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Governors Do More For Americans Than Biden


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Will Johnson, UniteAmericaFirst.com, riding with me again, as always, Channon, my producer, in-house producer, and of course, Anni on the other end. Thank you, everybody, for joining us on this wonderful Thursday. Do me a favor. Do me a favor and send a text. Send a text.

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Channon: Hey, Will, happy Thursday.

Will Johnson: Yes, so much is going on. Did you hear the Joe Biden administration had George Floyd's family there in the White House? What does that say to you?

Channon: Yeah, on the anniversary of his death. I mean, you know what? The fact that they had to publicize it. Like it's this big holiday here in America. Let's mark the day that convicted police officers.

Will Johnson: A criminal.

Channon: A criminal and all heck broke out across America. Yeah, let's bring him to the White House to celebrate it and open up some wounds.

Will Johnson: That's what it is. It's opening up wounds from the left that have been pushing all this nonsense. You know what? They publicized it, saying, “Oh, look, the George Floyd family is going to the White House.” Like, the old white man is bringing black people to the big White House. Am I missing something here?

The whole thing with them having a behind-closed-door meeting with the George Floyd family. I'm like, why would they do that? If they're going to do all of that publication saying that they're going to have him there, but then they turn around and have a private sitting with them.

If you ask me, the fly on the wall, they were in there, and Biden said that we're going to go after these police officers all across the country. He probably doesn't want the world to see or at least the United States of America.

Channon: We've heard the calls from people like Kamala Harris, who says this isn't enough. The conviction of the police officer is not enough. We have to do more, and

then there was a CNN commentator. I believe it was the other night an MSNBC host. He was talking about that murder that they dredged up from 2019. I think you talked about that not too long ago.

Will Johnson: Actually, there wasn’t a murder.

Channon: Ronald Greene, right?

Will Johnson: It wasn't even murder. What happened was is, the police officers pulled this black male over, and he decided to go on a high-speed chase. Well, the police officers finally caught up with him. They roughed him up, which they should do, in my opinion, me being a black male.

If you are going to run from the cops and jeopardize other people's lives. I mean, you get them all worked up. It could have all been avoided if you just stopped in the first place, but he didn't. Anyway, they went on a high-speed chase. The cops caught up to him and put him in handcuffs.

They were saying stuff on camera. What they were saying on camera, on their body cam, is irrelevant to what was going on. It's that you had another black thug committing a crime, and he ended up dying before he got to the hospital.

Channon: Well, the MSDNC hostess Tiffany Cross. She said that the death of Ronald Green after a police chase in Louisiana, 2019 is attracting new scrutiny. Now, is it new scrutiny? I mean, what is new? If anything, they just keep dredging stuff up.

It's the same old, same old because moments later, she'll say, "I just wonder, this is not a system that can be reformed." That's what she says. It can't be reformed. "What can we do to stop this because I feel like it's just time to burn it down." That's what she said.

Will Johnson: She literally said, "it's time to burn it down?"

Channon: Yeah, she says, "We asked them to stop killing us, and they won't stop killing us."

Will Johnson: Let me get this straight. She's an actual MSDNC host.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: Hostesses, and she's saying it is time to burn it down?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You know she's going to come back and say, “Well, I'm only talking about the system.”

Channon: No, she's not because guess what? Nobody's going to call her on it.

Will Johnson: No, I mean, if someone were to call her on it, she would say, I'm just talking about the system because it is so bad for black people.

Channon: It's frustrating because President Trump brought black Americans, and I hate to pick black minorities out.

Will Johnson: You need to call it out for what it is.

Channon: He brought black Americans to the White House that wanted to do positive things for America. Joe Biden is not bringing anybody to the White House who is going to do anything positive for America.

Will Johnson: Very good point because bringing the George Floyd family to the White House on the anniversary of his death, all it's going to do is drum up more animosity against police officers. Obama did it when he was in the office, talking about if I had a son, he would look like Treyvon, right? When he did that, the attacks on police officers increased tenfold.

Channon: Well, then, just like Michelle Obama, she came out and said that ‘Black people were too scared to walk their dogs.”

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: Or go running down the street.

Will Johnson: You know what? Maybe she has a point. I mean, how many black people do you see walking their dogs in Chicago?

Channon: You know what, though? We see people all the time in our neighborhoods here in Texas walking their dogs.

Will Johnson: Well, we are in Texas.

Channon: We see them running down the street. She made a blanket statement.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she is saying all across the United States of America.

Channon: That all black people are scared for their lives. They can't live their lives. They can barely function driving down the street. They can barely function to go outside to their car. They can barely run down the street. I mean, it's ridiculous.

Will Johnson: She's so oppressed.

Channon: It's so untrue.

Will Johnson: It's 100% untrue, but they don't care. They don't care about the truth. You know what? It's about the agenda. It's about the division. They all said that they want unity, inclusiveness, and come togetherness. They all say that, yet their actions and what they say are just the opposite. If they're going to be inclusive in unity, you have to be united under their demonic way of thinking. That's what it comes down to.

Channon: Absolutely, so this move of bringing his family to the White House has absolutely nothing to help heal America. He says he's supposed to unify us. He says he's supposed to help heal us, and it's so funny because he just tweeted the other day like, ‘Oh, hey, we're on the way to recovery in America.’ I'm like, no, we're not. We're worse than we were before. You have put us into this spiraling vortex that I don't even know if we're going to get out of it.

Will Johnson: You know it's looking really bad. We're not going to get into it this week, but like the whole thing with the oil, the infrastructure, and then we're talking about Israel. We are talking about all of that. Then Biden is trying to take credit for the stuff that he didn't even do. It's amazing to me that they even have the audacity to do this.

Then turn around and act like the American people are too dumb to realize that, hey, I did this. I get all the credit. It's the same thing he did with they're fast-tracking the whole; can I say this? The whole CCP virus, injecting something into your body. That he's championing it like he's the one who did it. Like, he is the one who brought it up.

Channon: I know we didn't plan on talking about this, but I think we should mention a little bit of this peace deal between Israel and Hamas because it is true. First of all, Joe Biden didn't even address the nation or the world on what was happening in Israel.

Will Johnson: It was ten days later that he finally acted like, okay, now we need to try to do something, and I think they were just giving the Muslim world time to try to demolish Israel as much as possible.

Channon: We've heard that he gets very frustrated and isn't sure of what to do. He comes out and makes it sound like he was in on this peace deal, and he was a big part of the conversation. He was part of the conversation but by no means a big part of the conversation.

Egypt is the one that brokered the deal that brought the two countries to some kind of a peace deal. How long is it going to last? I don't know, but it's ridiculous. It's crazy. This is why I don't even believe that Joe Biden could have been a part of the peace deal.

Will Johnson: I don't think so either.

Channon: I don't want to say peace deal because it really wasn't a peace deal. It was more of a cease-fire for the time being. So, he has some demands.

Will Johnson: He has demands? So, these demands that we're talking about are the demands that the O'Biden administration has for Israel. Before we get into it, just to set the groundwork here. Are any of the demands that he has for Palestine, for the Palestinian people, or is it just for Israel? I mean, it's a question, right? Think about it? What do you think of viewers or listeners? What do you think?

Channon: Well, let's them be the judge for themselves. First, Joe Biden made three demands.

Will Johnson: Three demands, just three?

Channon: And there's an article on UniteAmericaFirst.com that has the three demands listed in it. The first is that Israel must quit evicting Palestinians from homes, and the funny thing is when it’s framed like that, it can't seem fair to people. But when you explain ...

Will Johnson:  How are they in their homes?

Channon: The Property is owned by Jews and the Palestinians had illegally squatted in them. Then after the Palestinians sat up in these houses, they were vacant. They were owned by Jews. They went in there, squatted, and said, “Hey, I'm living here,” but they're not paying the owner for the property.

Will Johnson: So, basically what I'm hearing is that they just showed up one day and said, “Oh, I'm just going to go in this one.” Then owners are like, ‘Okay, well, you know what? I'll go ahead and let you stay, but, hey, you need to pay rent.”

Channon: Right. So, I'm not sure how the whole legality of things is happening over there, but it went through a process, and now they're saying, “Yes, the Palestinians need to leave. They're not paying to live there. It's not their property, so they have to leave.” So, guess what, people? They're getting evicted, but it's only fair.

Will Johnson: It is fair.

Channon: But now they're saying, “Oh, Israel, you have to stop evicting these people. Just because they moved in, don't belong there, and do not pay you does not mean they don't have a right to live there.”

Will Johnson: It almost sounds like AOC.

Channon: That's the logic.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's their way of thinking. That is 100% their way of thinking. Let's just put it like this to where people can understand it here in America. Let's say you have property, you have a home, and you're not living in the home. Let's say it's a second home that you have. Some people can afford it. Well, you decide to go back to your normal home.

The one that you live in during the winter. It might be a little bit warmer there in that location. During the summer you might go back to the other one. It might be a beach house or whatever, but when you get back there, you find out people have been occupying the house. You're like, “Oh, no, you got to go.” It is the same thing, and when you get there, you say, “You got to go.”

They go, “No, we're not leaving.” Then you call the authorities. The authorities come in and evict them. They make them get out, and the next thing you know, they start shooting rockets because they were in your home, and you called the law to have them removed. That's exactly the same thing here.

Channon: It's absurd.

Will Johnson: But in the case of the Israelis, they were kind. So, you know what? Okay, we're just going to let you stay, but they're like, “Hey, I'm losing money. The whole plandemic kicked in, and it made us lose even more money.

So, I need you to pay because you can't stay rent-free any longer.” They're like, “No, we've been here forever. We've been here for 50 years,’ and they are like, “No, you haven't been. You have been here for 50 days. You need to go.”

Channon: See, here's the ignorance of some of the people that represent our states here in America. You have people like AOC going, “Oh, my gosh, it's so terrible. These people are being evicted.” Well, isn’t it terrible that they just squatted on someone else's property? AOC, if you had property, which I know you live in some fancy apartment.

Will Johnson: She is riding around in a Tesla. From a bartender to a Tesla. It must be nice.

Channon: If someone just squatted in on her property, she wouldn't know how to act. She doesn't know how to act if Marjorie Greene gets in her space.

Will Johnson: Yeah, if Marjorie Greene comes into the same room.

Channon: The same air space she freaks out.

Will Johnson: The same air space, yeah.

Channon: You know, you went to her office at one time. It's locked. You can't even get in there.

Will Johnson: To my understanding, I'm told, it is normally unlocked, but when they found out that we were there, they purposely locked it. This was when Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ben Bergquam, Anthony Aguero, and I all went into the Capitol. This is before the whole mask mandate and all that nonsense. We went to the Capitol even before this. This was a couple of years ago.

We went in there, and we happened to go to Nancy Pelosi's office. Her door was open. We didn't do anything malicious or none of that. Her door was open. We went in, and of course, she didn't want to talk to us, but we went to other representatives, and we were able to talk to some of them.

Some of them we weren't able to talk to, but we didn't do anything wrong. When we got to AOC, they locked the door. We knew they were in there.

Channon: That's not a surprise at all. So, then the other thing is that they're supposed to lower the tensions around the Sermon on the Mount. I don't understand how they're supposed to do that.

Will Johnson: I've been looking at that. So, around a Sermon on the Mount, a lot of Jewish people go to what they call the Wailing Wall.

Channon: It's where Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount. It is in northern Israel.

Will Johnson: The Palestinians said that Jewish people could not pray there. Think about this, everybody.

Channon: Yeah, they're not allowed in the area right now.

Will Johnson: They say that the Jewish people cannot pray there, but the Jewish military controls that area. So, you even have the Jewish military appeasing these people, allowing them to control what they're not even technically controlling because the Jewish military allows these people to have a say-so just to keep the peace. So, who's trying to keep the peace here?

Channon: And then one of the third things is the most ridiculous of them all. Biden insists that no one in Israel celebrate Flag Day, which is similar to our Fourth of July.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: So, Biden has the nerve to tell them they can't have their Fourth of July.

Will Johnson: So, this is his number three demand for Israel.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: What in the world does Flag Day have to do with anything?

Channon: I know. That's what I am saying.

Will Johnson: You know what it is? This is the O'Biden administration trying to break the morale of the Israeli people.

Channon: And he's appeasing ‘The Squad.’

Will Johnson: Exactly, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Pressley, and AOC. He's trying to make all of them happy at the same time.

Channon: You tell me, do any of those demands sound like something that would have ended a cease-fire?

Will Johnson: Not at all.

Channon: That's part of his contribution? Come on, give me a break. I mean, it's all about his agenda. It has nothing to do with what's right for Israel.

Will Johnson: He is a puppet on a string.

Channon: Our number one ally.

Will Johnson: Our number one ally in that region, Israel, for the United States of America, because of this tyrant turning their back on our number one ally that we have in that region. Sorry, go ahead.

Channon: Yeah, he's not a leader. It's pathetic. So, when they lie to you and tell you that Israelites are evicting people for no apparent reason, that's wrong. You know the truth now, and when they say that Joe Biden has something to do with brokering this deal. You could say that's a lie, too.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: He may have been in on the conversation, but I'm quite sure he was sitting there just dazed and confused.

Will Johnson: I can see it right now. He's on the phone, and I would imagine it probably wasn't a zoom call or anything like that. It was probably just a three-way phone call or something like that. He's probably snoring on it. What was that? And he probably has someone there saying, just take notes for me. Just take notes for me and read them back to me later.

You know, seriously, what has happened in America has shown the rest of the world that America is weak. Under President Trump, the country was strong. We have respect again, and now they're just running all over America.

These tyrants out in the rest of the world are doing whatever they want. They got rid of President Trump, and now we can do whatever we want because this person in there right now is asleep. But when he wakes up, it'll be all done.

Channon: Imagine if you're Netanyahu, and you got those three requests. What would be going through your mind? I mean, compare that with President Trump, who brought Arabs and Netanyahu together. He brought people together to start brokering a peace deal. There was less wartime under President Trump.

People feared Trump. He threatened them with sanctions, and he threatened them with the power of the United States. Then you have Biden coming in and saying, “Now, don't you throw those people out of their homes, okay, even though you own the property.”

Will Johnson: You know what it tells me?

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: It tells me that the O'Biden administration is siding with the Palestinians because Hamas is helping, supposedly helping the Palestinians. He's pushing their demands onto Israel. That's what he is doing.

Channon: Truly, he is.

Will Johnson: They're using him as a proxy. They're using the O'Biden administration as a proxy to push their demands onto the Israeli people. Let's say, if I were Benjamin Netanyahu, I would look at that, and I would be like, dude, you know where you can go. You can go and shove that.

Channon: Go back to bed.

Will Johnson: Yeah, go back to sleep because you have no clue what you're doing.

Channon: There's no value to what he was saying.

Will Johnson: No, absolutely not, and also, it would send a signal to Israel that, hey, the United States of America is not here to help you. You are on your own. That's exactly the signal it would send me if I was Benjamin Netanyahu. I mean, he's literally advocating for the Palestinians now. Are there any demands for the Palestinian people? Seriously, is there one?

Channon: Cease-fire.

Will Johnson: How about one? You stop shooting rockets when you get angry.

Channon: Yeah, use the UN if you can't negotiate something together, you're supposed to go to the UN. Go to a higher authority to try and broker some agreement. Hamas isn't interested in the UN.

Will Johnson: No, they're not.

Channon: They're not even elected.

Will Johnson: They are not even a state.

Channon: Hamas pretty much said. “We're over the Palestinians.” The Palestinians didn't choose Hamas to be over them.

Will Johnson: But I don't see the Palestinian people stopping Hamas. I don't see them stopping them.

Channon: No, that's true.

Will Johnson: You know what? I see it all the time online, especially on Twitter, where the Palestinian people are throwing rocks at Israelis. They're fighting Israeli soldiers, yet you don't ever see them fighting Hamas.

Channon: That's true.

Will Johnson: What's wrong with this picture?

Channon: We had a lot of pop-up incidents here in America where Palestinians are trying to attack Israelites.

Will Johnson: They are not trying. They're doing it. You see these other groups, Antifa, and BLM, working side by side with these Palestinians, attacking people here in America. They are the same thing. It's the same group.

The same groups that were attacking and destroying stuff before, these same groups are working hand in hand with the Palestinians here attacking Jewish people. So, my question is, if you're Jewish, and you see the O'Biden administration doing what they're doing. Why are you still supporting the Democrat Party? If you are supporting them. I don't understand.

I just want to know that. They are blatantly turning their backs on Israel and for anyone who is Jewish here. You still have family members in Israel. I'm pretty sure, right? Seriously, have the Jewish people here abandoned Israel? I mean, I don't think so.

Channon: Do you think that only Jews have an interest in protecting Israel? I think every Christian should have an interest in protecting Israel.

Will Johnson: Yes, you have a lot of Christians who call themselves Democrats. The same way you have Jewish people supporting the Democrats.

Channon: The same question to them as you’re posing to the Jews. Why are you supporting the Democrat Party? They don't even incorporate God in anything. Biden doesn't incorporate God in anything anymore.

Will Johnson: No, not at all. Not at all, and then during their last DNC, they rejected God. You see it consistently from the Democrat Party. They're not going to change. They're going to continue to demonstrate and show everyone that's what they're about; they're not about saving or helping Israel.

They're like pushing the whole idea that Israel should be pushed out of that region, the people. Just give it to the Palestinian people who never, ever owned that land. Never did, never have, never will, but you have Democrats here and other people pushing that, saying that they should own it because they don't care.

Channon: Well, they have an agenda.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. So, let's get into social media, big tech ... tech... tech.... you like my sound effect there?

Channon: Yeah, it almost sounded mechanical.

Will Johnson: I need to add more of my sound effects on my soundboard here, big tech ... tech... tech....

Channon: Let's talk about governors that are doing more for America than Joe Biden.

Will Johnson: Governors doing more for the American people than the Democrats and the O'Biden administration. Seriously, doing so much more. You have governors fighting for the American people, and that's what it comes down to. You have the federal government trying to change what we can and what we can't do as far as it comes to the election.

I love this part. They all say we're fighting for democracy and a constitutional republic. They mix it up that way, counting on people not knowing and not understanding the difference. The democracy part being democratic means that everybody gets to vote.

That's what that means. It doesn't mean that we're a democracy. Democracy is something that takes place inside of this constitutional republic. They twist it that way. I'll tell you the main reason why they twist it then we're going to get on with this story here.

The main reason why they twist it is that democracy democratic connects to the Democrat Party in their minds. Well, it doesn't because of the Democrat Party, there's nothing about them that is Democratic.

They are sure as heck are not about democracy because if they were, then they would be fighting for Georgia, for everyone to have an I.D. to vote. Everybody, one person, each person's vote counts, but they are not fighting for that.

They're fighting against that it’s the opposite of that and the constitutional republic. You know, it sounds too much like a Republican Party. So, they don't ever mention those words.

Channon: They sure don't, and they want to get rid of the Electoral College, which is how we elect our President.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and so we have a clip that we're going to play in a minute here with AOC, but first, let's get on to one of the greatest governors in the United States right now. This man, he's phenomenal. He reminds me of what America looks like, of what America should be like when we have people representing their constituents wherever it may be.

Who am I talking about? I'm talking about the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis. He is so important. In one of the videos, I saw with him, he was talking about the cancel culture. Oh, my goodness, it was such an awesome video.

He's saying, “No, we're not going to bring in this, telling white people, white kids, that they're just inherently racist because they're born white. It's completely sick.” But big tech, this is a win for the American people, and big tech, they don't know how to react to this. Well, yeah, they do. They're going to start throwing money at it.

Lawsuit after lawsuit is going to come in. So, big tech is saying that this is going to take their freedom of speech away. Have you heard that? I couldn't believe it the first time I heard that. They said that the state, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is taking away their First Amendment rights. No, it's taking power away from them for hindering people's First Amendment rights.

Channon: It's supposed to get rid of big tech tyranny.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's big tech tyranny that is taking place, and Ron DeSantis lays it out. So, let's listen to this clip with Ron DeSantis. Are you all ready?

Ron DeSantis: Yes, ma'am.

Reporter: Governor, hi. I want to ask you about the bill that you're signing here today. You're a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump. Donald Trump is now a resident in Florida, and he was de-platformed. Is this bill for him?

Ron DeSantis: The bill is for everyday Floridians. This is what we said, and it would allow any Floridian to be able to provide what they're doing, but I think, I mean, I do think that's another issue that has been brought to bear. When your de-platform the President of the United States, but you let Ayatollah Khomeini talk about killing Jews. (clapping) (cheering)

Will Johnson: Wow. Yes, it is true, and big tech, what are they about? (clapping) (cheering) What are they saying about this. Big tech sees no problem with that. They're standing up and applauding him. (clapping) (cheering) This is absolutely awesome.

The media can't stand to hear someone just blatantly tell the truth like that. You are not supposed to say that. He's supposed to go along with us, like, you're trying to make this about everybody. You know what? It is about everybody in the United States of America when it comes to tech tyranny. It is 100%.

Channon: And standing beside him, he had free speech advocates. He had Cuban and Venezuelan exiles, state senators, and you de-platformed influencers. Let me tell you. It's pretty awesome when you have governors protecting the rights of the American people while we have a Biden administration trying to wipe them away.

Will Johnson: Yeah, look at that.

Channon: So, according to this bill, courts may award up to $100,000 in damages to any individual if a social media platform censors or shadow bans a user's content, de-platforms the user, or if it hasn't applied the censorship or de-performing standards in a consistent manner, which he just brought up a perfect example of how they're not consistent.

Will Johnson: That validates what he wants to do, right there.

Channon: And it goes further to also protect people that are running for political office. If it comes, he imposes a fine of $250,000 per day on any social media company that de-platforms any candidates for statewide office. Now, that's pretty awesome.

Let me tell you what, this H.R.1 that's getting ready to come out, that the Democrats are trying to pass. It would go against that. They want to monitor people's voices. If it doesn't go along with certain narratives, you will not have money or be able to put your voice out there. Once again, you have Ron DeSantis protecting the American people.

Will Johnson: So, basically, the H.R.1 is like, hey, China.

Channon: Yeah, we are going to talk about H.R.1 here in a minute, but you know what? I want to continue with this thing that these Republican governors are doing. We had Ron DeSantis and Iowa, Alabama, and Texas, who have banned laws requiring vaccine passports.

Will Johnson: Papers, please, as they click their heels.

Channon: Now, Texas Governor Abbott has done some great things, too. He's trying to pass a similar bill to what DeSantis just signed today. They passed it in the Senate, but there were some changes that they had to make. So, it has to be voted on, and then it will go to Abbott's desk.

He is going to sign something very similar to the censorship protection of Texans as well. He is also taking action against cities that try to defend police here in Texas.

Will Johnson: That is phenomenal.

Channon: Guess what? Texas has banned the political, racial. What is that?

Will Johnson: Critical race theory.

Channon: Critical race theory is banned from all public schools and private.

Will Johnson: You know what? As a black man, I think that is phenomenal because we've come so far as black people. We all wanted equal rights. So, why would you start doing what racist white Democrats did in the past to white people today? I mean, it doesn't make any sense. I'm like, no, be equal.

Being equal, you treat everyone the same. But see, they need racism to stay alive. The left, that's all that they care about. They create racism between Muslims and Jews, keeping it stirred up. They keep the racism between white and black people, keeping it stirred up. They keep the racism between white people and Asian people, even when it's not there, talking about Asian hate. They do it to keep stuff stirred up. It's amazing. All of that is coming from the left because they are the racist, hateful ones.

Channon: Texas also just passed an abortion bill that bans abortion at the moment you hear a heartbeat. (Heart beating) So, that's pretty awesome, too, just like when you die. At the moment, there's no longer a heartbeat. They're saying life begins at the moment you hear a heartbeat. So, abortion is banned once you hear that.

That's pretty awesome too. Then, of course, you have states like Georgia passing the voter I.D. to protect the integrity of elections to make sure that the person people vote for gets elected.

Will Johnson: See, that's what democracy looks like, but for some reason, you got the Democrats fighting against democracy. Such hypocrites at an all-time level.

Channon: So, should I give you an example of what a liberal mayor looks like.

Will Johnson: Please do.

Channon: We have Mayor Lightfoot.

Will Johnson: Beetle Juice. Oh, sorry, say that again.

Channon: Mayor Lightfoot is now declaring that she'll only speak to non-white reporters.

Will Johnson: So, I wonder, could I go to a press conference, and she'll let me in? What do you think? Nope, I guarantee that I won't be the right type of black person at that point—the right type of black color.

Channon: You have Leo Terrell, who does rip into her. He said, if a white mayor said the same thing, you would have CNN, MSNBC, and Black Lives Matter protesters burning down this country. In other words, I can interview this lady, which I would never do because she's black.

But he says Bill Hemmer with more experience but has Bill Hemmer's skin color. Let me be very clear. She's a racist. She's a racist; let me be clear. She is a racist.

Will Johnson: I'm sorry, you even have Tulsi Gabbard. She's even jumping in here saying that she needs to be removed. Talking about Beetlejuice, little Lightfoot needs to be removed because of her racist rhetoric. Seriously, and they're giving her a pass for this racism.

Channon: What's the difference between her and Maxine Waters? What's the difference between her and Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, or some of these other people that have called for violence and have said very racist things?

Will Johnson: Yeah, there's nothing different.

Channon: Then you have Ilhan Omar, who says anti-Semitic things, and nobody holds her accountable either. The Democrat Party, there's so many anti-Semitic remarks being said all across America on platforms, in the streets, and everything.

They're not speaking out against it at all. It was terrible when President Trump was in office, but now that Biden is in office, it is completely acceptable.

Will Johnson: Yes, racism is expectable.

Channon: Racism is expectable under O'Biden, as you would call it.

Will Johnson: The O'Biden administration because it is O'Biden 2.0. The racism, you know, the 2.0 version of it, is to create more racism throughout the United States of America. That's the reason why he's having George Floyd’s family show up there. Just to push the thumb into the wound to make it that much more aggressive, more painful.

Channon: Let me ask you, Will. Do you not think the people are getting tired of it? I mean, we've heard that ...

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? People are getting tired of it. I know where you're going, but as soon as everything starts dying down a little bit. That's why they brought up the story that happened in 2019. It's like, oh, wait a minute. The black people are starting to calm down. They're starting to realize that the O'Biden administration is not good for them.

There are multiple black people out there doing videos. I saw a video today, a black male saying, “Oh, I'm so sorry, white Republicans. You were right. Can I take my vote back?” And he's going off about the O'Biden administration. There are a lot of people starting to wake up to that. So, what do they do?

They bring up the stuff in the past to deflect, to get people's minds to go back. People are getting tired of it, but as long as they can control people by their emotions, to get them to go out and act a certain way. That's what we're seeing take place. Who do they go to? MSNBC, and the communist news network.

Channon: Look who produces these new stories or old stories.

Will Johnson: Exactly, 100%. So, let's go on to this nut job. Can I say that? This total nut job.

Channon: Who are you talking about?

Will Johnson: AOC.

Channon:  Oh.

Will Johnson: AOC.

Channon: Yes. Say no more.

Will Johnson: Say no more, AOC.

Channon: She’s crazy.

Will Johnson: She’s cray, cray.

Channon: She’s cray, cray. That's the old Will. We're dating ourselves right now by saying, ‘cray, cray.’

Will Johnson: Are we? You know what?

Channon: Kids don't say that anymore.

Will Johnson: Well, guess what? Everyone listening understands she's cray, cray. Regardless of your age, everyone goes, yeah, she cray, cray. Okay, let's just listen to the nut job. The crazy thing is, you have a lot of people out there that listen to her that say, "she's so right.". Just listen.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: I cannot state enough how much the health of our democracy is on the line with this.

Will Johnson: Okay, the health of our democracy right there. You see that, the health of democracy. Now just listen to her.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Because with all of the voter suppression laws that are sweeping in Republican-led states across the country, we have to pass H.R.1.

Will Johnson: She's lying. First of all, she's lying. There's no voter suppression. All it's saying is, hey, you are an American citizen, regardless of who you are, what you look like, how much money you have, or how much money you don't have. Your vote counts just as much as the other person's vote.

That's what's happening in these Republican states. They want to say your vote counts, and that person's vote counts. Nothing else but Democrats go against democracy.

Channon: One thing that America used to pride itself on is that we wanted to protect your vote.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: We wanted to protect the integrity of your vote. We wanted everybody to feel like when you cast your vote; there was as little fraudulent activity possible because no election is perfect. Things happen. We all know that, but their bill is dangerous. It leaves it open to so much fraudulent activity.

It takes away people's freedom of speech. Like I said before, it's a nightmare. You know they call it the people's actions. It is not the people's actions. I will tell you what kind of act it is. It is a big government act. That's what it is.

Will Johnson: It is a tyranny act.

Channon: They are taking away your electoral college, and we are federalizing, get this, federalizing elections.

Will Johnson: Across the board.

Channon: Tell me what federal program runs smoothly?

Will Johnson: Do you know why they say they want to federalize the election? Do you know why? Have you heard the excuse?

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: Have you heard the excuse on why they want a federalize?

Channon: I don't think so. Have I?

Will Johnson: I am going to tell you because there's a lot of people out there who don't know.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: They want to federalize the federal election to make sure that the election has integrity. I'm like, wait a minute, so they want to make sure it has integrity, but when you talk about the 2020 election, they said everything was fine, nothing was wrong.

If there was nothing wrong, why are they doing such a great lift to change the election across the board in the United States of America? If nothing was wrong if nothing went wrong this past election, what is their agenda? Total control.

Channon: The problem with this past election is that certain states are now investigating what happened in their states.  They want to eliminate that. They want to eliminate the sovereignty of these states. They want to eliminate the power of Republican ran states. They want to decentralize. They want the power.

They want to run elections. They want to tell the different states, different governors, how it's going to go, and how it's going to be. It's crazy. So, people that are running these states, let's be honest ...

Will Johnson: Why would we be anything else.

Channon: Huh?

Will Johnson: You said let's be honest. I know it's just a phrase.

Channon: H.R.1 is like this huge, massive bill. I think you said it was like 500 and some pages or something like that. I think it was even more than that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, so the H.R.1 would do away with the Electoral College. There are so many people saying, in the past, when I've talked about it, they go, Will, they can't do it. It's in the Constitution. We're talking about politicians that don't even care about the Constitution.

We're talking about politicians that say the Constitution is out of date. You're talking about politicians that want to burn the dang-gone thing. You know what? They're going to use H.R.1 to remove the filibuster. They want to remove it right now because of the H.R. 32 33 bill labeling anyone that goes against them as domestic terrorists.

Channon: It's funny because this legislation was drafted without any input or insight from state and local election officials. This is your government that has nothing to do with voting. It is showing us how they're going to do a vote. Some things included in this are automatic voter registration, including using many colleges and universities as voter registration agencies and registering 16-to-17-year-olds.

Will Johnson: Sixteen- and 17-years-olds. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Now, let me tell you, what is happening right now at colleges and universities? Who's running these?

Will Johnson: The Marists.

Channon: Of course, these are brainwashed young people that don't know any better. They want to get those people to register and manipulate them.

Will Johnson: Yep, they want them to vote.

Channon: They want them to vote how they want them to vote. They want to abolish voter I.D. laws and only require a signature in the polling place to vote. Isn't that crazy? So, you can go in there ten different times.

Will Johnson: They want to abolish voter I.D. laws.

Channon:  Which they say protects the voter.

Will Johnson: But they are pushing for vaccine papers. Papers, please. Is anyone figuring this out? I mean, seriously.

Channon: You can even register that day if you want to. So, they're saying; anybody can do anything.

Will Johnson: What's to stop you from registering in multiple places then?

Channon: I don't even know.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously, they're going to destroy the democratic process.

Channon: Of course, they're going to restore the right of felons to vote. When they get out of prison, they can vote again.

Will Johnson: I think if you pay your dues to society, and you don't back, I think that should be something bestowed on to you as citizens once again, personally. Now, owning a firearm that may be questionable. Depending on what the crime was. That I can kind of see but voting yes. You're a citizen now.

You paid your dues and even owned a firearm because there are people that have been incarcerated that come out and become upstanding citizens. Start businesses, become successful business owners. So, it's like a fine edge. Now, if they're going to jail because of gun violence for shooting up a bank or something like that, yeah, it's a no-brainer.

Channon: Please listen to this. Provisional ballots cast outside a voter's precinct must be counted. What?

Will Johnson: So, they can just ship in whatever ballot they want it. That's what it says. Let's listen to some of what she had to say.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: If we do not pass H.R.1 until Democratic senators get their act together and abolish the filibuster, and we're running out of time. So, we have been very vocal about it.

Will Johnson: She said we're running out of time, and the reason why she's saying they are running out of time is that they want this H.R.32, 33 bills to go through labeling Trump supporters AKA constitutionalists domestic terrorists.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: But we need to put a lot more political pressure on these Democrats in the Senate that are dragging their feet on filibuster reform.

Will Johnson: You know what? For her to even utter those words. Do you know who else did that? Eric Swalwell did the exact same thing just the other day, saying that they need to get rid of the filibuster. All that's going to do is make it to where the Republicans in the Senate are just keeping the seat warm.

They are just occupying that space. They don't even need to show up at that point because then the Democrats could do whatever it is that they want, but because of the filibuster, it's keeping them in check from implementing tyranny.

Channon: Exactly, they want complete tyranny. They want complete control. People that don't hear this and don't realize that's what they're saying are like, okay, let's get rid of it. It's crazy because let me tell you what. If you are on the other side. If you are the party that doesn't have total control like the Democrat Party does right now.

You're going to want that filibuster. The reason why they want to do it now is that they have the power. They see that they might be losing seats as well. So, they need to pass as much dangerous legislation as they can to keep them in power.

Will Johnson: Look, if they're successful, and they get rid of the filibuster, you know what that means for the country? We're done once they get rid of the filibuster. They're going to go ahead and appoint 13 Supreme Court justices because they can do the filibuster.

They can bypass them. They can go ahead and create D.C. as another state. Puerto Rico, as another state because they can bypass all of the stuff that in the past had prevented them from doing tyranny. They'll be successful in getting rid of the Electoral College. They'll do away with the Constitution.

The Second Amendment will be a blank spot in the Bill of Rights because they're going to redact it. They will put black on it, and people years from now will say, what did that say? It's been redacted. We don't know.

Channon: Think about this. What happens if the federal government, which is run by the Democrat Party right now.

Will Johnson:  It is.

Channon: If they are in charge of elections.

Will Johnson:  Yes.

Channon: If they are in charge of all election computers and all election systems.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon:  Do you think they will allow Republicans to win?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: Of course not. They want that control.

Will Johnson: You hear about 2022, I'm like, seriously, you're concentrating on 2022, and you're not even paying attention to what just happened. You're not even paying attention to what they're doing. They are getting ready to take the country down.

Channon: It's really scary. They want power. They don't want checks and balances anymore.

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: They don't want a democracy, to be honest.

Will Johnson: That's my whole point. That's what I have been saying. They say they are all for democracy, but they're against democracy.

Channon: They're authoritarian.

Will Johnson: They are Marxist and that is 100% authoritarian. Let's listen to some more of this Marxist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: I'm very concerned that they are failing to appreciate how delicate this political moment is, and, you know if you think Trump was an aberration and if you think that he was just a one-off, and nothing like that can ever happen again. I don't know what to tell you.

Will Johnson: See, she just let the cat out of the bag. Unless you can do the filibuster and get the H.R.1, it is possible that Trump can come back.

Channon: I think she's the one-off. How does she make it?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: She used to be a bartender. She is the most naïve ignorant thing.

Will Johnson: She was an accident. It was a terrible accident. She was straight-up a terrible accident.

Channon: Well, she got re-elected. People in her district are dumb.

Will Johnson: You know what? She got all these 15-year-olds and other kids throwing like two dollars at her, millions and millions of kids throwing these two-dollar donations at her. It adds up.

She's pulling in more money than they ever expected because she's pulling in all of these dollars. It gives her some position of authority, to where she can stand up to Nancy Pelosi even. So, let's listen to the rest of this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: I mean, the evidence is all around us. I feel like at this point; it's a delusion to think that Trump was just this accident instead of a symptom of something much deeper that's defining the Republican Party. They not only will they take away our democracy, they are. Just look at what's happening in Republican states across the country.

Will Johnson: Again, a total lie.

Channon: What's happening in Republican states across America? You know what she's referring to. She's referring to voter I.D.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she's referring to your vote. You're one person who counts. That's it. That's what she's referring to. That's what she referred to, and they bring up the whole black people not being able to find a DMV, how they can't vote. I mean, they are racist.

Channon: It has been proven the Republican ran states are bouncing back. Their economies are bouncing back more than Democrat ones. That people have a better level of living.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: There is typically less violence. They live healthier lifestyles in a well-balanced state, and they sit there and go, look at this, look how horrible these people are. I mean, they're living such great lives. I can't believe it.

Will Johnson: They're living great lives. They're allowing everybody's vote to count for them. How dare they. They're trying to destroy what we think democracy should be. It's disgusting.

Channon: When you're saying that we don't require you to tell us whether you've been vaccinated or not, and then they're like, no, you need to prove that you've been vaccinated.

Will Johnson: Papers, please.

Channon: Which one is more for the people? Who is actually saying you have the right to make a decision for yourself? You have an inalienable right.

Will Johnson: You need to do it for the safety of all of us. You're jeopardizing my life even though I've had 18 different vaccines. I mean, seriously, people?

Channon: Do guys like Wills take on my little voice change thing.

Will Johnson: So, I saw this on Twitter earlier and The Daily Caller. You know, I really do like The Daily Caller. Well, anyway, they had a moment where they played this clip. This is CNN coverage. This is how CNN is doing its coverage. Let's just listen in to just a short clip-on CNN coverage.

CNN coverage: (women screaming).

Will Johnson: And if you're wondering right now, what is that? This is a white female liberal in front of the microphone screaming (women screaming). This is basically it. Daily Caller, you got love them.  CNN coverage (women screaming) you all remember when they had the apple? These are facts. Yeah, this is their facts right here. Listen to it.

CNN coverage: (women screaming)

Will Johnson: Seriously, this is CNN doing full coverage for everyone, and I will translate it for you here (women screaming). I'm white. I'm privileged. So, I get to yell into this microphone, and you have to listen. I mean, come on.

Channon: When I first heard that, I was like, what are you listening to?

Will Johnson: Yeah, what is that? This is crazy.

Channon: I feel that way when he listens to CNN too. I was like, what are you listening to? It's nonsense.

Will Johnson: You know, I have to because of research purposes. I have to go on there and listen to CNN. That's the only reason why I can tell what she is saying. I can translate.

Channon: He takes it for you guys.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I listen to them. I have to.

Channon: Will, listens to this stuff for America.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I take one for the team, everybody. I'm taking one for the team.

Channon: I can listen to them for a few minutes, and then I'm like cringing.

Will Johnson: Oh, you know, I've listened to it, and I'm like, my goodness. What I have come to realize by watching these liberal media outlets, like the Communist News Network or MSDNC, they get these commentators on there, these news reporters, and these guests to lie, to see who could be the most convincing in their lie.

Seriously, at first, when I was looking at them, I was like, no, they can't possibly be doing this, but then I started watching it more and more. Sure enough, it's like they are nodding their head, yes, yes, yes. Oh, that's a really good lie there.

That was really convincing, and they do that because they have figured out how they can control the people that are dumb enough to believe anything that they report on.

Channon: Well, let's give a quick example of what's happening right now this week with Fauci.

Will Johnson: Oh, yes.

Channon: He came out last year. All mainstream liberal media outlets were like, oh, this is a conspiracy theory that the virus is coming out of a Wuhan lab. There's nothing to say that. It's not true. It's a conspiracy theory. It's lies.

All these people are lying. There's an excellent article on our website, UniteAmericaFirst.com, where it talks about some of the posts from the Washington Post, New York Times, all these different things saying how it was all a lie.

Will Johnson: And how it was racists.

Channon: Now, all of a sudden, all these news outlets are saying, huh, there's evidence that it could have possibly come of a Wuhan lab. All of them are like, breaking news, oh, my gosh, this really happened. This is where it came from. We now know where it came from. It was a lie last year. This year, it's their reality.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they are still trying to say, well, we're on top of it. We understand everything going on, and they expect all of us to completely forget that they were pushing the whole narrative that, hey, President Trump said Wuhan virus. That's just being racists.

Channon: Does it trigger anything in the people that watch our shows, like, well, wait a minute, didn't you say it was a conspiracy theory last year? Weren't you badgering Trump, saying that he was such a liar, and how he hated China? That's why he was saying that the virus came from a Wuhan. Do they not connect?

Will Johnson: No, they don't because you're talking about people that have something wrong in their brain cavity, and they only have two brain cells left. Those two brain cells they have are social distancing. That's from Jay McCain that I heard that. I love it, and I'm going to repeat it.

Channon: That's funny.

Will Johnson: I think I need to make a t-shirt like that. The liberal brain with two brain cells that are social distancing. That would trigger some stuff. That would trigger.

Channon: They can't handle stuff like that.

Will Johnson: No, they can't.

Channon: I think they will probably stare at the t-shirt, like, what does that mean?

Will Johnson: You know what? They will be like, I don't understand. Especially if they see a black male that's not on the Democrat plantation, it does not compute. It does not compute. I don't understand. What are you doing? What are you doing?

It's a crazy world that we live in, but anyway, on a good note for everyone listening. President Trump is going to start up his rallies again. The first one is in Florida.

Wow, and that's part of the reason why they're trying to aggressively, in this case, progressively pushing it where they can get all of the people that were supporting Trump to be considered domestic terrorists so they can't go to the rallies. He's going to rally thousands and thousands of people, and they don't want to see it.

Channon: Oh, I think it's going to be amazing.

Will Johnson: Anyway, hey, everybody, do me a huge favor. Text W-I-L-L, to 88202. All right? Thank you, everybody, for being with us. Thank you so much, and we will see you next time. God bless.

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