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Islamic Supremacy Causing Discrimination Against Ex-Muslims


Anni Cyrus: Hello, everybody, and welcome to ATP Report Radio, Islam Corner. I am your host, Anni Cyrus. Thank you so much for joining us today. We do have an amazing guest today, who is my personal hero. Before I bring him on, though, I want to do what I always do.

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Now, without further ado, I'm extremely excited to have our very special guest with me today, Dr. Bill Warner. He is the founder of Political Islam, and he is the man who understands the topic of political Islam. Its dangers that we face every day in this country being America, and everyone else across planet Earth, I would say.

So, today we are going to talk about how Islamic supremacy in America has created discrimination against ex-Muslims like myself. Dr. Bill Warner, are you with us?

Dr. Bill Warner: Glad to be here, Anni. Anytime you want me to do something, just ask me.

Anni Cyrus: I do feel the privilege. I thank you for that, I do. I know you are an extremely busy and productive man, but trust me, if I could, I would literally just sit down next to you all day.

Ask you questions, and brainstorm with you because you do come up with some brilliant ideas.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, that's just a product of a retired brain.

Anni Cyrus: Oh, boy, I wish I had a retired brain.

Dr. Bill Warner: I have been at this since 2001.

Anni Cyrus: Wow.

Dr. Bill Warner: On the day after the 9/11 attack, I decided I was going to do something. Well, I didn't know what, but I knew I was going to do it with the Quran. So, I've been at this a while now.

Anni Cyrus: I can understand that, and I am glad you have been.

Dr. Bill Warner: I would quit if I could, but I don't have that option.

Anni Cyrus: No, please don't. We need you. We really need you. I know it's too much pressure, but we need you. On that note, let's kick it off with this, Dr. Warner. I was sent an article a few days ago, which, even for me, was shocking.

So, recently our Senate went ahead and confirmed a lifetime position for a Muslim judge to be a federal judge in America, which we can definitely discuss how much conflict that will create. Then we have Ilhan Omar, and we have Keith Ellison, we have Rashida Tlaib, you know, we have Muslims everywhere, but this one shocked me the most.

There is this young lady, a Somalin, young lady, a Muslim, Somalian, young lady in Washington, who is running for office and has endorsements from senators and members in Washington. Here's what's amazing about this person. Back in 2010, Ubax is her name.

This lady gets on a high school bus and demands the driver to inform the dispatcher that a national security incident was going on. When the driver tries to ask her to leave the bus and exit, she makes threats, such as, ‘Hey, you need to calm down and behave because I might be wearing a bomb and blow up this bus filled with kids.’ This is in the police report.

This woman not only wasn't arrested nor charged she didn't have a bomb, but she made the threat. She wasn't charged, she wasn't arrested, none of that, but ten years or 11 years later, she is running for office. Can you explain this to me, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: I've said this many times. It is not that Islam is so strong, but we are so weak, afraid, and ignorant. That's how I base this because it would not surprise me if she did blow up the bus. They would have found some way to, oh, I know what they would have said.

If she blew up the bus, they would have said, ‘Oh, she's not a real Muslim.’ We're not willing to face the problems that we have. We are willing to make any excuse. I find it disturbing. I'm 80 years old, so I've seen a lot of things happen, but I've never seen the knees buckle out of a civilization like ours has here in the United States.

We've lost speed. I'm going to use an old-fashioned word that my grandmother told me called gumption. If you don't have any backbone or gumption, no matter what it is, we're willing to give it a pass. So, I don't blame her.

Anni Cyrus: To what end?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, the idea seems to be that if you keep throwing your children to the alligator, they will never get around eating you. It's like there's nothing; there doesn't seem to be anything. The one that sticks out in my mind, for instance, is 2001, 9/11 after what should have been a disastrous PR result, the bombing of the World Trade Towers.

Three days later, the phones began to ring in churches all across the United States. No one paid any attention to this, but the voice on the other end of the phone says, ‘Hi, my name is Imad, and we want to come to your church and give a lecture on Islam, the religion of peace.’

Well, they got a whole bunch of invites, so they don't have any limitations as to what they mean. They also said that 9/11 hurt the Muslims. Never minding the kafirs that died. So, it's like, no matter what it is, we will take the abuse. Why? I don't know. I wasn't raised that way. I don't abuse other people, but I also don't let other people abuse me, which is the difference.

So, it doesn't surprise me that anything at all happens. I'll give you another example at the supermarket King Sooper in Boulder, Colorado. An ISIS man pledged to ISIS, and he killed ten people. Well, for two days, it was all about this evil white guy. So, the evil white guy turned out to be a Syrian Muslim.

It all just disappeared off the news. I have a suggestion for you. If you don't want to be an evil white person which, seems to be that I am, just by virtue of being white. Then just join Islam. Then all of a sudden, you won't be white anymore—funny thing about that.

Anni Cyrus: I do apologize for laughing. It is not funny, it's tragic, but it's so tragic that it almost makes it funny. Yes, I agree with you being an ex-Muslim. I grew up with this abuse and bullying. Not only I refused to give in to their bullying abuse, but I made sure to never, ever let anyone else in any other shape inflict such abuse on me.

Obviously, that's why I do what I do, but I guess my biggest frustration is not even a question because I somehow know the answer. The frustration is how far that Islamic supremacy is going to go. Are we all, what I mean by all of us, meaning, average Americans, are we all going to just wait until the Muslim Brotherhood flag is flying over our White House before we realize it's time to do something? Because by then I promise you, there is nothing to be done.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, there doesn't seem to be any limit to fear. This is a problem I go with all the time. The other thing is, I meet people who want to be educated, but after they get educated, they don't want to do anything. We all seem to be so afraid that we're going to say the wrong thing, and I personally have said the wrong thing many times. So, I guess I'm used to it.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, that's true, but at least to me, the whole point of having freedom of speech is to say it even if it's wrong.

Dr. Bill Warner: That's what I do.

Anni Cyrus: That's what I do, too, but then it comes back to hypocrisy and double standards. If what we say is the right thing, but it doesn't fit the narrative. They turn it into the wrong thing. We become the Islamophobic, bigoted, hateful people, but when this woman gets on a bus with a bunch of kids in it and makes threats like that, she has freedom of speech.

I guess. Every time she goes on camera talking about how peaceful her religion is, and how, by the way, just so my audience knows, her entire problem was, she was trying to make the relationship between America and Somalia better. That was her attempt. Just imagine if she's elected to power. Imagine how she's going to go about it.

Eleven years ago, she didn't have the power to be involved with any lawmaking in this country, and she decided to get on a bus with a bunch of kids and make threats such as I have a bomb. Then she moved on to I might have a weapon, hey, I might start shooting people. This woman is genuinely running for office and has an endorsement from Democrats.

I won't be surprised if soon a couple of Republicans start endorsing her because, as Dr. Warner said, the whole point is to be nice and give them power because we don't want to be labeled the bad people.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I remember my life well. I've been called a racist, hater, bigot, Islamophobia many times. Ubax has never hurt me. I don't understand why people are so concerned about the business of hurting someone's feelings, and by the way, I'm never rude.

Still, what should happen is that her opponent, if she has one, surely, there will be some opponent. They should wave this banner, flag, and threats against children. Make it your own campaign slogan. Do you want to elect a child killer for this office? I don't know. What kind of office is it?

Anni Cyrus: I'm obsessing over the fact that she wasn't charged, nor arrested, nor investigated. I feel like I want to start a petition to reopen the case from 10 years ago, 11 years ago. This was 2010; she walked away, same day.

Again, this wasn't even on the news when it happened. It came up because some of the people on the opposition side decided to dig a little deeper and see who she is.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I don't know if it would be worth going back. There's a, what do they call it in law? There are some clauses, murder is not one of them or kidnapping, but there are certain laws that if we don't get a prosecution done in a certain amount of time, it can't be done. I think we are beyond that.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, but terrorism does not have a statute of limitation. That's my point. We are so soft. As you said, we are acting like cowards. We don't want to label this.

Dr. Bill Warner: No, no, you're wrong. We are not acting like cowards. We are cowards.

Anni Cyrus: You're very right. I guess it's just so hard for me to say we are. I keep wanting to feel like we aren't, we're just acting, but you're correct. We are cowards at this point. Now, let me say this because I see we have a couple of callers. Dr. Warner, so September 11th happened.

The first thing everybody ran out to say is this had nothing to do with Islam. Bush runs out to say Islam is a religion of peace, but people like yourself who have studied Islam knew better than to believe any of that. Then a lot of people started the beautiful memes and banners of never forget. Never forget, as I look back, not only have we forgotten.

We have made sure to open more doors for the Muslim Brotherhood, and yes, I call someone like her, someone like Judge Quraishi, and someone like Ilhan Omar, I call them Muslim Brotherhood because, number one: One way or another, they have ties to them. Number two: None of them has come out to tell the truth about them. So, in my eyes, they're all part of the same party.

Dr. Bill Warner: I agree. By the way, one of the ways to measure this is there was a report on 9/11, and the original report on 9/11 included words like jihad, terror, Islam, and other such words. There's a new 9/11 report which doesn't include any Islamic words. So, you could read it and never know who did it. Yet, Mohammed Atta and those others who did it were very proud of it because, let's face it, they were doing exactly what the Quran says. Jihad is a sacred act.

So, it was a good day for them. It may have been a bad day for us, but we've now made it even a better day because now we won't even discuss that what they did was wrong. As a matter of fact, I've even heard some people try to justify the destruction of the World Trade Towers because of our foreign policy or something like that. So, we are willing to blame anybody but ourselves.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, to this day, anything that happens, we rush to defend the poor Muslim community and the backlash the Muslim community is going to face. Nobody comes out to say; actually, I have said, if you don't want to face backlash when things like this happen, for example, when this young lady is going to run for office.

Why don't you come out and say, I don't support her because she did such and such? When the gay club in Florida terrorist does what he does, you should come out and say; I don't support what he did. These poor Muslims are hiding behind closed doors and mosques to be supposedly good Muslims. We know, Dr. Warner, they don't come out to say anything because if they do, they're going to earn bounties on their head, right?

Dr. Bill Warner: This is true.

Anni Cyrus: Let me use this to go into, of course, we have given as much power as we can to the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims, and let's give them more power. Even though funny enough, they work their way backward because first, they made history by having the first Muslim President.

Now, they're breaking the record by having first Muslim everything in the government, but here's my question, Dr. Warner. Let's say I would come out and say I want to run for office, Congress. How much backlash do you think I would receive, especially from Democrats, for being an Islamophobe bigot? They would bury my campaign. They would never let me make the first speech.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I studied a little martial art, and one of the most interesting was Krav Maga. One of the things you learn in Krav Maga is when the other person strikes a blow, you parry, and then you always attack. So, that's the way I debate, and if I was going to be running for office. I would run proudly on my thing as an Islamophobic.

Anybody who wanted to deal with me about it, I would demand them to be an Islamophobic, too, because I want to talk about the Islam that we're phobic about. So, I think that the proper response in war is always to attack. I think that I've always preached the doctrine that come election time, we should shove Islam Muslim candidate's back aside.

We should make them own it and take care of it? We should make accusations against them. Don't be polite: charge. Most people like a winner, and so if you act like a winner, more people will like you. Now, we seem to be saying, well, now, if you're a coward, that's a desirable social state.

I've learned something about courage. I have known people who served in the military who would charge a machine gun, but they won't stand up in a room with 100 other people and disagree with them. So, there are different kinds of courage, and what we need here is moral courage.

Personally, I also need a good night's sleep. So, if I don't deal with the evil happening during the day, I don't get a good night's sleep. So, doing the right thing makes me sleep better. I couldn't live with myself any other way.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, but the difference is, from what I've experienced by doing this for a few years is, people sleep just fine until it's in their backyard, then they get nervous. When they hear about the robbery going on in the town next to them, oh, too bad for that town, but if the robbery happened next door. Then they're going to get a security system, weapons and lock their doors.

That is human nature, but sadly, people don't understand that any neighborhood in America being conquered is our neighborhood. Gradually, they will conquer all of it. By then, it's too late to get a security system, weapons, and, as you said, lose sleep over what you didn't do.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, the doctrine of Islam says they're never supposed to stop the attack once it starts. I have a certain admiration for the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance, they do it so well. You should study your enemy because if his doctrine makes him strong, his doctrine also helps make you strong.

So, I have a certain admiration. One thing I see about a lot of Muslims is they actually practice what they believe, and I think the people who are just muttering about it and pray about it are not practicing what they say they believe.

Anni Cyrus: That's true. I know we have a couple of calls and questions but let me do this as an ex-Muslim. Here's my point of view. Anyone out there who's not saying anything to call out Muslims has automatically picked their side, which means they have abandoned us, the ex-Muslim.

On that note, I wish they would at least give us a chance to hear our side of the story before picking sides. When I say people, I go all the way from the government to mainstream media, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Tucker, and to my own neighbor. I wish we could get a chance to tell our side of a story before they start picking sides and defending because sometimes not saying anything is picking sides. Isn't it, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, silence is consent, that's what Sharia preaches, and I agree. Silence is consent. So, when the police did not do anything about her threatening to blow up the bus, they consented to it. They probably didn't think about it that way. Let's take this another way, which is, I think, even more horrific. In England, the rape gangs groom young girls for a period of years.

The police knew about it, and the social workers knew about it, but they did nothing about it. Why? Because they did not want to be accused of being Islamophobes. I'm astounded at people's fear. When I was a child, there was a little sing-song thing we said, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.’

I really believe that. I've been called everything in the book. None of those words has hurt me yet. Maybe it's because I know who I am.

Anni Cyrus: Or maybe, in my case, I grew up with so many names. I was called so many names that I grew a very thick skin. I mean, I don't think it gets any worse than being called a half-a-person. They look you in the eye at age nine and ten and tell you, ‘Hey, you're a woman. However, you’ve got half a brain.

So, as your male guardian, I will control every step of your life because you're not even a full human to make a decision.’ So, trust me, Islamophobic, bigoted, hateful, anti-Muslim, and traitor doesn't even compare to the words I grew up with. Again, it goes back to I wish we would have a chance to tell our side, with evidence.

We can back it up. Forget all my memories. I can use most of your books, Dr. Warner, to prove my point. You’ve read a book on being a woman under Sharia, correct?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: Can you vouch for what I just said?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes, it's exactly correct. I read an interesting book by; her last name was Bin Laden. She married into the Bin Laden family. She was from Switzerland.

Anni Cyrus: Yes. I Knew Bin Laden's Mother.

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes, it was interesting to see how the girls were taught to always submit to the boys. If there was no chair in the room and a boy walked in, and the girls had all the chairs, one of them had to get up and give him the chair. There were these little subtle things like that. It went on and on.

I found it degrading, yet it was the standard Saudi raising which is the standard Islamic State raising. It was interesting to see the subtleties of it. A woman who goes through all this, I'll call it training. Literally, she becomes half a person after a while. You must have met people who believe they're half a person and gone along with the whole program, Muslim women.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, I did. I will tell you a little tiny secret. I have had times in my life as an adult. In about a month or so, it will be 19 years that I have lived life in America. I still have days when I have to contact one of my close friends, a male, a man, and run my idea by him because my subconscious tells me I am making the biggest mistake of my life.

That I don't have enough of a brain to make the decision, these are the side effects of being a survivor of Sharia. Imagine living your entire life under a dictatorship, and brainwashing.

Dr. Bill Warner: You become like the woman in a Sharia court in the Middle East. She sued the Sharia court for her husband to stop beating her every day and only beat her once a week.

That's the kind of mind that produces. Don't beat me every day, and just beat me once a week. That's the half-person they become.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly. Okay, before we go into the ex-Muslim part of this discussion, calls and questions are piling up. So, let's grab some of them. The first question is coming from our audience on chat. They ask Dr. Warner, did I hear Dr. Warner correctly that the 9/11 report was recently changed, or was it a historical document?

Dr. Bill Warner: How recent it is? I don't know. I haven't seen the document in a long time, but it did get changed. Here's another example of another document that was written wrong. General Stanley McChrystal wrote a battle plan for Afghanistan to win.

I read the battle plan, and it was redacted so far as particular times, places, and people, but three words were never in this war doctrine. They were Islam, Jihad, and Muslim. Now, here's supposed to be one of our best generals writing a war doctrine, who doesn't even name the enemy? How do you defeat an enemy you will not name?

This is the best of West Point and the best of the U.S. military to go to war against an enemy they will not name? How wrong can you get?

Anni Cyrus: Very true. I call it a guessing game. You're just guessing.

Dr. Bill Warner: No, you're hoping. You're not even guessing. You're just hoping this will be fine. What gets me is we've been doing the same, hoping things ever since 9/11, and nothing changes. We're still hoping, and hoping, and hoping. We keep saying, well, you know, if we treat them right, they'll treat us right.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, well, false hope. I promise you, people, false hope. Okay, we have a couple of callers. Let's start by bringing on Syed. I hope I'm pronouncing your name correctly. Syed is calling from Chicago. What do you have for us?

Syed: Hello, how are you? Before I ask my question, and I also have a comment. Tell Dr. Warner if he's listening; I like to commend him on his books. You know, I pretty much have all of his books at home.

I just want to give you a brief background. I'm of a Muslim background, but currently, I'm an agnostic, so I'm still searching, and the comment I want to make, is and I don't mean to veer off-topic. I understand the conversation is about Islamic supremacy and ex-Muslims, but the comment in question is for both of you as well.

Dr. Warner because I understand you're from Iran, originally. I have a master's degree in history, and I've always been interested in the spread of Islam. It's related to the topic you're talking about anyway because most of the countries conquered by the Arab Islamic expansion in the 7th century were pretty much Arabized, except for Iran, which still maintains its original Indo-European Farsi language, the culture, and what have you.

My question is, in Iran specifically because many of the historians like Patricia Crone and her book, The Need of its Prophets, and other literature make it seem, first of all, the misconception was that when Islam first entered Tehran that all of Iran suddenly became Islamic, which is not true.

In fact, even centuries after the Arab conquest, the defeat of the Sasanian Persians, the Battle of Qadisiyyah. Iran many Iranians continued to resist Islamization to a certain extent. Shiite Islam could be viewed as a form of Iranianized Islam, trying to maintain a façade of Islam in the light of the Arab Calipha to make life more tolerable under the Arab caliphate.

So, my question for both of you is, in Iran specifically, did Islam just gradually become the main religion after centuries, or was it more of an abrupt process of Islamization?

Anni Cyrus: Well, thank you, Syed, for calling in.

Dr. Bill Warner: If you meet someone from Iran, I always ask them a question. I ask them, are you Persian? Usually, they'll proudly say, yes, I am Persian. They don't say that they're Muslim. They just say they're Persian. If you want to hear some foul language, hear some Persians talk about Arabs. They're not shy.

Anni Cyrus: That is very true. Syed, I appreciate you calling in. We're going to put you back on hold so you can hear the answer, but thanks for calling in, and please stay with us for the rest of the program.

Syed: Oh, I will do that. I really appreciate it.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you. If you don't mind, Dr. Warner, I'll answer first, and then you go because it's interesting what Syed said. Yes, Iran, even though it's the smallest piece left of the Persian Empire, Iran still has the highest population of Persians. However, after the Mongolian invasion and Arab invasion of Iran, there are very few Persians left.

As far as the language goes, Arabs did influence the language of Persia. Their language was Parsi, which was coming from the Avestan language of the Persian Empire. First of all, they changed the name of the language to Farsi because the character "P" does not exist in the Arabic alphabet.

They went from Parsi to Farsi, and then today, the Farsi spoken in Iran is 70% Arabic, with Farsi pronunciation. Maybe 30% of actual Parsi Avestan is left in the language. So, they have gradually overridden that pure language of Iran, which was Parsi. As far as the invasion turning it into Islamization, my knowledge says no, until 1979, Iran was never an Islamic country.

They had Muslims, they had attempts momentarily, they had the country and the land, but it started in 1979 when the government and the constitution turned into Sharia constitution. Dr. Warner yours…

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I don't know that I have much to add to what you had to say there. I find this interesting. There's another change going on inside of Iran. You know more about this than I do, but this is from just reading. Among young people, Islam is not very popular at all.

They've seen too much and have seen the corruption. Also, there are now many house churches in Iran, just like there are in China. The fastest-growing religion in Iran turns out to be Christianity, not Islam.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, that's very accurate. Now, the new generation is not a big fan of Islam, and we can thank technology for that. When I was growing up in Iran, I wasn't aware of the freedom that existed. The only information I had was through my grandmother telling me there was a different lifestyle somewhere out there, but with technology such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the Internet the next generation has started seeing it with their own eyes that there is a different life out there from what they're teaching them.

So, they're sort of rebelling against it, and yes, we had more than enough brave people in Iran to start turning their homes into churches. They turn their basements, the back of their stores, and their warehouses into churches. As of right now, based on what I know, talking to people in Iran, we have about a 50% conversion rate. We have had a 50% conversion rate from 2009 to today.

Dr. Bill Warner: That's quite a bit.

Anni Cyrus: Almost a majority, considering Christians and Jews, are behind closed doors, adding those behind closed doors, the Baha'i section of Iranians. As of right now, a majority of the country is not Muslim, and within those numbers, the majority are Christians.

Dr. Bill Warner: I also understand that Zoroastrianism is making a comeback in Iran. I also find it interesting that the mullahs hate Valentine's Day. So, Valentine's Day, I understand, has become quite popular with the young.

Anni Cyrus: Actually, you might be surprised to hear this one. The number one hated holiday by mullahs is Christmas Eve, then Valentines' Day. Yes, so amazingly, the last three years, the young generation of Iranians have put themselves in danger of arrest, lashes, and penalties by actually celebrating Christmas Eve.

Dr. Bill Warner: My word, I didn't know that.

Anni Cyrus: I know they're keeping it very hush, hush because is such a thing comes out of Iran news, and they will lose all of their pertinence power over their people. But, yes, every year, they celebrate Christmas Eve, which is the most hated holiday by any Muslim leader or even a devout Muslim, which is enough to hate Christmas Eve. So, yes, that is very much true. Okay, I know we have, I believe, our very dear friend Paul from Chicago on the line as well. Hi, Paul.

Paul: Can you hear me?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, we can.

Paul: Hi there, Anni.  Well, hello, Dr. Warner. It's been some time, but we hosted you and Usama Dakdok back in the Chicago area a couple of years ago, and it was just wonderful to spend some time with your wisdom and genius. So, great to hear two heroes of mine on the same call. Wonderful.

I was calling just to say hello, but also to make sure you recommend your resources. I found them invaluable, and some of them are particularly useful in the conversation circling CRT critical race theory. Now, your work on slavery is just phenomenal about the origins and some of the background.

I just found all your work so valuable. I just wanted to thank you for it and recommend them to everyone on the call. If you'd share how to get a hold of some of your resources, I think that would benefit everyone listening. I'll let you expand on that. God's blessings on both of you, and I thank you for both of your work. That's all I wanted to say. So, thank you so much.

Anni Cyrus: We appreciate you, Paul.

Dr. Bill Warner: You're very generous.

Anni Cyrus: Oh, Dr. Warner, I can vouch for that. Paul is very generous by heart. He's been a great friend and supporter of mine, Live Up to Freedom, and my movement for many years. He does go out of his way to do something, which is giving voice to people like myself, Usama Dakdok, you, and our very dear friend that we miss every day, Phil Haney. So, yes, it is a blessing to have Paul.

Dr. Bill Warner: By the way, when you're talking about Usama Dakdok, are you talking about the shy man? (Laughter)

Anni Cyrus: That's a good one, but thank you so much, Paul, for calling. We will go ahead and put you back on hold. I'm sure you're going to stick around to hear the rest of the program, but as Paul asked. Yes, please. Dr. Warner let's talk about your research, books, material, and where our audience can go to learn all about them.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I have a website called PoliticalIslam.com, and you can go there. I have the whole bookstore. You can also buy them from Amazon, but I don't make as much money. I am being crude here, but that is a simple fact.

On YouTube, I not only have books, but I have lots and lots of videos. Some of my videos have had over a million views. The way I got into the video business, by the way, was a mistake. I was writing newsletters. I issued about a one-page newsletter every week, and I gave a talk, which I have never given before, called Why We Are Afraid, about the conquest of Islam.

A man came into the room with a TV camera and said, ‘Do you mind if I record your video, your talk?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ Then he said after it was over, ‘Can I put this on YouTube?’ I said to myself, not to him, ‘No one will ever watch a 45-minute lecture on Islam history.’

I had about 100,000 views in the first month, and I said, ‘Wait a minute. By an accidental video, I've contacted far more people than everything else I've ever done.’ So, that got me into the video business.

Originally, I wrote big books, such as Simple Quran, which, I don't know, is 480 pages. Then I was doing lobbying work for the Tennessee legislature trying to deal with Sharia, and I realized that no one knew what Sharia was.

So, I wrote a book that I deliberately made one-eighth of one inch thick because these were politicians. I know they didn't have time to read a big book. So, I created an eighth of an inch thick Sharia law for non-Muslims. Tens of thousands of those sold until the Southern Poverty Law Center drove me out. I was the number one bestseller in Sharia on Amazon, but anyway, that's my website.

Anni Cyrus: Imagine that. I'm shocked.

Dr. Bill Warner: That what?

Anni Cyrus: Oh, that was me being sarcastic, that SPLC would go after you and try to take your work down.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, what happened there was a meeting, Media Matters down in Florida, founded by George Soros. SPLC was the main speaker, and they said we tried shaming these people, and they won't shame. We now need to drive them out of business.

Immediately, things began to happen. My book disappeared off the Amazon. It used to be, if you Google the search for political Islam, the first five screens were all me. Those disappeared. So, when the SPLC said we need to drive them out of business, that was their intent. So, my life devolves into before and after that meeting. I still have books, and they're made easy to read.

My audience is, I imagine, a plumber. I was raised very blue-collar. I grew up on a dirt farm, and so I always want to make things simple. I would say I write for a plumber and a bus driver. I have sold books to both plumbers and bus drivers.

So, my works are written easy to read. I find as a professor it's easy enough to bamboozle anybody with fancy words. It takes a lot more skill to say something in a simple way that anyone can understand. That's the way my books are written. So, buy my books.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, please do, buy Dr. Warner's books. Go back and watch all of his videos. I'm not kidding. I always thought because of my simple vocabulary of English not being my first language I can make things very simple to understand. Then I watched all of Dr. Warner's videos, and I read his books.

I'm like, wow, I should try to use some of his phrases and terms because they do make it a lot simpler. So, yes, go to his website and check it out. I know we have more calls, but guys, give us a minute. Let's cover the Ex-Muslim topic. I promise we will come back and answer your calls—for those of you who are online but haven't pressed one.

If you have a comment or question, I need you to press one, so our producer knows you would like to come on air with us. Dr. Warner let's go to the ex-Muslim part of our discussion. We established Islamic supremacy is definitely creating discrimination.

They try to shut us down. So, we don't come out and tell the truth about the Islamic invasion. I will let you go ahead and introduce my audience to the idea you have for ex-Muslims.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, first off, in my opinion, every former Muslim is a hero. Let me just start with that because it's not a casual thing to do. I've got a Sharia text called, The Reliance of the Traveler, which I can look up and see what should happen is what Mohammed said should happen, which is you should be killed.

Well, that's a pretty steep price to pay for religious freedom. Therefore, my heart goes out to any ex-Muslim. I also think that the ex-Muslim is a unique weapon. I think in terms of war. This is a war, a war of ideas.

I think that the ex-Muslim, a former Muslim, has a unique position. What I would like is to give full civil rights to former Muslims; right now, they don't have that. As an example, you can't be hired to work for the FBI and do translation work in Farsi, even though it's your native language if you're not a Muslim. Well, I think that's job discrimination.

I think a lot of discrimination is done. You can never bring an ex-Muslim into a university to speak on women's issues, but Muslims can come in and speak on it. So, I think this is a limitation on freedom of speech. I think former Muslims should be given freedom of speech, for that matter, Muslims. I think everybody should have free speech and have freedom of religion, not under the threat of death. The former Muslim can be a new and unique kind of warrior in this war of ideas because people can look at me and say, well, Bill, you don't speak Arabic.

Therefore, you can't know anything about Islam. That's not true, but that's what they say, but if you talk to a former Muslim, an ex-Muslim, then they can't say, to you, Anni, you don't know anything about Islam because you were raised in it. That's one of the biggest defenses; if people don't like what I say, they go, well, you don't really know anything. You can't accuse a former Muslim of not knowing anything because they were raised in it or not only raised in it but left it.

Like I say, my heart goes out to the former Muslims, and I see them. It sounds peculiar; I see them as a weapon of war that we need to use. Then again, I'm bent that way. I see everything as a struggle and a battle. I think that we should use everything we can—the honesty and courage in the former Muslims should be done and used.

For instance, I think that every church, every church should bring in former Muslims to speak even if you're an agnostic. If you're a Christian and want to bring a Christian, bring in Muslims who have converted to Christianity. I told people in a church; we will do this. You will see real Christians.

These people are not afraid. The former Muslim, I think, is something that's never been used in this war of ideas. By the way, in the past, the struggle against Islam has always been done with war. Physical war, kinetic war, we have never really engaged them in the world of ideas, which is where I fight. When I say fight and war, I'm not talking about killing people. I'm not talking about bullets and bombs. I'm talking about better ideas.

So, my heart goes out to the form of Muslims, but I think that they could be useful, and we can reduce their fear. They need help from not only other former Muslims but also, they need help from kafirs. Not Muslims who would like to work with them. So, those are some of my ideas—full civil rights for every former Muslim.

Anni Cyrus: Well, as an ex-Muslim or former Muslim one, I want to appreciate your kind words and acknowledgment because, as you know, we normally just get the comments of, oh, just because you had a couple of bad experiences doesn't mean Islam is the problem, or in my case, just because your father was crazy doesn't mean Islam is bad.

So, the acknowledgment of knowing we didn't have bad experiences, but rather we understand the actual topic. It's always appreciated, at least by me. To let our audience, know, I am honored to be involved with this movement that Dr. Bill Warner has thought about and started. I think it has a very good chance, at least the way I'm looking at it. It's very accurate. I have been rejected for jobs just because I'm an ex-Muslim who is speaking out.

If I were a closet ex-Muslim who didn't say anything, I would probably get the job, but the fact that I'm practicing freedom of speech then I am discriminated against. I have lost clients. I have lost job opportunities, and recently places like PayPal and Chase Bank have informed me that they're cutting my business. They're not going to do business with me anymore. I think that happened to you, too. Right, Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: Was it PayPal?

Dr. Bill Warner: PayPal was one of them. Then I got a peculiar letter from my expensive copyright attorney in Manhattan who said I can still use MasterCard, but I couldn't use the logo. I thought that's weird, but I'll do it. I've had PayPal, MailChimp, and at one time, I sat down and made a list. What did I do to get dropped off of PayPal? I just use them as an agency to deal with money.

Anni Cyrus: You probably sold books that educate people. That's what you did.

Dr. Bill Warner: Guilty as charged.

Anni Cyrus: Well, that's the thing. I believe you said that already. They can push you out of business, which they think it's a business, even though it's a mission to people like you and me. They can run you out of business for sure by just cutting any money. We all have bills to pay, but I'm not going to get sidetracked on how we're being attacked by banks.

I will say this, Dr. Warner said, this is a new idea, and we're just starting, but it's an idea. We're inviting everyone to join us in any shape or form. If you have ideas, if you have the ability to volunteer, we're going to need a lot of people to get involved. You can do that as of right now. Dr. Warner, what email do people use to get involved, volunteer their time or ideas, anything they can.

Dr. Bill Warner: BW, Bravo Whiskey, BW@PoliticalIslam.com.

Anni Cyrus: There you go. Send an email to BW@PoliticalIslam.com. Let Dr. Warner know what you can do to help this movement. So, hopefully, ex-Muslims, such as myself, have more equal rights. Isn't that what the left always uses? Equal rights?

Dr. Bill Warner: I don't think the leftists like you.

Anni Cyrus: Of course not. That's why I said if I ever announce that I'm going to run for office, they would bury me just because, well, I'm an ex-Muslim who dares come out and talk about their good friends in the office who are practicing Sharia. Okay, since I promised, Dr. Warner, let's try to bring as many callers on as we can and answer as many questions as possible. Let's start with Peter from Maine because I know he's been on hold for a good long time. Peter, what do you have for us?

Peter: Hi, I'm calling with a comment for Dr. Warner. Dr. Warner, I'm Peter Brown. I’ve communicated with you a few times, and you've been very gracious. I've purchased most of your books and was thoroughly educated by them. I had a couple of quick questions. The first one, is it possible to reform Islam? I got the feeling from you that perhaps it might not be because Islam, as you've stated, is sacrosanct and can't be changed. The second question is ...

Dr. Bill Warner: Whoa, I'm an old man. Let me answer the questions one at a time. By the time you give me the second one, I'll forget the first one.

Peter: Okay.

Dr. Bill Warner: Let's deal with: Can Islam be reformed? What is Islam? Islam is a doctrine down in the Quran, Surah, which is Muhammed, and the Hadith, which are the traditions of Muhammed. That's what Islam is. If it's not there, it's not Islam. If it is there, it is Islam. Now, let's take the Quran.

The Quran is complete, perfect, universal, and absolute. So, let's say we want to modify the Quran, leave something out. Now, it's no longer perfect because it's no longer complete. Say we want to add something. Well, how can you add to perfection? So, in the Quran, it is not possible to do anything with it. Let's take Muhammed's life and its traditions, the Sunnah. Well, the Sunnah is the perfect example of Muhammed.

Well, he's dead and gone. So, his example is he exists in eternity. If you are going to reform Islam, you'll have to change the Quran or change the Sunnah of Muhammed, which cannot be done. So, if you don't like Islam, you're stuck with it. If you do like Islam, you can't change it. Now, question number two.

Peter: Well, question number two is what to do about the problem of totalitarian Islam? Should we ban Sharia law throughout the world? Should we ban Muslim migration into Europe and America, etc.? It seems to be an almost insurmountable problem that if we allow those things to proceed unchecked, eventually, Western civilization will be subsumed.

Dr. Bill Warner: This is exactly correct. I'm a former professor. My method of dealing with this is an ideological war, which is to educate people. So that they know, for instance, a Muslim immigrant doesn't just represent another person, a better job, and a better country. It also represents bringing in Sharia, and Sharia persecutes the kafir, the non-Muslim.

We need to educate people, so they understand when you are a judge or if you are voting in the booth, you never want to vote for any Muslim because they inherently think you’re a kafir.

You're lower than dirt. You're unclean. You're filthy. You can be killed, raped, robbed, and deceived. Why would somebody vote for someone who believes all those things?

I think we need to take the time to run for office. A time in which we expose Islam, particularly if a Muslim is running. My way of being polite is to ask polite questions about the doctrine of Islam. For instance, do you adhere to wife-beating? Because it's part of the doctrine in both the Hadith and Quran. I think that elections are where an ideological war can be best fought because what they do with me is de-platform me.

They say, oh, you can't do this, or you can't do that. When an election is a public affair, and anyone can speak at a campaign talk. So, my long-range plans are to make it such that a Muslim would be afraid to run for office for fear that he would be exposed for what he believes, which is that I'm a filthy kafir.

Peter: Yes, well, it seems to me that the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, and religion apply to Islam, but then Islam is more political than religious, in my view, because of its totalitarianism.

Dr. Bill Warner: I agree. We need to find ways to deal with this. There are many ways to deal with it. A way not to deal with it is; I hear, particularly conservatives, describe Islam in terms of how bad they are, how powerful they are, and how helpless we are. We need to start thinking of ourselves as winners because when you complain like that, you're becoming a loser.

We need to ask ourselves; how can we take what the enemy is doing and use it to our advantage? If you're losing a war, you need to protect what you're doing or change what you're doing. I am arguing we should change what we're doing.

Peter: Okay, well, thank you very much. I appreciate your work.

Dr. Bill Warner: Thank you.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you so much, Peter, for calling in. We have a caller. Our next caller is Bill, from South Carolina. What do you have for us, Bill?

Bill: Yes, it's good to educate people on the evils of Islam, but we will continue to be surrendered to Islam if we are not organized to stop or reverse the advance of Islam. What is the best pathway for transforming the Republican Party into a more counter-jihad political party?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, I have an answer. My answer is this. We create a new organization called Center for the Study of Political Islam International. You need an organization to work from. David may have defeated Goliath, but he didn't defeat the army behind Goliath. We need more than strong individuals.

You need to join some sort of organization. The one that we've created is the Center for the Study of Political Islam. So, if you have any interest in that, contact me at BW-Bravo Whiskey @PoliticalIslam.com because you need to have an organization to defeat an organization. Warriors do not defeat armies; therefore, we need to create our own army. That's my answer.

Anni Cyrus: Well, thanks, Bill, for holding, and thank you for calling in. We appreciate your call. We do have one more call for today, Radim from Canada. What do you have for us?

Radim: Hi, Anni. Hi, Dr. Warner. First off, Dr. Warner, you and I have had emails back and forth. Thank you. You've always been a very good source for my readings. I want to let you know I was able to get an original copy of the Quranic Concept of War, which was fantastic to read.

Dr. Bill Warner: Great book.

Radim: It was fantastic. It was heavy, but it was very good. My question is pretty straightforward. In an ideological battle, how do we compete with mainstream Muslim apologetics when the historical origins and understanding of Islam alone seem to fall on deaf ears?

I'm asking this question, particularly referencing authors like Saied Reza Ameli or Arzu Merali, who wrote books like, Only Canadian: The Experience of Hate Moderated Differential Citizenship for Muslims; in Canada.

Dr. Bill Warner: Okay, make your question concise.

Radim: Let me give you an example. Maybe this will help. So, we have Motion 103 here, which is directly an anti-Islamophobia bill. The problem is, how do we compete with that when the historical accuracy of Islam doesn't matter in that context?

Dr. Bill Warner: Right, well, you as an individual can't do anything except educate your family, and perhaps, some friends. We need again to create groups so that we can have demonstrations. I came out of the civil rights movement in the 60s, and one of the things we learned was, you can't arrest us all. In a large enough group, you can say things you cannot say as an individual.

We have to go from being individuals to being part of a group, and we must exercise our powers that way. Like I say, in the civil rights movement, we learned they couldn’t arrest us all. So, if you have a big demonstration, there's really nothing to be done about it, but you need to have the group first. Right now, as an individual, you can't do much except try to start a group.

Like, I said, our method in doing this is, The Center for the Study of Islam International. By the way, we're just getting started. It took us six years to develop the program. It's not easy to make a group that's effective. So, that's my shorthand.

Radim: I've actually printed off the pamphlet, Voice for the Voiceless.

Dr. Bill Warner: Oh yes.

Radim: I've handed those out, and those have been quite effective.

Anni Cyrus: Also if I may add something. Another thing is the history may not matter, but you can always use what happened yesterday to prove that yesterday, four years from today, 1,400 years from today, or 1,400 years back nothing has changed—the number of female genital mutilations, the number of child brides within Islamic countries, and the number of women stoned to death under Sharia you can use all of that.

It's a daily routine in Islamic countries. It's still happening the same way it happened. For example, if you read the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the Constitution, the penal code. It mentions that a man is allowed to have up to four wives and unlimited temporary wives. That is right in Sharia from 1,400 years ago. They will try to deny history or make it irrelevant, but you can make it relevant again by giving them examples of what happened yesterday.

Dr. Bill Warner: And you will never run out of examples.

Radim: Yes, I agree. I think it's ReligionOfPeace.org. I think they track a lot of Islamic terrorist attacks, and I believe that's the website. Yeah, I've used that many times as a reference as well. I think the issue comes that the reframing of the discussion is now becoming more, how do I put this, a social justice issue and less of an Islamic issue. That's how I think bills like Motion 103 get passed in Canada. I think that's more to my point.

Dr. Bill Warner: Canada has been a big disappointment to me. Canada has transformed itself. I used to view Canada as a better version of the United States, but not anymore.

Radim: I agree.

Anni Cyrus: Canada seems to be a better version of my motherland, Iran. They are going down that path very clearly. When I came to Canada a few years ago to specifically give a speech on Motion-M103, I was walking around just looking; I was like, wow, I feel like I'm walking in Tehran. It's reforming itself into a more modern Iran today.

Radim: Yes, I would agree very much with that.

Anni Cyrus: We appreciate your call.  I'm sorry, what was that Dr. Warner?

Dr. Bill Warner: I said, it saddens me.

Anni Cyrus: I agree, but Radim, thank you so much for calling, and I know you were on hold for a long time. We appreciate your patience, and hopefully, you will tune in next week as well. We are officially on overtime. So, Dr. Warner I just wanted to thank you for giving us an hour of your precious, busy day to come on, and answer questions, and explain what is happening with Islamic supremacy. Thank you so much for coming up with an idea to hopefully one day give ex-Muslims equal rights. Not just in America but everywhere. Thank you.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, thank you, Anni. It's a delight to work with you.

Anni Cyrus: Always, and one more time, tell our people where to go, your domain, and your website. One more time.

Dr. Bill Warner: PoliticalIslam.com.

Anni Cyrus: PoliticalIslam.com. Everybody go there, read everything, watch everything, buy every book, and get educated because, as Dr. Warner said, ‘There is no way we can fight our enemy unless, one, we name it. Two, we know it completely. Then we have a chance to win this war.’

On that note, remember, if you want to stay in touch with me and everybody else at American Truth Project. All you have to do is, text my name, Anni, A-N-N-I. Send it to 88202, or simply go to our website, AmericanTruthProject.org, and sign up via email. While you are there, remember, we are a 501(c)3 organization, which is a nonprofit organization.

So, your donations help us keep going. Click that donate button. Your donations will be 100% tax-deductible. Thank you so much for being with us today. I will talk to you all next Monday with my special guest, Brigitte Gabriel. Same time, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You all have a good day and be safe.

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