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Iran’s IRGC Trains Palestinian Terror Groups


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: IRGC create a child group underneath IRGC called Quds. Look up Quds forces. Q.U D.S. forces. I wish this was a live audience so I could actually ask you with a raise of hand how many of you even know about Quds forces. Because I have a feeling most of you don't. Let me break it down for you. Number one Quds, the word Quds as the Arabic name Jerusalem. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps created a secondary terrorist group of their own called Forces of Jerusalem. And their very first training they did you would take a guess who they trained? Yes, their very first training was Palestinians.

Quds forces were created in 1980, OK? In 2007 United States came and said we're going to declare Quds as terrorist support group. What does that even mean? No, they are a terrorist group. They are recruiting members from everywhere and wherever that member is, they will take that member to either Iran or Syria for a special training. I'm sure you all know what kind of training that is. The same training they're giving to people of Palestine. They are trained to basically do anything from bombing, to blowing themselves up, to any form of possible Islamic jihad. They're perfectly trained and that's the thing, when they graduate from their training then they go and join their own country where they came from originally. They go and join the rest of jihadis of their own country. And for some weird reason we just declared them terrorist support group.

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