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Inauguration Eve with Katie and Barry


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Radio. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have so much to talk about today. Let's just go for it.

We have a very special guest. Our ATP Truth Ambassador Katie Hopkins is with us today. Katie has flown from the UK to Washington, D.C., to be a witness to what's going on in D.C. this week. Katie, are you there?

Katie Hopkins: I am, and I think you can hear what's in the background for me as I sit here in Chinatown. The helicopters buzzing overhead are getting louder and louder.

Of course, we're just waiting for the Biden/Harris Event at the Lincoln Memorial. A sort of memorial tonight for the victims of COVID. So, the skies around D.C. right now are just filled with the noise of helicopters, which I'm assuming is additional security for that memorial event.

Barry Nussbaum: Wow. Maybe that's one of the events that the incoming administration will allow people to come to; neither one of them, president-elect or vice president-elect, seems to be familiar with speaking in front of large crowds.

They came through a campaign that was run from the basement in Delaware. A whole lot of virtual appearances in front of half a dozen or so handpicked people sitting in chairs with circles around them.

Let's see how they operate when there's no monitor to read from, no talking points on a computer screen, and you have to talk to real people in real-time, and in-person.

Katie Hopkins: Well, Barry funny enough, or maybe not so funny enough,  just watching the live feed as we speak as I sat here listening to the helicopters. There were maybe four or five people at the Lincoln Memorial. S

o again, they will not be speaking to anybody. There are no people there. If I try to get in, as I did this morning, you can not get near it. There is only their two-member staff or security.

There are no people at the Lincoln Memorial. Not a soul in sight. It's very sad. It is a sad image to see. It will just be Biden and Harris again. No one is there to hear them.

Barry Nussbaum: It's like a T.V. show where you zoom in on the people on the set. It looks like it's live, it's real, and it's exciting.  But if the cameraman is not part of the team, he happens to want to report the news.

He pans left or right to show who's there, nobody. Wow, that's got to be embarrassing. It sure ruins the narrative, doesn't it, Katie?

Katie Hopkins: Oh, absolutely. That's what we're seeing. There is nobody at the Lincoln Memorial. There is going to be a camera shot, I'm assuming, of Biden. Then you've got the helicopter eye-level shots of the mall that they've had to fill with flags because there are no people to put on the mall.

They've used fifty-six bands of light, but there is no one to hear them, no one to watch, and no one allowed near the place. It's very surreal and very bizarre. The question is, what's the point of standing at the Lincoln Memorial if no one else is allowed to be there?

Barry Nussbaum: I think the point is clear to me- you're creating a narrative that is not real. But, somebody in the campaign, the office, or the P.R. office came up with the concoctions of, geez, what would look good on a T.V. screen?

What would look good on a soundbite? If we make sure that there are no witnesses, nobody can tell the truth of what's out there.  This is a great story. So, Katie, tell our listeners what the heck happened today with you and Al Jazeera.

For those who don't know, Al Jazeera is the propaganda international television network of the radical Arabs in the world. It is funded by the billionaires in Qatar.

They broadcast their special news interpretation from everywhere on the planet, and they don't like us very much, Katie. Tell us what happened.

Katie Hopkins: That's right, Barry. They don't like me very much either. Coming from the UK, where we are rapidly becoming a Muslim majority country. Al-Jazeera has significant audience impact and funding.

I also know that the channel, for example, is largely celebrated when things happened, like when Notre Dame burned down. So, that's the kind of back story. Today, I'm delivering the truth for ATP on the ground here in D.C.

It's the reason I'm here. I'm just trying to show things as I see them. What I see is a lot of camera crews manipulating D.C. to make it look a lot more dramatic than it is. Don't get me wrong. This is a militarized zone.

There are twenty-five thousand National Guard. When I came down the elevator to my hotel foyer this morning in the lobby, there were probably one hundred National Guard individuals there. Very lovely individuals. D.C. is locked down.

But what all of these lazy journalists are doing is finding a military truck or vehicle. They are finding National Guardsmen or women with their weapons, and they are stationing themselves right in front of that.

So, it looks as dramatic as it can, it looks like they are under immediate threat, and Al Jazeera was doing exactly that. It's very lazy journalism. It's not delivering the truth of D.C., which is, it is largely empty.

There's nobody else here, and you can walk around, it's no problem at all. It's not frightening in any way. I approached Al-Jazeera. I showed and demonstrated how they've set up their shop to give a certain impression when the opposite is true.

Al Jazeera was not impressed that I highlighted the frauds they're trying to sell to their viewers. They gave me a shove out of the way. They shoved me repeatedly. They called me a racist because I identified myself as being British.

They tried to get the National Guard to come and have me removed. Then they threatened to call 911. All because a little lady, myself, stood with her phone, simply demonstrating what they were trying to show versus the reality.

I think that that's a good example of how it is when we're trying to tell the truth today. That is, you are intimidated, you are threatened, and people try to have you arrested just for showing how it is.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I've got to tell you, I saw the video earlier today. We can't show it on the radio, but we will put it out today on ATP Report. You're a very brave lady, and these are very aggressive Arab guys who called you names.

I guess they're watching American liberal media because the buzz word crazy, and then the buzz word racist was used repeatedly while you're filming them. Against you for telling the story that they're making up a story. As a result, you, Katie Hopkins, are a crazy lady and a racist. Delightful fake news on camera, documented by you.

Katie Hopkins: I know. It is such a strange thing. I'm walking down the street dressed very normally. I'm not dressed in a vicious manner at all, and I've got my sneakers on. I've just been to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things.

That's how normal life is in D.C. There are still people trying to go about their daily business. Then you're standing there trying to demonstrate that the media are perpetuating a myth.

That it is utterly terrifying here that those white terrorists are everywhere. I'm just highlighting that is not true. They feel the need to have physical violence and verbal violence, push me around and try to get the guards to come over.

I suppose what's joyful is the National Guard just looked over and completely ignored them. It doesn't matter to me, particularly what they do to me. I think it's really useful for ATP in our job that you and your team are trying to provide, giving your listener and your viewer another angle.

It's true, and it's just showing it plainly. Let people make their own opinion. It's what journalism was supposed to be before everything becomes just someone's opinion back in the studio.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said, and you're right. That's what ATP is about, American Truth Project, bringing the truth to the people to make their own decisions. So, let's dive in. I've got about a gazillion subjects in no specific order. Let's chat about it, shall we?

To begin with, the leader of the Republican Party in the Senate is Mitch McConnell. The leader of the Republican Party in the House, Kevin McCarthy. Here's a shocker.

They are both going to skip President Trump's departure ceremony tomorrow. Not a joke, and instead, they're going to go to preinaugural Catholic Church service with Joe Biden. Why and what do you make of that?

Katie Hopkins: Oh, you probably feel it more intensely than even I do, because as I always acknowledge, I'm a foreigner, an outsider, and a respectful one at that. It's so galling because we know, don't we, that if Trump had been successful, the election had run how we think it probably went, and Trump had been elected for another four years.

Republicans up and down the ticket, Republicans all over the place would be groveling in front of Trump, trying to secure the very best for themselves. Instead, they see that their political and financial fortunes now lie with Biden.

They are willing to be disrespectful in this last act of the Trump presidency. It drives me crazy. Where is loyalty? Where is moral courage? Where is the sense of fiber or respect for the people that elected those Republicans into office?

Surely you stay with your leader until the end. That would be what I was brought up with at the military academy. That's what you get schooled at as a kid. This is duplicitousness, and it's just hard to stomach. I think.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. To make matters worse, neither of these guys have had much of a realistic interpretation of the second circus, which they call in the House, the impeachment, and haven't quite decided where they stand.

Should there be a trial? Should Trump be removed? I'm shocked nobody seems to think that it's a charade, and they ought to call it what it is. These are the leaders of the party in the House and the Senate. Frankly, from my perspective, I'm disappointed.

They're not skipping Trump's departure to be at the inauguration. They're going to church, and it's Wednesday. It's not like it's a religious thing. They're showing their loyalty to the new President, and they're showing their disloyalty to the departing President. So, I don't get it.

Katie Hopkins: Yes. I think that's exactly right. I also think there are two separate things out there. I think they are easily forgotten. The nation and the media circus around Trump have made it all about one man. There are still two separate things.

One is Trump, and one is the office of President. I think it's the office of the President that's being left in the morning and it’s to that office, that one should accord respect.

That seems to me where those leaders, I say that in the loosest possible sense, should accord respect to the office of President right up until the point that he is no longer President, like you say, it's almost like they're hiding in the church.

It's this idea of the kind of baptism of oneself in the fountain of Biden. To absolve one of one sin, that's the kind of thing that's being played out here. I also think at a personal level, loving Trump as I do, seeing this guy is so cute with his children and his grandchildren. He's just a sweet pea, really at heart.

I think behind the tough guy it's got to be a lonely road he is walking now. I mean, how he looks in his tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and faces it still, I have no idea. The disloyalty has got to be impacting him somewhere. I'm very sorry for that as well.

Barry Nussbaum: As am I. Let's change the subject a second. We talked about this before, and while we were getting ready to come on the radio, I did some more research on it. Joe Biden has promised that, as soon as he gets inaugurated tomorrow, he will work very quickly on federal guidance to revoke what Trump implemented by executive order.

These would-be men's and women's athletics and all that it relates to, in a nutshell. The announcement of who will be Undersecretary of HHS, Health and Human Services have shocked many people who were supportive of President Trump's policies.

There's this person in Pennsylvania named Rachel Levine. The first nationally recognized transgender state officer is now going to be head of the department within HHS. They make certain determinations that are going to have a profound impact on collegiate sports as an example.

The policy that they say is going to come out is going to revoke what Trump did. Which was, if you're a biological female, you can do sports, you go to the women's locker room, you go to the women's bathroom. If you're a biological male and you want to participate in sports, and it's a ported university with federal funds, the federal government can get involved, you go to the men's team.

You go to the men's locker room; you go to the men's bathroom. Now, from what I'm reading Rachel Levine is coming from Pennsylvania, where she is Undersecretary of HHS.

The Undersecretary of HHS on a national level is going to implement this policy that everything's going to change. So, if you want to run track, your name is Dave, and you've decided that you want to be referred to now as, say, Bonnie.

You self-identify as Bonnie. You can be in track and field, wrestling, tennis, or whatever the sport. Get this. I know you're going to love this as the mother of a daughter, as I am the father of a daughter.

That means that Bruce, who is now a Bonnie, can shower in the same locker room with your daughter or my daughter if they happen to be on the team. For me, that's unsettling. How do you react to that?

Katie Hopkins: Part of me wonders, and I say this because I've got children. I don't know if it's a phrase used often in America but are they on the wind-up?

Are they saying all of this stuff just to be deliberately as antagonistic, and as controversial as they can possibly be? I feel a bit like someone sat in a room and said, what's the top 10 list of things that we could do on day one that will the most annoying middle America/MEGA America/ the other side.

Top on that list was a trans individual in assistant health, and let's reverse all the policies around trans that made mothers and fathers feel safer about their kids. Then whatever else we're going to see. It's just abhorrent.

This is my personal view, and I feel free to explore it here. Even when I look visually at this inverted Rachel individual, my skin crawls. I can't bear that we're supposed to address this thing as she.

She would be in charge of deciding that my children, my young daughter, could end up in a bathroom with a male. Someone who could be a predatory male.  Someone who could be there specifically to attack my child.

I mean, it's just disgusting. It's morally abhorrent. It's a fast descent into the madness. Let alone before we even talk about sports, where you're taking away fairness. If the left, the Democrats, are supposed to be about fairness, how on earth is it fair that some muscular male now calling himself Florence can run against any of our girls?

I mean, it is just vileness. I do wonder. Barry, do you think they just came up with a list of what are the worst things we could do? Okay, let's do them.

Barry Nussbaum: I'm hesitating because I honestly don't know if this is something they believe. As if it makes some sort of logical sense in some twisted view of how the world should be or is. You know, I was thinking the other day, I was in Target.

In the Target near my house there are the men's restrooms and the women's restrooms. I walked past the women's restroom to go into the men's, and there was a father who walked his daughter, maybe about eight years old, to the door of the women's restroom. He said, “Honey, I'll be right here waiting for you.”

She said, “Okay, Dad.” She went in, and he stood there. I said, “Hi,” and he said, “Hi”. When I came out, he was still standing there. About a second later, the daughter came out, he put his arm around her, and they went back to shopping.

He's a good dad. In his mind, he just wanted to make sure everything was okay as he should as a parent. He didn't want to take her into the men's room. He couldn't go into the woman's room. You know what? I'm fine with all of that.

But if I was that dad and my little girl were going into the restroom, and right after that little girl, a guy as big as that guy walked in, and that guy self identifies as Florence. I would lose my; you know what, with good reason.

A parent's responsibility is to protect their children. That's the first job of a parent. If you are so concerned, as you should be, that a six-foot, two-hundred-pound man just walked into the restroom after your nine-year-old girl.

You should be upset. I don't care about how that person self-identifies. I honestly don't care. At the same time, I'm not going to make somebody wrong for self-identifying as whatever. I mean, there are all these stories all over YouTube.

This person self identifies as a deer, and this person self identifies as a giraffe. I'm not making this up. The videos are out there. There are people that do all kinds of crazy stuff.

I have a problem when they take their crazy stuff, and they want my family to be subject to their interpretation of the world that's, well, not compatible with mine. What do you think?

Katie Hopkins: I think that's right. There's no chance. If I'm in America and this is all changing, I don't care what age they are. I'll be going in with them.

I'll be sending someone in with them, or I'll be standing at the door you use to enter the bathroom area. I'll be standing there with that door open. That's what happens. Policies like this mean that what would normally be a normal interaction, the way we operate in society, has to change.

Mothers and fathers have to become the police because we're worried about the safety of our children. It's craziness. I know, but it's a real truth. We have stories.

I don't think I need to go into the explicit details of what happens. Because Trans individuals, male prisoners are allowed to decide they identify as female.

Once they've been prosecuted and imprisoned, they are now put into the female wings of prisons in the UK. Of course, you know what happens next. Then we have to use the term her when relating to genitals and their manhood.

We have to use the pronoun her, this, or that. This is the level of madness to which we rapidly descend. As an outsider, Barry as well, the sadness of this is that I always look to America to be somewhere that I hold on to for hope.

My country's been going down a dark path for a long time. America under Trump was somewhere for us to look to that was sane, had reasonable rules, and a respect for law and order.

Now to see that go from America, possibly, for the next two or four years. That is a very dark moment as well. Who do we look to for hope?

Barry Nussbaum: Yep. I agree. There is even a corollary issue. That is the following. I am familiar with many people, male and female. By the time they got to the University, they had been training in X, Y, Z sport for 10, 15 years.

Many of them worked their whole lives at it. They go to school. They do their sport, and they sleep. That's all the time there is if you're going to be good at something. Golf, tennis, track and field, wrestling, or whatever the sport.

If you go to college, or even high school, you're very good at your sport. You happen to be female, I mean biologically female, and you're doing a great job at your sport.

You're excelling. Let's pick a sport that has strengths involved in it. Like sprinting, javelin or shot-put, and there's somebody next to you that has massive amounts of testosterone.

Because he's a guy biologically, more muscle, thicker muscle density, more bone mass, more overall strength, more endurance, and I'm not being sexist. It's biological. Men are stronger than women, and they are better, stronger athletes as a result.

This is why historically, over time, throughout all of mankind's history. Sorry for using such a banned term. I apologize, Nancy Pelosi. The sexes don't compete against each other because it's not fair. Look, I'm a decent golfer against guys.

Against girls, it's not much of a competition. Because I can hit the ball 50 yards farther, that is not even a strength sport. When you get into the strength sports, the dominance is worse.

So, how would you feel as a female athlete, Katie, that you finally made it to the top of your sport, and you are throwing the javelin at the University, and Bruce, who's now Florence, is sitting next to you in the warm-ups, 50 pounds heavier with muscle mass, 50 percent more defined?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it makes you feel that you'd want just to weep. I have been involved in a few of these epic battles before on Twitter before I was removed from that platform.

We had exactly this in the female cycling. I think it was indoor cycling championships. A brilliant British cyclist, I love her. She was there on the podium, but of course, she was second.

Because of a trans athlete, I also believe has the name of Rachel. Rachel must be a popular name for men who now want to be a woman. Rachel was on the podium and had won the event.

Unsurprisingly, given she is a man. Of course, when you look at the visual, we all know what a podium looks like with first, second, and third.

You expect to see these beautiful athletes on there looking fantastic. Well, what you saw was two lovely cyclist ladies looking amazing. But then this huge Goliath of an individual, a man now called Rachel, who had won.

Nothing about it added up. Not the visual of the muscular physique, not from an equitable or equality perspective. It didn't add up. Then even in an emotional reading of that image to the little face of the lady who came second, whom I love.

Knowing that she hadn't come second, of course, she had first stolen from her. At what would have been possibly the one moment, as you know, Barry, there's a very narrow window where you can be the world champion.

She had that stolen from her by a man. Maybe you can answer this, Barry. Why do men think it's okay to do this to women? What part of a man thinks, I know, I can win if I beat women?

What goes on in a male psyche to think, I know I can be world champion if I pretend to be female today? What happens there?

Barry Nussbaum: I'm not a psychologist, and I don't know the psychology mentally of what goes into that thought process. As I said, I don't care what somebody self-identifies as, and I don't care.

I'm very libertarian in that. As long as that person, male, female, deer, giraffe, whatever the self-identification is, it's fine, I don't care, doesn't impose their interpretation of biology on others.

I don't want people that have different parts in a bathroom with people that want and expect privacy. I don't want people with different parts competing on what is interpreted as a level playing field, even though somebody has a distinct, overwhelming physiological advantage because of their native biology.

I just don't think it's fair, period. I was thrilled when Trump changed it. I'm horrified within a day or two. It's going to be changed back. It will destroy the level playing field in sports and, maybe more importantly, because it will affect more people the privacy issue at every Target, every other store, restaurant, and public restroom in the U.S., will be forever weird.

I'm not comfortable with it. Let's go to our next segment. You touched a minute ago, Katie, on Twitter not liking you. They don't like a whole lot of people. You are one of the first, but now you're in some very good company.

Your brand just got locked out. I'm referring to Marjorie Taylor Green. She's the congresswoman from Georgia. They locked her out of Twitter for multiple violations of the civic integrity policy.

Apparently, the civic integrity policy, in this case, was because she had the audacity to say, “I'm not sure the election was fair. Let's investigate”. To Twitter, that's one step removed from anarchy, and bam, you're out. Tell us about your new friend, Marjorie Taylor Green.

Katie Hopkins: Yes. So, having been kicked off Twitter in the UK, or at least my account is based in the UK, I was kicked off shortly after Trump retweeted me four or five times.

That was enough for them to say, “Right, she's got to go, 1.2 Million followers, we've got to get rid of her.” So, it's quite nice now to have more company on the ban list, including Trump, and including others, like you say, Marjorie Taylor Green.

I was with Marjorie just last week in her office and with her staff. Her head of communications saw me passing by to speak to someone else and grabbed me and said, “Oh, you must come and see Marjorie. She loves what you guys do.”

So, ATP is definitely making inroads. People are noticing what we're doing. I went to see her. She is a pocket rocket, an absolute firebrand. She is one of us, and she's more grassroots than grassroots. She is the woman I would expect to bump into in Walgreen's shopping for her kids, doing some chores, sorting errands, running past you in her sneakers, and her hair tied up.

She's that woman. She's so true to the Trump supporters that I know, and I love. Those I meet out on the ground. That feels like strength. We all knew it with Trump because he wasn't a politician. I mean, in the most respectful way to Marjorie, she's not a politician.

She's a woman's woman and a man's man. She's handy with her weapon, she is handy with her voice, and she is handy physically. So, she's an absolute gift to our side. I think she could care less if Twitter removed her.

It would incentivize her to keep doing what she does and become louder than before. I see her active Gab. I know she'll be active on Parler. I know for certain Marjorie Taylor Green is not a voice that will be silenced any time soon.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it's not just going to be her. As you know, Project Veritas sent in an operative who got a recording of Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, saying, I'm going to read you the quote, "We know we are focused on one account right now," referring to Trump's account that he had just banned.

"But this is going to be much bigger than just one account. It's going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, the next few weeks, and will go on beyond the inauguration."

He is warning the public that he plans to have his platform, Twitter, close down the accounts of the people they disagree with; in my mind, that makes him a publisher. Not an open platform. He ought to have his immunity revoked. What do you think?

Katie Hopkins: Well, I completely agree with you. I take some joy in the fact that that is what we're going to see, and what we see at the moment is the Twitter share price plummeting.

They have gone into this sort of mode where Jack believes he's the emperor. He is the overseer of it all, the master of all he surveys. He has everybody desperate to use his platform. But I think we are going to see the emperor hasn't got that many clothes.

People were on Twitter to see what Trump had to say. People were on Twitter because they cared about a few other voices and what they had to say. As those voices depart, people are not that interested anymore. It takes away the incentive to be on Twitter, and of course, at a certain demographic, Twitter is completely irrelevant.

Ask any under 20-year-old, and they'll say it's a platform for the oldies. So, I think the life expectancy for Twitter is time-bound. I think we're going to see the share price fall, which will be glorious.

One of the interesting examples was that WhatsApp is going to start sharing their data with Facebook. Because of the massive flight of users from WhatsApp to Signal they decided to hold back on that new policy.

They were frightened by the sheer loss in the user base that they had. I think we're about to teach Twitter a lesson. In a way, the more people they remove, the faster, the quicker we will migrate to other platforms.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, you mentioned WhatsApp, and they changed their terms and conditions. WhatsApp became a monster platform because it's encrypted.

They don't data mine. Who you talk to or when you talk to them, where you call them from, and so on it was never, ever shared with the platform. They changed it.

They are owned by Facebook. It's a Zuckerberg company. They changed, as you said, the terms of service so they could get all your data. Who you're talking to and when you're talking to them, where you're located, where you make your calls from, and where your phone is?

All the big brother stuff that people don't want to share with others. What happened? The uproar was so huge that they backed off and said they're not going to do it in January, but they will do it in March.

By the time March gets here, you may see a flight from WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and others. Why? Because the consumers are voting by where they use services and rightly so.

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. I think that's a good thing.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, let's talk about one more thing before we leave the subject of Marjorie. She announced last week that she is filing articles of impeachment on the House floor against Joe Biden within a week of him taking office. Is this going to happen?

Katie Hopkins: Oh, my goodness. Isn't she just a dream? She knows how to keep coming at them and give them some of their own medicine.  She says she's going to file these articles of impeachment to remove him from office because of the abuse of power.

She said that she wants to remove him because we can't have the office of President so easily bought off by a foreign government. So, whatever comes of that, even if it's nothing, she is flagging too, MEGA, at least, or for America First.

For people who believe in America First. She's flagging to people, listen, this fight is not over. We're not all lying down and taking it. We are not all going to take a knee to Joe Biden as other Republicans seem to be.

That's part of the joy. That we know that the Freedom Caucus, particularly Gohmert, Taylor Green, Matt Gates, and others, are still fighting the good fight. They have put their heads up high above the parapet. I can't imagine how uncomfortable their lives are being made right now. I can't imagine it's a very friendly place for them, up there on Capitol Hill.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about that. We've got a question from a listener. Do you think they will try and impeach Marjorie? You know, there are two ways that could happen. The first way is the House does it, which is extremely rare.

I would put nothing past Nancy Pelosi. In her extremism to punish the crazies that think Donald Trump was a decent president or having the audacity to be Republicans in her House.

It could come from the voters in several years, voting her out of office. I think the listener is talking about the fact that pro-Trump conservatives in the House and the Senate may face removal from office, threats from their contemporaries. I find that despicable. What do you think?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, and Margaret was quite clear about this when I met her. So, this was her third day in the office. She and her team, who I sat with, discussed that they now feel they would be ousted.

That the people they work amongst and supposedly with are trying to oust them from office already. They will take two routes to try and do that. One route will be this idea of insurrection.

So, pursuing the idea that people like Margaret Green were directly responsible for the attack on the Capitol building. Therefore, under that, they can be removed. The second, and this seems to be the route that feels more Pelosi to me.

They want to try and get her for some sort of infringement of rules. Of course, as any congressman would know much better than I, one of the most difficult things about being a congressperson, as I understand it, is trying to keep within all the rules.

There are so many of them. Someone like Marjorie, because she's a free-spirited individual, doesn't want to wear a face mask, nor does she want to go through the scanner they put it, nor does she want to do this or that.

They are trying to come for her on infringement of basic rules. So, they are on their guard. They are on the watch. But she believes they will try and oust her before she even gets to the end of her first few months in office.

When she had come back from the canteen, someone was not just unkind, but she was treated with absolute hostility. Wherever she goes inside the Capitol building, even into the canteen. That is not an easy position to try and do your work.

Barry Nussbaum: That's horrible. I've been in the Capital a number of times with both senators and representatives. The Republicans and the Democrats, when I was there, were respectful of each other. They chatted each other up.

They might have had grossly different political viewpoints on spending, social programs, the Defense Department, and war. You name it. There are a zillion issues. But they were colleagues, they were respectful, and they would have lunch together.

That seems to be historically the last century. Now, if you are on the other side of the line, you're the bad guy, and you're the devil. This poor girl has been in office three days, and they're already talking about removing her.

Because she had the audacity to exercise her rights to say constitutionally, let's take a look at the election. In every election of the last decade or two, when the Republicans won, the Democrats stood up and said, “I'd like to question it.”

When the Democrats won, the Republicans said, “I'd like to question it.” It's expected, they do it every four years. But now, it’s a crime against humanity? Is that crazy to you, Katie?

Katie Hopkins: It's so crazy, isn't it? I think you're right. I was thinking about Marjorie's office. The weird thing about it is her office. She's been in the office for three days when I was there.

They have not unpacked. The boxes are piled high. Same with Louie Gohmert's office. Boxes are everywhere. So, Marjorie is there with her team, and no one's unpacked properly.

They haven't settled in; they haven't got their feet under the table, as we would say. Yet they're already having direct hostility against them in the canteen. They know that Pelosi is trying to work out which rule they can get them on to get them kicked out.

That's before they have even unpacked their office. Ridiculous, and to your story of the Democrats and Republicans historically getting along. Down the road, where everyone has to sit outside at minus two to drink a beer.

I don't see the pleasure in it, but I'm British, so I'm obliged to. I bumped into the Chief of Staff for the gentleman next door to Louie Gohmert. I was telling him I'm a massive fan of Louie Gohmert.

He was saying, “Ooh, yes, Louie. He cooks ribs in his office, sometimes in the Capitol building.” He goes next door and gives them to the Chief of Staff or one of the Democrat congressmen because that's the relationship they had.

Friendship, they're all working in the same place, even if they're on different sides. I think you're exactly right. That is over, and the hostility is real. You are no longer allowed to be friends with or talk to anybody from the Trump administration.

I think we're seeing that witch hunt extends to other members of staff as well. We were seeing people in the media saying we will never employ anybody that was favorable to Trump. Those people are now unemployable.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, isn't that true? Katie, there's a question for you from a listener. She asks Katie, do you feel any different coming to America this time around after the election? You were here before, and now you're hereafter. What do you think?

Katie Hopkins: Thank you for that question. I was here on the road three months following the Trump campaign. I was moving with the MEGA movement and also with our opposition.

I was spending time in Minnesota, George Floyd, and other places to understand properly. To the best of my ability, where we were at was this power when I was here last time. It was almost like you could plug into it.

This vibrating mass of people who, almost by sheer will alone, were going to put Trump back in power, I was with them, and it felt like there might be fraud, there would be fraud.

There were all of these mail-in ballots. But somehow, our win was going to be big enough. I believed that, and I still believe that. That our win was going to be bigger than the fraud,  there was always this sense of, together we were going to prevail.

Two days before the election, I left feeling fairly confident that we were going to prevail. So, to come back now and see everybody broken-hearted. Believe me. I'm all one for being the cheerleader, the positive, getting back out there and fighting the good fight.

I feel the pain here. In the empty streets of D.C., the emptiness hit. The last time I was in Harry's bar, we were in Trump International. I was here with Brandon Stracke rallying for the walkaway movement. It was so joyous.

Even if you weren't a Trump supporter, it was joyous. Now it's quiet. There is no one around, just the military. The only conduit to the President who's going to be foisted onto America is the media. They are willing to spin this and just spoon feed it to everybody willing to watch.

That's what we've just seen at the Lincoln Memorial. Biden didn't even speak. Kamala Harris was the one that said a few words. It is a visual presentation, like the fireworks, so that the media has something to look at; otherwise, there's nothing at all.

There's no one here. The President is a frail old man, and it feels more and more like this is all just a facade. So, yeah, night and day from being here a few months ago to being here now.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, tremendous difference, I'm sure. Let's switch topics a little bit. Israel is the most vaccinated country on earth for COVID. They have put out something like two-million vaccines, and the country has less than eight million people.

So, in comparison to the United States, there are about a hundred times where the U.S. is. I get the updates constantly. My children live there. Nachman Ash said today that the Pfizer vaccine they are using in Israel is much less effective than they thought it would be.

Between the first dose and the second dose the efficacy is lower than Pfizer's represented it to the country of Israel. Which means that he's not certain that the vaccines will protect against mutated variants of coronavirus. Now, coronavirus is a flu.

It's a bad one. Various reports say there are up to five mutations. The vaccines distributed worldwide from Pfizer, Materne, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca is coming out in the next couple of days.

Well, we're all formulated on a super-duper rush basis for the variation, number one. Israel is now saying by the time you get to the mutated strains. They don't even know if the vaccine is working. They are the most vaccinated country on earth. If anyone should know, they should.

Does that make you want to go out and get this vaccine tomorrow? If so, are you going to get version one or wait for version two, three, four, or five? Pick one, right?

Katie Hopkins: Exactly. I think I choose none of the above. I will say this, and this is separate from the vaccination. Israel is epic at stuff. That sounds like quite a basic thing to say, but I've always felt this way.

In fact, I was nearly removed from my radio show. I was eventually removed by Ofcom, the regulator of broadcast media in the UK, because I was too pro-Israeli. That wasn't allowed.

So, I was investigated. Basically, when Israel decides to do something, it gets it done. Netanyahu writes we need to build a wall, he built a great big wall, tall enough so that if you try and jump off, it breaks your legs.

Not only does he build the wall above ground, but he builds the wall below ground. So, no one can tunnel under it either. We need a security system. The Iron Dome system comes in perfectly fantastic. He decides you need to have vaccines. Vaccines 24/7.

The record-breaking world number of vaccines delivered in a certain number of days. Israel knows how to get stuff done. It does. I love Israel for that. As for the vaccine, not a chance. We have vaccine passports now coming into the UK inevitably.

I was reading this morning. Norway is a small country with a small population of people who've been vaccinated so far, which is not high; 25 elderly people have died within a couple of days of being given the vaccination. I think not for me and certainly not for my parents, hopefully either.

But then,  other people just love the vaccination. Other people see being given the vaccine as being given a gift. You see them on the media being so grateful and thankful that they've been one of the chosen people to be given the vaccine.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I've got many friends, contemporaries of my age and older, that are very nervous. They should be against COVID if you have pre-existing conditions like heart, lungs, blood pressure, or asthma.

Under those circumstances, if you've got something serious, like cancer, COVID can kill you. Your immune system is compromised. But as a non-Dr. Nonscientist, just a regular person, it strikes me as weird. If they say the disease is changing and all the research was on the first disease.

Now we're up to the disease number five variant. Nobody knows whether the vaccine is working. The head of the most successful vaccine program on planet earth says he doesn't even know if it works, and they've administered more vaccines than any other country on earth.

It's not even close. We can leave it there because we just don't know. But I'm putting it out there for our viewers worldwide to listen and think for themselves. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense to you either. Agreed?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely.

Barry Nussbaum: Okay, I picked up this story over the last couple of days. I'd like to mention it as something to think about as people digest your comments from previously, Katie. About Jack Dorsey, who is the founder and chief dictator at Twitter.

In the United States, there is a grassroots civil rights movement called End Jew-Hatred. What they do is try to get people not to promote hating Jews. Now, what does it have to do with Twitter, you might be asking? Twitter has banned zillions of conservative Republicans.

They are starting with the President of the United States, numerous House members, the Senate, opinion leaders of all types because they are conservative, and their viewpoint is not within the Twitter approval list.

Yet, Jack Dorsey makes it a policy platform allowing the most vicious, the most hated you can imagine being placed thousands of times an hour from Twitter users all over the world.

For example, the most documented major crime in the history of planet earth is the Holocaust. Why is it so documented? Well, primarily because of the Germans who administered the systematic murder of six million Jews, we're fanatical record keepers.

Their records survived. Every name, where they were put to death, how they were rounded up, and their property that was taken away. Who did it, and so on. They self-documented because they're obsessive documenters of what they did.

And yet, Jack Dorsey allows the Holocaust to be debated on his platform. As if you're debating something worth debating. From my perspective, as someone logical and Jewish educated, it's like debating whether or not the sun is there. Or the world is round, or is there twenty-four hours in a day.

Certain things are accepted as fact. If you question them, you're generally looked at as an imbecile. Jack Dorsey thinks that's a debate. That's okay? So, there are Holocaust posts, thousands of them. I'll read you a few.

“The Holocaust is fake and gay.” That was approved. “Joe Biden's win is as fake as the Holocaust.” That was approved. “The Holocaust is fake to distract us from the truth.” That was approved. “Six-million Jews did not die.” That was approved.

So, Brooke Goldstein, the executive director of this organization, has been calling this to the attention of Jack Dorsey. Telling him, Jack Dorsey, it's time for you to end Holocaust denial and the Jew-hatred on Twitter.

His response. Crickets. But if you ask him and demand that Trump be gone or Marjorie Taylor Green, they're horrible people. Bam, they're banned. Katie Hopkins, bam, she's banned. I have thousands of similar stories. Is Twitter as bad in your mind as they are in mine?

Katie Hopkins: I completely see where you're going with this.  It just screams in your face. The hideousness of what able people write. The hideousness that it's allowed on the platform.

The vile idea that this is allowed to be perpetuated. Then when you extrapolate that out, it comes off of social media and into real life. So, I hold Twitter and other places accountable for allowing this sort of stuff to fester.

In the UK, for example, where we have a Muslim majority in the most densely populated parts of London. We have a Muslim Mayor. We have power sitting in the hands of Muslim individuals. It means that when you end up with a Labor government, our kind of Democrats, we ended up with Jeremy Corbyn, who's effectively a Bernie Saunders of the left.

You end up with anti-Semitism in real life, on the streets. Jewish people are being attacked for walking down the streets. My French Jewish friends are being forced out of Paris. It transmits itself from social media. Where it festers and perpetuates itself into real lives.

That's why on the night of the election in the UK in December 2019, my Jewish friends had bags packed by the door because they were so afraid of Jeremy Corbyn getting in and the rapid descent of the rise in anti-Semitism.

The actual physical attacks on Jews that were happening in the UK they were going to leave the next morning for Israel. So, it isn't just that this goes on social media. It stays on social media, and it's disgusting, but at least it's online.

No, it starts online, or it breeds online, and it gets acted out in the streets. Anybody who is a disbeliever that this happens, come with me to Paris. To the Jewish court, come with me to the suburbs of Paris. You'll see it is not safe.

No mother would allow her Jewish child to walk alone in the suburbs of Paris. Not a chance. That's the reality for Jews today in Europe.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy, is that discouraging. Thank goodness the Labor Party got rid of Corbyn. At least he's not in leadership anymore, but he's lurking in the shadows wanting to return.

Speaking of lurking in the shadows, in the United States, there is a  famous NBC anchor known to everybody as named Katie Couric. She was on Bill Maher, the comedian talk show, liberal guy.

They were talking about Republican members of Congress who were against the certification of the election results without an investigation. As I said previously in this show, it is quite common and happens in every election.

Except now, it's some kind of crime against humanity. Katie Couric said, I'm going to read the quote, "As much as I'm worried about the loons who break into government," meaning, broke into the Congress, "I'm much more worried about the loons who did get elected because, I mean, what do you do about these people?

There are 147 Republicans in Congress who still didn't concede that Trump lost the election. What do you do about them?" She suggested that they get deprogrammed. I'm not kidding, and I'm not making this up.

This is a national NBC famous anchor. She wants to send elected members of the House and the Senate to some sort of deprogramming place. To get their heads straight, like the book by George Orwell, 1984. This is today, Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins: I hear echoes, not only historically, but also in China. We know how they like their reprogramming camps. I hear echoes because it's the sort of language I see written up in these new health bills or COVID bills that are rushed through in the UK.

They have been rushed through in New Zealand and speak of enforcement officers if you don't subscribe to the COVID laws and abide by them. Enforcers can enter your home without a warrant. They can take you and hold you in a place that they determine until you comply. So, this idea of reprogramming.

This idea of being taken somewhere to learn your lesson. It is not the only language that I'm hearing from people like Kharasch and others regarding Trump. I also hear this language being used around COVID and what is termed as COVID deniers.

Or, as I would call them, perfectly sane and healthy individuals. I also think, Barry, we have to give the nod or a hat tip of respect to Bill Maher, right? Because he separated out the Capital rioters, the five thousand who broke into the hill.

He was clear on his program that those shouldn't be confused with the 74 million Trump supporters. The 74 million MEGA voters. I think that was a brave and bold thing for him to do because it flies in the face of what he was expected to say.

I think many people have called for his removal for daring to suggest that the Capital rioters didn't represent regular Trump voters.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, my God, what a scandal. I'm sure you know about My Pillow. This guy, Mike Lindell.

Katie Hopkins: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: He came from nothing and started this pillow company. He's on television about every 8 or 12 seconds, with his cutesy commercials. He's got pillows, mattress covers, blankets, and all kinds of stuff.

His pillow is the bestselling pillow of all time. The distribution of all of the products of his company has now been discontinued by two enormous national chains, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohls.

They are dropping his lines because they don't like his politics because he has the audacity to donate to Trump. As if that's child slavery or something horrible. Wow.

Katie Hopkins: I wonder what that poor man feels. Mike Lindell walked up to the White House for his meeting with Trump. He had like notes in his hand. I wish that he walked up to the White House with a mattress topper under one arm and a pillow under the other.

Just for the comedy value of it. I wish that it had been that visual. Everyone on the other side was like, why is the pillow guy going to see Trump? I would have just loved him to just be delivering a pillow. I think it would have been perfection.

How unkind and how nasty the other side is to have him removed. I'm hoping he has enough of his money saved away, squirreled away that he can make it. I'm sure any decent Trump supporter will be going out and still buying My Pillow products for as long as they can.

Just to support Mike, if nothing else. What a price to pay for trying to be a decent patriot. I mean, how much has Mike Lindell paid in taxes into the American economy over the period of his lifetime?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, millions and millions. The appreciation for that is de minimis, if not zero. I have several callers who are calling in with simple messages saying, we love Katie. Keep up the good work.

Katie Hopkins: That was my mom. That would be my mom. Barry, I got a question for you. Why do you do what you do? Why do you do this? Why do you run ATP? Why do you spend your time doing this? Why do you invest in the platform? Where do you get your energy and enthusiasm from to do all this?

Barry Nussbaum: Wow, thanks for surprising me, but I can handle it. When I was a child, my mother told me a story that I never forgot. I remember it quite consistently. It was when she was a little girl, a teenager.

They were living in Budapest, Hungary. She asked her father about what's going on over in Poland. They heard in Hungary that the Germans are killing Jews there. Her father said something to the effect of, there's something horrible going on, but we don't have to worry because that's over in Poland, we're in Hungary, and we're safe.

Everything will be fine. We don't have to listen to all the horrible things that are being said here in the newspapers. My mother believed that up until the day the Gestapo truck pulled up in their front yard and collected her father and her brother.

They were taken away to Auschwitz. She never saw them again. A few months later, they came for her and her sister, and by coincidence, my father, and his family.

For me, the motivation is, if we don't learn from history by knowing the truth, knowing what's right, fighting for freedom, and protection from those that would do us harm, both foreign and domestic we will suffer the same fate.

So, my motivation for American Truth Project is that we, Americans, of which you are an honorary one. In the future, a real one. We have the most beautiful document ever created by man, the United States Constitution.

God willing, we will energetically and enthusiastically protect and promote it forever. It has created the greatest country the world has ever known. The only way we can lose it is by not defending, protecting, and enthusiastically educating others about it.

ATP is about the threats to our way of life. So, it's become my life. That is why. Thank you for asking.

Katie Hopkins: I think it matters. Your story matters. All of us at the pointy end of the spear have to have this motivation. You're right. That explains why you do what you do. It would be easier not to. That's a bit like Lindell.

There will be a reason that's bigger than, I sell pillows, or I'm Mike Lindell. I think this is right. There will be a motivation that is real. I think that's one of the glorious things about our side.

I genuinely believe this. No matter what's going on right now, the horrific scenes that we will see tomorrow when that old man is being, so-called inaugurated. The facade of all of this. Behind our side, not only is 75, 80 million who are Americans, who are utterly brilliant individuals, and the 80 million Americans who want the best for their family.

But 8 million Americans are genuinely motivated by wanting the best for each other. That's what your story is about; you want people to be safe and nothing bad to happen to them again. That's how I feel, having seen the UK I don't want it happening in America. I think that it would be true for Anni.

We have seen stuff that we don't want to happen to other people. We want them to be okay. I think that's a very cool plateau to move forward with America First. Where we just want everyone to be all right. I think that's the joy of our side.

It's not massively political. It's not antagonistic. It's not hostile. We just want everybody to live the best life they can live. That's a great side to be on.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me ask you the same question. Why do you do what you do? You are thousands of miles from home. In Washington, D.C., having flown here to support us in our fight for freedom. Why?

Katie Hopkins: I've been on this trail for 10, 15 years now. Having gone into the media, I have seen truths that no one was telling. Then I start telling them. You see what happened to me because you're not allowed to say those things.

So, coming to America for ten years or so, warning people not to become like the UK. I say to people, “Don't fall as we have fallen.” I am using myself and other examples to demonstrate that. Of course, now is a very difficult time because America is following down the dark path. But there is still hope. I still know it to be the best.

I also know that there are certain truths that we have that my white South African farming family has. That is that we are still loyal to God and the land. So, God in America, God in South Africa, or family we have things that we can always hold onto, and they are always real things.

So, Biden in that administration may have a trans person. They may decide to upturn the Muslim ban. They may decide to flood America with Guatemalans. Ultimately, our side will always be on the side of truth.

I will always be on the side that is most true to the Founding Fathers. That will always matter. I've been all in for a long time, like many other people. I think for many of us, it's liberating in a time when we are less free than we ever were.

In a time when, for example, in my country, it's illegal to leave your home. We are going to be locked down until April. At a time when freedoms are being stripped away. To fight for the truth, I think, is the freest you can be.

I've been given that gift. I've been given the gift of extra time on the earth to sort this out. So, I find it very freeing. I think you're by nature a happy individual. You're in that fight. Anni, our producer, is a happy warrior. It makes us happy. That is why our side is happy together because we are fighting for the good stuff.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, God bless you, and I greatly appreciate you coming over here to help us be better Americans. By better Americans, I mean people who understand the gift of our Constitution, the rights it has bestowed, the importance of having those rights protected, defended, encouraged, and transmitted to the next generation. So, on behalf of all of us here thanks for helping. We need it.

Katie Hopkins: Bless you and thanks to our lovely listeners and everybody subscribing to ATP by texting TRUTH to 88202.

Barry Nussbaum: I've got a wild one for you. I don't know if you're going to be able to make any sense out of this. Tucker Carlson did a show the last couple of days.

He brought the attention to a lady named Kristen Clarke. She's going to be, if she gets confirmed, Head of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice. It is an astonishingly powerful job, incredible power.

You have the might of the U.S. government enforcing your dictates. Here's what scares the hell out of me. This lady is on the Biden list and has not been withdrawn, even since the story broke, said, I'm going to read you the quote.

Melanin, for those that don't know, melanin is what gives your skin pigmentation. The more melanin you have, the darker you are, the less melanin you have, the whiter you are. It gives your skin color.

Okay, this is what she said, "Melanin endows blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities than whites. Something which cannot be measured based on eurocentric standards."

Now, this is something you would expect from Louis Farrakhan. The pre-eminent I hate white people, I hate Jewish people, I hate American people, a preacher from Chicago. It didn't come from him on this quote.

It came from the woman that President Biden, tomorrow, wants to appoint as Head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. That scares the hell out of me.

The Civil Rights Division is supposed to equal the playing field, so we have a society, as Martin Luther King envisioned. Where it's not the color of your skin that matters. It's the quality of your actions.

He dreamt of a day that his four children would not be judged by their color but by what they did. By their actions. God bless him. That was a great goal. We are a lot closer to that today than the horrible day when he was assassinated.

Here we are. All these years later with a racist who is about to be the most powerful law enforcement officer in America. Literally in charge of a division of the government, who is a flat-out racist. What do you say, Katie Hopkins?

Katie Hopkins: Oh, I think two things, and I'll be brief. One is she was congratulated by the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC. I think anybody that gets congratulated on their new role by the Southern Poverty Law Center is always out to take down any of our side.

To me, it is a racist organization. I mean, that racism against whites. It is an immediate red flag. I think secondly, it's starting to become or already is laughable.

The way that Biden appears to be selecting people. I don't want to be unkind. I'm sure these people have talents in some departments. But I was once on a British version of The Apprentice. You see how people are selected for these shows.

They need one white one and one black one. They need a Jewish one. They need a Christian one, and they need a slightly weird-looking posh one. I think that was me.

They need this one, a ginger one, and one from Ireland. You get the kind of thing. They need a lineup that represents what they're trying to represent—goodness me.

Biden has gone for it this time. They've got a black woman who's clearly racist against whites, and they've got a trans heading up health. What we should do at ATP is we should get a wall and get their pictures.

Put them up and look at which box and criteria they fulfilled. We must get a disabled lesbian. He's picking it along the lines of identity politics; what a weird way to select. What happened to recruiting on merit or rewarding on performance.

So, being paid on results. Capitalist principles that we would adhere to in business. What Trump adheres to. It's all the madness that we face, the melanin thing and all her quotes in the past.

This is the hypocrisy of the left. Anything she says in the past is immediately forgotten and forgiven. Whereas with our side, anything that you might have said once when you were five years old is the reason you should be immediately sacked and canceled from everything.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy, is that the truth. I'm very curious on a corollary thought as to whether or not the Senate, specifically, the conservatives, will stand up and make noise.

I hope they do. We're about done for today, and before we leave our wonderful audience, I want to remind them if they haven't done so. Please take out your cell phone text TRUTH to 88202.

You will be signed up, and you'll get all our stuff for free. Katie, you're a treasure. I so appreciate you for being part of our family.

Our listening audience keeps sending in comments like, “Ooh my God, she's so great!” Why isn't she always on? I know you can't be on all the time, but we love it.

Katie Hopkins: I pay them.

Barry Nussbaum: Tell your mom to stop calling every two minutes because we keep getting the same message.

Katie Hopkins: Thanks, mom.

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. Thanks for being with us today, loyal audience. We love you all. We'll see you next week, and we've got content coming out every day.

Check out the website americantruthproject.org. We will see you next time. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Thanks so much for joining us today on ATP Radio.

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