews off the face of the earth.

This is why Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, army funded, trained, and supported by Tehran, makes insanely horrific statements like, we're so glad there are so many Jews in Israel. So, when we wipe out Israel, we'll get to kill most of the Jews, and that is a statement they make constantly. That's terrifying, and doesn't it just shock you that the UN still deals with Iran.

Europe still wants to trade with Iran, and everybody still wants to give them money? Joe Biden is incredibly ignorant of what they are really up to; he wants to go back into the deal, give them more money, open up trade, let them enhance nuclear fissionable materials to make bombs.

I find that unconscionable and irresponsible for a leader that wants to be the head of the free world. Israel is terrified, which is why, if Trump ran for President in Israel, he'd win by a landslide. They love him.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: You want to hear something amazingly surprising? If Trump ran for President in Iran, he would win as well. The people of Iran love him.

Barry Nussbaum: If the people got to vote, right?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Yes, definitely, they love him. Everything you said, I said at the beginning of this program on my radio, but I'm glad you brought one thing up, which is they have publicly for 41 years, they have publicly said the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran's formation is to take down the Great Satan, being America, and wipe Israel off the map. Yes, it amazes me that 41 years go by, and everybody is tripping over each other to give them more money in deals and be friends with them.

Barry Nussbaum: I know it just horrifies me. Europe is whoring itself out as countries. Turning a blind eye to the intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran is building in contravention of numerous UN resolutions to the contrary, and the reason why is twofold, Number one: They want to trade with Iran because it's an untapped market.

So, their major international corporations like Mercedes, oil companies, aircraft companies, car manufacturers, and the farming implements companies all want a new market. Number two: As far as they're concerned, they're not a target. The missiles are going to fly over Europe on their way to the United States and fly over southern Europe, hitting Israel instead.

So, they think, well, as long as they're not threatening us, let them wipe out the people we don't care about, i.e., you, me, and our friends in Israel. It's disgusting. They are not our supporters. They're not our allies. They're not our friends, and they literally just want money. I can't say it any other way.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Yes, and here is what makes it even more disgusting. The fact that they are so worried here to do something to protect the poor Muslim community that is being victimized by us, but nobody's even trying to do something about the disgusting growth of anti-Semitism in this country.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news, clearly, Anni, is that anti-Semitism is on the rise because of the merger of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. With Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and numerous Muslim student groups that hate Israel.

For the most part, they blame Jews for everything. That's the really bad news. Here's the really good news, and the really good news is, Trump is not going to put up with it when he is, as I predicted a few minutes ago, gets re-elected tomorrow. That's my take on it.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Oh, I agree. That's what I said. If one thing President Trump has shown in the last four years, for sure, is the fact that he will not let anyone on the left or Islamic groups, not anyone bully him. He just won't take it.

Barry Nussbaum: I think you're right, and there's another point that I think we should make very clear. Every single American president, going back to Clinton, was obligated by law to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv, its temporary location, which I've seen, it's a monster complex to Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel. To pacify the Arab countries in the Middle East, most commonly the Palestinians.

They waive the law every single year. The first President not to waive the law but to enforce the law was Donald Trump. Everybody in the world said it would lead to catastrophe, it'll lead to war, there will be a slaughter, and you won't be able to stop the carnage. Newsflash, the American embassy is in Jerusalem.

Many other countries have followed suit, and many more are coming and get this. Peace is breaking out all over the region. Sunni countries are lining up to make peace and to trade with Israel. Nobody's getting killed. So, everything that used to scare the American people never happened. It was just the opposite.

Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize before he was inaugurated as President in the hope that he might do something peaceful. He did the opposite. Trump came in, and peace is breaking out everywhere. He's been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize three times for actually making peace, but sadly, they didn't give it to him.

Having said that, I believe very strongly after tomorrow Trump is going to clamp down on the merger of the progressives, the radical Muslims, communists, Black Lives Matter. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with either blacks or lives. It's a communist front group, which we all know is the case because the founders say it is, and they're not going to have the audience they want to have.

Good luck with the rioting because the gloves are coming off after tomorrow. In my opinion, if as I have said in this call, Trump wins, as I predict he will. The guard is going in everywhere; there is a riot. The Democrat mayor, liberal mayor, progressive mayor, and Antifa mayor, notwithstanding, he's not going to let Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., be burned to the ground anymore. That's my prediction in regards to that.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: I love what I'm hearing. We are almost at the end of our program. Thanks, Barry, for joining us. Thanks for giving us all this good news and analysis. We needed it.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you're very welcome. Please, everybody listening, go vote. Please, get your family and your friends to go vote. It has never been a more important election than what we have going on tomorrow. You will rue the day you didn't vote if things go the wrong way. Anyway, good to join you, and we'll do an update afterward.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Absolutely everybody, remember Thursday, this coming Thursday, join our radio program, as Will Johnson and Barry Nussbaum will discuss the results of the election, and hopefully, by then, we will see that the predictions Barry gave us today were spot on. Thank you so much for joining me tonight.

Remember, text Anni, A-N-N-I, to 88202. You will get notifications and everything else that we do at ATP. As Barry said, get out to vote, do your part, and don't forget to pray. You all stay safe and stay vigilant. Goodbye.

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