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How America Has Changed In 2021

How America Has Changed In 2021

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome. Thank you for joining me this Thursday, December to 16th, 2021. Oh, my goodness. The year is counting down. The year is just about over. It's about gone in the wind. Can I say to that?

Wow, thank you, everyone, for joining me. Please do me a favor. As always, if you haven't already, get out your mobile device and send me a text. Type my name in W-I-L-L and send it to the number 88202. You do this, and it's completely free. You will get information, and you will get notifications when I go live. You'll get notifications when others go live, and you'll get information that you won't get anywhere else. American Truth Project is the sponsor of this radio broadcast.

So, thank you again, everybody, for joining me. I'm riding by myself today. I should know this number. Maybe my producer will send it to me. The number to call if you want to talk with me. Before we get on to that, I want to talk about what's happening in our world. What has happened for the last 11 months? I guess you can say 11 months.

Well, it's more than that, January of this year. What has the nation gone through? What has America gone through? Would you say that America has changed more than any other time? Would you say America is on the verge of the downfall of the United States of America? A lot of times, when I do my nightly broadcast, I talk about all the stuff that these crooked politicians will do.

I talk about the crooked media. The stuff that they report. The stuff that they don't tell you. I constantly talk about it. I either talk about how we're in the age, the era we're in right now, how all of this is insane, how all of this crazy stuff goes on and on and on. Okay, I do have that number for you. If you want to, call in and tell me what you think about 2021.

Let me remind you when you're listening and when you call in; there's no censorship here. So, if you want to talk about how someone was affected by taking the vaccine because of Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, or whatever, you can call in and voice your opinion about it. Now, just to be clear. I've never claimed to be a doctor, physician, or any of that. I've never told anyone to get something or not to get something. Just to be clear.

I'm pretty sure I have to keep monitoring here because I'll look at my text messages, or they'll let me know when someone calls in, hopefully. Okay, that's good. I do have some audio sound bites that I want to play for you, too. These are some sound bites that I went over last night in my nightly broadcast that I'm going to share with you and everyone who is listening tonight or today.

To be clear, this is probably going to be the last audio radio broadcast for me for the rest of this year. So, I will talk to you next year. I like saying it. I'll talk to you next year, even though next year is just right around the corner. If you happen to be on my Facebook page, you get the notification because we post on our Facebook page. You can just click on the link, and it will show you the number.

So, what do you think? Do you think the United States of America is now a communist nation? Because if you look at it, we have the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi. I'm going to put it out there. She's a socialist Democrat. I mean, she's going along with all this stuff that goes against the United States of America, communism. Look at the Senate, Chucky Schumer. He's the leader of the Senate. He's also about socialism, communism. When they all talk about pushing this whole Build Back Broke.

That's exactly what's happening; communism/socialism. They're both the same thing. First, it starts with socialism. Then, of course, it leads to communism. That's how it works. That's how it happens. So, let me play this first soundbite that I have. This is what Joe Biden, I know. Joe Biden brings it out there. He straight-up says, talking about the votes because, in a communist world, you know what happens?

In a communist world, they control the votes. Think about this. They control the votes. They control who gets to count the votes. They control who gets the votes. Seriously, in a communist world. I'm going to play something that's extremely short. It's extremely short, but listen to what Biden says about controlling the vote.

Biden President of the United States of America: It was no longer just who gets to vote or make it easier for eligible people to vote. It's about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all.

Will Johnson: It's about who gets to count the vote and whether or not your vote counts at all. If that is not straight-up communism, I don't know what communism is. I would gladly, except for someone to call me and say, Will you got it all wrong. That's not communism. Communism is not that. Communism is wonderful. It's wonderful.

You can all jump in on communism because it's for everybody. If we look at the history of communism throughout the ages, communism has destroyed every single nation that it has touched; every single one. Not a single nation on the planet has ever thrived, was successful, and became number one because of communism. You know, the whole thing about communism. This is how the left thinks, and it's been like this from day one, years and years ago, decades ago.

They believe that when a capitalist nation is thriving after they've thrived for so long, they believe that's when you bring in communism. They bring in communism just to destroy it. The main reason why the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth is because of capitalism. That is a great part of it next to being a Judeo-Christian nation.

Seriously, because we all believe in freedoms for everybody, that's what's happening in our world today. You know, this past year has been very alarming, and like I said earlier. We don't have any censorship here. We don't hold back on what we're talking about. We don't use foul language, of course. We don't call for threats. We don't call for violence. We don't call for anything like that, but we do talk about the negativity that we see in the world today because it's affecting us all. That affected me.

Someone really close to me recently got the second shot of the vaccine. Two people, it's two people, someone even closer to me. I have a distant cousin from me. He ended up in the hospital over a heart condition. He is a male in the hospital over heart conditions. He said publicly, he knows for a fact that it is a result of the vaccine. For some reason, people are ignoring it. They're completely ignoring it.

Channon: Hello.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Hey, Will. Can you hear me? Hello.

Will Johnson: Loud and clear.

Channon: We have a caller. We have Vicki from Georgia calling in.

Will Johnson: Okay. Hey, Vicky, thank you so much for calling. You there, Vicky? Okay, I can't hear Vicki.

Channon: I'm sorry, I guess maybe we lost Vicki.

Will Johnson: Okay, well, maybe Vicky will give us a callback. Let me finish telling my story.

Channon: Oh, I heard her.

Will Johnson: Hello. You there, Vicky? I thought I heard somebody.

Vicky: Hello.

Channon: Hello.

Will Johnson: I hear someone. Hello. You there?

Vicky: Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: I can hear you loud and clear, Vicki.  Hello, you there.

Vicky: Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: For the same reason, it's like looping back around.

Vicky: Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Loud and clear.

Vicky: It's muted on my end, but it's coming through on my other phone.

Channon: Do you hear me?

Vicky: I can now.

Will Johnson: Maybe turn your phone off just temporarily, or mute it.

Vicky: Okay, well, I pulled up the video on it. I can try closing it out. If I get disconnected, I'll call back.

Will Johnson: Okay, just call back if you can. Let's get Vicky to call back because there is too much feedback. We'll try to get Vicki to call back. So, if you call in and you're listening on another device, maybe turn off the other devices. Just talk on the telephone, temporarily. Let me finish telling my story here. So, someone close to me, a cousin, a distant cousin, a male ended up in the hospital because he got the vaccine.

Yesterday, I found out another male in the family that's close to me went to the hospital, and he's been saying that he's been experiencing issues after he got the vaccine, and something is going on with his heart as well. It is horrible to think about, it is sickening to think about it, and they're pushing this knowing this information is there.

They're pushing this, knowing that these families are being affected this way, and they still don't want anyone to believe that it is the vaccine. If you ask me on a personal level what they're doing to us right now in the United States of America, not just America, but across the world. Look at Australia; they're repeating what they did in Nazi Germany. It's amazing. So, if we get Vicki back on, just let me know. Okay.

Channon: Yeah, I will.

Will Johnson: So, I do have something.

Channon: Go ahead. You want to play something.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's really sad, and I don't know what else we can do about it because if you go on social media, you want to speak out against it they'll say that you're putting out disinformation, misinformation, and you're only talking about what happened to somebody. They said, well, you can't point at the vaccine. Why are they pushing something onto us so dramatically? Why are they trying to entice people to this vaccine? Why are they trying to give gifts for people to take the vaccine?

Why are they trying to do favors to get people to take the vaccine? Why are they telling people you're going to lose your job if you don't get this vaccine? I personally because I'm a Bible-believing man. I am, okay, not everyone is, and I get it. I get it, but I see a lot of correlations between the Bible and what's happening today.

To me, it's a precursor for what is to come. It is a precursor for what is to come in our world, and I don't know how personally to stop it. If we can't stop this, and if it continues, well, I do have a way we can stop it. That way is, you have to use your voting power and remove people that are not in your interest. That's the only way we can do this peacefully.

That's what I'm all about; I want to do this peacefully. I don't want to do this in a violent way. I don't want to do this and cause harm to anybody. I want it to be done peacefully, and when we do this peacefully, you know, they're going to be even that much angrier. Then there will be violence.

Channon: Will, we have Vicki back on the line if you want to try one more time.

Will Johnson: Okay, yeah, let's try, Vicki. Are you there, Vicki?

Vicky: Hi Will.

Will Johnson: Okay, awesome. I can hear you.

Vicky: Can you hear me now?

Will Johnson: Loud and clear.

Vicky: How are you tonight?

Will Johnson: What you got? You know what? I'm good. We are sitting there talking about everything that happened this past year in 2021. How crazy it is.

Vicky: Well, I just want to say I appreciate all your faith and guidance. I think you're an awesome person for spreading the faith, your guidance, and everything. I agree with you totally about what's going on. In my heart, and I said this about a year and a half ago. I felt like it was the end of time. We are in the final days.

My husband is vaccinated, and we argue about it because I don't trust the vaccine. I don't feel comfortable with it. There are so many negative things. How do I put this? It's my understanding that when you take the vaccine, you are riding all of your natural immunity, and you are putting in the spike protein. Am I correct? The spike protein in order to build immunity against this?

Will Johnson: I've heard that myself. To be clear, I don't claim to be a doctor, physician, or anything, but I am in agreement with you because I've heard that same information. So, go ahead.

Vicky: What I was going to say is, they're trying to get the vaccine. Then they're saying that you're going to need a second. Now they're saying that you're going to need these boosters. From what I've read, the vaccine in the first shot lowers it down to 50% of your amenity.

Then when you get the second shot, you get your immunity down to 25%. Then with these boosters. That's the only thing that you've got once you've taken the NECO in order to have any resistance. Personally, I think I had COVID back when it first got here because I got really sick. That's when they were just testing at airports. So, I felt like I had natural immunity.

I don't want any part of the vaccine. I don't. I don't trust it, but that's me. You're talking about how in-voting can make a difference and everything. I'm very active, politically active, but I live in a town where there are a lot of rhinos, so it's really hard to make a difference on your home front. Do you see what I'm saying? Whenever you are surrounded by rhinos. You get where I'm going with this.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the biggest thing or the only thing that I can say to make that difference is you need to run.

Vicky: I'm sorry, what, Will?

Will Johnson: You need to run for office.

Vicky: I feel like it. Actually, I met Marjorie Taylor Greene. I've met her several times, and I even met Scott Pressler. Are you familiar with Scott Pressler? He goes around teaching people how to run for office. I went to a convention, and I met him. So, as I said, I'm very serious about being active.

Will Johnson: So, Vicki, the best thing that we can do is because I see the rhinos too. Thank God, I'm in Texas, and I'm around some really good conservative Republicans, but in these locations where there are a lot of rhinos. We see that we have to either run against them.

We have to find a candidate that we are willing to get behind and help promote that candidate over these rhinos because we need to tell them that they are done. Like Liz Cheney, I mean, my goodness. Liz Cheney is a major problem, and there are a lot of rhinos out there that have the same thinking that she does. They are Democrats, and they would put an R next to their name. That's all it is.

Vicky: Yeah. Democrats in disguise are what I call them.

Will Johnson: 100% rhinos, Republicans in name only.

Vicky: As far as election integrity, I sent Marjorie Taylor Greene a call to where Gwinnett County, the chairperson for my local Republicans GOP, was asked to step down because they were questioning election integrity. So, they forced him out because they were supporting the election integrity. See what I'm saying? They have basically pushed out this chairperson before.

Will Johnson: I get it, and Vicky, think about this. Isn't it something how they want to force out people who question it, but then you have the Democrats constantly saying they want to fight for voter integrity? I mean, isn't it something. On the one hand, anyone who questions anything about the election they want to remove them, out of sight, out of mind. But then they turn around and say that they want to fight for people, especially people of color, because they're being disenfranchised in voting, especially here in the state of Texas and Florida.

They want to change that as much as possible. They call for this, saying they're helping, but they do not want to help. They want to change the outcome of the election. That's all that is.

Vicky: Stacey Abrams is the governor here in Georgia, and he has been a big part of this whole mess. What's going on here in Georgia.

Will Johnson: You know what? She won't even acknowledge that she lost. She still doesn't want to acknowledge it. She still prances around trying to act like she won, but see, if a Republican did that, they would be like, oh, what are they doing? You never hear anything from the liberal media, from the left talking about Stacey Abrams saying, hey, you did lose.

None of them are telling her that, but then they go around, and they say, well, you know, Trump lost. They constantly say that knowing that President Trump didn't lose. There's no way on God's green Earth that Biden got more votes than Obama, Hillary, and our President Trump. There's no way. It's just not going to happen. Hey, Vicki, I want to thank you so much for the call. Thank you so much for the call, Vicki.

Vicky: Can I say something real quick?

Will Johnson: Okay, go quick. Absolutely.

Vicky: The election night for the presidential election for Trump and Biden. I stayed up late that night and watched the election results. As it was happening, I witnessed President Trump's number depleting as Joe Biden was rising.

I watched it happen before my eyes, and they said, oh, it was a glitch in the system, but there was so much fraud witnessed by people. So, I just want to make that statement because a lot of people believe what they say.

Will Johnson: I saw it too.

Vicky: You know that break in Atlanta. It wasn't a water main break. They pulled those things out from underneath the table. There was video footage of it.

Will Johnson: I know. I saw it, and they all ignored it. I absolutely thought so. Hey, Vicki, thank you so much for the call. Have a wonderful weekend, a happy new year, and a Christmas.

Vicky: Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Will Johnson: You too.

Channon: You know what, Will? It's interesting because, just like with the election, we saw things happen. Many of us witnessed it like we see Antifa having violent protests in the streets. Just like we see Biden declining in his sanity, but they want us to think the opposite is happening.

So, even though we see it, even with COVID, we go, well, COVID is here, but less than 1% of people are dying. They want you to think that every other person is dying or is hospitalized. If people listen to what they're saying instead of believing what they're saying. They believe what they're hearing and go along with the lie. You've talked about that before.

Will Johnson: I constantly talk about how they hear the truth, see the truth, but they still go along with the lie. It's amazing to have that happen. Go ahead.

Channon: We're talking about the end of 2021, and today I was standing in line at the checkout. Time magazine has a magazine called, The Year in Review. So, let me tell you, Will. We already know that Time magazine is pretty much liberal. On the front, it has liberal people. It has Biden, Kamala Harris, Harry, from Europe, and his wife, I mean, who cares about them, but the first thing it says is what happened this year.

It says, "The Capital Under Siege; The Question of the Year." It says "Code Red on Climate." That's their year in review. "The Floyd verdict," come on. You and I have talked constantly about the chaos they've caused in America, and we could go down the list. We know we still have the vaccine mandates. They're trying to take away people's freedoms. They're trying to impact people's jobs. We have CRT in the schools.

They tried to defund the police. Foreign policy, we got back into foreign policies that do not benefit America, but the new world order.  I mean, look at Afghanistan as a total disaster, which the government still does not want to acknowledge. Yet there are still ramifications that we have to deal with as a country. I mean, it's going on and on and on.

We have chaos at the border, which is causing problems all across America with illegals and the problems they bring to America. Just where we live, they've stopped a huge drug deal with over 100,000 fentanyl pills. That is scary, and most of that is coming through our border. Biden and Kamala are like nothing to see here, and what's going on with Kamala and Biden? They are not even seen together anymore? She couldn't keep away from them.

Will Johnson: You know what it is?

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: I think they're distancing themselves from each other. The reason for that is because it looks like rumor has it that Biden may soon drop out. Saying he's going to go ahead and admit that he's not going to run in 2024. The Democrats right now, they're pressing, trying to get them not to announce that, but there are Democrats within the Democrat Party that are calling for Biden to do that.

See if Biden were to do that right now. That means Hillary Clinton, all of the other Democrats that are out there right now, Elizabeth Warren all of them will start campaigning for 2024. They don't want them to do that because Kamala Harris would not be able to go out on the campaign trail. That's what they're upset about, and a lot of people say that they hate Kamala, but they want Kamala Harris to be president.

Channon: I don't think they do want her. It's just they don't have any choice. I mean, even people in her own group ... what do you call it? The people that work with her ...

Will Johnson: Her own circle.

Channon: They're dropping like flies. They say she's miserable to work with, and she doesn't want to do the homework. She's basically lazy. All she wants to do is go on these photo opportunities, but then she messes those up because people question her on things. She doesn't know what to do or what to say.

Will Johnson: Yeah, because she doesn't know how to plug anything into the electrical outlets. Apparently, she's never done that before. I mean, she's never even plugged in the hairdryer. It's really that bad because she couldn't plug in an electric vehicle.

Channon: Yeah. To me, it's going to be interesting because who's going to run for them? We know that Biden would be a disaster. He could not handle another four years. Kamala Harris is a terrible choice because even Democrats don't like her. So, who's next? I guess that's the question I am asking.

Will Johnson: I hear you about Democrats not liking her, but I'm telling you. I'm sitting there doing my research, and I'm looking at the communist news network, and they're literally on there saying that they want Kamala Harris to be able to run in 2024. The White House is pushing it out there, saying that Biden is going to run in 2024. No question about it, no doubt about it, but we all know that he's not going to make it. He's declining too much.

Channon: CNN is not research. (laughing)

Will Johnson: (laughing) You got me there. I would have to agree, but I look at the Communist News Network because of the mindset of the left. The Democrats all have the same mindset as CNN. They do, that's the reason why I listen to them, and that's the reason why I pay attention to them because they have the same mindset.

Channon: They are definitely a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. I do agree with that, but they're confused too. To be honest with you, they don't have favorable comments about Kamala, either. I mean, even they said she had been a failure at the border, and that was her main mission. That was her main assignment since she has been V.P., and she's completely failed.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I hear you, but you know what? Democrats will stick with Democrats. No matter how bad or terrible of a job that they're doing. They will still do Democrats no matter what. That's why they were saying vote blue, no matter who. If the Antichrist came on the scene and said, I am the Antichrist, I'm running against President Trump.

They would say yes, because they said, vote blue, no matter who. Hey, let me put this out there one more time if someone wants to give us a call. If someone wants to give us a call, the number is 516-595-8069, and you have to push the magic number one. Okay, push the magic number one.

Let me give it one more time, 516-595-8069, and push the magic number one. So, Channon, I have an audio clip that I want to play. You know who Gerardo is, right? Do you know who Gerardo is?

Channon: Yeah, of course.

Will Johnson: At one point, he started coming to his senses, and then all of a sudden, he fell off the wagon again. Listen to what he says about President Trump. This is all about January 6th. He's saying, how come President Trump won't say anything about January 6th? President Trump should say something.

He should say something, and they're telling him. President Trump has said something. Just like him, and just like the rest of the left. When they hear it, they see the truth; they reject the truth. Listen to this.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: Why doesn't he say something? Why?

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: Okay, but ...

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: Then you ...

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: The point is he did.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: You saw unfolding before your ...

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: He did.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: You saw folding before your very eyes an attack on democracy.

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: Let me give it to Dan.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: An attack on the constitution.

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: The point ...

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: An attack on the capital of the United States of America.

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: He did not call for that. He said peacefully, and then he did do it. Dan, you have less than a minute. We're running out of time.

Will Johnson: Before we go on, he is talking about Dan, Dan Bongino. Dan Bongino is going to call Geraldo out, and he's going to tell Geraldo exactly who he is and what he did. Listen to this.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: Geraldo, we've been arguing about this forever. The backstabbing of the president you're engaging in is really disgusting, and it's really vile that you pretend to be this guy's friend, and you continue to do this.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: I really resent that. I resent that.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: He said ... it's on tape.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: I supported Donald Trump. I supported Donald Trump until ...

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: I don't care if you resent it.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: He abandoned democracy.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: Let me respond. He said on the tape ...

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: He abandoned the election result, and he refused to ...

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: He said on tape to march peacefully.

Geraldo Rivera Political Commentator: He refused to accept the will of the American people.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: You heard it!

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: Alright, nobody can hear you.  I will leave it there.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: You heard it, and you stabbed him in the back.

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: We will come back.

Dan Bongino Political Commentator: You heard it.

Sean Hannity Host on Fox News: Thank you. Thank you both.

Will Johnson: "Stabbed him in the back." That's exactly what he did, and you know what? He's not the only one who stabbed him in the back. You had Mike Pence and others, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. You had other predominant Democrat staff. I mean, the rhinos, I call them Democrats, but you had other people.

The so-called Republicans stab President Trump in the back because they all saw the coup d'é·tat that went down in this year, 2021. They did nothing about it. You're going to say something, Channon.

Channon: I find it fascinating that now, almost a year that Biden has been in office, and yet they are still fascinated with Trump. They still want people to think that Trump is the worst thing that happened to America. They do. They never acknowledge what Trump said. You heard him.

He started going, oh, "I resent that. I resent that." Well, I resent the fact, Geraldo, that you completely lie to people every single day about what happened on January 6th and what Trump did. I am really getting sick of it. I hope that the American people wake up, listen to these people, and know that there's only one thing they all have in common.

They hate Trump, and they hate that he's good for America. They want somebody good for the New World Order, to get rid of Christianity, keep us divided, and let them stay in control so they can control us. That's all they want.

Will Johnson: You are 100% correct. That's all they want. Actually, they could care less about the truth because the truth is not in them. They don't want the truth to ever come out. They know what they've done. They've done nothing but create issue after issue, problem after problem. You know what? They're never going to change it.

They're never going to change all of the issues and problems they've created. For them, that's what it's about; creating chaos. Then after they create the chaos, they come, swoop in and try to act like; we're here to save the day. We're here to fix it all because we are the operators of what's right and wrong in this nation. We have the answers, and they know it.

Channon: But here's the thing. They come in and say they want to fix things, but what have they fixed? They have fixed absolutely nothing. They have made everything worse. They made gas prices worse. They made food prices worse. They've made relationships between families, coworkers, and our schools are having huge problems with students against each other.

I mean, the love of our nation is gone. Foreign leaders do not respect America anymore. In fact, I'm quite sure we are kept out of the loop of a lot of things because they know both Biden and Kamala are completely weak. They're making their moves. We're unaware of it because they are not strong. Look at our border. A country is not a country without borders. At this point, we do not have a border. In the next year or so ... we cannot continue to go on this path. We just can't.

Will Johnson: You're absolutely right. Go ahead.

Channon: I was going to say just like the police. They're saying they thought defunding the police was going to be the cure. They defended the police. They took police off, and now they're like, oh, it's not the police's fault.

It's the retailer's fault. It's the pandemic's fault. They create an opportunity for violence. They create the opportunity for theft. They create the opportunity for people to wreak havoc on their cities, and then they go, oh, well, it's someone else's fault, not ours.

Will Johnson: They create the crisis. They create the problem, and they never take responsibility for it.  I want to go back to something you brought up earlier about the Communist News Network, CNN. How they have been talking about Biden and Harris, and how poor of a job they have been doing. Listen to this. This is something from the Communist News Network. This is on their network. Listen to what they say about Biden.

John King CNN Anchor: 45%, nearly half of the Americans in this poll say that Biden's policies have worsened economic conditions, 30% say they've improved, and 25% no effect at all. So, 70% say they've worsened or no effect at all, Biden's policies. If you look back and compare that to Obama in 2009.

It was not nearly that bad of a score on his policies, making things worse. And then if you look at how Biden has handled the issues and his approval on each issue. The economy; he is way down. He's upside down, looking down there; 45% approve of his handling of the economy, 54% disapprove. That's the same when you say about helping the middle class.

Will Johnson: You hear that? That's from the communist news network. I was like, wow.

Channon: I told you! Even they are turning on him. Let me tell you something. It just goes to prove what I just said. They aren't fixing anything. It's funny. The other day I was on Facebook, and one of my friends had posted something. They live in Arkansas, and they go, oh, look, somebody here has a sense of humor.

We've all seen where it has Joe Biden pointing to the gas price, and it says, I did this. She has people below that going, oh, those are just ignorant people. Those people are so naïve. They don't even know what's going on, and I'm sitting here going, no people. You're ignorant. You're naïve. Do you know he's shutting down the pipeline? You know how that affects America, and also Joe Biden cares about other countries getting their oil and their gas before we do.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Then he goes to OPEC and asks OPEC to drill more to help America. OPEC says, no, you shut it down. You did this to yourself.

Channon: The sad thing is, and Will, you brought it up before. I think it was yesterday. Where people are wondering, how much more are they going to take? How much more? That's what Biden and they are saying. They're like, let's just keep going because they keep taking it. I mean, they're naïve.

We got them. We got them, hook, line, and sinker. Like, oh, it's just one dollar more per turkey. Yet your bill is 40, 50, 60 dollars more than it used to be, and they say it's about to get worse.

Will Johnson: It is.

Channon: This is crazy.

Will Johnson: It is about to get a lot worse. Do you know what? Yes, in 2021, it was really crazy, but I think 2022 is going to have so much craziness in store for us as a nation because it's going to be the midterm election year; think about it. They have this new Omicron that sounds like something from Transformers.

This new thing that is coming out is going to start affecting people, and it's such a mild thing, but they're pushing it like, oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, this is so bad. You got to get your vaccine. Get your vaccine, get your fourth booster vaccine.

I think they are on the fifth one or something like that, but they're constantly pushing it. Now that we're going into the midterm election, they're going to say because of Omicron. I think that's what it is.

Comatran, Omicron, as I said, it sounds like something from Transformers, but because of this, they're going to say, you know what? You have to mail in your ballots. All they're going to do is add extra ballots where they want to add them because they're afraid of Virginia happening across the nation.

I have another audio clip that I want to play for everybody. This is another audio clip that just completely depicts how these people are communist-socialist. How they're hungry, grubbing for power, greedy, disgusting, repulsive ... everything. Listen to what they say about these Democrats and these communist-socialists in our nation.

Senator Marsha Blackburn: What they're trying to do is take one vote, and in this one vote, they want to take government control of your children, of education, of your small business, of your bank account. It's their socialist agenda 24/7, daylight to dark, cradle to grave.

That is their goal, but who is going to be most adversely impacted by the bad decision-making of the Democratic Party? It is going to be children. It is going to be working parents who are going to be stripped of an opportunity to use child care right there in their local community that is being provided by their neighbors and friends that they trust.

Will Johnson: Did you hear that?

Channon: Yeah, I did.

Will Johnson: That is so on point, and the people who are going to hurt the most are the children of today.

Channon: Our children.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they're targeting our children. They're targeting our youth. I mean, it's so repulsive, disgusting beyond belief. These people see nothing wrong with what they're doing. The biggest thing for me from all of this is 2021, and I'm going, be honest with everyone.

I thought this year was going to go by really slow that it's going to drag on. I was like, man. This is going to be the longest year because of what took place and what the Democrats have done, the coup d'é·tat. The position they put America in, but to be honest with you. It flew by.

I mean, we're at the end of 2021. You know they say when you get older, the faster the years go by, but this year was exceptionally faster. I think that goes for a lot of people that are listening right now. For all of you, you completely understand what I'm talking about; it's amazing for the time that we're living in and recognizing it.

To see it happening right before our eyes. It's almost like a storybook. Is it real? Is it fiction? Is it nonfiction? What is it? What's going on? What's happening here? What do we see here? One of the biggest things is they keep doing all of this stuff. Like you mentioned earlier, and I've talked to an ex-police officer who posed that question to me on exactly how much can how much will the American people take?

How much will we take? You know what? We're a very resilient people. We put up with a lot, and I think what's going to end up happening is that we're going to end up repeating what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s because they said the same thing. How much are we going to take?  About the time, they decided they wanted to do something. It was entirely too late. "Frogs in the pot boiling," it was just too late.

Channon: Yeah, I mean, talk about a story. Usually, there's a cliffhanger, and you're like, okay, this is when the events are going to turn and get better or something. Well, our events keep getting worse and worse. Every time I sit there, and I go, okay, what more can they do? I am actually astonished that there is more that they can do. I just sit there, and I think, oh my gosh.

Just when I think it's gotten worse, it gets worse. I'm kind of frightened for 2022. The sad thing is, you have people that call in Will, they go, oh, "I'm so depressed," or, "I want you to say something positive," or this, that, or the other. Well, we need to be listening to the people that are in D.C. Who was it? The other day we were watching the video, and they were talking about how they were holding that one guy.

What's his name? He was Trump's secretary. They're saying how he got texts on January 6th, so they went to hold him accountable for ... You know, what I'm talking about, Will?

Will Johnson: Yes. It was Meadows, right?

Channon: Yeah, Meadows. What happened? They wanted to charge him now or something like that.

Will Johnson: Yeah. So, what happened was he turned over all of the information they were asking for, but that wasn't enough. They wanted stuff that he didn't have, apparently. The way I'm seeing it. They're saying. You know what? We want you to produce incriminating evidence so that we can arrest President Trump.

That's what they're looking for; they want it from Steve Bannon. They want it from him. This is the Democrats, the left; if you're not giving us information to bring charges against President Trump, we're going to say that you're holding back information. You're holding back documents because they're all trying to say that they created a war room the night before.

They were in a hotel, and they called it the war room. They're all in there, planning and plotting on how January 6th was going to take place, how they were going to take down the democracy. It's completely stupid what they're saying, and they're all upset because they haven't gotten any incriminating evidence against President Trump.

Why is that? Because there is none. There's nothing there. It's just like they tried to impeach President Trump over fraudulent stuff that was never there. They still wanted to proceed in it. The first time, the second time, they wanted to impeach President Trump again with fraudulent information. There was nothing there. Now, you have January 6th, where they are trying to get President Trump to bring President Trump down. There's nothing there.

Channon: Interestingly, you say that because of Mueller, and now, Shifty Schiff. Adam Schiff is saying that, well, even though we spent millions of dollars, and Mueller did this report and everything. Well, we were unsatisfied. So, there must be something else going on. We need to dig in more and see what else is going on. I'm just sitting here going.

What are you talking about? He spent hundreds of thousands of hours investigating and doing all this stuff. Doing exactly what the Democrats asked him to do, but because he didn't give them what they wanted. Now, something was wrong with Mueller? All of a sudden, they're like questioning his sanity during this whole thing while he was doing the investigation. I'm like, what are you talking about? The thing is, they want to dismiss this report so that they can question the Muller report.

Will Johnson: I like how you say that in a high-pitched voice. "What are you talking about?" But you're right. They spend $42 million on a fake dossier. Someone should have gone to jail for doing that—the judge who brought it up, who even took it.

Someone should be looking at that judge. The people who took it to the judge should be going to jail for that. That's complete and blatant fraudulent activity that took place, and they're all just looking the other way, saying, oh my goodness, we had insurrectionists. Oh, my goodness, what happened? Look, they're coming to attack our democracy. It's insane, 100%.

Channon: Wasn't it the Department of Justice that said January 6th was not an insurrection. They're going now with a siege. It was a siege, and somebody showed a video of everybody just standing around walking around. It wasn't like, oh, okay, yeah, this is the siege.

Will Johnson: They didn't burn the building down.

Channon: Come on. They wanted to paint things in a certain way. Will, you would be out on the streets, and people will say what they're saying. Oh, it was a siege. It was like a standoff between this person and that person. Just like that person you were interviewing said, January 6th, I was there, and it was. I've never seen so much hate in my life.

I'm just sitting there going, okay, have you not been at any of the George Floyd riots. Wake up. There was a fire. There were people being shot at. There were people being kicked and beat up. I mean, come on, you don't think that is more hateful. Give me a break.

Will Johnson: Over a billion dollars of insurance policies were filed because of what the left did with George Floyd. What they said was mostly peaceful. I mean, come on, mostly peaceful? That's what they're saying, but then you have people that were being peaceful for the most part on January 6th. They only get those small clips where their conflict was happening, and it was like, oh, my goodness.

They play those on loop, look over and over and over and say, oh my goodness, look how bad it is. Oh, my goodness, it's a siege. The reason why they don't want to say it's an insurrection is that the U.S. Constitution calls for the American people to stand up against a tyrannical government when they're doing corrupt, fraudulent stuff. That's what the people were doing.

The U.S. Constitution calls for the American people to do it. That's the reason why they have political prisoners right now, today. That's the reason why they're going after January 6th, like they are right now, because they want to prevent this from ever happening again.

They want to prevent all ants from rising against the few because there are 80 million of us, 80 million of us. If 80 million of us said tomorrow, enough is enough. We're done with you. We're not going to go along with it. They would have no choice but to walk away. They would have no choice but to step down. But no, no, they get a few people and set an example out of them. Guess what happens?

The rest of the millions just go along with it, saying, oh, you know what? I don't want to get caught up. I'm scared. I don't want to get caught up in it. The same thing that happened in Nazi Germany is repeating right now today.

It is repeating right before our very eyes, and these evil people on the left are pushing it. Hitler would have been excited about the way the Democrats are doing it today.

Channon: Right. It's interesting to see that a lot of them are upset, just like you played the audio clip with Geraldo Rivera. People will not acknowledge what President Trump said; walk over there peacefully. Then he told people to go home and be peaceful. He asked them to stop, go home, be peaceful.

Let me tell you what. Kamala Harris, when they were setting fire in the streets and destroying businesses, she bailed them out. Maxine Waters is calling for people to go, go, go. While mayors and governors were saying, oh, this is just peaceful protesting. Knowing darn well that it wasn't peaceful protesting. Allowing these people to continue to be disrespectful.

To terrorize their cities, terrorize these businesses, and destroy people's properties. To me, that's where the investigation should happen. Could they, should they have done something? Absolutely! They didn't, but their actions perpetuated and inspired people to keep going. They are the problem. That's where America went wrong.

These people are not holding these Democrats responsible. I'm sick and tired of it. I'm so tired of it. I'm so tired of them getting away with these things that they blatantly did. Kamala Harris has not come out and said, no, I didn't tell people. Absolutely, she did. She contributed to a fund that she knew was bailing these people out.

Will Johnson: Yep, 100%.

Channon: So, isn't that scarier? President Trump did not contribute to people's bail. They got arrested on January 6th. He backed off completely and let them do their job right. Investigating what happened, if anybody did anything wrong. These judges let these people get off.

Will Johnson: Let me bring up this fact. You remember in Portland when they had a siege on the federal building there. It was like a hundred days. Do you remember that?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They were holding federal employees captive in the federal building for 100 days, but they're talking about January 6th, one day. They were literally trying to burn the people alive in Portland. I mean, seriously, trying to burn people alive in the building. They say nothing about it.

Channon: Remember, there was a police department where they chained the doors closed. Then they found gasoline and fire accelerants next to the police department. It looked like somebody was getting ready to use it.

Will Johnson: They did the federal building the same way. They did multiple locations that way, but oh my goodness, January 6th, that wasn't as bad them trying to burn people alive, but no one went to the Capitol on January 6th to try to harm anybody. That was not the case. That was not the case at all. They just wanted their voices to be heard, and they wanted all the corruption to stop 100%.

Channon: Absolutely, all of the corruption to stop. I want it to stop too. Most people who have any reasonable thinking know that those people just wanted their voices to be heard. Other things happened that were unfortunate. They were not planned. They were not, oh, we're going to do this and take these people out. That's not what happened.

I think a lot of people regretted what they did. In fact, we know a couple of people were like, I shouldn't have probably done this, or I shouldn't have gone in the federal building, but it was so unthought. It was so unplanned, these things that happened. People are like; we shouldn't have done that. They were just so upset, and they kind of went with the gang on what was happening, and police were just letting people in. Would you think that I shouldn't go in?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I think that's where a lot of people look at it as a setup because the police officers were allowing people to go in. You can see it all in the video, but then they saw the section where there was a conflict, and they said, oh my goodness, this is the only thing that was happening. So, it's just unbelievable. Well, anyway, we're here at the end.

We got two minutes left. I want to say thank you to everyone. Like I said at the beginning of this broadcast that this would probably be the last broadcast for this year's radio broadcast. We'll be back next year, God willing. I know this sounds like a long time away. It's not. I mean, look at it.

This year's already gone people, 2022 is going to be a lot worse. You've got to get ready. You've got to prepare. You've got to prepare your family. You've got to prepare for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually because what they're about to do is going to be like we've never seen before, in my opinion. The reason why I say that is because they saw what happened in Virginia.

They don't want Virginia to happen anywhere else in the nation, so they're going to go out, and they're going to do what we all thought they would never do. You're going to witness it. You and I are going to witness these drunk, hungry, powered, killing people what they're going to do because they're drunk in it.

They're drunk with power, and they're going to do everything they can to keep that power because they don't want to let it go. They don't want to lose it. So, with that said, I want to say thank you to everyone for participating today. Thank you so much for, however, you are listening to this, sharing this audio radio broadcast.

Thank you for not being afraid of sharing it. Thank you so much. Remember, stay strong because this nation can't overcome what they're doing to us, but we're going to have to do this together.

It's going to take you and me together. We can't wait and depend on someone to rescue us. You can't wait to depend on someone to save you. You have to start doing it yourself now, prepare, prepare, prepare. God bless everybody. See you next year.

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