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P.A. Official: “U.S. Has Never Given Anything of Substance to Palestinians”



Americans have provided the Palestinian Authority (PA) with over $5.2 billion through since 1994 – the year Israel and the PA signed the Oslo Accords. Among other things, this money pays for infrastructure development, support for debt relief, governance, sanitation, education and essential humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip.

America has been the organization’s largest donor by far, giving approximately $1.5 billion in the last four years alone, although President Trump recently declared a moratorium on America’s largesse until major changes are made in UNRWA policies.

The US Treasury also sends tens of millions of dollars every year to support law and order in the PA, to pay for training and equipment for PA security forces, police, firefighters, courtrooms, and judicial and legal needs.

Read Article at World Israel News: https://worldisraelnews.com/pa-official-claims-us-never-given-palestinians-anything-substance/


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