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Iran Caught Developing Nukes Again!


Graham Ledger: Page Six now. The Israeli elections. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the political fight for his life as parliamentary elections loom early next week.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Hamas would like to control the territory but doesn't use its authority. And I demand this from them. If they do not do this, it appears there will be no choice but to embark on a mass campaign in Gaza and change things. Tuesday's election will show whether this is the final act of an eventful political career.

Graham Ledger: Joining me now, the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor, Barry Nussbaum. Barry, I've read the charges. Things like getting a cigar as a gift. This is a bribe? This is a joke!

Barry Nussbaum: Israeli politics is literally hand to hand combat. It's like the UFC, but they wear suits most of the time. This is how they do things, and they get very aggressive. There's already been one prime minister that's gone to jail. There are mayors that have gone to jail. There have been indictments for decades. The Israeli courts are very aggressive. And you're right, Graham, it's much ado about nothing. The big test for Bebe is Tuesday to see if his reign will continue.

Graham Ledger: And there's another phony scandal that's floating around Washington, D.C. right now. And when I first saw this in the headlines, I said to myself, "this doesn't make any sense." The accusation that Israel threw Benjamin Netanyahu, obviously he would know about something like this, is spying on President Trump and spying on the White House. Well, here's the prime minister and his flat out reply to all that. Roll tape.

Benjamin Netanyahu: I have a directive: no intelligence collection in the United States. No spying and it is rigorously enforced without any exception. It's a complete fabrication.

Graham Ledger: You have to ask yourself, why would wonderful allies and two leaders, by the way, who get along so beautifully, why would Netanyahu try and jeopardize that with some silly move like this? I smell a rat here, Barry. I believe this is planted to try and drive a wedge between Israel, the United States, Netanyahu, and Trump.

Barry Nussbaum: It's no different Graham than the Obama administration spending American money trying to defeat Bebe when Obama was still President of the United States and Obama failed at it. This story comes from one source, Politico. It's been denied everywhere else by the White House, by Bebe, and by Israeli intelligence. It's insane and incomprehensible that the best friend Israel has ever had, who now sits in the White House, who is also in addition to policy a close friend of the prime ministers, would be spied upon as if he couldn't be trusted. It's absurd. Israel has denied it. The White House has denied it. And I would dismiss it. I think it's dirty tricks at the last minute to make him look bad to the Israeli public for the Tuesday vote for prime minister.

Graham Ledger: Speaking of not being able to trust, Iran. There is word this week through Israel that Iran destroyed a site that was testing nuclear weapons, that was developing nuclear weapons, and then wiped it off the map to try and get rid of it. Of course, you know, there's intelligence photos before and after you can see that something went on. And why would you suddenly wipe all these buildings off the map, Iran? Well, obviously, you're trying to hide something, but Barry the big picture here is this is a violation. If you believe in the JCPOA, then clearly this is a violation of the JCPOA.

Barry Nussbaum: Graham, I was campaigning against the JCPOA when it was first talked about. And I've been campaigning against it ever since. It's the most diabolical abandonment of U.S. security interests abroad maybe in American history and certainly betrayed Israel. Netanyahu for years has been proclaiming to everyone and anyone who would listen. Iran took Obama's billions, one hundred and fifty of them, and is spending it on weapons development, missile development, nuclear enhancement, and exporting terror around the world. And what does the world do, Graham? Absolutely nothing, with the exception of the current occupant of the White House.

The rest of the world says, "Well, look, they're not going to bomb us. They're not going to commit terror against us. And they have a lot of oil that we'd really like to trade with. And they have a lot of companies that we'd really like to invest in. So we're going to turn a blind eye and ignore all the evidence." And that's exactly what Europe has done. That's exactly what the United Nations has done. And every country in the world, with the exception of Israel, calling them for what they're doing. And the United States, thank goodness, standing up with Israel against Iran. It's two against everybody else. Maybe now, finally, the world will start to pay attention before they weaponize uranium. And then, oh, my gosh, are we all collectively in big trouble.

Graham Ledger: I hope you're right, Barry because it's very short-sighted by these European countries who, as you mentioned, want to buy their oil or do trade with Iran. They're all very short-sighted because, in the end, Iran's going to aim ICBMs at those same countries. Don't they connect the dots here? And the bottom line is it should be a reminder to our State Department that you can't negotiate with Iran because as Ronald Reagan said, you cannot negotiate with terrorists. And that's what they are. Barry, thanks.


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