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Iran Warns Of “Serious Consequences” If US Betrays Nuke Deal


As the May 12th deadline approaches for President Donald Trump’s decision to extend or end the sanctions relief afforded to Iran in accordance to the JCPOA, the president of the Islamic Republic has warned the US that there will be “serious consequences” for betraying the nuclear agreement.  Fears of the US leaving the P5+1 Deal have driven the Iranian currency, the rial to record lows, causing massive inflation and additional citizen unrest.  Which means, sanctions work!  Tehran’s external bluster belies its internal fragility; if the US decides to withdraw from the JCPOA, the snap-back sanctions will further cripple Iran’s weak economy.  Pulling out of the disastrous “Deal” would force the mullahs to choose between pursuing its nuclear program and risk being overthrown from within, or going back to the table and renegotiating a deal that actually incorporates legitimate inspection and verification mechanisms.

Read Article:  https://www.timesofisrael.com/irans-president-warns-us-of-severe-consequences-if-it-pulls-out-of-nuke-deal/



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