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Hezbollah Wants a New War with Israel


In language rarely heard since the lead up to the 6 Day War in June of 1967, the head of Hezbollah is sure sounding like war is imminent. 

On May 1967, Egypt declared that “the Arab people is firmly resolved to wipe Israel off the map.” A week later, President Abdel Rahman Aref of Iraq announced, “our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map. We shall, God willing, meet in Tel Aviv and Haifa.” The PLO chairman, Ahmed Shukairy, predicted on June 1st that, “we shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants and as for the survivors – if there are any – the boats are ready to deport them.” 

As the world knows, two weeks later the combined armies of the many Arab countries that outmanned Israel by over 50 to 1 were decimated. Their tanks and planes were nearly totally wiped out. 

Are we witnessing a repeat of those days?

Source: FrontPageMag


  1. Irene Ward May 18, 2017

    What do you believe President can possibly accomplish on his visit to israel and other leaders
    during his trip leaving Friday???

  2. Robin Rosenblatt May 18, 2017

    We must use Russain tacitics to destory them

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