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Iran On Verge Of Economic Collapse


There are reports of police firing tear gas at protesters outside of the parliament building in Tehran, after several days of protests in the surrounding provinces.  The Iranian currency, the rial has plummeted nearly 50% in value versus the US dollar this year, largely because of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the disastrous JCPOA and re-imposition of economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.  If European leaders joined the US in squeezing Iran, instead of looking to bypass the sanctions regime and continue doing business with it, its economy would completely collapse.  This would force Iran to renegotiate a new, comprehensive nuclear deal, or better yet, bring about the regime change its people deserve.

Read Article at FOX News: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/06/25/videos-iran-protesters-confront-police-at-parliament.html



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