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Impeachment Train May Run Over Dems


Graham Ledger: Page six now, the Democrat plan to take out the forty-fifth president. Hell or high water since November 2016, the modern Democrat Party has had a singular focus degrade in order to destroy President Trump and as we get closer to the 2020 election, the pressure to achieve this nefarious goal and the vitriol that comes along with it is getting amplified daily, hourly. Joining me now, the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor, Barry Nussbaum. Barry, careful what you ask for. I think that's the category that Nancy Pelosi is in right now. Careful what you ask for because she's gotten impeachment, and now the clock is ticking. The pressure is on because, in a very real sense, Barry she has to have this thing wrapped up by February 3. February 3, sound familiar? It should, that's the Iowa caucuses. All this has to be done by then. I don't know that necessarily will be.

Barry Nussbaum: She has so many problems with this concept of impeachment. When I say she, I don't mean personally. I mean as the shepherd of the House Democrats. She promised not to bring any impeachment vote unless it was bipartisan because it ought to be bipartisan, as she rightly said in the past. It is completely nonpartisan to the, I'm sorry, completely partisan, I should say because it is all Democrats except for a couple and no Republicans, meaning the indignation is just on her side of the aisle. If she brings the vote, which she says she will, and it gets to the Senate, a number of senators aren't going to be able to campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire, North or South Carolina or anywhere else, because they're going be in trial and they're going be obliterated by a lack of facts and most importantly for the Dems, their leading candidate is going to be subpoenaed and going to be put on trial by the Senate GOP, meaning Joe Biden and there is clear quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Graham Ledger: I hope you're right. I hope the Republicans in the Senate have the backbone to subpoena all those people. I'm not certain that's going to happen. Hope and pray it does, because the American people deserve the truth. Right now, the Democratic caucus in the House, you know, they're not present on board. There are many members of the Democratic caucus. I think there's thirty-one that are in Trump country and they're worried about an affirmative vote on impeachment and, you know, got to hand it to the RNC they're running ads in their districts right now, like this one. Roll Tape.

Adam Schiff: "That charlatan in the White House."

Rashida Tlaib: "We're going to impeach the mother f****r."

Maxine Waters: "I'm not running for anything except impeachment of Trump."

Nancy Pelosi: "We cannot accept a second term."

Al Green: "If we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected."

Graham Ledger: Okay, so this is why, Barry, I say that the impeachment affirmative vote that is affirming articles of impeachment then passing them to Senate is not necessarily a done deal. And, you know, from what I hear, they're not whipping the vote, meaning the majority whip is not going around saying, hey, come on, vote for impeachment. They're not doing that in this process, which tells you something.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, yeah. The American people Graham are speaking out. The longer the evidence is being presented, that doesn't prove anything polls are dropping amongst the general population in favor of impeachment. It is now a losing proposition amongst the general population and if you're in a swing district or even worse, a Trump district and you're a Dem, oh, my gosh, you might be putting your career on the line, having to defend impeaching a president without any evidence. People don't like that. They want their government to govern and solve problems, not to make this about defeating Trump in impeachment and as Green said, "Because if we don't impeach him, he's got to be re-elected." Most Americans are not going for that political theory.

Graham Ledger: And of course, a lot of these Democrats were elected in 2018, especially in California, ostensibly as being moderate Democrats. They vote affirmative for impeachment, Barry, they're anything but moderate and the American people will hold them accountable. I guarantee it. Barry thanks.



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