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Is Biden Fit For Office?


Will Johnson: We are live. Thank you, everybody, for being with us on September 23rd, 2021. Channon, the word is crazy. We got crazy people in it. There's a lot of crazy people in it, and the craziness is growing every day.

Channon: Crazy is the new normal.

Will Johnson: The crazy is the new normal. I like that. Say it again.

Channon: Crazy is the new normal here in America.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. So, if you want to get free information, free notifications, just type in 88202, and type my name. Put the number 88202 and type my name W-I-L-L, awesome free information from American Truth Project. Information that you don't get anywhere else, seriously.

We're going to talk about Biden. Then we're going to talk about the border. That is talking about Biden. We're going to talk about the lack of responsibility. We're going to talk about the lack of action. The question is, is Biden fit to be in the office?

Channon: Yeah, every week we sit here and go, okay, what are we going to call our show? Unfortunately, there are so many things to choose from. It's like, are we going to talk about this, are we going to talk about that, or are we going to talk about this? But yes, today at the top of the hour we are going to be talking about, is Biden fit to be in office?

Will Johnson: Do you want the short answer?

Channon: I know what it is.

Will Johnson: I'm pretty sure everybody, even people that voted for him, knows the short answer right about now.

Channon: Well, actually, his approval numbers have been steadily declining.

Will Johnson: Steadily declining.

Channon: Steadily declining, right.

Will Johnson: Isn't that a surprise to all of us that his approval rating is declining? Are you surprised by that?

Channon: Well, I'm not.

Will Johnson: You are not surprised?

Channon: But you know what made this topic interesting today? It is a fact that other world leaders or other countries are starting to ask the same question. They're starting to ask, is Biden fit to run the free world? Which is making it no longer free.

Will Johnson: Exactly. You know what? That is a very good thing to ask. Do you know what they're saying? I want to bet without them even going on camera saying it; they're saying, who's running the country? Because see if you can't take questions from the press, the media, and reporters about his actions. Who is he? What is he doing? The short answer to is he fit to run the office? The short answer is no.

Channon: This says off the air. Are we off the air?

Will Johnson: I'm connected.

Channon: Okay, I just got a notification saying we're off there. I'm not sure.

Will Johnson: Are you able to go to the website? Are you able to go to the website or not?

Channon: Okay, it's fine. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: You're confusing. I'm getting confused.

Channon: I'm confused too.

Will Johnson: I think the simplest thing is to check the website.

Channon: Anyways, Biden was at the U.N. this past week or this week. I don't even know today's Thursday, right? In the end, he had a conversation with Prime Minister Boris, and when they came out, it was typical. Trump did it too, Biden did it, Bush; after meetings, world leaders come out and are confronted by the press. They give a summary of what they talked about, and then they take questions, normal procedure.

Will Johnson: We kind of saw exactly where you're headed when it was the G7. Remember he had the meeting with Putin, and then typically after two world leaders, supposedly world leaders have a meeting. They come together, stand before the press, and take questions. Putin was standing there by himself. He answered questions.

Channon: Biden was in a completely different location.

Will Johnson: He just met people randomly to ask questions, but Biden, I think it was two hours later or something like that.

Channon: In a different location.

Will Johnson: And he had written down questions. It was with the answers. I'm like, come on.

Channon: Totally crazy. The same thing happened again, and listen to the former Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage. He was on Fox and Friends and listened to his take of what happened after the meeting with Boris and Biden when they were in the room with the press.

Nigel Farage: Good morning! The first thing to say is what a bizarre spectacle. To see two important world leaders muzzled behind the thickest face masks that possibly ever been made. So, much so, it was actually quite difficult to hear anything anyone was saying.

That was the first thing that was utterly bizarre, and I think Boris Johnson, and of course, you know, our culture as yours has always been, is that leaders are accountable to the press from all sides, and all opinions do get asked questions. And I think Boris was completely stunned that the new culture in America, who was supposed to be the leaders of the free world, is that the President does not take questions. So, Boris decided to sort of in an impromptu way to try and take a few questions.

And the White House press team didn't like it and protested, and so we're sort of asking ourselves a question here in the U.K. this morning. If Joe Biden doesn't take questions from journalists and therefore isn't accountable for what he's doing as leader of America or leader of the free world. We have to ask ourselves a question. Is he actually fit and proper and competent to be doing the job?

Will Johnson: The answer, the short answer is no, not at all. Biden is not fit to do anything. A lot of people call him dementia, Joe, because he doesn't even know where he is half the time. This is such a disgrace what the Democrats have done to this nation. They did it this past November, along with the Rhino Republicans and that is the very reason right now the rest of the world is looking at America like, are you kidding me?

Channon: He actually said it. Is this the new culture in America?

Will Johnson: How did you go from a President like Donald J. Trump, who was a true leader, who was bringing America out of this stupidity, and get us right back into it? Not only that, but they also put us right back in and brings us deeper into stupidity.

Channon: Yeah, and the biggest thing, I get so frustrated with this administration because when they first came out, and always criticized Trump, but here they are. They came out and said that they were going to be transparent, and they were always going to let us know what was happening. Our President came and didn't answer any of our questions. It's ridiculous.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Vice President Biden can't answer a single question.

Channon: It's so disgusting.

Will Johnson: Seriously, and you know what? He's happy to sit there. You know, he's probably tired. He's probably like, can we get a move on? That's why we don't want to take any questions right now because it's time for my nap.

Channon: You know, this should be a wake-up call to people because he's right. When he said that part of a free world is to answer to the people and the media, Biden refuses to do that. It's part of his tyrannical, authoritative type leadership here in America. It's disgusting.

You know, when we say, "is he fit," we have Republicans that have filed new impeachment articles against Biden over the border and Afghanistan. He never properly addressed killing innocent people. He lied when he said they got the target and the people who killed the 13 soldiers in Afghanistan. He lied about it. They literally lied, and when they get caught in the lie, they sweep it under the rug.

Like, oh, there were missteps. We don't see it as a problem, la, la, la. They just brush it off. Now, we have evidence that people coming from Afghanistan were not properly vetted. We have evidence that some of them are coming here with other illnesses, such as measles. It's disgusting, and actually, the whole reason we had to fly people out of Afghanistan was because of his terrible missteps in the beginning.

He created a situation by pulling out too soon improperly, which put all those people's lives in danger. We can't celebrate the fact that he brought them here because he put them in danger. He was trying to clean up this mess.

Will Johnson: Exactly, he is trying to clean up this mess. You and I had this discussion before. The left, the Democrats, created the crisis because this was not happening to President Trump. They create the crisis, and then all of a sudden, they want to come in like they are swooping in to save the day to be the heroes. After we all just saw them create the crisis.

The Afghanistan crisis was created by them. The southern border crisis was created by them. The oil in the United States of America, a crisis created by them when the oil refinery got hacked, supposedly, on the East Coast, and they're trying to blame Russia. I would not put it past them to create the crisis. Think about it. It did not happen under President Trump.

Why is that? Why didn't it happen under Trump? Why is all this stupidity all of a sudden now happening under this administration? It's ridiculous, and for people not to recognize it. They're completely looking away from the facts because they want to go along with the lie.

Channon: Will, let's have someone chime in. We have Diane from Pennsylvania on the line.

Will Johnson: Diane from Pennsylvania. Thank you so much for the call.

Diane: Oh, my pleasure. Will, thank you for your service to our country in what you're doing.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Diane: I work at a big old retail store. Everybody knows it. Everybody goes there even though they don't want to admit that they shop there.

Channon: Wal-Mart.

Will Johnson: Wally World.

Diane: I didn't say that. I talked to people all day long, and although they made me quit wearing my patriotic and political buttons because one of the employees complained.

Will Johnson: Really? Let me ask you this. Do they ever wear like the BLM buttons and the L-M-N-O-P community buttons and paraphernalia?

Diane: No, no, they don't.

Will Johnson: So, they stopped them from wearing that too?

Diane: Customers would, but employees, they have us on a pretty tight rein. I don't know if you remember our CEO Doug McMillon, who went totally woke and even voiced his opinion on the election law passed in Georgia. Do you remember that? He doesn't even live in Georgia. What is he doing sticking his nose in Georgia voting?

Channon: That's what liberals do.

Diane: I know, but I had this oddest thought. I have a lot of odd thoughts at work. I shouldn't, but I do, and I was thinking as upset as many of us are in the way the President is behaving, his physical condition. I think he has Alzheimer's because physically, he's affected mentally, but I'm not a doctor. Anyway, we're not happy with the way he's running the country, most of us. I thought, how long are we going to have to put up with this?

And I thought, oh, wait a minute. We don't have anything to do with this, but I bet there is one other person who is not pleased with the perception and the approval ratings of Joe Biden. That would be Barack Obama because many of us think that he's pulling the strings. I'm okay with that. I believe he's had more than enough input. I mean, why does this former President buy a house and live in Washington, D.C.? Who does that?

Will Johnson: Right. He has an office and headquarters set up not too far from the White House.

Diane: So, here's Obama. He can't be happy with Joe's performance because Joe is his guy. Joe is pushing his plans. What's he going to do about it?

Will Johnson: Well, to be honest with you. I don't think that Obama even cares because it's not his legacy. He thinks that it will work itself out. He is probably to the point where this is just Joe, and you know what? And I don't care about his approval ratings because he's not in control. That's just my opinion on it, but I see what you're saying.

Diane: I get it.

Will Johnson: I don't think he cares.

Diane:  I agree with you. The only thing I think he cares about is he has to have some feelings about his legacy, but wasn't he, and isn't he still a true believer in socialism, in the communist way of living? If Joe does something or continues to degrade, the plan folks like Obama want to see come to fruition would he try to do something about it before Biden really bombs and the country turns against Biden, which equals socialism or communism, but that's just a wacky thought.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I see what you're saying, but I can't perceive Biden going against anything of what these socialist, communist Democrats want.

Channon: Yeah, I think he is doing what they tell him to do.

Will Johnson: The whole infrastructure bill is the Green New Deal.

Biden is doing exactly what the Communist Socialists want him to do. He's doing it to a T, and he's going to continue doing it—the whole thing with the build back better. The build back better is putting the United States of America into that communist thing. So, I don't think Biden even cares.

Diane: Yeah, that's from the World Economic Forum. That's what they've been pushing. I'm just afraid that Biden is doing such a lousy job of building back better.

Will Johnson: No, he's doing exactly what they want him to do.

Channon: It's not to build back.

Will Johnson: It's to tear down the world economy, and then they want to build everything back then. That's exactly what it is. I want to thank you for your call. Have a wonderful weekend.

Diane: Alright, I don't want to take up any more of your time. I just thought I'd share that.

Channon: All right, Diane, thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Channon: All right. Now, we have Justin from Michigan.

Will Johnson: Justin, from Michigan.

Justin: Hey, Will, how are you doing, man? I've been watching you for quite a while.

Will Johnson: Hey, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I'm honored.

Justin: You're doing an amazing job, man, and you're so sincere, and I appreciate that so much. I mean, it's been refreshing even during the pandemic, you know, in the cusp of it, you might say. It was relieving to know that other people are doing research, digging, looking for information, care what's going on.

It seems like these days; people don't want to deal with it. People I've known, it's like, how could you let this happen to our country? It's ridiculous. I know the question is, "is he fit?" He's not fit to be a Wal-Mart greeter. We know that.

Will Johnson: You are absolutely right.

Justin: I'm telling you, it's ridiculous. The man can't speak. When left to his own devices, he can't complete a sentence. He doesn't answer questions because out of his own mouth, "I might get in trouble." With whom? You're the leader of America. Who are you afraid of in your little pocket of people you don't want to get in trouble with? It's probably Nancy.

Channon: If he can't finish a sentence, how can he make a decision for the whole entire United States? It doesn't make sense if you can't even make a statement.

Justin: Oh, no, of course, he doesn't want to. Anyway, he has no answers. If it's not on the cue card. If it's not pre-prescribed, he doesn't want anything to do with it. He wouldn't know what to say anyway. He literally just reads a script, and it's obvious he's just reading off the script. Someone else or others are obviously in control of him. It's blatantly obvious.

Will Johnson: Just look at this, when they do Q&A, it's truly Q&A. He has the questions and the answers. It's true that.

Justin: How the American people are not outraged? How can the mainstream media even begin to get away with pretending? Oh, look what he said today. You're not addressing the script issue. You don't care about anything. I hate to say it; even Fox is shielding the more important issues. It's a shame. I can't even bring up health stuff.

Will Johnson: Let me jump in here because you hit on something really important. Even Fox News is doing it. Do you remember during the 2016 election after that, they kept screaming Russia, Russia, Russia? Russia has something to do with the election. Russian meddling election. Fox News was talking about it. CNN, MSDNC, all of them were talking about Russia, Russia, Russia.

Now, they don't want you to talk about any of this stuff: the videos and all the documentation with any voter fraud in the 2020 election. Fox News won't even talk about it. Newsmax won't even talk about it. It's like a no-topic subject for them. It's crazy.

Justin: A no-fly zone. The reason is if you think about it. Every time there's release stuff from Judicial Watch, from Tom Fitton, and things like this. When the FISA inquiries come back, there is stuff pertaining to cases that are going on. That's when you notice Fox all of a sudden shows up a little bit. I'm not defending Fox, but I think they don't want to air too much.

I do feel like they're protecting it to a certain level, just like they all are. They don't want to get into too much trouble, but there's a lot of legal action that's taken place right now. A lot of really crazy stuff that's coming out of Pfizer inquires.

Will Johnson: Exactly. They don't want to upset the left because if the left gets upset with them, they know they're going to attack them. Look how they're doing, Tucker. They're constantly going after Tucker, but the rest of them, is like, well, we don't want them to come after us. They remind me of the typical politician that doesn't say anything when they should.

Justin: There are certain topics they don't want to get into because it would definitely lead to making accusations that are extremely high-profile cases. You know, all the Hunter stuff just came out. Tom Fitton just said that the whole thing with the big guy's emails and all that stuff. It's out; that's released now. They got it. They know it's true. That's the reason right there to pull him out.

Will Johnson: You know what? They don't care about the truth.

Justin: They're not going to do it.

Will Johnson: They don't care about the truth. They want to look the other way because it's what the left wants. They get what they want. They assume everyone is happy. So, hey, I got to let you go. Thank you so much for the call. Thank you so much for tuning in.

Justin: All right.

Will Johnson: All right, take care. You know, a lot of people see what the media is doing, and it's not just the liberal media. It's those that call themselves the conservative media. A lot of people got upset with Fox News after what they did after the election. There's a lot on Fox News that I like, and there's some on Newsmax that I like, but I've noticed even about Newsmax.

Newsmax, right after the election, they were talking about all the voter fraud. They were hitting it hard. Do you know why they were doing it? Because they saw Fox News not talking about it. Then Newsmax switched because even Mike Lindell went on Newsmax.

They cut Mike Lindell off because he was talking about voter fraud. One of the hosts on Newsmax got upset, got in an uproar. We're not talking about this. We're not talking about this.

Channon: He walked off the set.

Will Johnson: I'm like, this is crazy. Can you not even talk about it? Let's pretend it's 2016. We talked about Russia, Russia, Russia. Then everybody was okay to talk about it.

Channon: They're still having hearings about the Russia hoax.

Will Johnson: Because they're still trying to put President Trump in jail and speaking about putting President Trump in jail. There's a lot of people out there right now trying to say, well, President Trump was a Trojan horse. You know what? That's one of the craziest things to me. Is President Trump a Trojan horse?

I've heard it from multiple people. People that are kind of close to me. I've heard it from people that say that, and I have to explain it to them. Where are you getting that from? Because even today, they're still trying to put President Trump in jail?

Channon: I think that it was put out by the leftist to stir up controversy again. To put doubt and trust in President Trump because President Trump wants to run again. They know that, so they have to somehow sway.

Will Johnson: Propaganda.

Channon: They have to somehow sway conservatives from supporting him.

Will Johnson: He did, what did they call it? The speeding up of the vaccine, he sped it up. Why did he do that? Well, they keep forgetting that President Trump constantly repeated; it should be your choice. He did it because of the information that was given to him. He was informed that, hey, we've got to do this.

So, what did he do? He did something because that's what he was told and saying, hey, it should be a choice. The Demon-crats have taken it another step. Now they want to force it.

Channon: We have one more caller, Will. We have Gina from Georgia.

Will Johnson: Just one more or another. Hello, Gina from Georgia. Thank you so much for the call.

Gina: Hi, Will, how are you?

Will Johnson: I'm doing good. The world is crazy, though.

Gina: It is, and to answer the question about Biden, the short answer is he is not fit to do anything but has anybody researched into the Illuminati's role in all of this?

Will Johnson: The Illumina-nutty.

Gina: Yes.

Will Johnson: The whole one world order with the Illumina-nutty, the Bilderberg, and all of these other anti-American, anti-human societies. They're all operating from within this global system, and the whole build back better is that mechanism. So, yeah, they're all in it.

Gina: That is to put Biden in office.

Channon: Yeah, absolutely.

Gina: Biden is doing exactly what they want him to do. Trump did not do what they wanted him to do, so they took their endorsement back from Trump, and now they're after Trump because Trump is not doing what they wanted him to do.

Will Johnson: He's still not doing what they want him to do.

Gina: George Soros is the one behind all of this. The Illuminati is behind all of this.

Channon: He's just private. George Soros is just a factor, a money factor. He funds it, basically. I mean, he's part of it too.

Gina: Freemasons, if you go on DuckDuckGo, you look up a list of Presidents in the Illuminati. Surprisingly, George Washington is the first one. There were 13 of them.

Will Johnson: There is a lot of them.

Channon: The Bushes were huge in it.

Gina: Yes, both of the Bushes are there and Obama. There are some reports that Trump is Illuminati, but Trump's picture is not on that list of the 13 presidents.

Channon: Because he didn't go along with it, I think he saw that they were taking the country down the wrong route. Listen, when Trump said he was a President for the people, he didn't lie. All these other Presidents are not for the people.

They're for big government. They're for the new world order. They are not about the people. They're about governing the people, not allowing the people to govern, if you understand what I'm saying.

Will Johnson: Well, let me say this. A lot of times when people are in certain positions and political positions, even a President.

Channon: And power.

Will Johnson: They want them to go through certain rituals, and President Trump says, ‘I don't answer to them.’ He constantly made it clear. He made it clear that he was not going to take anything from them because he kept saying, I don't know if people paid attention, but in his speeches, he said, ‘I don't need them.’

He said, ‘I'm not taking anything from them.’ A lot of people are like, ‘who is he talking about?’ He was talking about the establishment. He's talking about those in there wanting to have him rule the world the way they wanted to. He didn't do it.

Gina: If anybody thinks that Trump is still not fighting. Like, he is just going to go away.

Will Johnson: He's not going away.

Gina: Trump was a billionaire before he got into office? Trump knows all of these world leaders. Trump has always done business with all of these people.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: Yeah, great points. We appreciate your call.

Gina: Okay, thank you. Y'all have a great rest of your day.

Channon: Thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you. You too, take care.

Channon: Before we take the next caller, I wanted to bring up something. You know, people got very upset when President Trump wanted to talk to the Taliban. Well, this week, it came out in Epoch Times, China, Russia, and Pakistan have sent special envoys to meet with the Taliban in Kabul.

Will Johnson: Here recently?

Channon: Yeah, just yesterday, I think.

Will Johnson: Well, I hear a lot of people, especially those that hate Trump they were saying Trump was trying to have a meeting with them. Do you know why? Because Trump was telling them, without me even being there, Trump was going to tell them, look, we're going to pull out, but you can't go in and destroy the nation.

If you want to have any kind of seat, you need to work it out. If you do anything, you're going to be in a world of hurt. President Trump is like; I don't have to send in troops to take care of you.

Channon: Trump wasn't dumb. He recognized the power and the position that the Taliban was in the Middle East, and that's why he wanted to talk to them. He didn't recognize them as a government or anything like that, but he knew this was potentially going to happen.

Will Johnson: Look what he did with Rocket Man.

Channon: Yeah, he's so smart.

Will Johnson: Look what he did with Rocketman, and they kept saying, oh my goodness. President Trump is going to take us into World War III. He's going to start it up. He's calling him a rocket man. He was calling Kim Jong-un, and then all of a sudden, Kim Jong-un and President Trump were having a conversation. President Trump walked into North Korea with the man.

I mean, come on, President Trump knew exactly how to get people to come to the table and be civil. Now Kim Jong-un is shooting off rockets again. What is the Biden administration doing? Nothing.

Channon: They're not doing anything right. In fact, Nikki Haley was even slammed by them for not publicly demanding the U.N. General Assembly not recognize the Taliban.

Will Johnson: Nikki Haley?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: Why do you, wow?

Will Johnson: Just wow.

Channon: Okay. I mean, she's coming out saying Biden has to take a stand, and he's not taking a stand. This is what she's saying; she's like, get a spine, stand up.

Will Johnson: You're talking about someone who can barely stay awake for two hours. Get a spine, seriously? He doesn't even know where he is half the time.

Channon:  All right, Will, we have another caller. We have Iris from California.

Will Johnson: Iris from Commie-fornia. Hey, Iris, thank you so much for the call.

Iris: Hey, Will, I watched you guys last night. It was pretty interesting. I watch you every night, but I watched Ted Cruz, and he was on a roll this morning. He was talking about Kamala Harris and Biden, the border crisis down there. How those people down there are all suffering.

All the people coming across the border, and then Biden said, I'll give you guys’ asylum. Biden is going to give them nothing. They come to the promised land, but he's not going to do anything from it. He doesn't give a crap about any of the people down there. He doesn't care about any of them. Those little kids getting raped, molested, and women getting raped.

He doesn't care about them. You know, what mission does he and Kamala have to make any effort to go down there to see what's going on? Because Ted Cruz was saying, well, if they go down there, they're going to bring cameras down. They don't want people to see what's really going on at the border. You're going down Saturday with Quincy to see, but it's really sad.

He's a horrible President. He isn't doing anything for us. Then he wants to push the shots, well why doesn't he give all the people down there who came in illegally the vaccines—instead of pushing all those vaccines upon us. He knows we don't want them. It's like now they're trying to push the booster shot thing. Two vaccines are not enough.

Now you've got to push another one. What's going on? This is ridiculous.

Will Johnson: It is ridiculous. Their goal is to destroy all of us. You're right, and Ted Cruz is right. The only reason why they're not going down there is that camera after camera; they would have a whole barrage of cameras down there.

They don't want the world to see total chaos. What is amazing is because the cameras are not following them down there—shame on them for not even going down there and reporting the truth. The reason why the liberal media is all of a sudden talking about the southern border is because of the horseback riders, the Border Patrol on horseback.

Now we have an issue on the border. See, it wasn't an issue before. There's no crisis, but now there's an issue. These people are hypocrites.

Channon: It's sad, too, because AOC, remember she went down there for a big photo op at the border. They were talking about, oh, these poor children in cages. Oh, how sad it is. We should play that video next about the border patrol. You know what? The situation is even worse under Biden.

his administration is completely responsible for what is happening. In fact, they're even calling for one of the shelters in San Antonio to be shut down because some of the children are being sexually assaulted in the facility. It's crazy. The sad thing is they're more concerned about these people on horseback than they are about the treatment of these children in these facilities. It's disgusting to me.

Iris: Like Will, was saying last night, showing that lady saying they were being whipped. They weren't being whipped. I couldn't believe that lady. You were showing that clip last night, Will, how they were being whipped. Come on, give me a break.

Come on, really? Come on now. Then Ted Cruz is saying too about the cages. He goes, I went down there and was there were cages. He goes, there are kids on top of kids on top of kids. They piled on top of each other in those cages. That's inhumane, right there. They don't give a crap about them. They brought all these people over here because they wanted to use them for when they vote.

That's why they don't want voter I.D. so they can have them all vote for them. They don't care about us. They don't care about the American people. I'm living on disability. Soon they will be saying, well, if you don't get this shot, you're not going to get your income every month because that's what they're doing to the veterans right now—telling veterans and people that go to Veterans Administration.

Will Johnson: Let me stop you for one second. Let me make sure I heard that correctly. You're saying that if you do not get the vaccine, they're threatening you, telling you that you will not be able to get your disability.

Iris: Right, and also,

The veterans and the people that get veterans money, they're telling them if you don't get the jab we're not going to give you your money.

That's going too far. How are people supposed to live and pay their bills? You barely pay them now. Things are so darn high now.

Will Johnson: This is crazy because even now, a Demon-crat out of Florida is calling out to the Biden administration to send money and do incentives in Haiti for people, so they don't come here, but then they want to take your money away.

You are an American citizen, and the vets are American citizens. They want to take money away from them because they will not go along with tyranny.

Channon: Yeah, Will is talking about, there's a Florida Democrat representative, Frederica Wilson. She said on Thursday that Biden should pay those fleeing Latin America for the U.S. She says to give them an incentive to remain in their country.

Listen to this; she suggests that Biden flies to those countries, gives money to these people, sets up jobs, and gives them some incentive to stay in their country to work. Listen, Biden can barely run our country. What makes her think he can go to Haiti and Latin America and run their countries, too? It's insane.

Will Johnson: They are talking about giving them taxpayer dollars.

Channon: Yes, she is.

Will Johnson: When we need this money here. I mean, this is so crazy.

Channon: Well, thanks, Iris, for your phone call. Hey, you got to listen to this video that we're going to play next.

Iris: Okay, Will.

Will Johnson: So, what were you saying, Channon?

Channon: I said we need to play this video. This is a reaction from the Border Patrol. I think it's the President and the Vice President of the Border Control Union that actually are responding to the comments by the left, the Biden administration, and Kamala Harris—listen to this.

Laura Ingraham-Television Host at Fox News Channel: The heart of this crisis in Del Rio, Texas, here is Brandon Judd and Hector Garza, President and V.P. of the National Border Patrol Council. Brandon, Border Patrol officers’ agents, are now racist for doing their jobs? Your response tonight.

Brandon Judo-National Border Patrol Council: Yes. The vast majority of Border Patrol agents are actually Hispanic. So no, they're not racist. If you look at all of those images, you have to look at all of the different angles. Not one of those Haitian migrants was hit with one of the reins.

We use those reins to keep the people away from the horses, to protect those people. Those horses have stepped on people. They've kicked people before. They can injure people. You have to keep them away. And at the same time, you have to control the scene. We have a responsibility to everybody to control that scene, so it stays put.

Those individuals were not listening to simple commands by law enforcement officers. So, they had to do what was necessary to put them back in situations where they could be under control. But in no way did we ever hit any one of those individuals.

Laura Ingraham-Television Host at Fox News Channel: All right, Hector. In addition to the thousands of illegals under the bridge, more than 20,000 Haitians are now gathered in Colombia, in South America, and may soon try to reach the United States, but I want you not to worry because Kamala Harris has a solution for the groups coming in.

Kamala Harris-Vice President of the United States: We have to understand Haiti. I mean, talk about a country that has just experienced so much tragedy, and we really have to do a lot more to recognize that as a member of the Western Hemisphere, we've got to support some very basic needs that the people of Haiti have.

Laura Ingraham-Television Host at Fox News Channel: Hector, is that the problem that America is not doing more to shell out taxpayer dollars to Haiti?

Hector Garza-National Border Patrol Council: So, you know what, Laura, I think the Biden administration, along with Kamala Harris, they don't know what's happening on the border. They don't understand illegal immigration.

What we saw today in Del Rio, Texas, was kids in landfills, people in very bad conditions. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is not providing Border Patrol agents with the proper resources or the facilities so that we can hold these people.I think the Biden administration and Kamala Harris, I think they need to get this story straight and figure out what they're going to do with the border.

Channon: Wow, he just hit it on the spot. Biden and his administration have no idea how to deal with illegal immigration. They are incompetent in handling the situation. Hence the impeachment articles have been brought against him. This is a humanitarian crisis brought on by the administration.

This is a huge burden on America and the American taxpayers. It's disgusting, and they don't know how to handle it, but Psaki, the press secretary, thinks that Biden is very well experienced in this, and he doesn't have to visit the border. He knows how to handle it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, according to her. You know what? Peter Doocy brought up a valid point. They were looking through all the records to find out when Biden paid a visit to the southern border. As V.P., his current position, a senator or when he was just a concerned citizen. You know, I've been to the border as a concerned citizen multiple times.

Channon: Yes, you have.

Will Johnson: Some people have been there more than me. Just concerned citizen Biden, when has he been to the border?

Channon: He acts like he is not concerned, and Kamala Harris can't even put together a powerful statement on their stance on the border. She goes, oh, poor Haiti.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they are avoiding the border like the plague because they know if the cameras do show up, it's going to make them look bad. So, let's listen to Peter as he asks the questions Psaki and listen to how she deflects. It's just bizarre.

Channon: She's got mad at him for asking the question. What is your point?

Will Johnson: Yeah, she kind of gets agitated. You can tell.

Peter Doocy-Fox News Reporter: Has President Biden ever been to the southern border?

Jen Psaki-White House Press Secretary: In his life? I will have to look back in my history books and check the times he's been to the southern border.

Peter Doocy-Fox News Reporter: We have been looking all morning, and we cannot find any record of him visiting the border as president or vice president, senator, or even as a concerned citizen. Why would that be?

Jen Psaki-White House Press Secretary: I can check and see when the last time or when he may have spent time but tell me more about why you're asking.

Will Johnson: Tell me more, why you're asking?

Channon: That's a defensive defense question.

Will Johnson: Tell me more why you're asking? Are you kidding me? What's going on at the border? I mean, seriously? She doesn't know. And tell me why you're asking? Do you even know we have a crisis at the border? There's no crisis, but you know what if they talk about patrol officers on horses with reins. Oh, my goodness.

Peter Doocy-Fox News Reporter: Because this is a President who makes a point when there are disasters in this country, like a wildfire or hurricanes, to go and see for himself, firsthand what the needs are of the local community so that he can have an informed POV to make policy. Why doesn't he do that? Why doesn't he go down to Del Rio, Texas, and see what's going on?

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there. When the hurricane happened, where was Biden? He was there front and center. Why? Because he wanted to push the Green New Deal, a.k.a. the infrastructure bill. That's the only reason why he went.

See, there's nothing he can say on the southern border that will convince people that he's trying to fix the issue. He doesn't want to fix the issue. He's ignoring it. Let's hear what she has to say here.

Jen Psaki-White House Press Secretary: Well, first of all, Peter, I think the situation at the border is the result of a broken system, and the President certainly relies on his experience. So, whether it was the work he did to address root causes as Vice President, his efforts when he was in the Senate to support comprehensive immigration reform, a step set at a time, or that being done and work toward in a bipartisan way, something that certainly, we think should be the case today.

Will Johnson: Let me stop you real quick. At some point in this, do you think she's going to try to put the blame on the last president?

Channon: As always.

Will Johnson: Does anyone sees it coming? Let's listen.

Jen Psaki-White House Press Secretary: He uses all of his experiences to inform how he governs, how he approaches, challenges, and certainly he looks again at the last four years, and the separation of children who are ripped from the arms of their parents as the way he does not want to proceed.

Will Johnson: There it is.

Channon: But it's okay for kids being sexually assaulted in the facilities. It's okay for them to be on top of each other. It's okay for them to be spreading diseases to each other.

Will Johnson: Right now.

Channon: Literally, it is a humanitarian crisis. You know what? Psaki has no idea what she's talking about. His experience, or if you want to say that. She's like, oh, he uses his experience to show he doesn't have any experience.

Even the Border Patrol is sitting there saying they have no idea how to deal with it. We can tell you from where we're sitting, they have no idea what they're doing.

Will Johnson: They don't. So, here's the last piece from her.

Jen Psaki-White House Press Secretary: So, all of his experiences and his time in office, whether vice president or Senate, inform his approach to issues.

Channon: Yeah, he has no knowledge.

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: He didn't bring anything.

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: And you know what? If that's the case, and if he uses all his experience. Why did he have to go to the hurricane site? He's dealt with natural disasters. He didn't need to go there. The problem is just like what you said, what Ted Cruz has said. The media will follow and show the disaster and what a mess it is.

Shame on the Democrats that made a big old deal when Trump was in office. Going down there and making it look like it was something it wasn't. It is now the situation you are most afraid of, under your government, under this administration. It is disgusting.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they were complaining about all of this happening under President Trump.

Channon: It was nowhere as bad as it is now.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it wasn't happening under President Trump. Now all of this stuff is happening, and they were blaming President Trump. Now they're silent. We have video footage. We see the articles. There's documentation, Border Patrol, all of them talking about it is so bad.

When I went down on the border, I went to one location, and I was standing at one location. We saw over 100 people within a time period of an hour come through that one location; in one hour, over 100 people. The Border Patrol told us we are probably going to get around 500 people to come through here today.

Channon: And you know what the sad thing is? It takes a lot longer to fix a situation than it does for it to go downhill. So, it went downhill in eight months. It's going to take us a lot longer to fix it. Unless we put President Trump in there, I think he could fix it real quick.

Will Johnson: I would, really, really like to see President Trump come back to the office.

Channon: How much worse do you think it can get in another three years? It hasn't been a year yet. It's a nightmare.

Will Johnson: It has not even been a year. That's such a valid point. For everyone who listens to me, they constantly hear me saying, I hope I'm wrong, but I've been pretty on point with a lot of this stuff. It's going to get a lot worse, seriously. Again, they create the crisis and try to swoop in and fix it, except for the border.

They want to prevent them from riding horseback when the terrain down there is very difficult to get around. They're going to remove the capability of them doing their job. Picture this, next thing they're going to say, well, you can't ride around in jeeps, and they'll make up some stupid reason. Oh, well, some people can't afford to get jeeps, and you're riding running around in jeeps.

Channon: To clarify, they can only not ride the horses under the Del Rio place.

Will Johnson: It doesn't matter.

Channon: I know it's stupid.

Will Johnson: It shouldn't matter.

Channon: They're calling for an investigation of what's happened there, but they're not calling for an investigation on what's happening in the facilities. They're not calling for an investigation on how we are not capable of dealing with this influx of immigration. It's so ridiculous. You know what? I'm sorry, Will, but I think people need to stand up.

Will Johnson: Do you think people are going to? That's the question.

Channon: I hope at some point.

Will Johnson: I mean, when would that point be? That's been one of the guys' questions when we come on with the five guys on Wednesday night. Quincy brings it up a lot. He said, when does that happen? We see all the craziness. Are we going to wait until it directly affects everyone?

I think that's when it would happen, but it might be too late when that comes. So, Al Sharpton, race-baiting Al Sharpton, let me bring this up real quick. He decides to take a trip down to the southern border.

Channon: Because now it's a civil issue.

Will Johnson: It's a civil rights issue because he shows up. But he's only showing up because he can push his race card. That's the only reason why he's showing up. While he's there, he is heckled by people that support Border Patrol.

And one of my good buddies, Anthony Aguero, is right there, front and center in Al Sharpton's ear while the media is trying to interview Sharpton. He's just letting them have it.

Furious Crowd: "We denounce your racism. Get out of Texas. The border patrol is heroes. Get out of here. Get out of Texas. Race baiter."

Will Johnson: Did you hear that? They called Al Sharpton a racist.

Channon: Oh, so funny. When he turned around, there was this big old dude with a Trump 2020 hat on. He had to go the other way.

Will Johnson: I will stop it there. They were heckling him, and the media was trying to talk to them. You know, the media gets upset because they want to hear what Al Sharpton had to say. The race-baiting Al Sharpton. I can't stand Al Sharpton, seriously. For those of you that don't know. I am a black American.

Just an American, basically, if you have to add that to it, and Al Sharpton is one of the worst things for this nation, and of course, he shows up. What are Mad Maxine Waters calling them cowboys, saying this is worse than racism? Listen to Mad Max real quick.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: And I want to thank Ms. Batie for the leadership that they're providing on this issue. I'm pissed. I'm unhappy, and I'm not just unhappy with the Cowboys who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them.

I'm happy with the administration. We are following the Trump policy. He is the one that does not follow the Constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to be able to petition to get into the country.

Will Johnson: Now, you know what? She's such a hypocrite. She's such a hypocrite.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: What the hell are we doing here? What we witness takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.

Channon: Give me a break.

Will Johnson: Did you hear this? Listen, I'm a citizen. This is what the Democrats do. This is their model as soon as I saw the Border Patrol on horseback chasing the Haitians, trying to prevent them from coming into the country. Trying to corral them and help bring them to what they needed to do, follow the order.

I knew that the Demon-crats were going to automatically make this a racist issue. I knew they were. We all saw it before she came out and said this. I did a small video, and I talked about it. Sure enough, the day after, the next day, that's exactly what she did. She and other Democrats came out and started saying, this is so bad.

It's so terrible. Now they're hindering Border Patrol officers from doing their jobs on the southern border. This is disgusting on all levels. You know what? They saw it was happening when they saw the Border Patrol on the horses. All they were reminded of you know what they reminded me of, Channon?

They were reminded of what the Demon-crats did during slavery. They were reminded of what the Demon-crats did to black people during slavery. Now they see it. Now I'm not saying that the border patrols are racist but isn't this something that did not happen under President Trump, a Republican. Now you have a Democrat in the White House, and then you see this?

But they still don't make the connection. It's always the Democrats that do anything that's racist. What the Border Patrol officer did was not racist. What were you going to say?

Channon: It's interesting because the only time she's come out and said anything about the crisis at the border is to make it a racial issue?

Will Johnson: Yeah, racist issue.

Channon: That's the only reason why we're hearing from these people. Other than that, they could care less about what those people are going through.

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: And let me tell you what, most of them are not of the white background. They are people that are from Haiti. Like we see right now. They're from Venezuela, even from the Middle East, and they could have cared less about what these people are going through.

They could care less about the rape tree. They could care less about the sexual assaults. They could care less about all that. They're completely silent. It's so frustrating.

Will Johnson: Listen to this.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: Cowboys with their reins, again, whipping.

Will Johnson: Not true

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: Black people.

Will Johnson: Not true.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: Haitians into the water.

Will Johnson: She is lying.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: Where they're scrambling and falling down. When all they're trying to do is escape from violence in their country. Yes, it is unfortunate that it is the poorest country in this hemisphere.

Will Johnson: You heard that? It's the poorest country in this hemisphere. Listen to this, she said, it's the poorest country in this hemisphere.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA: It is unfortunate that they have no stable government right now. It is unfortunate that they've had to live through earthquakes. I've been working with Haitians for 30 years.

Will Johnson: There it is, right there.

Channon: There you go.

Will Johnson: She has been working with Haitians for 30 years, yet it's the poorest nation in this hemisphere. Now we know why.

Channon: The sad thing is they act like I've been working with them, and I've been helping them for years. What makes you think if you haven't been able to improve their circumstances in 30 years that you're going to be able to improve it now? It's complete ignorance.

Will Johnson: They're in this situation because of people like her.

Channon: She isn't taking her money down there and helping them. That's for sure.

Will Johnson: No, she has a mansion. She has a lavish house, lavish home in Commie-fornia. He lives like Nancy Pelosi; seriously, this is the reason why they are in such a bad situation in that state. Remember, let's not forget. I've talked to Haitians that worked for TSA. When I went through D.C. one time, the Haitians were talking about the Clintons. What the Clintons did to the Haitians, people there.

You know what? If the Clintons ever set foot in Haiti, they would have to have so much security. They would never be able to make it out. They would never make it out of there. So, wonderful broadcast, Channon.

Thank you so much for riding with me. Wonderful callers. Thank you so much for calling in.

Don't forget 88202, dial that number 88202 as a text, and type my name in, W-I-L-L. You will get awesome information from American Truth Project. We will be here next Thursday. God willing. Have a wonderful weekend.

I will be on the border this weekend, so tune in.

God bless.


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