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Is Full Scale War Coming to Gaza Strip?


Jermain Botsio: Twelve hundred rockets fired in a year.

Jermain Botsio: So, Barry we just got done seeing a lot of information about what's going on there. Over twelve hundred and thirty-three rockets fired there a year. Barry there is a lot of things going on there. Is it going to come to war?

Barry Nussbaum: I would give you three different answers and I think we don't know but it sure looks like it. Item number one is there has been an incredibly aggressive escalation of violence originating in the Gaza Strip over the fence, through the fence, and under the fence. Meaning they've been tunneling into Israel. They've been climbing through the fence after cutting it and attacking with firebombs, guns, knives, and explosive devices and have been sending missiles, rockets, and kite firebombs over the fence. Now let me define all three. A kite firebomb is literally a kite with a gasoline bomb of some kind attached to it so goes up in the wind it floats across when it lands in Israel whatever it hits. Burst into flames thousands and thousands of acres of Israeli crop land has been burned to the ground. Millions of dollars in fresh produce has been lost. Houses have caught on fire. Bombs have landed in buildings and exploded. And then there's the missiles and rockets. Now a rocket is short range. So, I've been in Sderote which is right across the street across the fields really from the Gaza Strip. The warning time for a Katyusha rocket the short range one fired out of Gaza into Sderote is five to seven seconds. So, if you're farther than seven seconds from a bomb shelter. Now think about it. One two three four five. That's the short amount of time you get. 6 7. That's the long amount of time you get if you don't make it. and it comes near you, you blow up. Which is why every bus stop there is a bomb shelter. Every apartment building has a bomb shelter. Every school has an underground part to it. Every business has a hole in the ground that you can jump into. That's insane. Everybody there has PTSD. They're literally across the street from a gang of murderous thugs. It's that close and then the long-range rockets or missiles are really getting scary. A couple of weeks ago one landed north of Tel Aviv and the sirens were going off all over Israel. My daughter goes to school there and she told me that the bomb shelter in her basement or her apartment building had to be opened up, so she had a place to run to. So, it's really really scary.

Jermain Botsio: I don't know how people can live in those conditions Barry. I mean literally I would have heart attacks every night. Just hearing sirens or even just the possibility of a rocket hitting my home. Now I want to go ahead, and you alluded to this a little bit earlier about the missiles hit in people's homes and destroyed buildings. I want to go ahead and show the crowd this video here of a destroyed home. All right. And this is a projectile that directly hit the home in the Sharon region leveling it and starting fire. I want you guys to see this because this picture ladies and gentlemen is very, to me convincing about what's going on in that region. Just take a look. Look at what a rocket does. That is insane. If he hears you're out Barry you're gone, you're a goner. You can't survive something like this. So, Barry, you spoke about Israel's retaliation a little bit earlier you alluded to it. Is it Israel's retaliation plan just to you know call people up and say hey we're going to bomb your building, so you guys need to get out of there? I believe that they're being too nice. Well what was going on with their retaliation?

Barry Nussbaum: I know it's stupid as your question sounds that's the truth. That's what they do you know. They've got the cell phones of all of these Hamas terrorists and so they'll start calling and then what happens is they drop fliers right. And they have announcements. You have three minutes. You have two minutes. You have one minutes. At the deadline, the building blows up. I don't think that defers anything. They blew up the military intelligence wing of Hamas which is acknowledge worldwide is one of the leading murder terror organizations on the planet. And the next day the leader who had been in the building and had left when he got a warning on his cell phone came back and stood in the rubble and said the Israelis don't scare me. We're never going to quit. Blah blah blah. So, I mean he announced your tactics are B.S. I don't know why you're doing it either you know. I'm not deterred at all because we get so much international aid, we'll rebuild this building with money from Belgium or France or Germany or whatever you know. I think the answer to the question you asked earlier Jermain is ask me again after Israeli elections. The leading candidates in both the Likud which is Netanyahu and the blue and white party which is Gantz, General Gantz who used to be the head of the army, have both said after the election if anything comes over the fence the reaction of Israel is no longer going to be the you have five minutes to evacuate your building before we bomb an empty building. It's not going to be that anymore. Both sides in politics have said that the gloves are going to come off and I think unless there is a drastic change in in the plans coming out of the military wing and Hamas it's going to get really ugly. I know for a fact that friends are right now in the fields across from Gaza with their tanks waiting. It looks like an armored car tank brigade parking lot right now. The troops are all there and they're waiting. And if anything happens, they're going to go right across the border and I hope, from a strategy point of view Jermain, they go get the guys that have been ordering the murders. You saw what that family went through there were seven people in that house. They had a few seconds warning because the sirens went off in Tel Aviv and they were below the house in the bomb shelter, so nobody was killed. Almost all of them were very badly hurt but thank God nobody died. It's a miracle nobody died. They barely made it. Imagine if that was the Botsio house in Minnesota. How you would feel. You would demand that your government go wipe out the criminals that did that to your home. And in every other country in the world and I mean that literally every other country in the world. They go get the people that did it. Israel's playing, I don't know, a public relations game so as not to antagonize the world press as if the world press would ever support Israel anyway. You'll see after Tuesday whoever wins and then builds their coalition because it's going to take a few weeks. There's going to be a change Jermaine so next show we'll see.


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