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Islamic Terror in U.S. Is Ignored!



Barry Nussbaum: Hello, welcome to ATP Radio. Our first episode is going out nationally. When we get going tonight, I want to remind you that you can call in with questions. The number is 516-595-8069, 516-595-8069. We'll get to as many questions as we can with our special guest who tonight is Charles Jacobs. One of America's most distinguished scholars on all things relating to Islam, especially in America. He's an author. He's a commentator. He's a scholar, and we're thrilled to have you with us. Charles Jacobs, thanks for joining us today.

Charles Jacobs: Thanks for having me, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's talk about 9/11 week. Nineteen years have passed. We are so far removed from the most ferocious attack in hundreds of years on America's homeland. It almost seems like a historical event rather than something that was burned into our consciousness that fateful morning, that so many of us are old enough to remember, that we will never forget. When I saw it, I saw the first plane hit, and then it was on a replay. I was watching the news in the morning in California, and then the second plane hit. I really felt like there was so much disbelief in my consciousness. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then it became a bigger story with the Pentagon and then Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Almost three thousand Americans were dead, and it was evident that we were under attack. I remember it incredibly clearly. I remember exactly where I was. What were your first thoughts on that morning?

Charles Jacobs: Well, I just missed getting on the plane with the bad guys. I had been planning to go to Washington on 9/11. I was at the Logan Airport the evening before, and there was a storm, and all planes were stopped. I missed my plane. So, I went back to sleep, and I got on the earliest plane that I could or the one that would make it to Washington the next morning. The reason I was going, I think, is very interesting as it relates to this. I was leading a movement to stop the slaughter and enslavement of black people in Sudan. Many people may remember this. Many Americans had already learned about and were horrified by the news reports of mass murders the size of which we hadn't seen since World War II of blacks in South Sudan. Along with that came news reports of the enslavement, the capture, and enslavement of blacks by the regime in Khartoum. Now, Sudan is Africa's largest country. The north was led by radical Islamists when the Muslim government declared a jihad, a holy war on the south, consisting mostly of Christians, Christian blacks, and animists, tribalists, and some Muslim blacks. I was leading a movement that was educating Americans about the enslavement of black people at this time. We all thought slavery was history, so I produced shocking reports written by human rights groups, written by our allies in Sudan, about blacks' enslavement. We had lots of, at this time, support from all around the country. I was flying into Washington on 9/11 to do a press release. A press conference, at Capitol Hill, at a room in the Congress, to convince Congress that they should not allow oil companies, American oil companies, to do business with Sudan and with me were important leaders of the black community at the time. There was a guy named Joe Madison, one of the NAACP heads, and there was a guy named Reverend Walter Fauntroy who was known to have helped plan Martin Luther King's march on Washington. There I was with these two black leaders going to Congress, and I'm sitting on the plane, and I'm writing my speech. I'll never forget what I wrote in the speech. Wall Street should not trade the shares of companies that do business with Sudan's slave and terrorist state. If we sit here and allow this to happen in Africa, who is to say that radical Islamists won't reach us here as well? That was in my speech. We landed. The three of us got in the cab. We went to Congress. We started to set up for the speech in the congressional hall, and all of a sudden, on the walls were these huge television screens, and we saw the first plane. This was a news item. We saw the first plane hit the tower, and everybody's first response was this must be a small plane. You know, a five-seater. It was a mistake by a stupid pilot, which immediately disappeared when we saw huge bursts of flame. Then, oh, my God. Oh, my God. The press conference was canceled. People were running out all over the place. Then the second plane hit, and we really started to think about bigger things than a mistake by a pilot. Suddenly, police came charging into the building, and Capitol Police said, "Get out, get out. They are headed to the Pentagon, get out"! So we raced out of there terrified. I was with John Eibner, the head of Christian Solidarity International, who led the movement to buy back slaves from the Arabs, from the jihadists. He and I were running through the streets of Washington. I had a terrible thought that if this were actually an invasion or an attack on American soil, we were both known as people who they would particularly not like. So we got a little nervous for ourselves, but mostly for our families. I tried to call my Wife back in Boston. None of the cell phones worked because everybody in the world was calling his Wife or his loved ones. We were racing through the streets of Washington, wondering what to do. I finally got my Wife on the phone; my kids went to Jewish Day School. I thought the worst of thoughts that this was an Islamic attack on America. I told my wife to get the kids out of the school immediately. As it turned out, a terrible thing happened. My younger daughter, Ariella, was a classmate of a child whose father was killed on the plane. He was the, and I forget his name now, but he was the Israeli military-trained guy, who you probably heard this, he heard two of the hijackers speaking in Arabic. He understood what they were doing. He stood up to confront them, and he had his throat slashed. That was my daughter's classmate's father.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh my gosh.

Charles Jacobs: So, I will never forget that day for one hundred reasons. We, Eidner, and I held up in a hotel that night. Then we took a train because you couldn't fly back to New York. Well, back to Boston. As the train passed through the New York area, we saw the plumes of smoke and ash. I'll never forget that scene as well. So, for me, this was a trauma that deeply affected me. I was there, and I went back to what I had written that day. I was going to say in Congress if you let this happen to the blacks in Sudan and if the jihad continues, what's to say it wouldn't come here and it did.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you were truly prophetic in your thoughts, and it's unfortunate you didn't get to make that speech. Maybe it would have landed a little stronger. It sure seems that the lessons that should have been learned, quite sadly, 19 years later the main ones we're going to talk about, Charles, have not been learned.

Charles Jacobs: And still haven't.

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly, and let's talk about Islam in specifics. Nineteen men, almost all from Saudi Arabia, perpetrated extremely devastating attacks for virtually no money and a little bit of pilot training that changed the world forever. I don't just mean the roughly three thousand people they murdered, but when you think about the devastation to the world economy and travel and air airline security and how we now look at travel worldwide. It has cost, I've heard incredible estimates, billions into the trillions. Let's talk specifically about the philosophy that encouraged these guys to do this. It bothers me greatly, Charles, when people make it less than it was in the sense that well, these were just crazy guys. These were radicals. These aren't real Muslims. When in reality, when I look at it, to be a radical Muslim is someone who doesn't follow the Koran. That would be a reformed Muslim. A religious Muslim follows all the dictates of Mohammed, whether in the Koran, the Hadith, whatever because those words are supposedly perfect directly from God, and part of the religion's precept is to wage the various forms of jihad. What do you say to people nineteen years later, that say, well, those were just the crazy radicals because they weren't real Muslims, they were jihadists?

Charles Jacobs: Well, in fact, they were the realist of real Muslims because they were following what was and what is traditional teachings and precepts of Islam. Islam is unlike Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism. Islam takes as its goal the imposition of its law, its holy law, Sharia. Not just to one part of the earth but all of the earth. Not just by convincing and persuading people, but by conquering it, by conquest. Starting from Mohammed, the Islamic jihad conquered vast swaths of the earth, including North Africa and Sudan, where they practiced in the 1990s and 2000s what jihad has always practiced. I didn't know when I first started the anti-slavery movement about jihad. I just thought it was a religious war, a civil war, but then I learned more about what the jihad's precepts are, and this is what they do. This is what they've always done. They take women and children, starting all the way back with the Jews. Mohammed conquered the Jewish tribes because he was angry that the Jews were not persuaded that he was the prophet of God. He was very eager for them to be persuaded because he relied a lot on what the world revered: the Jewish teaching Torah, Moses Abraham, and he wanted to co-opt it and take it over. He thought that the Jews would accept him as a prophet. When they didn't, he slaughtered them, killed them, took their property, their wives, and their children as slaves, just like in Sudan, 15, 18 hundred years later. So this is not a matter of some strange marginal 'dudes' who were radicals on weed, on LSD, and got juiced up to do strange things. They were on the Koran. That was their drug of choice. It's not to say that every Muslim does that, but it is to say that there is no successful way to reform Islam that would reinterpret those elemental and fundamental precepts to modernize them, like as has happened in other religions. I know personally, people who are Muslims who are trying to create such a thing. I wish them the best, but it's hard to see how they will be successful.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we have a statement by the President of the United States that has bothered me for 19 years, and it's the corollary to what you were just discussing, Charles. Not long after 9/11, President Bush appeared at a Muslim center and talked about the fact that Islam is and always has been a religion of peace. The hijackers, I'm paraphrasing obviously, hijacked this religion, and they are not representative of the religion. Now, by this time, I had already read the Koran, and it seemed to me that they were good devout followers of the teachings of Mohammed and were waging jihad against the infidel, meaning America. What do you make of President Bush's statement? In my mind, that misled three hundred million Americans who were grieving horribly into believing that Islam is nonviolent. People who are violent and create violence or wage jihad in the name of Islam are bad Muslims and are heretics.

Charles Jacobs: Well, this is either a matter of cowardice, ignorance, or political calculation. The political calculation, these sorts of people, leaders in the West, goes something like this internally. There's a billion Muslims in the world or more. We can't beat them in a war. So we have to accommodate them and hope that they will become modernized. If we accept them into Western societies, maybe they will become assimilated, moderate their views, or even leave the religion. Now, I mean, it's either that or complete ignorance. These people, I mean, how can anybody say that Islam is the religion of peace? I mean, it's the biggest laugh line, you know if you did a comedy routine. All you've got to do is read Islamic history. You don't even have to do that. All you have to do is Google the words: jihad, modern jihad, jihad 1952, jihad 1953, and you will find terrorist attacks in the name of Islam by people who are screaming Ali-Akba. You'll also find preachers, Muslim preachers all over the Muslim world saying these precepts. So, if Islam were the religion of peace, what you would find is something quite different. You would find preachers standing up, Imams articulating. Wonderfully articulate Imams, who would be saying something like this: It used to be that in Islam, we believed that Islam had to be supreme over any other religion. We no longer believe that. It used to be that we couldn't allow Christians and Jews and others to live equally in Muslim majority states. We no longer believe that, and they now can. Well, you don't find that it's just not happening all over the world. You don't find people denying, reneging on, overturning all of the main precepts of traditional Islam. So, if they were a religion of peace, named Islam, that's what you would see. It's damned few if you can find any. Well, you can find a few, but they're the tiny, tiny, tiniest, marginalized, most attacked and vulnerable people in the world who might say something like that.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let me stop you there. I agree 100 percent. If there were more than 100 percent, I would agree with you more than that. Why is it, Charles, the President wasn't corrected? There was no fact-checking from the media? Nobody in Congress stood up and said, wait a minute, I have a Koran. I've read it. What religion is he talking about? A religion of peace? I mean, the one religion that never was involved in any war, I guess, was Buddhism. Buddhists aren't blowing up buildings, hacking people to death, blowing themselves up in nightclubs, or hacking people on London Bridge, right. Where was the media? Where was the Congress? Where were the Christian and Jewish leaders to stand up and go, Mr. President, with all due respect, read the Koran and restate your religion of peace position because you're talking about some other religion. What happened to those people? Where were they?

Charles Jacobs: Well, first of all, you have to understand that the people who were going to get platforms are people who already have ideologies, so they're against, telling the truth about that. Right? I mean that the entire media structure has been captured. The Left has captured the academic world, and the Left has a very, very different view of this. The Left actually is looking for Muslims to replace the working class that never revolted. You remember the Left's theory that the working class of the world unites, and it was inevitable that they would and that they would overthrow the evil capitalist world. Well, it didn't work out that way. The Western working classes were too busy shopping at Wal-Mart. They ignored this foolishness because they understood that even when they worked for nasty capitalist bosses, it was better than anything else the world had on offer and so the Left went for the third world. The third world was going to replace the white working class. Suddenly, out of the third world, the most rebellious ones there who were ready to fight anybody, the capitalists, were the Muslims. So they felt that they were eventually going to be their allies in the end, but were prophetic because now we have a red, green alliance. So all the people on the Left were not going to say to George Bush, wait a minute, read the Koran. Also, because they thought all religion is poppycock. You know, the opiate of the people. As soon as people understood what their true belief structures ought to be. As soon as they got rid of false consciousness, they found out that capitalism was the enemy and all religious people; all religion told them to have an inner life that was more important than an outer life, a political life. So the Left was against all religions, too, but when they saw the potential for Muslims, for recruiting Muslims to overthrow capitalism, they were not going, to tell the truth about what was in the Koran. They would obfuscate it. Then you had people who were afraid and who didn't know. I would say those two things, ignorance, and fear. So, most Americans don't know about the Koran or don't know about history. I mean, we all have given up the study of history, and think that all religions had the same kind of; well, we have Judaism of Christianity, Islam must be kind of like that. We have Jesus, we have Moses, and they have Mohammed, so it's kind of the same thing. So if we're not going to be against religion as Americans and we're going to keep religion apart from running the state. Okay, so there'll be a new religion. It'll be Mohammed.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's insert something here, Charles.

Charles Jacobs: Right? I mean, this is ridiculous.

Barry Nussbaum: The Jews I know, the Christians I know if they are somewhat observant, follow some of the rules and show up on Friday or Saturday or Sunday and the big holidays. Islam is not just a religion. It's a political system. It's an economic system. It's a dietary system. It's a social structure. It's a political movement. It is completely an all-encompassing way of life. I don't disagree with your theory. Well, we don't condemn religion, even if they have some goofy precepts. Islam is a doctrine, as you said earlier, for nothing short of world domination. Not from a religious sense, but from a political, economic, religious, dietary, and every possible permutation of a version of how you live your life from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, and the afterlife is all there in the book.

Charles Jacobs: Right, but nobody taught this. It was only individual independent scholars who were reading books like this. Most Americans don't read books like that. Most Americans are taught silly things about a lot of things. So they didn't know. I mean, it's not that most Americans read the Koran like you did. Like I did and came away saying to themselves, well, I'd better not say this stuff. No, the politicians said, we'd better not say this stuff. Most Americans are clueless. Absolutely clueless. I have a cousin who's a Lefty, and he teaches in Berkeley, and I argued with him about everything in the world, and I said, "So what do you think about Islam"? He said, "I never think about it. I don't know". "Do you know what it says"? "It's another religion." So, it's, I think, massive ignorance and from the point of view of many people that serves their interests. I mean, I'll tell you right here in Boston the largest mosque on the eastern seaboard is here in Boston. It came here through an effort by people who pretended to be moderates. Moderate Muslims, but who actually were in the Muslim Brotherhood-linked to it, linked to terror organizations.

Barry Nussbaum: Let me interrupt you one second. Tell our audience what the Muslim Brotherhood is because if people are as uninformed as you say, they don't know what that means.

Charles Jacobs: Well, the Muslim Brotherhood is a movement that came out of a modernist awakening of modern-day jihadist Islam. That came from people who are Muslim scholars, Sayyid Qutb, and others who ask themselves, what's wrong? Turkey, the last caliphate, was defeated by the West. The Muslims are now suffering. They are humiliated by the West. How could this have happened when we had such power throughout the generations before this, and now we're nothing? How could this have happened? The answer is that our people turned away from the most fundamental structures and strictures of Islam, and we now have to rebuild that. They built a movement, a jihadist movement, to transform all those Muslims who were not inspired at the moment to overthrow because they've been defeated. To rejuvenate them and rekindle the Muslim political movement worldwide. This eventually became the Muslim Brotherhood, the central fount of all or most Islamic terrorism in the world. It's spread throughout many, many countries. In America, we found their secret plan. There was a famous Texas case, the Holy Land trial, where American authorities actually captured the planning book for jihad in America. Our friend Steven Emerson made a movie about it. People can read about it where it says, our job in America is to have jihad and transform the constitutional government of this country into Sharia law. That's what we're going to do. We will do it by planting mosques and teaching our people the right holy way of Islam. That's what they do, and that's what they said, and a branch of that, people connected to that came to Boston, and that is exactly what they did. They convinced the Mayor of the City, Mayor Menino, at the time since deceased. They said, "We need a mosque. You know, we've got Muslim students here. We've got Muslim scientists here. We've got a lot of people we need a mosque. So the Mayor actually gave them a piece of land. City land for prayer for hardly any money at all. He practically gave it a multimillion-dollar piece of land for free, and he gave it to people who had he known who they really were, he wouldn't have let them off the plane at Logan Airport. For example, Yusuf Qaradawi is the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood. Anyone of our listeners now tonight can, with the spelling of his name on your laptop and hitting a button on Google, you'll find Yusuf Qaradawi. All throughout the Muslim world, screaming to throngs of people they have to take over the world, they have to kill every Jew on the planet (et cetera, et cetera). So these guys came into Boston, and the Mayor didn't really know who they were. We tried to tell him. But he didn't want to know because he was delusional. He wanted to think that Islam was just like Judaism and Christianity, and if he were to deny them a piece of land, they would call him a bigot. He didn't want to be called a bigot because nobody wants to be called racist and bigot, because that's the biggest power, an ideological weapon that the Left has, and it stings. It stings. Since there was no understanding of what Islam was, they were just going to let them have this. In a sense, and in fact, what they had as one of my board members, Dennis Hale, Professor Dennis Hale, said, "They created a jihad academy." Eventually, their goal was to, I mean, in some way you can use this word, politicize, or radicalize the historically more moderate, quiescent New England Muslim community, and they did. They are doing it. My director of research Ilya Feoktistov can find anything found what they are teaching Boston Muslims, and it isn't nice, Barry. It's not nice, and this group built the mosque. They've actually built two mosques, and maybe 13 or 14 or 15 people who were congregants in that mosque are now either dead from terrorism, running away from federal authorities or local authorities from terrorist acts that they've perpetrated or in jail. So we're having our little jihad here in Boston, and nobody pays attention because if you do like we do. You monitor this; you publish it, report it, go to the FBI, go to the police, or go to the Mayor, you are sued for defamation and called a bigot. So this is the real problem. You can't tell the truth about these things even when it's right in front of your nose, even when two of the Islamic Society of Boston's congregants blew up the Boston Marathon.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk for a second about why it is that even when there is a 9/11 or a Boston marathon or the discotheque in Florida or Fort Hood or San Bernardino, it's not like it's a one-off. Do you know what I mean? Where a drunk driver drives off the bridge and kills five people in a parking lot, but it's obvious. I mean, it's obvious that there is a unifying philosophy worldwide, whether it's the Hebdo massacre in Paris, the London Bridge, or the concert in Manchester. I mean, it's all over the world on a consistent basis, Charles. Why is it that people and the press are unable to call it what it is? It's almost like it's absolutely pouring outside, and the weatherman says, "Well, today it's a little bit not sunny. Let's move on to sports". They can't come out and say the words jihad. They can't come out and say, Islamic terror. Why is it? Tell me.

Charles Jacobs: Because the Left has stolen the language.

Barry Nussbaum: Wait a minute. Let's stop. What does that mean?

Charles Jacobs: That means that if you don't believe that all people are the same and good, then you're a racist and a bigot and how dare you say that. All people must be, and all cultures have an equal moral claim. All people want the same thing for their children and their lives, and those things are good. Have a nice house. There are a few nuts. If you don't believe that, you will be tarred and feathered by society. That's why, and that's the danger of the Left winning the culture wars in America. You know that every student right now starting from kindergarten, is taught a set of principles that are absolutely the opposite of the truth. I mean, I can name a few of them, right? All cultures are the same. Darker-skinned people and poor people have a higher moral claim on any issue. The only reason we have conflict is misunderstanding and miscommunication. The only reason for wars is because some people have more than others, and the way the peace is to redistribute the wealth so that everybody has the same all that. That is what is being taught. If you go against it, now especially, 20 years ago, you could argue against this stuff now, if you argue against this, you can get beat up. You can get shamed, and it's the most foolish thing in the world, and it comes to this. Classic liberals and I consider myself a classic liberal; you are probably, too, in this sense, believe that all people should be treated equally and given an equal opportunity, no matter the color of their skin, their gender, their this or that. Okay. What's taken over from that and defeated that is a demand for equality of results, in such a way that it says if there's a performance gap between two peoples, right, if Jews make better lawyers than blacks. Whatever, the performance gap is anywhere. The only reason for it is that the people on top oppressed the people on the bottom and stole from them. That's the only part since everybody's equal, the only possible explanation is that those who are doing better are doing better illicitly living on undeserved wealth. They have undeserved power. So everything that we have that's not equal is illicit, and the reason it is because the capitalists try to drive the victims against each other. So if you say something about Islam, you are perpetrating the capitalist power system against one of the victim classes. Crazy. You could say this is crazy. Right? But that's actually what people are being taught.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let me be clear. Are you saying to me that because of this bizarre suppression/victim theology, if you can paint somebody as the victim, those victims are unable to be labeled as perpetrators of any crime against society?

Charles Jacobs: Well, you know this because blacks can't be called racists. Even if they hate, even if they go around saying we hate white people. Muslims can't be oppressed because they're darker-skinned, and the poor Palestinians suffer from Israeli white oppression. You know, women can't be evil because men have always lauded their power over them. Gays can't be mean because, you know, they're innocent. These victims are innocent, or if they've done bad things, it's only because they were forced to do bad things by their oppressors.

Barry Nussbaum: You realize that sounds insane, right?

Charles Jacobs: Well, I realize it sounds insane, but it's being taught throughout American schools. You realize what the Muslims did in America, which was to beat the Jews at their own position. The Jews were, most of the Jews were liberals and friends and allies of progressive causes, of liberal causes. Right? Friends of the blacks. At the forefront of the civil rights movement. At the forefront of the gay marriage movement. At the forefront of freedom for workers and Latinos and women's rights and gays all of it. All of a sudden, you have, I mean, imagine this. Suddenly you have American Muslims who in their societies are against every one of those things I said. They're racist; they call blacks abid, slaves. Same word, right? Gays, they throw from the rooftops. Women, they cut off genitals and beat them. You know, etc. Democracy they don't like, and all of a sudden, they have replaced the Jews because they've become victims. As are the blacks and more than anybody else who is gaining from this Black Lives Matter thing is the Muslims, because they're racing into the cause and yelling against white cops, and they're saying the Jews are white. They're saying the Jews sent cops over to Israel to train how to beat people of color up like the Palestinians. This is, they have won. They have defeated American Jewish groups.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, hold that thought.

Charles Jacobs: And it's shocking, it's shocking.

Barry Nussbaum: Hold that thought. I want to ask you, specifically a Jewish question. Muslims who are speaking out from the pulpit in Islamic centers from coast to coast rail against Jews.

Charles Jacobs: Yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: Some I mean, I'm so uncomfortable having to say it. As if I'm revealing some secret that people don't know about and I shouldn't say it because it's not polite are talking about genocide against Jews. I don't mean somebody in a basement in Beirut or the Grand Mosque in Tehran. I mean, in Islamic centers from Boston to Los Angeles to Houston to San Francisco, Minneapolis, they are literally preaching the Koran. You find a Jew behind the rock, right, or behind the tree, pick up a rock and kill him. I mean, it is ferociously anti-Semitic, and it is obvious in its call for open genocide against Jews. Yes or no? Am I right?

Charles Jacobs: Of course, you're right. All you have to do is look at memri.com or memri.org., I'm not sure which, M-E-M-R-I and you can, you know, find preachers, Muslim preachers that are calling for the death of Jews and calling Jews devils.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay.

Charles Jacobs: And sons of monkeys and pigs and we have to defeat them and yes.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, so here's my question. Thank you for that. I sort of knew the answer.

Charles Jacobs: Yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: And obviously, you do, too.

Charles Jacobs: Yeah, but you know who else knows the answer? The leaders of the American Jewish community know the answer, and they run away from it. They don't want to see anything. They want to marginalize it. They want to tell us that the biggest problem is neo-Nazis.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's talk about this. Why in the world, Charles, are the leading Jewish spokespeople ADL, UJF, Jewish Committee, whatever you want to call it the prominent rabbis that have either a pulpit in front of large congregations or microphones where are their words of indignation and revulsion? How in the world can Jewish organizations after Jewish organizations say we are all brothers? There are a few outliers, but that's not the way they really are. Why are they bending over into pretzel-like positions to make it okay that they are making friends with who I consider to be potentially genocidal maniacs?

Charles Jacobs: Here's the answer. Listen, it's an outrage. They have betrayed the Jews: the ADL, the biggest betrayal. The ADL does surveys of anti-Semitism, and they do them fairly competently, and recently they came up with where are the biggest problems of anti-Semitism? They had a scale, if you answered yes to these 15 questions or if you had ten of them yes, that makes you really, really dangerous. Three of them, yes, not so much. So they scale these questions, and they ask around the world, and it turns out that in Muslim societies, you have by far the largest percentage of deeply vicious anti-Semitism, right? So, Mort Klein, who is my friend. Who is the head of the ZOA. Goes to Congress, and he is, along with the ADL, testifying about the dangers of anti-Semitism, and Klein mentions the ADL's own findings. "Why aren't we looking at mosques?" Mort says, "Listen to the speech with this guy." This Muslim Imam says, "What about this? What about that? What about this"? He says, "Even the ADL says it," right. So, the woman from the ADL gets up there, and she's trying to say that the biggest problem is on the Right and I'll tell you why she does that.

Barry Nussbaum: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Charles Jacobs: Now, this is we have it on film. We've shown this. She says the biggest problem is on the Right. So somebody says to her, but wait a minute, Klein just showed us that around the world, the largest concentration and the largest problem of anti-Semitism of any group, any culture, any continent comes from the Arab world. She says, "Well, because the Muslim peoples in America are among the victim classes, we don't say that." That's what she said. I'll send you the film. It's in the film. Because we don't want to make their lives worse, they're already not doing so well in this country. There's a lot of people that don't like them. Why should we say anything bad about them? That was the intent of what she said. I forget the exact words, but it's pretty close. I'll send you the tape. So it's the Left Jews who run the Jewish organizations, who embrace the Left, and fear being kicked out of this alliance of victims. They're embracing this alliance of victims. Meanwhile, they're getting kicked in the teeth and called white patriarchal oppressors because they have nothing else to do. They don't know what else to do. What are they going to do, become Republicans? What are they going to do, have a jihad against them? They're stuck, there like a deer in the headlights. It's the biggest problem the Jewish community has, the failure of their leadership.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, my God, I'm stunned. I have got to be honest. I'm really discouraged. We have some questions from our viewers or listeners, I should say. Let me shoot some of them at you. Dave asked, "Why is it 19 years after 9/11, we have more devout Muslims running for office than ever before? Did America learn nothing from 9/11"?

Charles Jacobs: Well, Americans can't stop them from running, but Americans could not vote for them. There are large efforts across the Muslim community in America to run for office. They have collected money. They get money from overseas. They get money from liberals. They get money from their leftist allies. They run along alongside their leftist allies. I mean, it's 'the Squad' idea, right? So you're going to have blacks, Muslims, gays, women, Latinos, LGBT, X, Y, Z, whatever. You're going to have them be a force, and you know what? The other team members like the Muslim force because they bring money and bring energy to it. So, you know, the Muslims are not running openly to say, tomorrow if I'm elected, I'm going to impose Sharia law. No, they're very smart. They say they hone to the Leftist programming. We're going to have better schools. We're going to have to tax the rich. Health care for everybody. Forget about college debt. You know, so they fit in for now. For now, into the Leftist cadre.

Barry Nussbaum: So, if I can interpret your answer, Charles, I would say and tell me if you agree with what I'm going to tell you. From the perspective of the progressive wildly left-wing, anyone that enhances their agenda is an ally, and from the Muslim perspective, the same thing. Only the difference is when they see this coalition obtain power at some point, and a jihadist is in office, and there's not two or three squad members, but two hundred, they will eat everybody else.

Charles Jacobs: Yeah, I think the Left doesn't understand that they will be eating. I mean, they still go around in a way, with that old Marxist notion that religion is the opiate of the people and it's just a silly thing. When everybody has a good job that the socialist economy brings to them, and no one is oppressed anymore by white racism, then they'll forget all this Allah stuff, you know? Well, they're not going to forget. By the way, one good thing I read recently is that there are many Muslims, more than we had hoped, I think, leaving the faith and even organizing against it. You can go and find on the Internet, you know, Muslim groups, and they're doing better than we could have hoped. So, we published something recently where the Imams or some of the officials in the Islamic Society of Boston complained that the young Muslims were worried about doing their religious duties, were being seduced away by liberal society, and we're not being righteous as pious. Well, that's a good thing.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, next question. From Maria, "Why do people, including non-Muslims, think or say Israel was behind 9/11?"

Charles Jacobs: Because they're anti-Semites. I mean, you know, let's remember the Jews, hatred of the Jews has always taken a couple of classic forms. You know, we use Christian blood to make matzah. We poison the wells. Whatever the worst thing in the world you could think of, the Jews did it. So, you know, if 9/11 was the worst thing in the world, well, the Jews must have done it. So, it's nothing new. It's despicable. Its people like that are just not worth your breath. But it's not new.

Barry Nussbaum: All right. Steven asks, "Do you think there's any way the West, let alone women and minorities are going to survive the massive Muslim immigration that's going on now.

Charles Jacobs: Well, we don't know. I mean, they're not doing so well about this in Europe. Talk about women, the rapes in Europe are hidden. That's the other thing. You ask about why in America we don't tell the truth. Well, you've got this scandal in England and in Denmark, where there are massive rapes by Muslim men of Western women, and you know when a guy gets arrested, he's called an Asian. I mean, the police hid it, and it's scandalous. What will happen in America? Who knows what's going to happen in America. Everything is topsy turvy, up in the air. One never knows, and then, it could be that at least some of the Muslims will be seduced by reason and enlightenment and Western culture and leave. We just don't know what's going to happen, but it is a huge danger. It's certainly a bigger danger than neo-Nazis.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, I could not agree with you more. Charles, thanks a million for your time tonight. It's been a true pleasure. Please tell our listeners how they can find out what Charles Jacobs does and where they can find out about your work.

Charles Jacobs: You can find out about our work, about fighting Islamic supremacism and jihad in America at peaceandtolerance.org, peace a-n-d tolerance.org. You can find out about our work trying to bring attention to blacks' enslavement by jihadists all over Africa at Iabolish.org. The letter I-abolish.org. And I want to thank you, Barry, for having me on and having this really interesting conversation.

Barry Nussbaum: It's, believe me, it's our pleasure, and I'm sure those people out in American Truth Project Land, appreciate you greatly. To our wonderful, loyal listeners for tuning in tonight, I want to remind you that to get notifications of future shows and all of our content absolutely free on your cell phone, if you're in the United States, please text the word TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H and send it to 88202. The word TRUTH sent to 88202. You'll be subscribed automatically to our free text message alert system. You'll learn about this and all of our shows sometimes in advance, so you can join in and listen on the radio. Whether it's a Facebook Live or one of our regular episodes, you'll always get notified, and there's never a charge. Again, for ATP Report on the radio. Thanks for joining us. This is Barry Nussbaum.

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