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How the Wall is Saving Jewish Lives


Jermain Botsio: I want to go ahead and show you guys this article. It comes from Politifact.com and this is about a border fence Israel. And let me go ahead. I’m being a bad host. I need to show this. A border fence in Israel that cut illegal immigration by ninety-nine percent, GOP senators says. Now if it can work is there a country where there are terrorists galore, get what I’m saying? People are being born a terrorist! Can it work for us? Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: I can tell you that I’ve seen the fence that that senator is talking about. and I’ve seen, I don’t know, several hundred miles of the border barrier that surrounds Israel in different places. I’ve been on the northern border and the Golan Heights. I’ve been on the eastern border that separates the Jordan Valley territories from Israel proper. I’ve been on the southern border at Gaza. I can tell you they’re all different kinds of fence. Some are chain link and barbed wire with sensors, and I videotaped that and put it on the air. Some are slotted fence, some are very steep concrete slabs, some are concrete walls with big ditches for tank traps next to it. They build different barriers depending on what the threat is. But Israel builds those barriers for two reasons Jermain. One, to knock down the numbers of illegal immigrants. That one barrier area in the south by the Sinai that the center was talking about was getting fifty-five thousand a year coming in through that border area. And they just couldn’t put enough men, because the men would have had to bend every hundred yards and there’s just not enough border police down there. So, they built a wall. The next year and the next year and the next year it dropped till now it’s down by get this as you said, ninety-nine percent. Now you’d have to be a stone-cold liar to see those statistics, to go to that fence and say border fences don’t work. Why? Because the statistics are there. And by the way, when you get done building this thing over 10 years it costs a fraction, a small fraction of what it costs to defend a border with just people. Not to mention, the ancillary damage to your society by murderers and rapists and drug dealers and gangsters and so on coming in. Now on top of that Israel has a terror problem. So do we, but ours is much smaller. Suicide bombings coming in from the West Bank are down by 90 to 95 percent since that wall was built. It’s about 10 meters which is 33 feet high. I dare somebody would try and put up a ladder and get over that. And then the wall has sensors on it, and it has guard posts every certain quarter mile I believe if my memory is correct. So, there are guys in those turrets that can see with binoculars in both directions. Jermain, you want to guess how many people have crossed with fences, across that border fence I should say with a ladder in the last ten years? Do you want to guess?

Jermain Botsio:  Zero.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s zero. You think we have a political mess? They have 15 political parties and the parties come and go like crazy. There is a new election coming up in April for a prime minister in the control of the Knesset which is their legislature in April. And three new parties have been formed in the last week. So, our political system is like concrete and stable compared to theirs. And everybody’s in favor of barriers because everybody knows that the security of their people is their prime job. And the truth is Jermain. The purpose of a national government in the United States going all the way back to 1776 its primary purpose is the defense of its citizenry. That’s the job of the federal government, to provide safety, domestic tranquility, for its citizenry. And if you don’t have a protected border and there’s a threat at the border then you’re not doing your job. In Israel, it works. Look at the fence. Look at the barrier. Look at the concrete wall. It’s all different in different places and there’s not a place where it hasn’t worked. Now granted, in some places they tunnel under it. So, Israel pounds sensors down into the ground and finds the tunnels. But to say you don’t build a fence because someone might burrow under is like saying well don’t lock your door because someone could break a window or why lock up the money in the bank, a robber could just come in. Well yeah, but you’re trying to discourage the 99 percent. And if you can do that your problem drops by ninety-nine percent. I would very much love if all five hundred and thirty-five members of the Congress, House, and Senate, especially the new ones that talk like such idiots would get on a plane, a couple of jumbo jets maybe, one for the Dems and one for the Republicans, go to Israel. See the barrier and come back and then I dare them to face the press and say walls don’t work. Slotted steel doesn’t work. Fences don’t work. Open the border and just put people there. They’d be a tough one really tough.


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